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REDMAN lyrics - Dare Iz A Darkside

Slide And Rock On

Original and similar lyrics
Intro: Yo, this blunt is for all the niggaz that was in the holdin pen with me in central booking Welcome to the system [Ha ha ha haaaa! Yeahhh! Motherfuckers! Coming to you live from Newark, New Jersey] [Hey Redman would you roll that blunt and get me fucked up] Fucked up [all night] all night [Hey Redman would you roll that blunt and get me fucked up] Fucked up [all night] all night [Yeah! Coming to you live, straight out of Jersey, motherfucker] Verse One: Rock on, rock on, yo here comes that Funkadelic I come wtter than Purple Rain, I bust brains, the funk Doctor Spock, got the glock, now I'm smokin out your sess spot I rock from here to Bedstuy, I hit the spot like XY Who is that nigga that's comin six billion feet I roll my funk and find tone even smoke up blues with 18th Street I cut massively with sneaky styles like Dick Dastardly Look at the letter-coated afro like my man Shaft would be The new vroom, crisp like chicken and Chinese food I'm just like The Whispers here to put you in the mood [Jumpin Jersey] Yeah you heard me, got more family than the Partridge Roll the red carpet for Red from here to corner markey You're tryin me, I'm a menace of society, right [Yo yo they killed your style] Yo yo, I ain't lettin shit ride Droppin the verbs and nouns, antonyms and homonyms Covering my dick, plus I'm diesel like all of them Chorus: Repeat 2X Rock rock on, you gotta rock rock on [somebody, help meeeeee!] Rock rock on, you gotta rock rock on [You gotta rock on] Rock rock on, you gotta rock rock on Rock rock on, you gotta rock rock on Verse Two: My momma used to tell me turn that shit the fuck off So I had to play like Foxy and get off [get off] My shit was thick I bought a clip then cocked my own grip at honeydips Cause moms made enough loot just to pay the bills with, beeitch Selling bags from uptowwwwn Me and Lester put our money together now we got the block locked down 31 to local A-Train's, Hoboken I took the back way, New Jersey transit cops were open I'm hopin, that they don't go inside my boots Cause we had everything, from jewelry to thai-one suits And ClienTEL, I'm drinkin Ballentine L in hell So Redman rock well before our record sell Then my moms crib was jacked by the jealous [And if ya ain't come back] Is what the base-head used to tell us [Yo fellaz!] Our whole scheme sinkin like boats Cause Les mixed biz with pleasure when we shoulda stuck to lactose But every good thing comes to a end With no ends, on the block, sellin weed again My moms tried to make me go to school, I just didn't listen Got locked up, now I'm all in the system, listen Chorus Verse Three: Whassup! I tickle your putty-cars with my loonie raps on groovy tracks, I make new jacks catch convulsions like groupie acts From my city I spread it all like Jiffy It's a mystery, my spliff be live like 145th be I mold like clay, and roll dice just like Andrew I stay strapped just like bamboo, my crewsa got mad handle Whatever, the weather be, I got mental telepathy So throw your bombest rapper and watch me intercept MC's I keep my car underground just like the Lords Even though I'm known, like all the four wheels on the course So let me pull up to your bumper like Grace Jones Cause my shit be WAY off the hook like pay phonesssahh! *dial tone*

Hip Hop Drunkies

Tha Alkaholiks "Likwidation"
[Tash] What's yo' name What's yo' naaaaaame [ODB] *burp* My name is, Ol Dirty Bastard... and I'ma Alkaholik [Tash] Yeah me too nigga [ODB] *singin some crazy shit* [Tash] You're now rockin with Tha Liks so start reachin for the ozone I see some girls I know but y'all look different with your clothes on What's up though, Tash came to steal it like the Grinch While I'm leavin niggaz puzzled like I said my shit in French But it's all Olde English that I'm bringin from beneath Try to bite my style on wax and watch these lyrics crack your teeth Cause I make words Connect like Westside when I test glide my drunken lyrical hanglider, nobody's tighter than a ruff rap provider, with ninety ways to peel ya So I know the three words (Tash'll kill ya) sound familiar I filter out the weak everytime I speak I drink to hit the peak to make my mind go (beep) I'm def-da-fyin, you rappin like my client Tryin to scrape me for the style that slam harder than Kobe Bryant BE QUIET! This is Likwidation from the West Motherfuck ya boozy show, I got my own special guest [Ol Dirty Bastard] Yo, yo, breaker breaker breaker one-nine I bust this bitch in the behind with the silver shine Cause she thought she was fine She winked at me, I thought it was fine This nigga poutin, this hoe was mine I had the alcohol in me, took my time Let a nigga ro-tate turn on the table Put in the diamond needle, pull it to your ego What You the king in the chair on my ground The Tyson of sound, it's twenty seconds to a round Scavenger nigga, youse a shrimp, a full line of shit my ear can't digest it Stop drinkin all that motherfuckin water, let's take it to the land So I can Godzilla up your sheeit, Mr. Tiny Tim man Niggaz be creepin up my beanstalk When I start to come down on your fuckin asses Try to chip shit on up, get these nuts Motherfucker WHAT!! [J-Ro] The Ro pimped the flow like a hoe, so I should rap on the mack-raphone My rhymes hittin hard enough to crack a bone I divide square MC's like math Bend you in half and drink a Genuine Draft I stop him, then I skied out with all wampum When he's layin on the ground, I let my Dog Scrilla chop him (Switch reels) I feels its all about skills The outcome's unbelievable like Tyson/Holyfield Your lyrics are loaners return em to they rightful owners My style is wild, like G's or the pistolas No need to ask, I put you on like a ski mask We can Fight the Power like this was P.E. class I Bomb Squads like Hank Shock Peace to my nigga Scott puttin stickers on the block *burp* I drink more Brewsters than Punky It's the further adventures of the hip-hop drunkies *chorus* You bithces are hoes Put it in ya like my motherfuckin hoe or in your butthole/earhole Whever the fuck it goes (repeat 2X) [Ol Dirty] Yeah, yo, yo, yo No disrespect to any architect Who tried to perfect, oh what the heck I'm a MC director, rhyme inspector Rated top ten, Brooklyn borough sector [J-Ro] Its the Packtown original b-boy I'm rappin What's happenin, so dope got the pope clappin I'm smackin, on some chicken, what you kickin You trickin, while I'm vickin hoes you stick your dick in [Tash] Step outta place, Tash'll smack your taste out your face Cause there's nowhere to hide unless you move to outer space Cause I waste motherfuckers like toxic fumes So you betta (make room) when you hear the (boom boom) [Ol Dirty (rapping like RZA)] Hey sugar plum, how can you assume That the pitch of the volume, doesn't have no tune I'm not your everyday, regular rap star peddler One on one at your rap seminar Beware of the Hard Way, Three's the Hard Way At you fuckers... [J-Ro] So aiyyo, my name is J-Ro And my style is so dope they call it ya-yo I don't rap fast, I love green grass Nuttin nice on the mic, call me a mean ass [Ol Dirty (still rapping like RZA)] Extra da-llama, bring hahaha Extra extra bring the da-llama Verse a better one, then slice-a-versa God acre, massacre murdered Also known as a rap wrecka, not a rhyme rebel You're just rhyme to survive streets True beaters, minerals and rhymes survive lyrics Like the acre without the attic, but not the only Asiatic true God but my dick is my lightning rob Hoe don't kick that mumbo jumbo... [Tash] See this the type of shit niggaz don't try at home I come funkin up the spot like Micheal Jordan's cologne With the megadrunken, style to keep the crowd pumpin Niggaz lookin at me like, 'Tash is up to somethin' (Get drunk and I stumbled) but I didn't come to trip I came to bring it to ya humb-le Tumb-le all your plots and all your plans Ol Dirty's in the house and that's my motherfuckin man! *outro* It's the Likwid crew Comin through with Ol Dirty from the Wu Passin your party, jettin out with allt he brew So what y'all new, niggaz think you wanna do (repeat 2X)

Lollipop Porn

CRAZY TOWN "Gift Of Game"
Dancing with the devil on the 13th floor Non stop knocking on heaven's door Thinking faster flirting with disaster plastered I'm your puppet master pushin' proper data Watch the city steal your soul as the drugs take control And the problems of the world put your life on hold You should have known by now that it just don't stop You like that rock hip-hop you make me grab my crotch [CHORUS:] I got a lollipop porn bitch Dead on arrival A hardcore sex bitch turned Suicidal All caught up now taking my chances playing my song While the devil dances ‘round me beggin' me to play along Now over the years I've learned to love the pain I'm what you call a ladykiller with the gift of game Triple X true that you do dat dat Let it ride bring it back over 24 tracks We're gonna rock the fuckin' block tonight We're gonna rock that shit gonna make it right Diggi, diggi damn right, we's dynomite So we can do this or you can do what you like I grab the mic and make it mine I grab the mic and make it hype So we can do this, or you can do what you like [CHORUS] Riding on the 3rd rail, taking risks, life is risky The “E' stands for Epic and the “S' stands for Shifty So let the good times roll, there's no controlling us Walking on water and kicking up dust The boisterous, causing panic in the land of lust The shellshock lollipop crazy down to make your body rock Sugar I love the way your body talks Now, whoever said that sex was overrated Love leaves me devastated, life's so fuckin' complicated Shifty say what, Epic's a beat slut And I got so many rhymes I can't keep my mouth shut [CHORUS]

I'll Do This For You

P. DIDDY "Forever"
[Puffy] (Mase) Kelly Yeah, we up now, yeah (Uh c'mon) Yeah, we up now (Uh, uh c'mon) We up now Baby, I like it Yeah, yeah (Uh, uh c'mon) (Uh uh c'mon) I like it babe (Uh uh c'mon) (C'mon c'mon c'mon) They're back [Puffy] Yo, now nobody party like we party You wouldn't know 'till you cats see me party I hardly sip bacardi So your clique think a nigga to pretty to sip a mixed drink (uh uh) But chicks think when they see I be a V.I.P. D-I-double D-Y Be the cat that kick back, bring all the stars out Same cat you know bring all the cars out (yep yep) All our street cats buy all the bars out (yep yep) Don't know whatch'all 'bout but I'm livin' it up Ten mill' yeah, I'm bigger than what So you know on the low when I blow, niggas givin' it up (they got to) They know why everything I touch is so fly Mult-I so I stay swimmin' in cho-chi All day the niggas from New York to Norway My name hold more weight than Broadway 1 - [Kelly Price] You like the way I do the things I do It's all for you No way to fill my shoes Cuz all I do, I do for you The more cheddar, the more better Ever since I was young I was a go-getter And you should know better to call Puff the coketeller Knowin' I'm a Hummer wholesaler And you should know this I'm a poet, got money won't show it I'm like Russell plus I got the right hussle Talk slick, I might bust you Watch your manners, I be on the cameras I be the next cat down in Atlantis Or Pacific to be specific, lifestyle too terrific Hop in the van shop when we land Don't worry bout the pilot chattin' in the Chopper's my man I ain't only from Harlem, I'm from the Heartland When I got problems I send in a dark van Cats in the street treat me like a mob man Been number one so much, call me Mr. Chart Man Repeat 1 Yo, I tried to hold back, I can't hold back Y'all could be all that, I want it all back I sat back, let niggas get they dough I played the cut and let niggas rip they show Sip they mo', watch niggas pop they Cris' Cop they whip, brag about they watch and shit But watch this shit, I'mma put a stop to this I got to flip, the v's niggas pop the shit, come on And I been copped the six, been droppin' hits Been rock my wrist, and flood my dial These haters be hatin, but love my style And ladies go crazy, they love my smile P. Diddy the man push Bentley Sedan, nigga Get money, that's simply the plan True Chocolate Mack who's pocket's fat You wanna rock nigga, rock to that with Bad Boy Repeat 1 while: [Mase] (Puffy) Yep yep, All Out Yep yep, H World Yep yep, Bad Boy Yep yep, wanna blow Yep yep, I'm a problem Yep yep, can I be Yep yep, Crime Fam' Yep yep, suga suga Uh uh uh Uh uh uh Uh uh uh Uh uh, uh uh (Yeah, we up now) Uh uh uh uh uh (yeah, yeah, true that) Uh uh uh uh uh All Out, we back we back (We gon' see what you could do now cuz we up now) Yeah Baby Stase, Blinky Blink (It's our time, come on, come on, come on, come on)

Money on the Couch

JUVENILE "Solja Rags"
First Verse: I went through with the plan, now the man sendin' me grams, My coke organization still infestin' the land, No joke, built my Mama an estate in the Bahamas, Crops of marijuana protected by Big Timers, Hand, full of ice, it's gangsta's paradise, Expensive merchandise, I had to sacrifice for the glamourous life, Don P. for breakfast, Benz, stretches, and Lexus, Distribution of coke from Louisiana to Texas, Some fabricated, but fascinated by the way that I made it, Now my name is implicated with the greatest Wearin' the latest, leather fatigues and B.B.H., Brand new Mercedes, parked in front of my new estate, Twelve o' clock we gave him, caviar, is what we ate, Party with killas, paraphrenalia full of projects, Dope snorters or prospects, the rob your shop necks, But I gets pissed and send hits, don't fuck with my shit Wig split, the heel, whoever he roll with, Admit it, you did it, tongue too tied? Well say somethin' Nine's bustin', bringin' your platoon to destruction, Continue to hustlin', givin' up nothin' where the dope at? Crackers can get the Bauds at, because I'm pro Black, Think I'm a foreigner, he wasn't holdin' up his side of his deal, Alien gotta be killed, sent to the coroner, I'm sure he would have gone before the judge With somethin' concrete, to send me, cuz He was holdin' a grudge, fuckin' over a thug, Told my bitch I want him dead, Bring me his head, fill him with lead, Heard what I said? Don't betray me, I'll put you on the streets and make you weak, With carrots and stones up on fingers and your teeth, And built you a home next to the beach, And luxury cars we creep Here's the nine, I don't have time, make it discreet Chorus: Money on the couch, nigga Gimme everything, I'll pay your house, nigga Shut'cha mouth, nigga Put the money on the couch, nigga Gimme everything, I'll pay your house, nigga Shut'cha mouth, nigga Put the money on the couch shut'cha mouth, nigga Second Verse: I know that my cousin Lil' Kerzaw, He sold up outta his backyard, And sold up shit, from the seventeen all the way up to the Ninth Ward, You know he rolls up in the caddy, It's about that time to go roasts and vogue, I'ma go on the passenger side, fuckin' with every last hoe, Nigga Russ was up in that car shop, Ready to get all the seats fixed, Let me go scope me a kneefit, so I can go out to the Freaknik, Shit, I'm the lyrical genius, Drop down on your knees to the penis, The nigga be talkin' the shit about my family, but I never did seen it I'm larger than large, if you came home with two heroin charges, And I still got somethin' stashed in the garages, Y'all is petty, it's gone take two to fill my stamina, When I pass the camera, flash, fuck the amateurs, Ya better be top notch, or I'ma cock my rhyme glock, To wound ya, and paint your death with my autograph on your tumor, Chorus Third Verse: I'm straight from the ghetto, the Mac they make the foes shake, Then I left that spot and I went to the T, where the triflin' hoes play, They comin' to me and, they blowin' that funky fire, I'm grabbin' a beer and, them blunts be gettin' me higher, Due to my clique I walked to the front door, Hope it ain't them po-po's, I looked through the blinds, it went through my mind, What I have to run for? , Nobody would want to test me, Especially comin' to arrest me, Old body and soul, it's a must I leave you cold, Keep it chilly chilly, when I'm jigglin' jigglin' money, Some niggas say okay, but you can say no way, I'm drinkin' for honey, If I wouldn't be kickin' these rhymes so funky, You and your crew would never have bought my shit like junkies, A part of a ki is all that I need, To get on my feet, up outta the weed, The capital C , I do it for weed, and even a G for slangin' them kis, I'm puttin' in it your face, Juvenile lookin' for a bitch now, Don't have no time for no foreplay, I'm simply gonna lay this dick down Niggas be comin' with dope lines, Gimme the chance I'ma flow mine, I'm tearin' this bitch up in no time, No fuckin' ya up cuz you know I'm, Funky like a club that's filled up with fat men fartin', And never a bad thought in my mind, cuz I'm steadily plottin' Chorus

Thought Process

GOODIE MOB "Soul Food"
Let me get a chop at this lumber niggas From da down underground are hangin' around the A-Town Lookin' for a come up, workin' from 9 to 5 Just to get some change so T-Mo can stay alive Not greedy or living' lavish yet but you can bet that when I do Nobody from my crew will I forget And if I start to get large and come up on some change I won't change, everybody know they down It's not the same, everyday life can be different These laws got me ready to ball Cause I fall a victim so I still be slanging them fat pillows To make 'em meet, each and every day as I comb my city streets Sometimes I wish I never had been apart of this mess Cause the system got us fucked up It put us to the test, women and men if you black you in Food for the soul listen to what I tell you it don't matter Young or old it's time we loc' up and do like we suppose We killin' each other over this bullshit and some clothes We're trapped off in this world and society with no place else to go So how U feel Frustrated, irritated, sometimes I don't know myself I be too numb To feel something sometimes so I dig deep, get in the Cherokee Let my mind fly free into the wilderness so I can get this shit off my mind That's why I be smokin' that dank sometimes, it keeps me from snappin' Keeps me calm, keeps my mind open, keeps me fond of what I gots to do Off in the studio to get my old burd back on her feet, and my little bro' In Statesboro and my little cuz Mark Twain, all my Folks that hang with me when I was out in the trap or when I was goin' Thru one of our episodes, only god knows, whut I go thru so I get down On my knees, sometimes I come home too high to pray, but I get on my bed Lay on my back and meditate, anyway, in the ceilings, the four walls, it's Like cell therapy I got nothing to do but write about my L-I-F-E, put it Down on paper...So whut chu feel I live for today, motherfuck another hour, it might be sour Never know my day, so I'm prayin' in the shower Look up and thank the Lord for forgiveness, a witness to bad I'm lookin' for good in the Southwest, God bless my neighborhood It's people killin' in da street to eat Surviving the day is the only goat that I set Just to make it home, I'm not alone Someone's out to get me when I haven't done shit wrong My head felt swoll, mista couldn't see past my mouth What route did you take man Caught me by that loops of my pants Got me on the curb lettin' tha traffic pass me by No questions I said nothing Lookin' for tha mutant to be buckin' Tha law naw, man Gipp show him my shit Close my mouth then I dip See to me G is a person who understand tha plan Can't make no moves when you in tha hands of tha man They got some new suites down Peachtree Left wing for tha Feds, right wing for tha hardheads Makin' more deals than Buddy Folks made with Hartsfield Somebody don't want my face in tha place, for 96 shit's slick Got me clean, lookin' fresh, dogs be scratchin' at my chest Under the order of who Guess who ain't non-iller than miller Wanna 1, 2 your ass no more life what you gave was tha past Cuz ain't no future wanna millicamp your case Disgrace your face, make it seem to be safe But ain't no place to run... Sometimes I don't even know how I'm gon' eat 'Bout twenty dollars away from being on the street Shit, you might see a nigga on tv But hell it's almost like I'm rappin' for free That little money be dammit, I'm grown Gotta help keep the heat and tights on It would be nice to have mo' but I kinda like being po' At least I know what my friends here fo' I wanna lie to you sometimes, but I can't I wanna tell you that it's all good, but it ain't It's nigga's hurtin' and uncertain 'bout if they gon' make it or not That's why we got nigga's killing Feelin like they coming up off a little dope they sold You can get some gold but we won't make it as a whole Cause without you there'd be no me And without no unity there will never be any happiness You could smoke a pound of sess and it still won't relieve yo' stress God bless my...thought process The thought process... Now as an Outkast I was born, wasn't warned of the harm That would come to meet me like Met Life, but yet life Done sent me through a lot of up's and down like it ain't nothing' Like elevators but I ain't the one that's pushin' the buttons I got off at the 13th floor, when they told me that it wasn't one They said it skipped from 12 to 14 Still smoking, still drinking, no I'm sittin' on the Lincoln 4 A.M. thinkin' that in reality the world is like a ball full of playas We trapped off in this maze with walls made of layers And only prayers is the tightest game that you can have The devil's takin' a swing that might explain the broken glass But my crystal ball see the pistol fall to the wayside Nobody would die in cops and robbers when we used to play right Huh, the only thang we feared was Williams, Wayne Never though about hittin' licks or slangin' caine Didn't think I'd be the one to give in to abortion Label me murder because my ass is scorchin' Hot from the glock that sits under my seat Yeah, it's real fucked up that my floks come to get me And it's like dat, yeah...and it's like dem!

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