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REDMAN lyrics - Dare Iz A Darkside


Original and similar lyrics
The hype's got me, I knock em out the box then out socks Cause winicumuhround, niggaz skate like the rocks My block...'s hot, so gimme all you got When I'm done rockin, I leave you all doin the Bus Stop My format spins wheels like Pat Sajak I rub niggaz out like Ajax now hit the playback Rrrwwhwoaah, look out, roast em like cookouts I'm smoked out, all you MC's, pull your books out Word is bond it's on I get at Dawn like Marvin Gaye Starvin since the days of Kindergarten When I dye my ashes, flip my coffin backwards Blow shit up like the 4th of July, with half sticks And on and on, to the break of Rae-Dawn Chong I'm Killin You Softly with this song, with this bomb I'm like the Bronx, cuz I Boogie Down I'm representin Jersey motherfucker, winicumuhround Winicumuhround, homeboy watch yo nugget (Aiyyo-yo-yo Redman, yo that was last album) Aiyyo fuck it, bust it The top, notch, look over your sess spots Get dumb like a whole bag of jumps with red tops Burn more steam than carpet cleaners I'm meaner then I'm iller than OJ, catchin a misdemeanor Boom-bash I set it off (right right) I shot up your lights while you caught up in the heights My lyrics starvin, my crew runs like the mob and The funk butter cup, cause I'm a bastard at robbin I shake the valleys over Cali when I'm spliffed up Rock a fifth up, that measure nine point oh on the Erichter Are you tuned in to my tunes it's boom Y'all niggaz couldn't see me if y'all had zoom I'm accurate like Acura, my style's ninety years maximum Fuel-injected like a Maxima, wheni'muharound motherfucker The way I get wreck y'all niggaz call it mic check I'm vexed and if I got an itchy finger like Bernard Geotz With a pad and a pen I blend funky images That leave your girl hemmoragin for about two million and three years move along there's nothing to see here If I wasn't nice motherfucker I wouldn't be here Yeah yeah put metaphors inside a bracket Def Squad's in the house AND MOTHERFUCKER WE CAN BACK IT Come test your skills for real with a bomb bang boom bang The sound makes your brains wet with The Color Purple on a freight train The devil's the conductor Then take a trip to the darkside motherfuckers My funky pattern takes interludes around Saturn I'm more diesel than evil meant evil like Sebastian Don't try this at home kids, I zone with ET's And other alien type of MC's So throw your shit up in the sky, cause Redman's about to get live Like one-two-five I smoke High Times magazines when I lounge And broken mics and cords is left, winicumuhround motherfucker

Attack On Babylon

MC Ren "Shock of the Hour"
Is America like ancient Rome? Is America like ancient Babylon? Come on, come on, come on, come on, come on. I wanna hear from you I told ya Ren'll be back with the niggaz in the Dodge and the camoflauge But it after Tahj, a million niggaz no mirage Creepin' and we're creepin' in your little white Hutz 20 million niggaz chantin' I don't give a fuck It's on, the switch got flicked but who did it? When that shit was committed, fuck that was my mack Niggaz gettin' crazy 'cause Ren is in the front With supreme wisdom, puffin' on a blunt Train by my side tearin' up shit With his bulletproof vest, still yellin' double S The whole community is up in a rage 'Cause niggaz be movin' closer to white motherfuckers'll make 'em as slaves And then they put these sell out niggaz on the TV To try to calm down niggaz like you and me But fuck that shit, 'cause my eyes are closed 'Cause Ren ain't got time to be fuckin' 'round with them hoes So I see ya at the grave where we bury 'em Even motherfuckers that went out and even married 'em Now it's time to attack take this motherfucker back Bring it on, and it's on (CHORUS)(8x) Attack, attack, attack on Babylon Here comes the doom, so listen to the tick of the tock Can't keep niggaz off your block, don't forget we got the glock And the sawed-off, and the trey 8's And the duce duce, and the niggaz in the pen breakin' loose So Ren will conduct this, but I pull my dick and say suck this For the niggaz that say fuck this That ain't down, and step foot into the car To commit the 187 with the nigga they call outlaw But who gives a fuck who pulled the trigger 'Cause I know some bitches that shot up a gang a niggaz Gettin' off the reservations, breakin' up the docks Doin' this with 15 shots Babylon, a great look at the bitch while she fall Dyin' like a motherfucker with no one to call Now it's time to attack, take this motherfucker back You bring it on, and it be on (CHORUS) Where the fuck ya gonna run, when the fuckin' ground starts shakin' Niggaz don't be waitin', niggaz be constantly makin' Niggaz with no hesitation, a fuck up in this nation To murder the caucasian, the Asian invasion So here we come, come, come My nigga Rhythm D is on the drum, drum, drum The mayday, oh it's a dreadful day When no motherfucker can come out to play It goes (5 gunshots) Niggaz lettin' off and the shit is all that So stay inside the house if you ain't down 'Cause you might get caught up you sad faced clown Then I'll bring ya to ya knees, fuckin' with these Fuckin' with niggaz that's a hive a bees We go stingin', but dumbass niggaz keep singin' No time for singin', too busy swingin' So it's time to attack, take this motherfucker back Y'all brought it on, so now it's on (CHORUS)

Street Chemistry

GHOSTFACE KILLAH "Bulletproof Wallets"
[Ghostface] Uh-huh.. yeah.. Aiyyo, aiyyo big wearhousin shit Cristal bottles, Agent 88 with the gold wrapper Coat rack is no good with the dope classics Master fantastic trips and we fuck crackers Bark on bitches, spark out sisters dart for dart Diamond heart, slammin El Dorado with the Benz parts Yo Pah mark my words The brand new album in stores now, murderin 'em! Murderin the higher learnin, as of now I turn myself in Retire, give my babies my entire earnings [Prodical Sunn] State my name, on this Ghost track the grand classic graphic massive Move with the real groove with the still active Stay 'nique, play for keep, bubble under heat Champagne spillin, Big Willin, dealin in these streets Sex on the Beach, Sex and the City, slum gritty Suck milk from the titties, ain't nuttin pretty See it in your eyes, see it in your face, son you pussy Step out of line one time get left mushy Champion never run never ran never will Bed-Stuy, East New York, Crown Heights, Brownsville [Trife] Yo, don't get pumped up, cause over here you'll get lumped up Badly bruised with your shit leakin all fucked up I tell you what (what) we can settle the score My hands, they break bricks and now level your jaw My criteria, reign superior, we flood the streets about a 100 deep Run through your town, vacate the area When shit start happenin, y'all'll start scatterin Skatin across the bridges in the, county of Madison I'm down for the get down, cause y'all ain't gon' spit rounds Niggaz be on the first thing smokin, tryin to skip down Your door kicked down, red dot the lead pop Hit the jackpot, in his shoebox, found the bread spot [Ghostface] The Al-Dog is Cristal, you critters got issues I play dumb while I dump my ashes out the windows like I never heard the info, Ghost you so glamorous Word on the set is that I fuck up all cameras! {*echoes*}

If You Gon Try Me

Aye We gon bury ya, cause Lil Jay gon bust a bitch Comin wit a monster click, Allenwood off in this shit Step and get yo ass kicked, bust a bitch wit the Beretta Suckaz wanna playa hate, but my niggaz know me betta I'ma shoot at ya sweater neva underestimate And my crew got Berettas so don't neva hesitate If you knew that we was betta then you would neva try to hate We can take it there wheneva let me fuckin demonstate Any day, any night, we won't leave without a fight M.O.B. we play no games and swang on niggaz we don't like So you know we bout that action and don't neva think you bad We be deep off in these street and we gon beat yo stupid ass [Verse 2] Yeah If you gon try me, you'll get yo ass kicked Step to MIG or Princess I blast bitch Nigga dis shit goin down we gonna get clicked up If you fuck up my knuckin my thug mane I'll fist up You gon get yo shit stuck I'ma laugh in yo face cause I really don't give a fuck You testin my thong boy if you try me deny me I'm throwin my chrome toy You talkin that shit I'm slappin you quick you a bitch, you neva my homeboy I'm tellin you nicely, you front wit it still gonna pay up the price chick A person you might been, I'm still gonna knock yo ass out if you try me [Chorus 2X] If you gon try me, you'll get yo ass kicked If you gon try me, you'll get yo ass kicked If you gon try me, you'll get yo ass kicked You'll get yo ass kicked, you'll get yo ass kicked [Verse 3] You think you bout it you can't be, fist into yo nose and teeth Everybody in dis muthafucka gon lend a hand to me Hit 'em just like its suppose to be, it was all about the dollars MIG be in dis pimpin, and this time I pop my collar I don't care my niggaz follow, in my eyes I see yo doom The expresion on yo face, when we clear this fuckin room Like a boom and thats a fact, I be diesel call me Shaq Like studios I'm gon act up and put my dick on the track Bitch get the fuck back wanna act lke yo tough Caught me buckin wit the click and got ya shit fucked up Niggaz thinkin that they tough, in the club like they bout it Allenwood muthafucka let me show you somethin bout it nigga [Chorus 2X] [Verse 4] I'm back to get buck, it's a must that I erupt I see these niggaz think I lost it but I neva gave a fuck I'm still the same ain't too much changed but the time that I lost I had some brushes wit the law, so I had to pay the cost But it's ok I'll shake it off, it's M.O.B. off in my blood Talkin shit you get fucked up, you'll get drug through the mud M.O.B. is too damn buck, so it's a must that you think wisely Bustin heads off in the club, if a pussy nigga try me. [Chorus 2X] Aye [repeat until the end]

Mic Stance

Afu-Ra "Body Of The Life Force"
[Intro: DJ Premier] Yeah, Afu-Ra, the Body of the Life Force Yo, you know how I do son (yeah) Yeah, so why don't you (yeah) Get on this mic and represent one time [Afu-Ra] Some MC's you know they artificial Some get straight chewed like gristles, I blow like missiles Lyrics run right through your tissues Afu-Ra reformed serial killer, it's so much iller How my sound rounds could bill-a Straight up bodegas of thought ya come across Rhymes so dope, one verse'll make you somersault Intertwinin, alignin wit the timin Enterprisin, uprisin surprisin Perverted linguistics came to rip shit Strapped for life word to mom's carry ten clips My ink hits from backyards to basements Loose lips sink ships, ya drown this quick Superbly, my words be, like third degree Word to me, thoughts higher than planes be It's funny to me, how my stun shines the jewelry My symmetry, follow me, wherever shadows be Lyrical elixir, turntables and a mixer Bust ya shit like a blister, yeah, one, two, how we do [Chorus: DJ Premier scratches up samples] Afu-Ra The Body of the Life Force Rough and tough Lyrical warrior The Body of the Life Force Microphone check one two [Afu-Ra] Mic stance, starts the illustration As I dive into creation, wit so much patience Split my drink up your nation, but never cleanin it up Stainin it up, molecules, my energy melt the cup I'm usin fake MC's for target practice To usurp your experts, will be my best work I'm takin stripes, might snipe ya, cause I'm hyper Will incite the shit too loose, I'll make it tighter Flowin on and on like I was nylon Sounds gong, check ti, Brook-nom to Saig-gong My chord sweeps, from off beat to on beat Lyrical symbolism, peep the visions I make incisions, fabric of ghetto rhythms You couldn't hold me, if you wore gloves or mittens Lion of Judah type style, and you're forgiven I set it straight, my jade pen obliterate You titillate, chop you up for my shark bait Incinerate your presence, scatter your ashes And breeze by on the mic, like EZ passes [Chorus 2X] [Afu-Ra] I'm kinda killin a, willin a, instillin a, billin a Yo, yo you talkin MC's, ain't nothin similar Scatter ya, batter ya, internally ratter ya Even through your dental records, they'd never notice ya A dope style, so pure you couldn't touch it Couldn't nudge it, diesel men, couldn't budge it Terroristic type tactic, get your ass kicked Never rested, jah blessed it, never test it Undrownable, unsoluble, prolific Lyrical typhoon crossin the Pacific Chosen by the mystic, mic ways, I rip it Usurp it, sharp enough that it can hurt it Depth wise, verse wise, ensurin that the surge hits Words hit, I do work like arthroscopic Surgery, now my rhymes lacked the masonry, kinetic energy Thoughts cause the imagery, natural disaster Earthquake type telepathy Yeah, one, two, how we do [Chorus 2X]

All Night

TURK "Young & Thuggin'"
(feat. Lil' Wayne) [Lil Wayne] You know it's Wheezy you know Nigga you know it's Wheezy you know You know it's Wheezy you know Who Squideye [Verse 1: Lil Wayne] I ain' just jumped off da porch playboy I been thuggin on da block Fist clutchin' on da glock Who Bout it Motherfucker let me know shit Y'all wit that hoe shit I keep the fo grip Hollowed tips fill the whole clip Trippin' ya feel da whole clip Get It I'm on some mo shit Quad Mafia blow Shit Never slept for dough or no bitch I only want a hoe for those lips to lick my whole clique And load the bitch wit coke and shit and send her on a road trip I'm so sick wit it Dick nigga what is your purpose I'm off the surface Platinum merchandise shining perfect For certain firearms This verse seem like it's dirty squiddy Put bullets in yo shirt and fit it if you jerkin wit me pops don't yourself the next statistic You may be hard but seeing your chopped off is less convincing Which nigga want it Holla at me I'll be at the top With cha wife slobbing on my cock And your kids calling me pop I can't be stopped [Hook: Lil Wayne 2x] Okay They run in yo place four straight to yo face These Niggaz don't play Believe me shit ain all right They cut off all lights And they ridin' all night Till some shit that you don't like let's go [Verse 2: Turk] Nigga look here you can play wit me or my dogs If ya won't And watch how quick yo bitches wind up gettin' left faunked I dress in black rat a tat tat leave ya flat nigga At any given time you gonna see that nigga Lil Turk and Wheezy straight thugged out We got choppers wit 50's that'll clear it out You could test the nuts If ya won't round You know you done fucked up so it's goin' down Get fulla dat one on one and we don't give a fuck It's you or me, me or you nigga so what's up Now tell me, Is you really bout dat beef shit Bringin dat heat shit, killin yo peeps shit Cuz If you not then it's best you stay your distance nigga Cuz when we pull da trigger look we ain' missing nigga I'm a hit cha in yo melon split it to da fat Leave yo moms on da front level draped in black [Hook 2x] [Verse 3 Lil Wayne & Turk] [Lil Wayne] Fuck wit a turn or bed for bags, bitches, or bread And we mash quickly in a drout and blast snitches they scared Take snap pictures for fedz we blast riches and ice Snatch at night get em back depending the price Livin the last minutes of life and we do it huge My whole crew 'll does whos background to screw And we feud wit anyone to two shatter ya cabin Come around ya block niggaz disappear like abra cadabra [Turk] Lil turk don't play nigga look betta recognize When my finger get ta fuckin all you niggaz gon die Hit cha set in camoflague 50 shots what I fire Lay down and get cha mind right I bet cha won't survive I put that on everthing against anything ya bet If a nigga get it twisted get holes in his chest vest ain no way you protect it Last nigga got bust up cuz he disrespected [Hook til end]

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