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REDMAN lyrics - Muddy Waters

Case Closed

Original and similar lyrics
[Dr.Trevis like voice] Hah (huh, hah, hah, hah, HAHHAH, hah) Nineteen ninety-six (hah, come on!) Coming with the sickedest motherfuckers in the perimeter (huh, whooo! nineteen) You hit em with a newwwww (ninety-six, nine six) tree, dick be fly, in your ass (Dick! Di-dick, check) Yo! Amazing grace how sweet the sound is of the fo' pound To blast all these sound men that got the po' sound Yippie-yi-yay, motherfuckers here's the show down But since we're broke now with dope sounds now here we go now Check the motion while I be puffin the pot-enent Blow spots and urban networks with other experts Plus this thing between my ear thinks clear And the only thing it fears is the man upstairs So fuck your bulletproof gear If I decide to get your ass you better believe it's more than a blast (boo-ya) More like rough paragraphs out Alcatraz And ash, your staff, let the grime our your ass Everybody's hustling with sons toting guns When Reggie Noble's sprung we stick nuns that got funds Bomb niggaz like they did in Oklahoma Freez, you're froze, Def Squad UHH, case closed [Crossbreed] I be the, sneaky, second dimension, creepin through your sector Have nectar, leaking out you wack rhyme stressers Extra deez disease leave rashes on rappers Makin MC's so feel the breeze of the Grandmaster Packed with swift solid style structure Simonizing MC's with the degree of street ruckus Aiyyo who got guns I split precise, spleen splitter Return my physical presence to the borough of the hard hitters I devour, night sun shower, menace last hour, weak man's last power Body, the six four mind shotty The one you handle, second dimension mind vandal Laceratin your retina for tryin to see this As I'm flowin through the prism of the X-3-D See at forty belows I freak flows that burn your nose When you inhale the verbal blows, case closed Chorus: Redman, Crossbreed Aiyyo, why the fuck you tryin to get funky on me nigga Aiyyo, why the fuck you tryin to get funky on me nigga Yo, don't you know, who I am motherfucker [Redman's the name fool] That's my nigga! Why the fuck you tryin to get funky on me nigga Aiyyo, why the fuck you tryin to get funky on me nigga Yo, don't you know, who they are motherfucker [Crossbreed's the crew fool] They're my niggaz! Verse Three: da otha Crossbreed MC Things ain't easy, cuz we be, strugglin day to day A bunch of stressed black men with not really much to say Twistin up some brown paper that we struggle just to get With the deaf dumb and blind become mentally equipped As I extend my pen to wreak havoc on paper I execute and burn MC's like Absolut with no chaser Strong as chemical the general with rhymes Past wreckin mics, I make the earth shatter like the 7th sign My drama bringer bring about a new order I'm sending a plague through your town like God to Sodom and Gomorrah Your deacon, my vocals actions got you speechless Make gangsta niggaz wanna go home and talk the cheapest No man alive could bend on we, beatin on rappers literally X3D beez up on the streets dimensional trilogy Got no love for foes, no respect for grimy hoes Nuff said, X-3-D blowin up, case closed


Kill'em All [Ja Rule]: [Verse 1] It must be the way that I spit shit That make you say damn this nigga ridiculous The way I hit 'em and move nigga I can't lose Inconspicuous incognito niggas ain't ready For whoever who has the flow nigga know I spit deadly Fear me to the day I'm dead on the street with holes in me The ghettos got love for me cuz ima lay for 'em If I have to gradually down or after The only fib be love and disaster Tears before laughter but who gonna cry My style be so touchin' nigga wipe yo eye! Get used to obvious lies and dead wise guys and any bitch niggaz feel they fuckin wit my's C'mon let's get it on, to the break in the dawn, before long if you wrong you be dead and gone And now i'm the bomb to clarify my name in vain What you thought motherfuckers I was playin Baby I hit 'em all [Chorus: Jay-Z, Ja Rule] Lord I won't be denied... I'ma Hit 'em Hit 'em For as long as I'm a alive I'ma Hit 'em Hit 'em I want my piece of the pie I'ma Hit 'em Hit 'em Respect mine till the date of my demise... Baby I'ma Hit 'em all Thinkin' its a game I'ma Hit 'em Hit 'em Show 'em I ain't playin' I'ma Hit 'em Hit 'em For operatin' like planes I'ma Hit 'em Hit 'em Hit 'em Hit 'em [Ja Rule]: [Verse 2] Baby I kill 'em all whatcha wanna do with this nigga nuthin so shut the fuck up And learn somethin' see my team can get a whole town gamin' Give it up we even take the small change Nigga yeah uh you think my way of life fucked up right Till you live it and the cash gets to eattin at yo spirit Fear it you be a broke nigga, you near it, you be the next nigga,never have to go back and been it Cold stares thought you need a killa 'round here Y'all niggaz really have some pitiful ideas I keep tryin to get this world to see hustle hard my mind on that money My motto to be stack it if you got it for when you get it Don't talk about it just be about it that it Went all odds against niggaz gettin' rich figure to earn a dollar makes sense Baby I Hit 'em all [Chorus] Baby I come in style comin' fresh out of Queens (Brooklyn) I recognize how my killa cliques gettin' down Everyday is while takin' yours into process niggaz is stress Leavin' peep holes in yo chest god bless the next that get laid to rest Frustration and stress make me question death I wanna shoot all niggaz I feel should be shot on the spot Let 'em rot with lead in their knot Oh shit you bitch ass niggaz be lit Smoke weed it give you the heart to proceed Whatcha game plan you da man Go for your guns feel no remorse When i leave your brain Now settle down get your shit tight Should we expect move right And everything is aight But if you slip son that ass is gone top dogg motherfuckers recognize Baby I'm Hit 'em all [Chorus]

This Is Gangsta

JIM JONES "On My Way To Church"
[Juelz Santana] Dipset bitch Juelz Santana (yeah) 2004 its a brand new muthafuckin year I hope you know that (you already know) And we are in total control once a-muthafuckin-gain nigga (ook) Dipset in the building Juelz Santana, Jim Jones, Killa muthafuckin Cam, Freeky Zeeky [Juelz Santana] Live from the bottom of the pot where crack is cooked at I'm back like cooked crack and I rap like cooked crack and dats a good match and dats cum good crack My gun hotter then the stove is on So hot even I thought the stove was on But the stove was off I was just rolling hot I was just rome the block Hard body I'm a rolling block Dodge squally, I don't know the cops I don't know them rats No, I don't condone in that I'm in my zone infact, ain't no holing back The 4'll mac when the beefin is on Niggas cheat when its on Niggas get reef wen its on They cant believe when its on but its me wen its on (pooh) But it is and this is what I do so What it is, what is be, whats the sccop yo Normally I don't ask that Normally I just blast that but you an exception pussy Ya girl told me you just obsessed with pussy and you cant fuck you just upset the pussy I'm sumthin mean to watch my machine'll pop life off ya halipino top Now I've been seen in drop coops oops Radar ditectors (poop poop) You cant catch me copper You just upset me copper I'm on a jet ski copper (haha) [Chorus - Juelz Santana 2x] Now if this ain't gangsta and that ain't gangsta then what is gangsta Nigga I am gangsta, who ain't gangsta, you ain't gangsta [Jim Jones] The truth is I'm what the games been needin Food for thought, the fuck man you lames been eating (them lies) I move, the streets do follow I speed race, not through the streets (why) cuz police do follow so watch em These niggas throw flappy and sick (that's right) We young cold flashy and rich Plus we gun hoe and spz on a bitch Cuz we don't pay for the pussy The beef cum we don't lay for the pussy Fuck em, Watch em, got em, spot em, pop em, drop em (lay em down) Now Lord forgive us (pray for us) Gangstas (say what) We all religious And y'all wangstas I swear you give us the shivers Dipset, the new black panthers the boys ask us questions man we do not answer Life's too short for me to pull my pants up I'm tryna let my nuts hang, system out the truck bang bang That's Certified Gangsta You heard about me well then you heard about gangsta Ill beat the brace off a nigga but I'm tryna keep the tapes off a nigga To get rich we do whatever we have to do And when we hit the hood our bregins be grabbin you Foul hundreds the 7th's Avenue And niggas feel the pressure whenever we mashin through [Chorus] [Bezel] You ain't gangsta, Listen up I grip a pump, squeeze 3 and have any OG bitchin up Man he a missing chump And if not the big glock, our big shots so doc cant stith him up I'm from the city wher its easy to make do Easy to bake Hoes its easy to make 4's you gettin them pencils the pigs and the checks know nex week they'll have you sittin on stake road From HOC to CF to CF cant hold me I'm prone to this BS So imagine Bez on the phone gettin key check fresh outta DC lampin in the GS That's how niggas do go get a clip or 2 fifth or glock, get a block, hit the spot, flip a few And for a brick or 2 the led I carry, shit I'm reditary, and ya kids could get it too [Chorus]

Imma Get Mine

JIM JONES "F.E.A.S.T.: Vampire Life 2"
My City saw everything from his window But I see everything through a Benz window Rubbing elbows with some rich niggas Watch your sole cartel turfin' bitch niggas Cookin' up 8 balls to a brick nigga I wish I would buy a bitch to a trick nigga I put my own in the clip group In the days you had a problem nigga shout to 5th Nowadays a nigga screamin' who he gonna get Old niggas braggin' how the nigga's Shawty hold the 5th Shit! It's too easy now, I glide in the pussy Dancing 1-80 when I drive to the pussy When I think she cheatin' practize to the pussy Cause the last thing a nigga do is die from some pussy Nigga save the court more and nigga fuck the corner You need more songs, put these niggas in a coma I shook my head and laugh when a nigga hang and fall off Cause listen, I break beast 10 pounds of Arizona I ain't the best but I leave you in awe with it And if I move to Miami I be LeBron with it Get it I'm a get mine Ain't no high end to me Fuck that! Nigga I'm a get mine I gotta get mine mine mine mine mine Ain't no high end to me Fuck that! Nigga I'm a get mine When you rich again, money man they call you selfish They rather see us locked up, broke and helpless So I pop champagne and I smoke the weltress And we move the snow cane right before it melts And I think of poppin' green like I'm on selzers And I think about my team, somewhat I'm a dell with I know the niggas that I'm beefin' with And are the same niggas I am eatin' with Damn, talked with some of my besties Just a Miami fuckin' hoes on a jet ski I wash my right hand turn leftie Roam here stories in the hood of how you left me And now we'll all go South Pole We can turn this thing into an all out war Sounds like poetic justice It remind of a old hare my mother fuck with Money and bitches never before you niggas Get the money, fuck the bitches, ball with you niggas I'm a get mine Ain't no high end to me (And get yours) Fuck that! Nigga I'm a get mine ('Til they catch you pullin' 66 floor, word) I gotta get mine mine mine mine mine Ain't no high end to me Fuck that! Nigga I'm a get mine I'm a get mine

The Night Of The Axe

INSANE CLOWN POSSE "Carnival Of Carnage"
Showed up at your high school prom With an axe in my motherfucking palm And I jumped out the first date swinging Necks and backs went flinging and a toe I went psychopathic Choping throats with a hatchet Cuz they try to get me So I took a head with me Ran down the hall butt-naked If you gotta life I'm a take, huh Cuz I got it going on And I broke to the female john (AAAH!) Motherfuckers think I'm sick You ever seen a bitch take a shit, fuck dat LET HER DOOKIE ASS BE Cuz female shittin' is news to me Climbed up the fire escape How many lives can one motherfucker take? One life, two life, three life, four Throw me a mac-10 I'll vow to take more Fifty lives coming ON, eighty Fuck this, I'm finna whoop this lady Tied the bitch up to the lightpost Slapped her in her face cuz I'm psycho Beat her down and beat her up ......Fucking slut SOME BITCHES make me wonder Kicked her gut and left my number Call me, fucking nympho Then I threw her out the window Broke and I climbed up a tree, guy Came back down, I don't know why Straight up insanity Damn, if it ain't a family I hope they come home soon Cuz I'm waiting in the bedroom DICED UP ALL CINCO THEN I THREW THEM IN THE PINTO NOW IM ON VERNER PUMPING THE FUNK WIT 5 DEAD BODIES IN THE TRUNK ND IM DOIN ABOUT 90 TO THE BLUE AND REDS BEHIND ME YOU CAN PULL ME OVR JACK JUST DONT LOOK IN THE BACK I'm gone and I ditched the ride And left the dead Wilsons inside Jetting and I'm hopping fences FITTIN' TO DO like my man in Caline, Texas Cuz I'm psycholistic You look once and you missed it Look twice and it caught your eye Me, beating the shit out of some guy With a bag of bricks Impressing them dirty-ass sewer chicks A CLEPTO you can't trust Should of known when I jacked the bus Fourteen passengers riding it One naked psycho driving it And we go and grip it And they're be no slipping Cuz I'm thinking the worst Shit like woman and children die first Make you shiver When I drove that bitch in the river Everybody dies Only me survives Innocent fucks is what I want So I'm heading for the restaraunt There's always gotta be a hero But I can't be stopped with silver bullets Or a wooden stake It's your life I quickly take Don't talk shit, I take 'em Take your life, take your life Coppers and choppers persue The boys in blue, the whole caroo I do what they never think So I'm heading for the 18th precinct Cuz when they finally call it quits I'll be there to cut their necks And that's what I did I hate a fucking pig I get a job at the Donut Shop Just to poison the cop Cut-o-pathic And I'll fuck you up in a straight jacket Cuz they finally got me Broke my legs and shot me But I'm still laughing Cuz of what happened on the night of the axe On the night of the axe (just psycho)... AAAH!!!

Pull Up With 100 Niggaz

JIM JONES "Miami Vampin"
[Hook:] Pull up with a hunnit niggas Smelling like a lot of weed Pocket full of hunnit beans We them niggas on the scene We been them niggas with hunnit niggas Smelling like a lot of weed Pocket full of hunnit beans We them niggas on the scene We been them niggas [Verse 1 - Jim Jones:] Still running around like a hunnit deep Fuck you think, ain't nothing sweet Might fly to your town, then fly niggas down, then come to your block like a hunnit deep All black truck, guns in the jeep Loft Miami straight from the beach Might [?] liquor, get something to eat A nigga do trip, give him something to keep New York nigga don't play that 2 door with the seat way back (Facts) Nigga due owed better pay that These niggas right here want pay back When I had the braids going straight back I was straight gang banging like A wack Now my wrist all rocky like A$AP You about that life then say that Shouts to my niggas in Ksack Some come home, nigga some go straight back My nigga side [?] did 8, came home nigga like "Yo where the cake at?" Niggas wanna trip, then we hit em with the clip, and we shoot a nigga up like take that, take that, take that Like Diddy voice in 94' we [?] [Hook] [Verse 2:] A hunnit deep looking like a stampede Who you muggin' nigga? You don't do a damn thing Touch one nigga get your whole head knocked off Big blunt got me smelling like hot sauce Pocket full of money I feel like a teller Slide in a bitch I'm stepping on Marcellos Step on a scene got these niggas all jealous Whole team fresh like a pack of gum Hunnit niggas yes that's a hunnit guns A hunnit funerals, that's a hunnit nuns Touch Capo get a shot to the head Touch [?] Feel your ass up with lead Touch Greezy we'll leave your ass sleep Yeah we them niggas that's up on the scene Got niggas watching you, watching with beams Vamp life, all you fuck niggas in dreams Freddy on the beat I'm a nightmare nigga A hunnit deep so don't fight that nigga If I don't got my gun, got my knife here nigga So don't fuck around, lose your life here nigga Up in the club we mobbin' with Zoe's Miami vamps you know how it goes Fresh as fuck we bring the cameras out [Hook] [Verse 3:] These niggas be fraudulent and these bitches be faking All my niggas not cases, but never made no statements I dropped out of them bandos I kept me some montaga When the night fall I switch cars, my garage look like acres I feel like Floyd when he in the ring Made a quarter mill with the Billie Jean Big 45 with the limousine Turn a nigga beef into chili cheese Keep my lungs full of collard greens But we on though by any means I need sprite and a pint of lean All broads get the Jimmy Dean Hit the block with a Glock, it's a rock, watch the ball like I'm in the league It's a blackout When I'm booked for a show it's a packed house I live that shit y'all rap 'bout Get a bad bitch blow her back out You know a nigga bringing them stacks out Straight to the studio from the trap house Got my first rap check blew it all on a chain That's 20k on a nigga neck now [Hook]

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