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REDMAN lyrics - Muddy Waters


Original and similar lyrics
All my country, funky, brother, motherfuckers Verse One: To my, no good niggaz, and my, no good bitches Sorry if I left somebody leavin out with stitches Seems y'all too bold for ya britches Enslaved your mind like cotton pickers for runnin wit some rotten niggaz I get raw to the core with hardcore metaphors Resevoir Dog style, truly yours Yes, I be the slug up in your chest Then you wonder why you can't feel the full strength of ciggarettes My nationality is, brutality I got the gun up under your leather nigga so walk casually You'd be surprised how much info you can get For a bottle of crack to find yo' punk ass and yo' kinfolks Plus, that crew you run with is butt I was dusted one day when I made your man choke up Rappers comin to New Jersey and be gettin fucked up Talkin about where they from and shit when dem sons ain't runnin shit and go off a BIT if you do a show in da Bricks You'd swear you was fly and how we bring so much turbulence I keep your nervous level high nigga You better kiss your son and daughter, tell em bye nigga When we creep Verse Two: I give respect to all my woolly niggaz with the Rolex Shinin briquettes, flashin cash and dumpin Moets Especially when my royalty check is late, I don't hesitate I scoop up Keith, and see who's flashin at the Palla- -dium, hide your weed niggaz cause here I come Lookin bummy for low profile, so loud MC's overlook me I slip the bartender some more Just to tell me [how much cash and Dom P you pour] Huh, I should start robbin rappers in the industry If we ain't clickin then I'm engineerin your injuries Forty-eight tracks of automatics and facts Lyrically splat-datted till your mentality blacks And I don't give a FUCK if you did thirty bids Still I bring Ecstasy like I'm the rapper Jaleel Blaow blaow blaow, lickin shots for your fuckin mind, I got you niggaz duckin out like I'm one-time Or five-oh, po-po, I drive hoes nutty Like I be doin security at my live shows Your A amp;R is a punk, he got you gassed when I brutally smash any contender in my weight class Aiyyo Twinz yo this nigga got jewels (hold that nigga while I rob this fool) When we creep

That's Right

YOUNG GUNZ "Tough Luv"
[Intro] haha, it's about time niggaz gangsta gangsta, a young gangsta, what you wanna b a gangsta, can't stop me,gangsta gangsta, a young gangsta, what you wanna b a gangsta [Verse 1 - Neef] Motha fuckas i'm comming down where it ain't nuttin nice, where niggaz hear that price and b at ya the same night, try to kill ya got a knife fuck a fight snatch ya life, i got thirty in my rim pipe and motha fuck i can fight, they say we living but i say we just a light, eachothers crunches and these niggaz b unlucky, heavy and shit, unwilling to spit, knowing i'm like em baby brotha in tha crib and u b standing on a cliff i b witnessing a fifth, cuz i brought a lotta hollow tips just if you niggaz clipped and we ain't on tha same tip (shit), i got to bang at ya niggaz for tha love of tha figuers hell ya we kill eachother and kidnap they baby mothas and do dirt to ones that love us, yeah ones like no otha sorta like ya brotha and i got my niggaz covered as long as i'm alive they alive promise i'm gon' ride and never play both sides [chorus X2] don't bust and keep back now i bet you get clapped clown and you wont come back round once you hear how that mack sounds [GUN SHOT] i bet ya you'll back down ya know how to act now on ya life, niggaz i put a price that's right [Verse 2 - Neef] uh thats where we live at war, bring it where your kids at, we your enemies where eva you get at, nigga you get back or get your motha fucking head cracked [TWO GUN SHOTS] thats where we live at, at least a hundred thousand just to get your kids back, unsolved about that kidnap all about that rift raft when you wasn't wit that ?? so loud for tha crowd you niggaz get back, in tha clouds when you Lakers all that chit chat, i got a fifth mag thinkin you a shit bag, running on tha ends these niggaz put ya in them pens, staples r crazy, you fuckas shouldnt play me, multiple stab wounds caught em slippin should a had guns up in tha backroom, now tha lord will see em soon, we get it all late, midnight or early afternoon when eva where eva wit that motha fucking chedda yep [Chorus X2] [Verse 3 - Neef] Most defently niggaz wont get tha recipe, tha flows stupid it's much more then music, what you tryin to get at homie i've been through it, so don't b talk foolish cuz your life you will loose it, as soon as i pull it start the finger movement and bullets start comming out tha top and motha fuckas yelling down tha block screaming out somebody got shot and he left this shit a mess, ambulence it was left, i'm a bitch wit tha tech, i wont let ya get a breath, if ya reach then you wacked from your feet to ya kneck, if you come around tha set you wont make it out to tell it, flesh rushin from tha pellets, in they clothes you can smell it, no witnesses to tell it, you fucking wit a two time fellon and still i'll put two to ya mellon and open you up, yeah you pussies started it but, don't what none of Buck put ya runners up i don't give a fuck [Chorus X2] [Music, then fades]

Take'm To The Water

BUBBA SPARXXX "Dark Days Bright Nights"
(feat. Duddy Ken) [Duddy Ken] Now truthfully, I believe that I'm the tightest nigga musically Usually I wouldn't brag but I've been bustin since my puberty In a Cadillac that ride with five guls and they nudity You can bring yo' best words, I bet I still outrep you brutally Low down dirty and beautiful, who wanna test my verbal side Boy I'm fly-n-tie(), especially when I let that herbal fly Southern fried, cool kid, some of that country culture Leave you dead, peep your bread, a value meal for them busters [Bubba Sparxxx] Shit I'm steppin off in the tunnel with a funnel of Keystone Ate a ten-strip of blotter, been wiggin all week long Y'all keep on, with that jibbery jabbery slippin out happily Expose you pretty hoes with a dose of this hospitality Gravity in yo' trunk while yo' producers forgot the bump We introduce you to these high hats like that, yo' spot is krunk This blunt, I put the fire to, I really do admire you But even though Bubba dirty, he certainly fin' to shine too [Chorus: Duddy Ken] I hope you can swim if you wanna battle You're up shit creek without a paddle Whatcha gon' do now, grab my pen and slaughter Bubba Ken and Duddy Ken, take'm to the water I hope you can swim if you wanna battle You're up shit creek without a paddle Y'all ain't ready (y'all ain't ready) Y'all ain't ready - take'm to the water [Bubba Sparxxx] See momma named me lil' devil, that ain't no relation to Satan Ain't got no patience for hatin, I'll be at the station awaitin the arrival of that DJ that don't replay unless we pay I stormed the beach like D-Day, now that bitch play, when we say I'm with D.K., ain't no N.Y., and we been fly, since gin () Sips bourbon with a twist, Bubba lurkin in your midst Without my dick perverted this cause y'all was smellin vaginal Been bumped wrong, one too many times for actin rational [Duddy Ken] D.K. I bomb folks, man I throw heat like I was John Smokes But mine from a gun though, change yo' name to John Doe Shit, have your whole family Mourning like Alonzo Then go back to my condo, so I can let my kind grow Is you blind folk Why you can't see bigger thangs Don't rup on this stage, cause ain't no bitch-ass nigga mayn And my mob ain't either, don't make me have to play a song with my lil' chrome heater, bet that and () punk nigga Now get it get it crunk, like jumpoffs, B.K. they trippin I'm fin' to go on and take one of they lumps off, cause I ain't slippin Just hippin you to this real shit, so get in where you fit Sittin on lean, off that Jim Beam, fin' to throw a fit From A.T.H. to Atlanta, Louisiana, Savannah Sippin gin and Tropicana while Georgia play Alabama Might stumble over a freestyle and pick up like a scanner Turn the mics off lost, somebody call the light boss [Chorus] [Bubba Sparxxx] Aww shit Boy I'm out here chasin daddy lucid, shit Satan produced it Switched from duce-duces to substance abuse nuisance Fuckin these loose gooses, raw dick, we all sick I'm goin skinny dippin after y'all hit (aww shit) That country fuckin Bubba hit his head and lost his mind Eight grand for a Roley That only just bought you time I'm in line waitin to grind, it's too cloudy for me to shine I'ma keep this bitch krunk, get rowdy, while you recline And in time, I'ma jump this fuckin ship, and run and get my crown in every town, I lay it down, when I spit This shit, is so much more than white folks and white thangs or black folks and black thangs, just bounce if the track bangs You lack game, Bubba got that shit goin two for fifty Communicatin cool with them country folk, strictly Just hit me, on the beep, whenever, cause I don't sleep Two thousand, every week, take a peep, before you leap [Chorus - repeat 2X]

Ak'n Bad

Fiend "Street Life"
[Fiend] Uh huh. That's them there. That's them there. [Fiend/Skull Duggery] I'm ak'n bad, ak'n bad, yes I am, yes I am I'm ak'n bad, ak'n bad, we ak'n bad I'm ak'n bad, ak'n bad, we ak'n bad I'm ak'n bad, ak'n bad, we ak'n bad [Skull Duggery] Like the bitch I appear dead in your shit Make you run from the thoughts nigga, that'll conflict I maintain in murder hood shit (murder hood shit) Cause I'm a Third Ward Stunter, uptown roamer, from Second and Clara nigga I get ya, I wet ya, I told ya Niggas still can get hit and run from that shit Trying to get to a save havan where he can die at, where he can cry at Where that lance fill the soul, he cold As I make it round the block (round the block), squeezing hard (squeezing hard) Forty five nigga, in my right palm (in my right palm) As I get to your spot, nigga you cold (you cold) So I left three shots off in you low (every shot in you low) Cause I told you I'm from the Crescent (Crescent) where you testin (testin) Big easy nigga, get dirty down and greasy nigga Nigga, feed my mind with the evil thoughts, I don't give a fuck (I don't give a fuck) Cause I told ya nigga, I'm ak'n bad (I'm ak'n bad) [Fiend/Skull Duggery] We ak'n bad, ak'n bad, yes I am, yes I am I'm ak'n bad, ak'n bad, we ak'n bad I'm ak'n bad, ak'n bad, we ak'n bad I'm ak'n bad, ak'n bad, we ak'n bad I'm ak'n bad, ak'n bad, we ak'n bad I'm ak'n bad, ak'n bad, we ak'n bad I'm ak'n bad, ak'n bad, we ak'n bad I'm ak'n bad, ak'n bad, we ak'n bad [Fiend] Bring it where the dirt lies cause I was seeking it to destroy Under twenty five and I caused a killer to die and I'm unemployed I takes no joy up in another mans pain But in my mind somehow I hate to find the word called strain Obtain machan' before you place me in the game I'm a survivor, watch they holler when I let loose this thang And I'm swamp and gumbo living So if yall niggas coming with 'em, 'fore I rid 'em Yall better talk some senses in 'em Cause New Orleans niggas don't yap where I'm from Bust backs with a gun, up in the club, get to clapping and swung And my bullets don't hum, they burn And it ain't no aftermath if you catch a nigga ak'n bad I make this loud shit sound good, knock on wood Who am I, little nigga up to no good, out the hood Watch me show you what I could, I got with a spatch' and a half Look at my lyrical habit for cabbage, bitch you see me ak'n bad [Fiend/Skull Duggery] We ak'n bad, ak'n bad, yes I am, yes I am I'm ak'n bad, ak'n bad, we ak'n bad I'm ak'n bad, ak'n bad, we ak'n bad I'm ak'n bad, ak'n bad, we ak'n bad I'm ak'n bad, ak'n bad, we ak'n bad I'm ak'n bad, ak'n bad, we ak'n bad I'm ak'n bad, ak'n bad, we ak'n bad I'm ak'n bad, ak'n bad, we ak'n bad [Mystikal] How many niggas yall know will come in this bitch Take out an album and drum on the track How many niggas yall know even gonna try to come close To doin what I done on the track I'm the one on the track, smoking like I'm blowing a blunt on the track I'm out in front of the track, bustin like a forty five gun on the track Yall know what I know yall better step aside and let the best come in And yall niggas that talkin that shit yall really better catch some wind You fuckin with Fiend, you fuckin with Skull, you fuckin with me I'll fuck you up the same time I fuck up the beat You can't stop ak'n bad, ak'n bad I gets way up in your ass, in your ass I gets paid a lotta cash, lotta cash Oh ah ah, yeah yeah yeah yeah yeah yeah Bitch I'm hard and I will roll, I'm still cold Twenty eight years old (got plenty more) got plenty more Bitch I'm the man, cars hanging out the garage, lights on top of flashing pads Like my little brother Reece I'll take a licking and keep on [Fiend/Skull Duggery] We ak'n bad, ak'n bad, yes I am, yes I am I'm ak'n bad, ak'n bad, we ak'n bad I'm ak'n bad, ak'n bad, we ak'n bad I'm ak'n bad, ak'n bad, we ak'n bad I'm ak'n bad, ak'n bad, we ak'n bad I'm ak'n bad, ak'n bad, we ak'n bad

My Closest Roaddogz

2PAC "Until The End Of Time (Disc One)"
Me and my closest road dogz To my dog named Musolini, Big Syke, Thug Life baby The return of the mashers, you know how we do it Hahaha! [2Pac] Shit half the times we flaunt cause trouble My closest road dog it was cool cause I love you Fuck what they talkin bout Let me take you back in time, rewind to eighty-nine Introduced me to this life of crime, but we was blind Little nappy-haired juveniles, livin wild No smiles on our faces, thirteen catchin cases Indeed, it was misery Driven by my own demons, cause they was killin me How can I be sure I'll be saved soon? Catch me dip into the light, of a stray moon It's gettin deeper now, let me get yo' mind right Fuck yo' enemies, nigga grip yo' nine tight, tonight's the night Murder murder Mr. Lucifer Pictures of the devil DUCK when he shoot at cha, it's all political Runnin from the future, escapin in the fog Live yo' life like a hog nigga, me and my closest road dogz [Chorus: sung] Every ghetto street got a crosswalk Let me get to the other side with my road dogz All roam in the scary place called home Take a second victim and if they all gone, my closest road dogz Every ghetto street got a stop sign Can I trust in you my road dogz on mine? Even when I'm goin through hard times I still got my closest road dogz lookin out for all mine [2Pac] Haha.. bring artillery and ROLL with a nigga They could never take the soul of a M.O.B. soldier nigga Cowards get rolled up, mob on 'em Makaveli Boy youse a boss player, that's what all the bitches tell me Even if I died now I live my life eternally and never lie down, why cry now? Fooled a few but never 'came a gamer, ain't tryin to hear it Evil spirits hide at total strangers, yo' life's in danger Prepare nigga be aware, cause we ain't scared M.O.B., 'til I die, when we ride niggaz disappear Fill 'em up with pistol smoke Never forget to blow a hole in his head for leakin information to the feds The burnin bed was the tellin sign Two hired guns bustin everyone, yellin everybody die Why the fuck they fuck around, we left 'em in the fog bleedin like a stuck hog, me and my closest road dogz [Chorus] [2Pac] Fuck they feelings, that's what they get for squealin That's the pressures of a gangsta, dangerous this drug dealin See me in physical form, my niggaz swarm Take the figure of a circle beatin jealous niggaz 'til they purple Simon Says take they heads homies and send them phony motherfuckers to dwell with all they dead homies Fishin for fake niggaz, observe and shake niggaz The only way to see six figures, is break niggaz Me and Musolini set to ride we high Big Bogart got the alibi if homicide ask us way Labelled a Capo in the mob as big as the globe To live and die as a millionaire, on .. Set to explode, my M.O., is kill them hoes My pistol's like a disease, my enemies and foes Get murdered and disposed of, we in the fog Makaveli the Don, and my closest road dogz [Chorus - 2X]

Hot Spot

FOXY BROWN "Chyna Doll"
Hot Spot Uh-huh uh, UHH Guess who's back! Uhh Yeah, uhh, uhh Verse One: Aiyyo! Rhyme or crime, let's get it on MC's wanna eat me but it's Ramadan Peep what's on the arm, when it's ice it's ice When I'm right, I'm right, when you're wrong, you're wrong I'm the bomb, records is platinum, skin is bronze Flows all night like vintage Dom Been this nice since umm, the first Prince bomb Before 'The Artist Was Known As' wit my grown ass Haters said it won't last, know how many birds I flown past Celly on roam, full belly, first class And I don't play, I watch them pockets Know y'all niggaz go broke after you cop them watches See you in the club, no bub' nigga pop it Then you wanna fuck, give it up nigga, not this My coat is ostrich, flow is the hottest You ain't got dough, you can't go with the Fox bitch Chorus: Foxy Brown You can catch me at the hot spot cause I Fox, I plots at the bar y'all, all night, I pops Is it alright, sho' you right, you can't stop it This is our world, me and my girls You can catch me at the hot spot, I Fox, I plots at the bar y'all, all night, I pops Is it alright, sho' you right, you can't stop it This is our world, me and my girls Verse Two: Yo! Cats bustin out the six, cash flushin out the niggaz Platinum heart in half hangin 'tween the two tit-ties Scheme on your team, lookin over graph pictures Pick the finest, then I put it on the minors Love, after the club, meet me at the diner So you can bring your boys, we got ten cars behind us Order a steak, a glass of OJ to break-fast Hop in the car and head straight up Eighth Ave. The night is young, I'm likin son Either he don't have one, or his wife is dumb His whole hand numb, nigga iced his thumb Pull up my tights some, enticin him You can handle the work, I'll play wit it Til he curve and swerve nigga, stay wit it Bitches in the club they, hated it Cause I put my mack down then I, skated it Chorus Verse Three: You can catch me at the Expo', Jacob Jav Knocking Jigga out the Navigator, layin back, I stay in that Me fallin off? Imagine that, it's not the case I'm _Sittin on Top of the World_ like Brandy and Mase You wanna, buy me a drink, nigga hand me a case Big ballin bitch, I want all of this shit Six AMG's with the spoiler kit Chromes from the fac', phones front and back CoCo, flow, niggaz is wantin that Out they vehicles, niggaz is bumpin that I heard you wanna stop Fox, tell me how so I got that New York, to the Dirty South flow Whole album hot, even the outro This time around I'm tryin to do about fo' This is for my niggaz and bitches who count dough And y'all in the club I make em bounce Chorus Hot spot (pause), bar y'all (pause) Alright (pause), our world (pause) Hot spot (pause), bar y'all (pause) Alright (pause), our world (pause)

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