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REDMAN lyrics - Dare Iz A Darkside

We Run N.Y.

Original and similar lyrics
Intro: Dr. Trevis, Hurricane G, Redman Hahahahahahaaaaa [KRS] Watch out! Geyeeah! As we take a journey to the darkside [KRS] Watch out! from Hell and beyond, the knotty-headed nigga era has triumphed [KRS] Watch out! a new ever! If you don't know, your bitch ass better [KRS] Watch out! axe somebody! Shoot em up! [Glo] The Hurricane G is live and in color [KRS] Watch out! [Glo] We run you motherfuckers! [Red] The Funk Doctor Spock coming live and in color [KRS] Watch out! [Red] We run you motherfuckers! [R+G] Puffin mad spliffs, so fuck a bitch and a nigga, cause niggaz, and bitches ain't shit! Hahahahahahaaaa! Dr. Trevis [KRS] Watch out! is in the motherfuckin house With a couple of sick patients for your bitch ass [KRS] Watch out! Yeahhh! Verse One: Hurricane G, Redman The Hurricane G is the ultimate funk, pop the trunk (Hoo-hah!! Wild like Shaolin monks) Representin, comin out of Brooklyn, Flatbush you wuss, you can't push push in the bush Well uh, let's take a journey to hell and beyond Where the bomb grows on palms, and bags labelled Cheech and Chong The Jimi Hendrix of rap, I got an afro and bandanna, then I rock jams like Santana I move MC's like niggaz move keys uptown Red and Hurricane G, SO HOW YOU LIKE US NOW!!! Chorus: repeat 4X [KRS] Watch out! We run New York Yeah Verse Two: Hurricane G (Hurricane G hit em one time) From the Brook, taught how to trick by the real gangsta crooks So I holds back what you took! I take my funk and my religion serious Sanctify y'all and leave y'all house niggaz delirious (hahahahaa) cause I'm furious! How dare you motherFUCKERS, forget about the ultimate funk, BITTTTTCH nigga! I got your wicked witch with a switch Motherfucker, fuck you and your crew! So what nigga, is it you wanna do In ninety-fo' I kick the wicked for the bitches For the real trick deez who can dig it Cause after pop thought all that, Hurricane stay fat Word to mom, big dick boricuas in the back The queen of the East coast, funk gangsta pack buddha on the rhyme since eighty-nine It's all in your mind, but what's yours is mine Your dough and your hoes Bump N Grind to my rhymes Now! It ain't a nigga who could hang or pop yang, about a motherfuckin th-a-a-a-ang And uh, fuck any bitch who can't hang I'm representin bitches universal! It go, one for the biz, on the bizness Which y'all blesses with God's blessings, do you see Hurricane and Redman original steel Latin Queens in the house!! So nigga swing it over here on these big fat tits!! (Titties, hahahahahaa) Verse Three: Redman The Funk Doctor Spock, blast up on your block I'm walkin through the sewer with manure on my socks Your style, I freaked it when I was a child So you talkin that baby talk like, Who's Talkin Now Verbally I crush, brains erupt Blow your focus, like you sniffin angel dust Run of the mill I'm not, watch me kill a cock-sucker And cause ruckus, like them L.O.D. motherfuckers Every verse every word I preach Represents the East, long as the human eyes can see Gimme that funk funk funk funk funk funk funk funk beat! I light a blunt for niggaz up in Sing-Sing I do it to death, style is funk that's fresh Remove your vest, you just won the wet t-shirt contest And I'm hotter, than the Globetrotters in the Bahamas I got a pair of pajamas made out of ganjah and almonds and I'm as eager, as nigga wantin my shit to dub Cause my shit be BANGIN like the Crips and Bloods Troop, I flew the coop like Big Bird in Timb boots I Skywalk the planet like my code name was Luke From the darkside, I'm from the darkside Pah I'm Above the Law like Steven Segall Motherfucker!! Outro: Dr. Trevis [KRS] Watch out! Hahahaha, we take you to the darkside Come travel [KRS] Watch out! on our metaphoric futuristic type shit As we blow your brains like spliffs [KRS] Watch out! Dr. Trevis is outta here For the nine-fo' you stank... bitch [KRS] Watch out! Yeahh [KRS] Watch out!

Hold It Down

TQ "Second Coming"
Hold It Down f/ Vandalz [TQ - Intro] KB, Vandalz (yeah yeah yeah) 'Bout mine Y'all know how we do it Yeah ('bout mine) This is for them soldiers (keep it goin') All day, everyday (yeah yeah yeah) [TQ] I've got so much trouble on my mind Refuse to lose I got my windows seedy, county line's still on Now what the hell is goin' on? This nigga been around the world and back And it's a lesson to be learned in that A lot of paper to be earned in that But I still couldn't discern the fact That the life ain't gotta be like that So hold it down 1 - [TQ] (I'ma pop mine) Gotta be about it, or you'll see about it (Gonna keep it on) I ill, I'll be about it Yes, I feel G about it (Who could be with me?) Wouldn't be without it When I think about it, who gon' be down? (Who will be down?) Gotta feel G about it, or you'll see about it (Don't get no more) Yes, I feel G about it Where would I be without it? (I'm sick of all you haters when I'm comin' 'round) When I think about holdin' it down (Gotta hold it down) [TQ] Oh, when I was young in my neighborhood I sold straps cuz the paper's good (So my bitch should understand me nigga) We let them ends get bigger It's always somethin' wrong with the picture That's when it hits ya Seventeen years old, ain't no need to be rollin' In a big body Benz that's stolen All my knuckleheads holla if ya hear me now The grind is somethin' that you gotta stay real about I doubt I'd change a thing about my life, except these haters I'd take 'em baby, two at a time, with lefts and rights And won't get tired 'til we all ball, causin' a riot Can't even see no peace and quiet So I decided misery I'll deal with myself Ain't no need for me to be involved with nobody else I'll chase my wealth across these continents Why these fake mothafuckas wanna get with this? Bitch nigga, be 'bout it Repeat 1 Repeat 1 [Vandalz] Now who be lettin' them heads loose, aimin' off the roof It's the new millennium and I still ain't feelin' 'em I'm Y2-AK, ready, hands steady Shame on you niggas, how we came on you niggas Shoulda pulled the heat out and flamed all you niggas To the clique I'm dedicated, 'bout, blunted and faded Bitch please Ask a nigga, squeeze the young G Situation turned drastic, I'm pullin' out plastic So bring the beat cuz I'm a bastard Barely breathing, but leave the body in plastic Blaze the broccoli on the roof of murderin' street Psychotic, leave the mic, it's idiotic Bring ya heat if you 'bout it Watch 'em inhale butane and spit hot flames Thug, so I'm stayin' heated But fuck the trouble that it's caused We part insane, mentally With a urge to splurge a piece of my poison To innocent citizens Violent millitants, check the currency on my pistol for them Decided we out Repeat 1 to fade

Man Above

ERICK SERMON "Double Or Nothing"
featuring Redman Intro:Ha ha ha ha. This is Doctor Trevis giving a phone call to y'all funky fuckers Erick Sermon: Y'alll guess what the fuck is going on now Me and Reggie Noble making funk tunes around the global Cause times keeps on slippin' and I get the funk from the kitchen Then commits to ass whippin' there is no time for me to bust it So I'm a chill and let Red get into a fly poetic justice Redman: Yo, it's all in the mind and I'm high and I kick it for the do or die On 2 or 1 area code leavin' shit blown Funkadelic is the one to bring the preacher out the teacher When I feak 'em, oooh, yes y'all I got the mad method can you catch it? And if your ear is not tuned in then ajust it Erick Sermon: Breaker 1-9, breaker 1-9 representin' today Hey, Erick Sermons on the way Dre gave me a ride so I Gangsta Lean while DRS will put the smoke in my chest And if you understand me then escape and kick it While the E-Double gets wicked wiht your brain twisted It's going down, it's going way down Go get the 4 pound and boogie down Redman: Boogie woogie to boogie to band boogie to that My rap get mad dap on ass cracks and F it be on my ass cap Cause my funk rolls thicker than Bisquick If it's mixed with that same funky sticky shit I roll my splifs with I shot the sheriff on the terris And I kick the funk like these to have more off days than Ferris Just wrote these raps up in the studio Brothers can't tell and sisters can't hear me no (hear me hoe) Hook: E got the funk, Red got the funk, Red got the funk, E got the funk (x2) Erick Sermon: Someones knockin' at my door, yo Johnny Gill, I need the whole floor So I can get busy remember? And if you don't call Michael Jackson And don' be afraid to ask him, Erick Sermon got mad tunes No matter what they say, I got more props than Richard Bay The mind bogglin' with the hardcore followin' So what's up, cause I don't give a fuck Redman: Whoa, I make you sing with Tony Braxton I tear the shreads out of jams like stadiums when they packed in Back up boy you messin' with the rude bwoy yes I told ya I rock leather jacks with Tims, sweatpants one leg rolled up Hold up! This is a stick up, I spark the izm with ? like a bizcut 1 and 2 skirts get lift up, E got the funk and Red got the funk Pop the trunk, I get blocks of funk to make victims say That's the one! Of coarse I'm funky like fat people having intercorse Basically the funk is stuck in your teeth so get the dental floss Oh oh, freak out, 20 I know But let me knock your teeth out When I was young I turned my tree house into a weed house And I'm deeper than Nostradomis, when I'm in chronic And I leave your kitty cats meowin' home made bondage (meow) Beeotch, trick, trick, beeotch Outro: Ha ha ha. This is Dr. Trevis comin' to y'all motherfuckers with some more raw shit. Def Squad represntitives. Def Squad forever, signin' off.

One Night - Featuring Begetz, Versatile, Ice T

Fredro Starr "Firestarr"
(Talking) There's two things in the world I ain't never seen, know what I'm sayin'? A space ship and the bitch I need, ha, ya heard? New shit yo, you know you tell me when you want some half of Miss Shorty, right? You want the bitch to give you some brains or whatever You just say yo.. yo give me some knowledge. (haha) Know what I'm saying? It's some new shit, word up. Yo shorty, check it out man... Look- I ain't tryin' to go home wit ya number, y'know what I'm sayin? I'm tryin' to go home wit you Can't fuck a phone number, ya know what I'm sayin? Straight up, just one night, that's it We don't love dem hoes! I don't want to love you I just wanna.. fuck you One night, one night Just wanna fuck you (We don't love dem hoes!) (Fredro Starr) Bitch, you so fine Like a tambourine with rocks, you just shine Be a real bitch, let me hit it from behind Which bed you wanna climb? No relationship Is worth the pussy one time Let em know, I don't love em, I don't hate them neither Best way to (describe a guest is a faithful cheater)? Ain't no rings on ya finger, is we fuckin' or what? Pack a overnight bag and steal your man's truck. She told me Guns turn me on She got a thing for rappers, get fucked in the ass Face stuck in the matress, shut up Listen to ???, every bitch is a liar And worth shit but a blunt and a lighter.(Get high, bitch) (Versatile) I treat a bitch like a hoe, cause a hoe is a bitch You know it's other people's money That be makin' em trick They makin' me sick, never stop suckin' my dick Thinkin' a nigga runnin' tricks, cause he sit in a 6 I buy 'cris just to spit on bitches Very important, pimp, I know you hear that bitch You see this wrist? When a scar look like this Yo' ass get scared, a bitch would learn Versatile don't pay for titties Know your name, gettin' head in the range of the city Hittin' switches, while your hoe ass zip down my dickie's Avoid them hickies, I don't love you hoes for nothin' Smack a bitch and you think I'm frontin' Playa you're trippin' (Chorus 2x) (Begetz) What? Gucci? What? Trick what? Lace who? I ain't amazed, boo 5 years a nigga that'll fuck you and tape you and show it to your face, boo Not behind your back And let you see how you gettin' murdered from the back If it wasn't for the flicks, would you be all on my dick? When we fuckin', you let a nigga call you bitch. When you suckin', what make you swallow all of my shit? Shoulda treated you like a prostitute, you listen to ?? But the head got better, the pussy got wetter Six monthes later Begetz couldn't get her But guess what, I keep that bitch broke in and fucked Let her browse through the Prada store to open her up I bought her Aldo shoes, just to open her up It's coconuts, the way she just coc up the nuts You know the rules, keep em pretty Never cash in they hands That's what you get from a one night stand Don't move, bitch (Chorus) (Ice T over Chorus) That's right bitch, don't move This Ice T bitch, now you got real trouble Know what I'm saying? 'Tile let me holla at this hoe Yo bitch, they told me if you knew better You choose better, you know? You think wrong, you think wrong, bitch Problem is, bitch, you can't swing a slow bat at a fast pitch You fuck a nigga like me, you might get rich But it ain't gonna be all fun You step outta ?? one motha fuckin' inch You better duck or run I can't really get mad at you for not recognizing this isn't Cause if you ain't never had nothing How you supposed to get used to something? The true root of the problem to most of you broke ass hoes is you so mothafuckin' used to losing You can't even figure out who you fuckin' one BIATCH

Let's Go

JUVENILE "Project English"
Feat. Baby, Lac, Steppa, Mike, Sickwitit and Big G [Baby talking] Whut's happ'n, whut up G(G-G)(H-B-G's nigga)believe dat Hot Boy fo life Nigga, we gon' do this for all tha projects around tha world right (Mag, Melph, Callio)H-B-G's, B-G-F, we ridin out on this Project English Whut's up G, nigga speak on it(we ride for tha projects)I'm bout to give These niggas some live entertainment(B-G-F, H-B-G's muthafucka) [Baby] Whodi, uh, jump shop let's do this, bitch get wit this Hot Boys, slow down lil' daddy fo' I hit you wit this cannon Who, huhn, what, where Lil' daddy you can stop stare Do ya thang ya fool, bitch I been here, I grew here, bitch I been here Hot Girls, Hot Boys Bling blingin', ridin' in them new toys Weezy, Geezy, Turk, Superstar We dippin' ridin' in them new toys Juvy's Project English Baby, bitch I mean this [Big G talking] This Big G, get wit em Killa star [Lac] I'm from tha Nolia where foot soldiers ride Benz shit Where cut throaters always posin' as yo friends shit Where news reporters bulletproof they camera lens shit A trigger click over over behind them ends shit Yeah all this time had yall thinkin' that it was cool uptown Like a nigga don't lose they life from them tools uptown Every night a different nigga catch tha blues uptown It's so trife young students shoot up schools uptown An A-T-F kickin' in do's atleast twice a week It's like I'm hustlin' fo' my health, I can't get past a ki I'm either duckin' tha po po' or tied up in beef I'm bangin' up this slow poke who got caught in tha streets [Steppa talking] Bitch yall think this a game, Baby ain't playin, he doin' this here Yall know me, Steppa ya dig, I ain't just start doin' this here I been around ya dig what I'm sayin', I come from tha old school I was taught this ya heard me he know ya dig what I'm sayin' Whatever, killin', whatever, ya dig Sick wit it, ain't no joke Tell em what time it is Mike [Mike talking] This Mike straight out tha pen, just from doin' ten Originial head busta, 3rd Ward Hot Boy [Sickwitit talking] This that Sickwitit ya heard me, straight out that Melph Yall muthafuckas better recpect it cause Cash Money done hooked up wit A real killa, a head busta ya heard me, I'm a H-B-G we rollin wit tha B-G-F's ya heard me, so you better get wit it or I'm gonna get wit you Ya heard Me [Big G talking] This Big G nigga, O-G Cash Money Hot Boy fo' life nigga respect it or Check it, get wit it nigga [Baby talking] Fa sho' homie Elden I'm ridin' for ya all these gangstas that We Forgot didn't get a chance to get on it, we ridin' for ya, time out For ya, Cash Money Hot Boy, Project English baby, lets get this money

Murder Avenue

GETO BOYS "Till Death Do Us Part"
Creeping down the hallway quiet as kept the only sign of a murder was the blood on the foresteps I stopped for a second to wipe it up and threw the bloody towel in the garbage bag with her guts pretty as a picture her name was Rosie had to kill the bitch cuz she was getting too fuckin nosey a school hoe she attended U of H a law student who was looking for a fuckin' case but she was barking up the wrong tree g ay yo why in the hell did the bitch wanna fuck with me walking around my crib steady casin' askin' about the strange smells that were coming from my basement she asked one too many motherfuckin questions it was time somebody taught the stupid bitch a good lesson I snuck in the house by the back door it was like a scene from psycho the bitch was in the shower I rushed her quick so she wouldn't have a chance to holler and said shut the fuck up hoe and slammed her motherfucking face against the cold floor struggling soaking wet I gagged her mouth with a whole box of kotex after i fucked her check out what i did slit her fucking stomach and watched her squeal like a pig the shit was gruesome g i couldn't call it i cut off her fingers and flushed them down the fuckin' toilet and wrote my name on the wall like i usually do to mark a murder hoe, yeah on murder avenue more murder, more murder, more murder, yo more murder, more murder, more murder, watch me hurt a hoe more murder, more murder, more murder, nigga more motherfucking murder gots ta pull the trigger more murder, more murder, more murder, check it a hundred and fifty seven thousand victims in a second gotta give it up for brigitte and ted brand new newly-weds there's nothing i would love better than to have their fuckin' heads on a platter i watch them sonofabitches scatter in broad daylight but yo it really didn't matter i put my gin to their heads and said shut up the nigga was big i watched this big motherfucker nut up on the rampage both of 'em got pistol-whipped the 9 was bloody so i pulled out my pistol grip the nigga was damn near dead i grabbed the bitch by her head and told her spread your fucking legs I placed the barrel of my 9 on her pearl tongue and stuck a shell inside her pussy and said now ain't that fun? she started to cry I saw a tear fall from here eye i said bitch you must wanna die I pulled the trigger of the gun back slowly and shot up her nigga until he was full of holes g the bitch was screaming with rage I stamped on her motherfucking face until it caved in 'cos killing is so damn sweet I saved the remains and used them later for ground meat being a lunatic i gotta do the lunatic gotta do man, yeah living on this avenue more murder, more murder, more murder, yo more murder, more murder, more murder, watch me hurt a hoe more murder, more murder, more murder, nigga more motherfucking murder gots ta pull the trigger more murder, more murder, more murder, check it a hundred and fifty seven thousand victims in a second

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