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REDMAN lyrics - Malpractice

Doggz II

Original and similar lyrics
[Throughout the song in the background] [ Doggz - George Clinton Sample] [Redman] Yo, [Barks] Yeah Yeah, yo, yo [ Where my dogs at - DMX sample (throughout Redman talking)] [Verse 1] Who them niggas Who will roll up to your front door hand on the pump (Doggz nigga) Kick down the door, and pull out the four, and lay niggas down for your man getting jumped What kind of nigga Drunk of that liquor high as hell with they hands in bitches' drawls What kind of nigga Fit that description that I'm talking bout hardcore niggas brawl And I'm a dog with lockjaw On the double R My squad can't be knocked off We Doggz [Chorus] [DMX sample (x 8)] [Redman (over samples)] Yeah [Barks] Virginia Doggz motherfucker Virginia Doggz Cincinnati Doggz Chicago Doggz [Verse 2] What kind of nigga Will steal your car at night as soon as you turn off the light Pop that steering wheel, hit the club like a quarter till Wait till a victim get caught in the heist What kind of nigga Will fuck your girl gorilla style ass in the air When I cum she cum, when she sleep I'm in the safe Where boyfriend stashed the cake then I'm out of here I know you not prepared Doc pop the flares For the niggas under the stairs We true Doggz [Chorus] [Redman (over samples)] Yeah [Barks] Jersey Doggz Where my California Doggz [Verse 3] What kind of nigga will do a bid And come home doing the same thing again That kind of nigga That'll search for that bitch ass nigga who ratted him in What kind of nigga Keep his mind on his money, music, not bitches at all (We don't love them hoes) That kind of nigga That don't care about your ice or VIP you getting robbed So take it off Right now Pack my Doggz Fuck who I'm assaulting Now we true Doggz [Chorus] [Redman (over samples)] Yeah [Barks] Canada Doggz nigga Yeah Baltimore Doggz Yeah North Carolina Doggz Yeah [barking - DMX sample (till fade)] [Redman (over samples)] Alabama Doggz Dirty Brick City Jerz, Jerz Yeah Can't forget them Ohio Doggz out there [Singers] W-K-Y-A

Survival of the Illest 2 Intro

JA RULE "Pain Is Love"
Yo, yo, let it go nigga! What, niggas wanna motherfuckin play games What Fuckin faggot, we gon play games nigga Yeah, Ja Rule, yeah it's Def Jam nigga Uh, it's top dog motherfucker [Verse 1] How many niggas, gon chop the blow How many bitches, gonna L-O, get naked for dough Uh, so many questions, y'all answer this What's your hustle And who the fuck you represent When you got in the game And where was I when you was playin Why the love lost Remember son, you got put on Like (....) had you layin, flippin heron When you got greedy, I let em know to remain calm Who you are's on the strength of my arm, and I believe You wouldn't deceive top dog supreme team How and why would you try to fuck us On the real When and where was you goin with all a that fish tail Nigga when you was wack and broke who boost sales Who purchased the L for you to roll with chrome wheels Can you believe the inconsideracy of some cats You give em a deal, they want plaques Now if I'm wack, would I be wrong I'm just askin Cuz when I bag em I'm a make him breath through the plastic Fuckin faggot! Yeah, Ja Rule nigga, Ja Rule, yeah [Verse 2] Ja's in a stand still, cuz niggas fail to realize This killer instinct in my eyes, ain't to be tried Nor denied, the fact that I sat back and watched a lotta wack niggas earn plaques Congratulations, I ain't hatin Just know my LP's in the makin Currently waitin to holla at the nation This world ain't ready for me My personal thought and questions The Gods study lessons while the weak count they blessings Cuz money's a must, not a preference Use my resume as a reference and gain all acceptance You wonder why, I, disease like cancer Cuz you ask the questions I got answers, beeyatch Yeah, it's Def Jam niggas, recognize Fuck, niggas ain't playin no games All my niggas, Kev Louds, Keyser Soze Haha, yeah, uh, yo, can't forget my nigga Chris Lighty, Irv Gotti We out, fuck y'all niggas Survival of the Illest beeyatch Rocafella, hahaha Ahhaha, yeah, y'all niggas thought it was through Volume 2, Survival of the Illest, Def Jam niggas DMX, It's Dark and Hell is motherfuckin Hot, in stores now Onyx, Shut Em Down, in stores now Def Squad, El Nino, in stores Junes 30th It's Survival of the Illest mu'fuckas Volume 2, thought you knew Baby we kill em all

By Myself

[Chorus: x2] No more lying friends Mourning tragic ends Know they do pretend They won't go when I go [Verse 1: Lil' Wayne] Come on home biscuit for man's sake No more fake hugs and handshakes Stand straight You sweeter than a pancake Me, I'm tryin get that green like the landscape That's for my team in region eight See what I gotta say can't wait I demand cake Gotta eat, keep the family straight They all holding out they hands and plates, yeah Wayne's from a place called hollygrove From the bottom of the globe Area code 504 Be hero joe and I zero in With the eagle when there be no him Ion need no help Ion need no homie Ion need no buddy Nigga I got money Nigga I got heart to go along with the guns Call me weezy f. baby I be by myself when I come yeah [Chorus:] No more lying friends (yeah, yeah) Mourning tragic ends (ion need em, ion need em) Know they do pretend (ion love em, ion trust em) They won't go when I go (so motherfuck em, I was born by myself with my dick in my hand) no more lying friends (with my mind on the million dollar plan) mourning tragic ends (now baby you are looking at the million dollar man) know they do pretend (and I'm a die alone, so alone I stand) they won't go when I go [Verse 2: Juelz Santana] (I feel you nigga) Dudes that never spoke to me now wanna speak (beat it) Girls that never said a word now wanna creep (beat it) Guys that never ran with me now wanna be (what) the only passenger in my coop with two seats Damn, what is it homes You boys breast soft and fake, I can feel the silicone (yep) you all a bunch of pamela andersons Me, a family man, I take care of the family man (ya dig) and it seems like my day one niggas ain't actin like day one niggas (uh un), I ain't change I just came up niggas (yep) and trust me when I say I ain't put the streets down or them thangs up nigga Bring the phantom through the hood, I ain't frontin on ya'll, Just tryna let you know it's bigger than the corner my dog I ain't playin basketball, but I'm ballin for sure Now back to the money Catch me when I come off tour Fuck em [Chorus] [Verse 3: Lil' Wayne] The rims may offend you on the shit I slide into Fuck you Send you to the desert, tell ya be cool Uh um, hold on the pistols Roll by the cops and turn up the stereo Sittin in the corner lookin like a owner Talkin to the owner, yeah my price gone up All in the strip club, never get a boner Only get hard for doe, I'm homer, and you're a simpson and I'm a pimp son and she ain't comin to the crib til her friend come We gettin money over here you need to get some Out comes the cold steel for my income [Juelz Santana] Out comes the cold steel for my victims Born alone, die alone, but you could die with em Cars white and sexy like Nicole Kidman Bad chick by my side, video vixen Might fly to L.A. just to shop at Kitson Thousand dollar hoodies I'm pickin up about 15 That's about 15 thousand I'm trickin zero on bitches Zero Zavosky crystals, great china wall My money run longer than the great china wall And my pockets is mediterranean sea deep So keep plottin and prayin to get me Come on

Get Em'

[Mr. Porter:] The games about to get hot, Ayo doc, you better tell them other producer niggas that they bet' not drop, boy Cause mr. porter ain't playing What the fuck is you saying I'll fuck over you mans When my crew get to bringing some guns and start the spraying Have the whole club bowing like some muslims praying Boy, this niggas mad cause I fucked his toots I got a way with hoes my dicks long as yao ming foot, nope Nope nope nah nigga your shits invalid I'm bout money you take some bitches like jimmy fallon Well I'm the type to get em fucked up, drunk and wilin All crunk in the g-5 smilin that's how I (get em, get em) See if you want that hoe back You ain't close to no pimp you should focus on rap I got bars big as coconuts nigga in fact I keep a nine and a extra clip next to my sack [Guilty Simpson:] I don't give a damn my nigga Peep me out I got a bomb ass gun and a landmine trigger Posted at the bar where I slam my liquor Ya'll ants to me, like grandma sisters You little insect fucksll get crushed No rap clique exists it's just us Saw you little fags Posing in the pages of the rap mags And I am the black flag Spraying ya'll chumps to death I'm that bad And I don't even speak to cats I'm that mad So if I was on some brand new shit So what you little coward niggas won't do shit Approach with caution, your mans got issues And I'm a great shot the heat, will not miss you If we got problems I will not diss you I'm a sick the dogs on ya'll to come get you [Jay Electronica:] Six minutes jay elect your on I transform And blast on a nigga like megatron I got the power I'm on fire like the west wing of the pentagon and the north tower I'll break yo ass off proper The resident doctors givin out one way tickets to ask biggie smalls who shot ya These fuck niggas ain't real like snufalufagus That's why when they bumpin they gums we let the muskets buss You don't believe me, ask em We smack rappers in they face spit on they kicks and blast em Yeah, get nervous now I'm a fuckin animal with the verbs and nouns I'm a fuckin cannibal in the herd of clowns You niggas look like heaps of steaks and burger mounds When my ears start ringin, and them voices say hit em, I have no motherfuckin choice but to get em


J. COLE "Friday Night Lights"
[Verse 1: J. Cole] Yea, this is where the Yea, this is where the fathers ain't living At least not with us Might see em round the city and won't even say wassup When niggas play tough, won't even smile in mirrors And we learn to fuck hoes off trial and error Just a small time nigga, big city hustle Glued to the TV, Jigga, Diddy, Russell These were our heroes, strictly for them zero's For that Robert Deniro, niggas reload on them kilo's Dodgin them people, Mad at myself cause I done seen some things that I'd rather not tell Shawty smole crack and her boyfriend too Sometimes he touch her daughter like them boyfriends do Pull up to the club where the boys went too See that yellow tape and the boys in blue A nigga on a strecther and though I never met ya I'm thinking God Bless ya, they city try and get ya Man, don't let the city get ya Fuck the horoscopes, know the ropes lke a wrestler If them bullets wet ya bet ya momma need a tissue Your face on the front of our shirts saying we miss ya (We miss ya) [Hook: J. Cole] Come with me, Run quick see, what do we have here Now, do you wanna ride or die La dadada, la la la la Come with me, Run quick see, what do we have here Now, do you wanna ride or die La dadada, la la la la [Verse 2: Omen] Yea, let's see God I know you only do what's best for me But is it cool if we negotiate my destiny They always tellin' me it's temporary Than why it's feelling like a cemetary My dreams ain't got no obituaries My city hurting and none of us were equiped here You heard me say I was ballin' I probably make tears I'm trying to get clear I'm tryna quit fear Who wrote the scripts here These kids live there whole life just killing time Running the race with no finish line They tryna noose us with they ropes But I'm tryna climb I think my foolish pride might become my suicide But I ain't tryna go, no baby And through these lines and quotes you gotta find some hope Cause I ain't dying My words gon' last forever, You can hold the treasure Look inside you can see a diamond in my mind I'm tired of seeing dope fiends, wiping they nose clean Is my neighbourhood just a smoke screen I think I'm in the Dungeon Fam, I see lo green Sons raised by bo queens but there's no kings (No kings, no kings) [Hook: J. Cole] Come with me, Run quick see, what do we have here Now, do you wanna ride or die La dadada, la la la la Come with me, Run quick see, what do we have here Now, do you wanna ride or die La dadada, la la la la [Verse 3: J. Cole] It seems like niggas either feel ya or they try and kill ya I face the sky and hope to God ain't acting unfamiliar You play whatever cards he deal no matter how peculiar They tell me that it's God's will, I'm asking God will ya Heal a nigga from all this pain, momma smoking cocaine as it rains out Am I to blame, try to stay sane so I came out-side Where they rock with them thangs out To clear my mind at the same time they blew that boys brains out But will it change, it's like niggas is free but our minds still in the chains Brothers killing eachother, the blood spill it's a shame Will it ever slow up Alot of niggas getting older but they never grow up And do they son's like they fathers did and never show up Don't even cry about it, just another episode of life Watch the season nigga no re-runs The devil buying soul's nigga no refunds Man, don't let the city get ya Fuck the horoscopes know the ropes like a wrestler If them bullets wet ya bet ya momma need a tissue Your face on the front of our shirts screaming we miss ya Another day, another song, a mother prays Another gone But still we play like ain't nothing wrong Like ain't nothing wrong Cause ain't nothing wrong I'm not as fast, I'm not as tall But before I pass I gotta ball I gotta ball I gotta ball Nigga I gotta ball


J. COLE "Friday Night Lights"
Yeah, farewell Hey, farewell Alllmy niggas farewell Fayettenam Look, some niggas let there dirt out, Some niggas keep it in 'em So when a man dies all his secrets go with him And fame a part of history no longer known Done did a lot of dirt I'll bury with me when I'm gone When my story's told, how will they tell it? Will they say I was a giver or will they say I was selfish Will they say I was a sinner or pretend I was a saint Will I go down as a winner, what's the picture they gon paint Wouldn't say that I'm a quitter that's one thing I know I ain't ain't Will they tarnish, will they taint? Glorify me, overthink, say they know me, say I'm great Say I'm phoney, I was fake Say the things about me they never told me to my face I was loved I was hated Just a nigga with a dream I'm a liar I was honest, I was all of these things When I'm gone let em talk They discussing who I am When they bury me just know I was nothing but a man Wasn't nothin' but a man This for niggas climbin' heavens stairwell Yeah, hey farewell Yeh, hey farewell This for niggas climbin' heavens stairwell I pray you farewell I bid you farewell Yeah, ey, farewell Yeah, yeah If I should die Lord this here is my will Reincarnate a nigga send me right back to the Ville Let me relive my younger days just once again Reenact my memories from every friend to every sin Keeping demons buried in my closet But yet I put in work like a deposit on my bank account My eyes lit while I think about my childhood now I'm blanking out Those were truly my best days The only thing I had to stress was how the hell to get laid Gradually turn into me stressin' how the hell to get paid Been making songs so long, now how the hell they get played Ok, I'm blowing up quickly I guess the flow is sickly But yet I can't forget my past and hope it won't forget me Got good grades but age can't stop strays so pray for me Pour liquor for my niggas but hey, don't wait for me Cause I'm trying to cheat death, she had to bury my ass You know the cliche "lifes a bitch" well I'm gon marry that ass And sign a pre-nup Think back to when we tore the skating rink up Rapping and we scrapping, we got older hit the teen club Gave mean mugs to niggas but we winked to all the girls Then we went back to the crib thinking we had saw the World No way, came a long way from having mom chauffer It's hard to think these hoes at some point were so pure But now we play the game, when it's over send me back I swear I'm not gon change a thing I swear I'm not gon change a thing This for them niggas climbin' heavens stairwell Yeah, hey farewell I pray you niggas farewell This for niggas climbin' heavens stairwell Hey farewell, hey farewell Yeah, farewell Yeh

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