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REDMAN lyrics - Muddy Waters

Iz He 4 Real

Original and similar lyrics
yah word up Hooooaa, haha haaaaaa ( Iz he for real he can't be -- Rock, Leflah Leflour Eshkoshkah) yah word up Haha, hooooaa haaaaaa ( Iz he for real he can't be ) yah word up Hoooooaa, iz he 4 real haaaaaa ( Iz he for real he can't be ) Haha, unbeknown, unbelieved Hoooooaa, haha haaaaaa ( Iz he for real he can't be ) Somebody light the fuse so I can bring bad news To all these crews who can't NBA Jam with the shoes That double shot Hennesee got my mind trippin Drunk enough to start a campaign on ass kickin With my nigga Keith who give assists like Scott Pippen For MC derelict whippin, cap or cock twistin Drop your money in the slot if your block don't got a real representer cocked for action like my block got Rhyme skills three and a quarter for them drop tops Your caliber, straight up pussy who pop glocks While I kick facts react on funky tracks Give me room like the Hyatt while I run this jungle habitat And if I snap get that monkey off my back Me and mikes together roll tighter than Slick and Vance Wright Toast to the real MC's that can feel me And if your bitch ain't jumpin now then later on she will be All these weak punk MC's kill me They don't feel me, come to Jersey get jacked like Jill G Hooooo, haaaaa ( Iz he for real he can't be ) -- 4X

Get Back

Big Moe "City of Syrup"
Lil' O and [Big Moe] 2x each And another one [And another one] Chorus [Big Moe] 2x Get back Get back All you haters trying to get my stash [trying to get my stash] Step back Step back I ain't taking no set back Verse 1 [Lil' O] Niggas want to x out O like tic tac toe Cause I'm the type of cat that get that doe Get them bricks Hit the streets grind hard and get that six Them broads try to fuck i'll get that bitch I'll get her skirt I'm not the big tymers but I got that work And when I hop out in a bentley then its got to hurt I drop the top on you boys until the dances shirt I'm fat rat with da cheese main What you know about going over seas main Blowing trees and the bricks pushing v's main Me and Moe we ain't tripping its a g thang You got to love it Ipushed and shoved it just to get in the doe Thats like I pushed and shoved just it just to get in your hoe To the boys talking bout you gon wet Lil' O So I ain't playin games no moe And thats for real [Chorus] Verse 2 [Big Moe] As I sank back to the days of struggle Life has been tussle but I always had a hussle Sippin gallons of tussen Ain't no time for discussion All theses hatas mad cause they gals be lusting And my gator on buttons popped up blowing doz{doza} Foe foe in my lap make her drop and hit the floor B-i-g- M-o-e feel me Heavyweighting and regulating all through South c Boujer to concrete brang us the noochie Everybody knew me as I wrecked on screw beats ohh wee We came to far to set back Get back I pull out my nine and wet back [Chorus] Verse 3 [H.A.W.K.] Back Back playa raise up off me Shit that a stick is hotter than a cup of coffee Your mistakes a cost me when you messing with my stash Sixteen[16] get crush if we're on the same track How you feel about that it's not fiction or fact When I add or subtract comes back plus tax Your minor setback leads to major combat Improper contact leads to mortal combat Hole in your starter hat and your skull gets cracked Now I walked all on you like you're a doormat Two hataz I break half squash yall chit chat If your patna is real he'll never turn his back I know this for a format add needs to teachings Mess with my stash and you gon be a quadrule preaching You better belive it don't mess with my fade Or you gon to feel the wrath of the H.A.W.K. [Chorus] 3x


[Intro] It's eight o'clock here in Kingston, Jamaica The Kingston police have issued an APB Out for wanted criminal Rostacious Johnson He has last been seen headed towards The United States of America or Canada If you have any info please call us right away [Hook: Ro Dolla] I was a gangsta, Livin' my life hustlin' on the block, with no food to eat Rollin' with them prankstas Settin' the streets on fire with the heat I had no choice as a gangsta, Livin' my life hustlin' on the block, with no food to eat Rollin' with them prankstas Settin' the streets on fire with the heat [Kardinal Offishall] Aiyyo, stepped off the edge of 'maica at the age of ten Landed at the Dot airport, comin' out of May pen Raised by his grandmama, until his real mama Could send for the youth, and reunite, aiight So now he's growin' up exposed to the ghetto limelight No pops (nope) plus his moms got to work nights Moonlightin' as a janitor, to make bread for the two All the while he's growin' up, runnin' with a crew It started off tryin' to make a little extra creamer But then it turned to pushin' rocks, savin' for the Beamer Told his moms he got a job workin' in the trade At a local grease monkey, that's how he's gettin' paid And that's how he got the deal on the black man wagon Moms thought it was suspect, but she's still braggin' To her kin about "How he come home and grow right" All the while he's wildin' out, money starts pilin' now The next crew saw the flex and start red eye Jealous of the way them niggas hustle, Til he get a little muscle, uh huh, bust a bunch of shots There my nigga laid, really holdin' down the block That nigga gangsta [Hook: Ro Dolla] [Kardinal Offishall] Aiyyo, six weeks in intensive, holdin' on to prayers On the seventh, he was back on his back in the west wing His man done came visiting, in his ear whispering How the block was hot, and there was 'nuff shots whistling Another week and he was back on his feet Discharged, ready to get back and hit the street Moms was still working overtime, clueless to the real About how his son was livin' in the hood packin' steel Pushin' coke - no joke - them cats wanted retaliation Word got back, about who led the slaughter One nigga named Blaka, real name Elroy Next day (Boom) +What Happened to That Boy?+ For the next three months my man stayed on the low Told his moms he wasn't workin' cause the garage was slow But just as he tried to resurface on the strip Someone on the turf called 222-TIPS [Hook: Ro Dolla] [Kardinal Offishall] Now my man locked up, and had to sweat inside a jail Cause his man done fled the scene, and moms couldn't afford bail The trial came and went, his mother cried "Discrimination!" Said the judge didn't know her son He said he knew him too well, he'd seen him there before Turned the cheek cryin', now he feels he's on fire Got burned by the same liquour, quit talkin' fresh He doesn't know how to act, so now he got to go back My man got dipped, sent right back to May pen Grandma didn't want him, now family wouldn't take him He thought about work, but he said "F that!" He got a fake passport and just came right back [Hook x2: Ro Dolla] [Outro] It is a sunny day here in Jamaica Unfortunately we have bad news to report Rostacious Johnson was apprehended in Canada And suffered fatal wounds to the back of the head Rest in peace my brother Anyways, in tomorrow's news...

This Can't Be Life

JAY-Z "The Dynasty Roc La Familia"
[Jay-Z] Geah.. whassup? Where's all my street niggaz, project niggaz Real niggaz, worldwide Let's reflect.. e'rybody got a story We all ghetto B - here's mine Geah See I was -- born in sewage, born to make bomb music Flow tight like I was born Jewish Used the streets as a conduit - I kept arms 38 longs inside my mom's Buick At any given moment Shawn could lose it, be on the news Iron cuffs - arms through it; or stuffed with embalmin fluid Shit, I'm goin through it - mom dukes too Tears streamin down her pretty face, she got her palms to it My life is gettin too wild I need to bring some sort kinda calm to it Bout to lose it; voices screamin Don't do it! It's like '93, '94, bout the year that Big and Mag dropped; and Illmatic rocked outta every rag drop, and the West had it locked Everybody doin 'em, I'm still scratchin on the block like Damn; I'ma be a failure Surrounded by thugs, drugs, and drug - paraphenalia Cops courts, and their thoughts is to derail us Three time felons in shorts with jealous thoughts Tryin figure where your mail is, guesstimate the weight you sellin So they can send shots straight to your melon; wait! It gets worse, baby momma water burst Baby came out stillborn, still I gotta move on Though my heart still torn, life gone from her womb Don't worry, if it was meant to be, it'll be -- soon [Chorus: Jay-Z] This can't be life, this can't be love This can't be right, there's gotta be more, this can't be us This can't be life, this can't be love This can't be right, there's gotta be more, this can't be us [Beanie Sigel] Chill dog Second oldest born, from Michelle Brown my mother Hell bound, grew with two sisters and one brother Pop wasn't around, so many stories that's another I'm thinkin damn; how my older sister gon' make me tougher When steel sharpens steel, I'ma keep it real I'm tired of tryin to hide my pain behind the syrups and pills Dead to the world, stretched out like a corpse for real Y'all niggaz thinkin what y'all readin in The Source is real What my life like, you lookin at the source, it's real What your life like? Mine dog, of course it's real Passin judgment, you niggaz second-guessin Beans Cause you don't eat swine don't make you Amin Dog you know a couple suras, out the Qur'an I guess you all on your din and I ain't on mine Stop that Akki, 'fore I send shots though your body Make 'em feel feel hell on earth before Allah drop thee I feel the line's drawn here, nuttin more can stop me Till them feds pick me up, or them boys pop me There's only three things that make Mac not act like Beans Amatullah Tisha, Po Aldin, Samir Amin My seeds dog, gotta teach 'em that before I leave dog Shit I know that I'ma see 'em when I leave dog I come back in the afterlife Like fuck it I done touched hell twice; what's the meanin? [Chorus] [Scarface] Yeah.. uhh.. Now as I walk into the studio, to do this with Jig' I got a phone call from one of my nigs Said my homeboy Reek, he just lost one of his kids And when I heard that I just broke into tears And see in the second hand; you don't really know how this is But when it hits that close to home you feel the pain at the crib So I called mine, and saddened my wife with the bad news Now we both depressed, countin our blessings cause Brad's two Prayin for young souls to laugh atlife through the stars Lovin your kids just like you was ours And I'm hurtin for you dog; but ain't nobody pain is like yours I just know that heaven'll open these doors And ain't no bright side to losin lifel; but you can view it like this God's got open hands homey, he in the midst.. of good company Who loves all and hates not one And one day you gon' be wit your son I could've rapped about my hard times on this song But heaven knows I woulda been wrong I wouldn'ta been right, it wouldn'ta been love It wouldn'ta been life, it wouldn'ta been us This can't be life [Chorus] [Jay-Z] This can't be life..

What Cha Day About

AZ "9 Lives"
feat. Joe (Joe) Aiyyo, we veterans now, AZ, AZ And J-O-E (AZ) I'm back, no Belve, just bottles of Don With the same role plays that's about to go on, Any stagnation, I rise beyond Get it right, understand ma, ties are strong From the streets where it all started, back in school To the dough stacks,and nigga start actin' fool Who's be the loud type and like to flash the jewels Hit something nice then broadcast the news, Facts and weed, this slow track that we Did it all in the hood, had to leave Asthmatic, guess I had to breathe Short nigga wait up, suppose to grab the 'vees Blasted for few winters, rejuvenated Return like you remembered, but more swifter Stronger than your malt liquor, Money, hoes and clothes, don't let them hoes get cha, They not fair (Joe) [Chorus] 2X That's how we ball, that's how we bang Show them how we are in them thangs, Play your part, play the game Everything's everything (AZ) This is real, believe it I take look for real It's perspiration under the booster wheel, Trucks and 20's, 'Lacs wit them cocked Zazemi You can catch me at Justin's or up in Jimmy's Jack them hot, the real never wrestle with pride, If you lie, that's the only way I let you inside Drop them or not, probably for the love of the block See me solo in a photo, hands under my cock For face, the white clock and tainted shades Take for fake, got a face that just say for raise Get in the mix, sittin' up in cinema six, Multi-complex, go before the end of the flick It's just me, besides I'm just a G Wit the O in the front, I know what you want BelieveĀ… I'm sucka-free [Chorus] 2X (Joe) Back up your work, hit the block and pitch Don't stop 'til you rich, 'cause shots never snitch Stick to the script, tuckin' the chain Everything's everything (AZ) See times don't stop, and crime won't stop So I won't stop til I'm sittin' on top, To every home phones and cells get blocked, And every hard top get chop til we drop If the streets don't get us, the peace gon' get us Wait til the lord they don't hit us, I'm so iffy, keep the 'dro sticky (???) fifty, come and smoke with me Bring some cups in the clubs and toast with me, So small crispy, man I flow sippy And the last Griffin, play chef in the kitchen Back shots, ass in the air, best position (Joe) That's how we ball, that's how we bang Everybody do your thang [Chorus] 2X (Joe) Back up your work, hit the block and pitch Don't stop 'til you rich, but shots never snitch Stick to the script, tuckin' the chain Everything's everything [Chorus and Joe's verse] til music fade

I've Got To Have It

[JD (Monica)] Uh-huh, oh (Oh) Uh-huh, oh So So Def (I've got to have it) See this is what it's all about right her Understand me see my life's real I don't know about yours Everything I do is an event (I've got to have it) Nas, Monica, and me (I've got to have it) When it comes to my honeys in the strip club (oh) Sumpin' on dubs in the middle of the block Like what? (What?) [Nas (Monica)] When you see me with the crispy fade Icing it out, glowing with the lights is out (hmm) Yo say my name! (Ooh) When you see a Bentley or Ferrari, a Mazuradi It's probably me (ooh, oh) Say my name! When your hear this song bump in the club When you're chillin' on the corner with your thugs Say my name! I make it hot and take your block Who they wanna be and hate they not Yo say my name! When your girl don't call you when you beep her And you hit it and her thing feel deeper Say my name! Pull on her hair, spankin' her rear While I'm in 'em bitches all I wanna hear is you say my name Squeeze my gats beef is done Police come you know the game Don't say my name Dipped out crazy, Timbs chicken and gravy Q.B., Dupri baby [1 - JD (Monica)] When it comes to the clubs packed, Cristal flowin' (I've got to have it) When it comes to homes plushed out chrome stuck out in traffic (I've got to have it) When it comes to a neck full of glow And a check full of O's, you know (I've got to have it) When it comes to my honeys in the strip club Sumpin' on dubs in the middle of the block Like what? Say my name! (I've got to have it) [Monica] Gotta have my tied up Iceberg Gucci Rolley Bezzled up, bezzled up Gotta have me a double O With a six in the front And a bump-bump in the truck Gotta have me an escalade My house is laid A man that keeps my bills paid My records play every day What can I say? I've got to have it [Repeat 1] [JD] When you see a black do-rag through the tint Of a black Bent going too fast Say my name When you talk about longevity And niggas who know how to keep gettin' that cash Say my name When you're sick of your songs Sittin' on the right And wanna know what the top feel like Say my name If you wanna know what being hot feel like And shuttin' down the spot feel like Say my name! JD from the home where the bowls get thrown And the dough get gone real quick like Keep niggas sick like 40 karats and a chain Foolish ain't it? Say my name! Everything you did I've done did double If you hate to see flash then your ass is in trouble Scram now and don't look back Cause until I die it's like that [Repeat 1] [Monica] I've got to have it..

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