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REDMAN lyrics - Muddy Waters

Da Bump

Original and similar lyrics
Intro: Original rude bwoy... on your scene Haha, ha ha ha! Everybody light your blunts, get your smoke on Hahah All you bitches drop your drawers... witcha stinkin ass (stinkin ass) Just roll that weed (roll that weed) just roll that weed (roll that weed) Verse One: Aiyyo, yes it's me the MC Grand Royal Spittin that Newcleus I suggest you Jams On It I'm not a role model I cracks the Beck's bottle Smoke blunts, play pretty MC's as sex models So inhale exhale what you smell Derail the frail blind MC off my trail If he use braille, see I never been touched Regulate the street tactics then parlay in the cut Uhhahhh, lay back and hit this while I shit this Flip this, get some ass flow at long distance And plus I pack nine inches in my britches And keep an instant lit for the funky ass bitches Newark, New Jersey's on the map, comprende And confrontations start from the blunts and the Reme And if an-y, MC out there wanna test Call my boy Poppa C to put a slug in your vest Chorus: [from _Whut Thee Album_; Tonight's Tha Night ] Check, I walk around the street with the black tec nine By the waistline, kickin the hype shit So turn the volume up a notch And watch the ba-bump, ba-bump, make your speakers pop (repeat 2X) Verse Two: Owwww, shit I'm just one hip nigga Shit is off the hook when my crew is in the mixture What I deliver, over tracks and rivers Is making your lungs collapse and quiver, it's the PPP foundation in your ass We be the bomb like that Oklahoma blast Then outlast, a few clowns, sounds Raps, stay bein the mack like Dru Down Ask me what I smoke and I say, It's the method! Funk off the hook I leave shit disconnected! What's the name of that town rollin up trees [Jersey smokin up the bom ba zee!] It don't stop, you better move slowly I make that chest wet and cosy Then dip lowkey like OG's Then inject that antidote to make you OD You know a better flower get the dough G and show me I bet you I make em more pussy than Jonsy *meow* And show em How High I am just from the nosebleed (How High) I keep it Naughty By Nature Kick that rugged shit that Maybelline could make-up, lace up Interlude: (Yeah Funk Doctor, represent one time for all the blunt smokers) Smokin weed (Yeah yeah, yeah yeah, it's how we do) Let me hear you go ooooohhhh! (ooooohhhh!) Smoke lalala (smoke lalala) Let me hear you go ooooohhhh! (oooohhhhh!) Smoke lalala (smoke lalala) Verse Three: Funk Doctor, got your ass locked down proper Let me next blast derelicts, binaca I'ma Star at War, smoke blunts, don't Chew-bacca The head banger boogie for the marijuana shoppers Lace the tracks with stacks of artifacts Make the police arrest me for givin the cardiac Cause I'm the shitter, headbanger non-quitter Twenty blunt a day nigga, Landcruise whipper I represent, commence to beat an instrument Who's next to get that ass bent ten percent I make you boo pass off your jewels you lose cause (I am so cool... cool... cool...) React opponent, I Got Five On It Met some hoochie, now I got fifty-five on it With two Coronas, I dominate my opponents To the hardcore niggaz, keep on! (motherfucker) Chorus

Young G's

(feat. Jay-Z, Notorious B.I.G.) [Intro: Biggie] Uhh, check it out, uhh [singing] I steps in where the Mo's and the hoes at bay-bee! Fuck all that pretty shit Takin it back to the gutter for you motherfuckers Niggaz know the deal Niggaz know who the Don is Live from Bedford-Stuyvesant, the livest one Peep game, uhh, what, what [Verse One: Puff Daddy] Out of this world like Mars, when I spit these bars Come fuck with these stars up in luxury cars We built them radars to stay free from the cops Crucial choices to make, like A-C or the drop Are we gonna stop Shit man never my squad go broke Your squad arti-choke Watch your circle vanish like cigar smoke Ain't no joke, when your ones don't show Nigga I know, might say 'Been There Done That' like Dre Through hard work I earn the vault Promise God to never look back or I turn to salt Got nice watches nice cars nice bitches and rings Guess it's safe to say a nigga like me got nice things Can't relate to motherfuckers, who ain't go no cake When you all fucked up, and can't get no break When your fake ass friends, don't help you out when you need it Be on some real bullshit, politely tell you to beat it Fuck that, get your own nigga, don't ask me for shit That's what I did, now they all askin for hits Nigga it's on for the simple fact I let it be known We still fly but seperately cause now I, charter my own Propellers, Goodfellas, leave all them playa haters jealous Billboard charts should tell us, they can't touch us Why niggaz bring the ruckus Because release day is bigger than Mandela's, motherfuckers [Chorus:] Just some ghetto boys Living in these ghetto streets -- these ghetto streets And everyday they gotta fight to stay alive It's just reality [Verse Two: Jay-Z] Yeah, make you a deal, check These here's the dog years and motherfuckers don't shed I try to bring you life but motherfuckers want dead So I travel with the babble, with the chrome, with the lead Cause when it's on, then it's on, the shots flowin through your head I been rich I been poor I saved and blown bread Some say I been here before because of the way I zone Some said, Jigga zone is like the fallin of Rome Reoccuring, that he thinks like that cause he's observing Won't be known until I'm gone and niggaz study my bones Mentally been many places, but I'm Brooklyn's own In the physical, onee seems, like a lost body In fact my thoughts don't differ much from that of God body But it's the odd shottie, that got cats, likening me to the mob John Gotti, rap dudes bitin me cause I got it locked like the late Bob Marley Pardon me y'all, the great Bob Marley Solemnly we mourn, all the rappers that's gone Niggaz that got killed in the field and all the babies born Know they ain't fully prepared for this New World Order So I keep it ghetto like sunflower seeds and quarter waters You walk em through it, you know, talk em through it Know these beads is more than music whenever I talk to it Destined for greatness and y'all knew this, when I doubled the pie Had a shorty and a girdle comin out of B-W-I (in school) I hated algebra but I loved to multiply And I told my nigga Big I'd be multi before I die It's gonna happen whether rappin or clappin have it your way Cause if that's my dough you're trappin, I'm clappin your way [Chorus] [Verse Three: Notorious B.I.G.] Damn it feel good to see people up on it Flipped two keys in two weeks and didn't flaunt it My brain is haunted, with mean dreams GS's with BB's on it, supreme schemes, to get Richer than Richie, quickly, niggaz wanna hit me If they get me, dress my body in linen by Armani, check it My lyrical carjack, make your brains splat High caliber gats is all I fuck with, now peep the rough shit in my circumfrence, mad bitches, with mad lucci Bulletproof vestes under they coochie Spittin my uzi, don't lose me, my trigga niggaz represent Drivin dirty in J-30's gettin bent And to my hit hoes, my murder mommies I be smokin trees in Belize when they find me While you still killin niggaz with punany, like heiny and Cyrus up in Cypress fuck you raw you on the floor with the virus While I just, slang coke, smoke pounds to choke Got lawyers watchin lawyers so I won't go broke, now check it Them country niggaz call me Frank White I'm squirtin off in my loft of course I know my shit's tight Sunrise open my eyes no surprise Got my shorty flyin in with keys taped to her thighs With all the utensils, who hang my china thing She half black half oriental eighty-six she got me rental The situation ain't accidental.. What From a, from a young G's perspective.. [repeat 2X] [Chorus 2X to fade]


GHOSTFACE KILLAH "Supreme Clientele"
(feat. T.M.F.) [Intro: Ghostface, (Big Trife)] Yo, yeah {'New Ghostface!'} Yeah, to glorious days {'one'} Yeah God, check it out y'all We back, yes yes y'all {'one'} (Fake roller derbies) Yeah, masked avengers We're here to sharpen your sword {'one'} All praises due to T.M.F., Wu-Tang Clan Scream on it, Ghost [Ghostface] Aiyyo, we at the weedgate, waitin for Jake We want eight ravioli bags, two thirsty villians yelling bellyaches {'one'} Heavyweight rhyme writers hittin the grass Stash the right bitch, pull out his kite from this white bitch {'one'} Talkin bout, 'Dear Ghost, you the only nigga I know like when the cops come, you never hide your toast' {'one'} Guests started mashing, CVL, Ice Water battlion Past tense place to gold caskets {'one'} Dru Hill bitches, specialist loungin at the mosk Suede cufy, Rabbi come dig up a dentist {'one'} Rhymes is made of garlic, never in the target when the NARC's hit, rumor is you might start to spit {'one'} You nice Lord, sweet daddy Grace, wind lifted on the dancefloor, mangos is free followed by Ghost {'one'} Dug behind monument cakes, we never half-baked Alaskan, cess-capade, pushin new court dates {'one'} Trauma, hands is like candy canes, lay my balls on ice The branches in my weed be the vein {'one'} Swimsuit issue, darts sent truly from the heart, boo, I miss you See daddy rock a wristful {'one'} Moder-en slave God, graveyard spells, fog your goggles Layin like needles in the hospital {'one'} Five steps to conquer, Ax Vernon debt, big ass whistle Ziploc your ear, here thistle {'one'} [T.M.F. - both] To my real bitches take your drawers off To all my high niggas, snatch her skirt off {'one'} Just in case she wanna play, get up in that bitch face and tell her Ghost said, 'Take your clothes off!' {'one'} [Ghostface] Aiyyo, the Devil planted fear inside the black babies Fifty cent sodas in the hood, they goin crazy {'one'} Dead meat placed on the shelves, we eat cold cuts Fast from the heart y'all, and GROW UP {'one'} Aiyyo, crash thru, break the glass, Tony with the goalie mask That's the pass, heavy ice Roley layin on the dash {'one'} Love the grass, cauliflower hurtin when I dumped the trash Sour mash surgeon, heavy glass up at the Wally bash {'one'} Sunsplash, autograph blessin with your name slashed Backdraft, four-pounders screamin with the pearly hats {'one'} Children fix the contrast as the sound clashes Mrs. Dash, sprinkle wit her icicle eyelash {'one'} Ask Cap or Pendergrass for backstage passes Special guest, no more Johnny Blaze, Johnny Mattress {'one'} Acrobat, run up on that Love Jones actress Distract the cat while I'm high sugar get a crack at this {'one'} Dickin down Oprah, jumprope, David Dinkins Watch the Black mayor of DC, hit them open Tangerine sofa, two super soakers in the Rover Hit the sport's bar, tell a young lady to bend over {'one'} Meditated yoga, powder ball, dancin with the vulture Castor Troy layin for Travolta {'one'} Yo, switch the lingo, five-nine-seventy God glow, seven-fifteen, fall be heavenly {'one'} Aiyyo, the Devil planted fear inside the black babies Fifty cent sodas in the hood, they goin crazy {'one'} Dead meat placed on the shelves, we eat cold cuts Fast from the heart y'all, and GROW UP {'one'} [Outro: Ghostface, (Trey-Mack), ] Aiyyo, Wu-Tang Clan, T.M.F. in the motherfuckin joint We all connect as {'one'} (Aw shit, baby) Straight up and down y'all (Staple-town, y'all) Yo, how many girls you gotta fuck, yo {'one'} (Ah-hah, knowI'msayin Trey-Mack, what) How many nuts you might bust {'one'} Haha, straight up and down {'one'} (How many shots) {'one'} {'one'} (That's it) Word up How many cakes we bake, y'all {'one'} (Yo, yo, yo) {'one'} (Aw shit, haha) {'one'} {'one'}

No Mask On

Nickerson Gardens, take one Carnivore, who wanna war, I'll wrestle with a dinosaur Find a whore, have her on the corner fuckin you and yours Off tour, steel packed, yeah I got the steel pack Wish a nigga would yeah, shoot him till his grill snaps Barbecue a rapper like we barbecue on labor day, Yeah you got them chains and things but you ain't got no paper mang Still be catchin vapors mang, hotboxin in a donk In a south beach, M-I-A, higher than a paper plane Waivin at my fans, I'm the man, what you tellin god I don't rap in booths, I rap in synagogues I'm the fuckin truth you mothafuckas been frauds Like stolen mastercards, I out mastered ya'll I bring disaster to your leaders and your tag alongs I tell em gimme the whole rack leave them tags alone I'd rather pop em myself like henny quarts 2 week cruise as I pass 4 ports Like a chain smoker in a hotel resort If I resort to violence, it's for the blood sport Watch a blood drop, watch a blood pour Yeah the shells hot steam comin out your pours It's a sauna in my glock who wanna open up the door It's hot up in my block and it ain't neva snowed before Unless I had the rock setup shop my own store I dribbled with the rock the fiends shot so I scored Kick game even gave em field goals they want more So I took em out the park like a ford vehicle movin forward That's crazy ain't it? I take it overboard I make a rapper walk the plank whenever I record I make them bitches give me brain like a motherboard Me and my niggas run trains when your mother bored I know what you thinkin, I'm a reckless boy, I take the necklace off your neck leave ya headless boy Wait a minute drama, catch my breath Take 2, Sleepy hollows with them hollows I be ridin you just follow I'm original you borrowed your style, I'm wild Like gorillas in the congo bring gorillas to your condo Let em run bitch through your goodies for a while Desperado with a magnum in a tahoe and a magnum on my dick yeah Fuckin on these models in a motel 6 yeah Wait, that was 06′ now I'm pimpin at the W Penthouse, balcony throwin up W's The crowd at the lower level like, "we lovin you" In the words of nipsey hu$$le, "I fucks with you" This uncomfortable If you a new artist, that ain't your album droppin That's a floppin target You niggas shop at target I'm at the swap meet, coppin a fresh white tee Cause my hood buzz the largest Put prices on your head, niggas built for bargains Make you run your jewels, you was built for talkin Now nigga anny up, before a load this cannon up And can your candy ass no homo pull your panties up Pssst, jay rock obama could bring drama to a horror film As I clipped the cigar and tilt the brim No mask on

So Hardcore

BUSTA RHYMES "When Disaster Strikes"
Zigga [7x] Ha ha ha, yo Ya'll [25x] Yo, I walk through brick walls Fuck around hijack your whole shopping malls I be rippin shit, that's my word bond Scream then I watch the whole planet earth respond Do just what ya told The remote control Crash cars and shit Ya know how we role When I tumble and drive then you reply my my my my my my Yo I execute all plans Run up in two bitches for me and my mans Ha, breakin flows, ha for my fans Strike matches, golden egg hatches Request line is open send all your faxes Freaks the flows with no rehersan Pull the skate back which when the beat start reversin Just so wak you make people start cursin Flows contradict worser than the King James version Turn on the mic but your shit will stop workin Beats brudlized your whole rhyme, your head hurtin Broom sticks and britches from rags to riches Forget mad love Well ya'll niggas britches Amateur, why won't you look right at the calender A matter of time before I start to damage ya So starting to just bust my rhyme calbo Consecutive wounds like a nigga stamager Ya, my whole team get wild cream Poloticin every move to the extreme [Chorus(4x)] So hardcore like Gwackjaw McGraw Fuck what you heard you ain't heard this before Ha, yo I come right through the door With rhymes galore Busta Rhymes be the imbasator Explore my metaphor you beg for more Hardcore serious surely insurcure I said my whole squad of niggas come through and break the law My family tight more than collect four I come through and create the master pieces Bend your mind with rhyme colictalictist Ya'll, I will break shit down Lost or found floor will blast like a four pound Right before I hit you off with my vaccine Starch, cobohidrates lots of protein Vaccine baby girl yo I hope your ass clean Magazine frontine fly lips is lime green Ya'll, every time ya'll, I'm on the scene High beam the lights and watch will remain supreme, ha Don't ya know when I keep it comin Blow the fort Make ya wrist hard to hand cuffin Bounce on the beat and watch how a nigga work it Buck wild makin ya speaker short curcit This heavy weight tip the scale on the triple beam Busta Rhymes blast and still bang the main screen, blow I had ta make ya all mad Hit ya off, interlude Bounce to Trinidad Know I see a bitch nigga soft Make a nigga cough, breakin and turn ya ass off Extra raw l Lay on your back and on the floor Busta Rhymes got to headline the whole ball Cause we so hardcore like Gwackjaw McGraw Fuck what you heard we ain't heard this before [Chorus(3x)] Ya'll ......

Supa Supreme

Beatnuts "Stone Crazy"
Intro: Meanwhile in the control room at the back of the theater... These brats swam, I knew they would Your plan is working master. Of course! (knocking) Who is it? Special delievery. Who? Who is it? It's a special delivery. Who is it. (Fuck it) UPS open up. Psycho Les: I just got this product transported for essay, Gea, connect to say who ? Kid coming at your speakers, is the same kid that be like (puuut puuut puuut) coming in chicas Keep shakin' that ass like a horny Egyptian, as we proceed to rip shit Baby, I be S-T-O-N-E Crazy, red Mercury blow your spot up I keep one eye on snakes the other on jakes 3rd eye on my money with no time to take a break They only break I make is when I gab the breed and jump in the get-away (It's got to be now) but for now is the only way Pop my CD in your Sony play, twist a fatty, kick back And enjoy what I got to say, cause this type of shit your don't hear everyday JuJu: Big Ju, rugged and rawnchy, never nonchalantly And huant me to live in this world that don't want me A fowl nigga maybe the fowlest you'll ever encounter Murder for the smallest amount, money to count Cuban cable givin' cash around the table My record label watchin' the sons steady and stable Bit my shit, but you wack and wasn't able Silence, we bringin' the violence from the cradle Fatal when I see a bitch nigga and face, you like a foreigner frontin' in a dangerous place You in Corona, Stone City and Babalona Dominicians got a tight grip Isatona Pyscho Les: Catch me in Corona, on a corner, hotter than Daytona Sippin' Arizona, power moves on a celly phona Touch tone flip, 9-11, the click, we connect like internet Cash checks, blast techs, that burn holes to lest bet, faggots Get they ass ripped, that quick, trying to play me like a camel Fuckin' with my moola, telling me to change my formula Alcohol and lye be the perfect combination, my organization move the nation Like automation, with no hesitation, no doubt son (naw mean?) It's off the books (it's off the books baby) It's off the books this year baby Hook: Beatnuts, Supa Supreme team from Queens Grand Imperial and misters say whoyounawmean? (x4) Outro: 3 C-F Mafia. Corona Killers. Gray Cisco. Profile Baby

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