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REDMAN lyrics - Dare Iz A Darkside


Original and similar lyrics
Intro: Aiyyo-yo-yo-yo you better pass it Aiyyo check this out We coming to you live from that BOMB Chocolate City my man Where the knotty-headed niggaz and the Brick City brigade dwell And if you don't know your fool better ask Aiyyo-yo you better pass that blunt And yo E, we comin to you live with the Cosmic type stuff Verse One: Redman Well it's that brother coming six billion feet from beneath And you should be peep-in how I get smoked-out on the weekend I swing it to my crew or down to my fans Schoolin hell of stackas like final exams Cause, it's the (UH!) Funkadelic, hit you with the irrelevant elements, and it's coming through your block Can't you smell it trick Wanna copy-cat my whole format So you get funk tracks, punch lines and skull hats HUHHHHHHH! Got a little Redman in town Who's that effin clown soundin wack with the frown I don't know man, but you better wonder what I would do While loud on this staff like birds one and two My crew runs thicka than syrup from the burough You get hurt up, word up, Jam-med like Pearl Knock off from blood clot puff on the rough block Or I peep my man, Rockafella, it don't stop Chorus: On and on, and it don't quit Redman rockin on to the funky shit, c'mon On and on, and it don't quit Redman rockin on to the funky shit I said Jersey's in the house Jersey's in the house I said Brooklyn's in the house Brooklyn's in the house I said Uptown's in the house Uptown's in the house I said the Bronx in the hidouse The Bronx in the hidouse Verse Two: Newark, New Jersey, rock rock on, word is bond I'm comin in swarms, so turn your flashlights on Due to difficulty, my style flows while it travels across the planet in 48 Hours like Nick Nolte Droppin the flavor, stay Sky high like Pager I'm magical like Fantasia on paper I Saw the Light like Kraftwerk, of course When the T-L-A Rock shock the stuff, It's Yours! To your drawers, your record label got your staff gassed Thinkin you gonna sell two mil cakes real fast But you're blocked, and your earrings choke like a tec Now, who freakin style your ass gonna steal next Are there any more imitators in the house There are no Bust like NBA Jams, and you can have Chicago Catch the cargo, funky like a bag of Bravos Way back, when I used to pump 92 KTU and Carlos Huuhhh! I just stay funky like that Make you wanna (sssss) my style like a junkie on crack Trick, you better back the freak up, for real now When I break it down from Newark NJ to IllTown Chorus: On and on, and it don't quit Redman rockin on to the funky shit, c'mon On and on, and it don't quit Redman rockin on to the funky shit I said Virginia's in the house Virginia's in the house I said Cali's in the house Cali's in the house I said Atlanta's in the house Atlanta's in the house North Carolina's in the house Carolina's in the house Verse Three: Yoo-hoo watch the birdie!! While Red wreck your brains early If rap was B-Ball, I'd have assists like James Worthy Dribble the rock if you got the hots to get your knot rocked Twice my device, Run-D.MC's from my Rock Box Hey you, better Come Clean like Jeru Before I take phase two and do another pay-per-view to your crew, I give a boom bip to Q-tip Standin tall like Shaq, honey I'm back, this ain't Blue Chips The new stuff, creamin brothas like Breyer's He's heating up -- nah, brotha, I'm on fire! Dribble dribble shootin three pointers to the drum trick Try to take my style BLAOW! and one DJ Twinz in the house for the nine-square My man Shaft, you don't know you better ask Outro: That bomb Chocolate City coming to you live from the ninety-fo' era Aiyyo you better pass that blunt, aiyyo check this out We gonna take it to you live where Newark New Jersey drops that chocolate funk for ya Everyday and all day, how we do it word is bond, word is day Def Squad's in the house for the nine-fo', word is bond, word is day The sad Hawthorne Ave. got the good smoke, word is bond, word is day Knotty-head niggaz in the house for nine-fo', word is bond, word is day Brick City brigade in the house for nine-fo', word is bond, word is day Redman rocks on and on for the nine-fo', word is bond, word is day Word is bond word is bond in the house I'm in the house Word is bond, word is day You can suck my balls and lick my butt, word bond, word d, ehehehehehe Word bond, word day Hehehehehe, word is bond, word is day Check it out, check it out We comin to you live with the Cosmic Slop On the fuckin block and we got the glocks To your knot, who's the funk nigga and I'm comin to ya hot It's that, Cosmic Slop, hit you with the irrelevant, ele, yeah

Polluted Wisdom

La the Darkman "Heist of the Century"
Yo,yo Trapacane, Word up Here to speak about yo, Polluted Wisdom Yeah, 2nd Chamber, to all the Boos Polluted Wisdom, 2nd Chamber, yo Verse 1: I knew this chick named Gina drove a royal blue beamer Holdin' 2 chrome ninas fucking baby like Nadina Wore corn braids, I used to hit it back in the days Now she a coke slayer Italian niggas gettin her pay But that's her heritage, she stayed sniffed up, no sorrow Clean her toes for today gave a fuck about tomorrow But she robbed 50 Gs flat from a sharp Now they trying to make the chick history like Noah's Ark She blew the cheddar, she live on the low where it's better Copped the condo, some jewels, and a '97 Jetta Now she know she Big Will but wrong she Silly Sally Think she handling army cause her body out in Cali Terribly mistaken strung on yeh the hits creation Tryin to fly down south with the CREAM from the Jamaicans It's a woman hunt been on for 'bout 3 months When they catch her some say they pouring gas in her cunt Torch it like a blunt and sparked on the God born day She wanna be a queen but went about all the wrong way She still hangin in bars, being Diana Ross Friday and Saturday jumping back and forth in niggas cars Now I fill wid King at the bar guzzling gin Thinking he the man cause he gotta 500 Benz He like it raw when he touch skin Gina just a friend Not knowing the type of lifestyle shorty was in From Shaolin.. Word up, think again Know what I'm sayin?, word To all the wisdom, living a fast life Yeah, you rather see the light Park 'n brake know what I'm sayin? Word up, reality, word up Yo Verse 2: Risen by grief she live in a plot wid a knot Been in the block wid ten crisp Gs in her pock She ain't startin it, joint off safety, three clips Peep the rear-view some dreads pulled back her whips So she mercked off they mercked to and drama again Just bought a first-class ticket going to Michigan She tried to come out alive grabbed the joint then sat aside Thinking if she shoot first then her life can't be denied Started blazing shorty was no joke she blinked Using rapid fire the dreads trying to hit her gas tank Testing Uzi ooh op the next man block hot Through the action four by-standers was shot But it continued, shorty hittin ninety, scraped the Benz Still scaring begging Allah for her sins Wid no friends she had to handle beef on the dolo 3 shells came through the window one went through her Polo Now she swerving needing a doctor like Jay Ervin 2 other chickens that knew her severe lesson they was learning Sipping Burbon she reloaded seeing her life being demoted Catch a flashback remember shit Scarface quoted Still lickin of shell, feeling the fire of hell Moved in mad blood trying to make it back to the hotel Dread licked off a pack she had no chance to react Firing emptying clips from fifty shot caps 2 more caught her in her back the others made the tire flat The car flipped 13 times dunn and dead was that Dead was that, word up black Yeah, yo, for all the women Watch what you do and who you screw Yeah, be a queen and not a money fiend Knaw what I mean, word up Protect yourslef LA The Darkman RZArector

In My Sleep

JOE BUDDEN "Padded Room"
[Verse 1 - Joe Budden] Baby girl told me in my sleep I was talkin So it's only natural I asked her what I said? (said) She said she woke up when she heard But she was so damn tired she couldn't make out a word" (out a word) She said she was tryin to see if eventually I would scream the name of a bird (bird) I told her that's absurd ('surd), and then gave her the face like "word?" (word) And then she replied yeah, said it was quite weird, said she was type scared I said "that's a side effect that you get when you trade bad dreams for some great nightmares" ('mares) When I close my eyes (eyes), I escaped the Poltergeist my escape from reality, just what I needed Brings me to a place where shorty never cheated (hey!) And even if she tried and succeeded In this other world I wouldn't even get heated Fuck (fuck) the details, I don't care about why I'm chillin with my grandmother, she ain't die (she ain't die) I was browsing online and seen Mike on a banner That said "you can be like me and beat cancer" Anything I touched, I'd feel (feel) No inspection but it seemed so real (real) Was leavin out the casino with a nympho Yes, Ray it can be so simple (oh) Here's how I arrive a problem with my kin folk Learn how to build me a house with no win-dows And that's when I think I saw a ribbon in the sky but it wasn't from an in-tro 'Cause where I'm at is no rumors or gossip but still got love for Ms. In-fo She said in my sleep I'd be laughin, but shit be funny to me (oh) Look, my ice cream was two hundred degrees if it dripped, I'd get a hole in my dungarees See, my anonymity is my protection (what else?) and me and hip-hop have no connection (what else?) Which got me to reflectin, is that why the mirror won't show my reflection? When I close my eyes, there's no dollars so we can scratch that one as an excuse (or) Or why folks do the things they do (or) or why people act so brand new (let's go) I had wings on flyin out a prison with a ratchet was only there 'cause someone snitched Look (look here), no one's poor but no one's rich just my way of creepin if life's a bitch Took a walk on the ceiling just to get my mind right That was yesterday (so), so in hindsight Since I was able to haul off I took it as God tellin me I'll never fall off (off) Got rid of name brands in the jewelry (why?) most people just use it as medicine Like it take 'em somewhere they ain't never been (but) but here you better off not better than (oh!) Stuck in the room with a elephant Opened the closet and dapped up my skeleton Had a convo with a man with no ears And all of a sudden everything became so clear (clear) Have no fear, I just bought a first class trip to nowhere - everybody goes there But they don't stay the whole year, me? I got three hundred and sixty-five shows there My girl said in my sleep, I'd be walkin (walkin), so I ask baby, where I go? Uh, she said I be walkin slow but she don't ever want to get out of bed, so she don't know I went to see a man walkin on water (and) Asked if he'd ever get things back in order (and) I've been there two years, over a quarter But everytime I open my eyes, it's like torture (torture) He said "please, I gave you a whole 'nother world for you to go do with as you please Just so you appeased, mixed with a couple of signs about real life while you make believe" So I (so I), teleported out of there with a grin Met a bum with a mansion, invited me in Then (then), we politiced, about politics Said somethin about Def Jam, I ain't acknowledge it I went to see a virgin with AIDS, yeah I thought about smashin that (why?) yeah her ass was fat So appealin, tattoo on her inner thigh said "she doin better than she was feelin" (feelin) I think I seen shorty before (like), maybe in a club or somethin Or, maybe in VIP, but wasn't nobody there but me And the club was all red (red) Then she started playin with my head (my head) And then I came Then I asked shorty, "what's her name?" And it was weird 'cause she fucked around, disappeared (uh, 'peared) like what a cruel joke (look) Cig lit but from it was no smoke Flicked in the ash tray and seen Stack's face Flash through a school hallway on a half day Was gettin chased, couldn't tell by who (or) Then a hallway turned into a cliff (what else?) Screamin piff before I was dead Some coward chopped my ass up out that bed Then baby girl told me in my sleep, I was screamin (screamin) so I said that's a lie (that's a lie) She put her right hand in the sky and said "you was, but I don't know why, got to go, goodbye" (goodbye, goodbye ...)

Be A Man

AB-SOUL "Long Term 2: Lifestyles Of The Broke And Almost"
[Verse 1:] "Herbert Anthony you need to get you life together" That's my momma bothered by how I live life like whatever They say I'm pressed for time, but I don't press the issue I just stay on my grind, chain smoking marijuan help me free my mind What a coincidence, like feeling guilt trickin by your innocence In a sense I'm livin in my second childhood Don't pay a lick of rent, rhyme, eat, sleep, and shit And when you twenty-two that don't sound good Maybe if I went to school it'll be cool I've have something to fall back on if this rap don't crack Perhaps I'd have a better story had I sold crack Let's go back, to Carson high fluctuating my goals Writing rhymes through the lecture knew I should've took notes Sometimes I think I'm running in place, chasing hopes Rejoice my name as Ab-Soul or is it average joe [Hook: x2] All this commotion goes in one ear, out the other I'm still gone make it, one way or the other (Quit acting like a kid herb, gone be a man It's a man's world, how you suppose to feed your fam You need to act more like an adult, pull up your pants I know you do music but what's your plan B man) [Verse 2:] If I knew when I was younger would I grew to know I coulda tackle things more different, coulda been more defensive Coulda been more responsible, coulda been more persistent But I didn't and I ain't repenting My parents wake up in the morning to a cup of coffee Then go off to work it kills'em when I'm still in bed snoring Only if they knew, their young boy was in the stu 'Til like 5 AM cookin up classics to make them Proud it's house niggas that could stay in That was rather rash, but you can replace this scraps with straight cash I told jay I'm a buy you a house one day I probably send Katie & [?] to college too But right now I'm broke as a joke, I should do comedy Dude, I need a job, somebody hire me fast So I could win my girl over, she probably cheatin on my ass You motherfuckers better try and snatch her while she up for grabs [Hook] [Verse 3: Ab-Soul talking] It's like real difficult to articulate it It's like you got your goals, you got your aspirations Your dreams, and you chasing that, you pursuing that But in-turn it cost for you to sacrifice alot of your availability to go out their and get this paper, nah mean? It's hard to say you a man still and livin at your momma house Yo, I had a conversation with my step-pops Basically inquiring the time frame when I'm a pop I told'em I ain't know but I'm determined to blow Not like a fluffer, more like plaques that's platinum and gold That's on my great-grandmother He shook his head and said: "I don't know much about the music industry but what's been said The people ain't making no bread, let's be more realistic How you gone take care of a wife? how you gone feed your children I'm on my knees everyday tryna provide for ya'll I bought that car that you dippin, but you don't chip in You shouldve went to UCLA, like your cousin Jay He got a big signing bonus, every year like 80k" I looked him in the face and said "it ain't about the money And honestly buying an education sounds funny But have a little faith in your son, I'll come through for ya" He said be a man Herb, that's all I really want from ya [Hook]

Hot Freestyle (Swagger)

[Verse 1: Aggro] By now you should know who I am and if you don't then real talks you're just not doing this fam. It's Aggro I got swagger man who dyu think you're badder than? You thought I came commerce but then I flipped it like a hollow gram. Now I'm on this track with Joe Grind and Hollowman and right now I'm so nice chicks won't have it off another man. Think you're better than me please stay seated I got so many fans I could never feel heated. I got so many bars they could never be repeated and there's sotum close by but it's never been needed. I been there, I done that I had a number one but you won't see me rest until I've had another one. I don't mean to be boasting I get a lot of choong chicks but I'll fuck a butters one if I'm roasting. I'm linked in North, East, West and South and all I had to was sing a song about my house. How easy... [Verse 2: Joe Grind] Time I look good cause I went [?] so now girls don't just stare take pictures (ummm). If I say every week can get 3 Os I ain't talking bout green I mean figures (dam). Trap house might be your sisters all I do is hand her a pink note. Every now and then I give her a good fuck and that will make the bitch break down Os. And since I made it on that grime ain't got time for my numbers so I changed it three times. True my mix tapes hard I made enough hits I think to get me a free yard (dam famm). And you should see my MySpace says girls leaving message saying come at my place. If I go home late that jezebel gets straight doggy she ain't seeing my face. Grinnd. [Verse 3: Giggz] Black woolly Nikey hat pack that Adidas jacket in the grind gettin mac. Light square paps (yeah) nightmare raps (yeah), niggers better know that Mr. Ice creams back (ooh). I ain't searching for a deal I just sit and wait, got the hardest 16s on the sickest tape. Every deal I make ain't shit if it ain't bringin in no pum-pum and a bit of cake (ummm). Never think you can rise up to my level fam I'm on some Mr. Sheen shit you're some moul Dettol. I'm a mic devil you ain't on Grinds level every 16 I lay downs like a white pebble (jheeez). And I don't need to boast cause my lifes ghetto got floating nice in a wash that's a bright kettle. Don't try medal with the ice-cream man I got live metal.

Super Fluke

AESOP ROCK "Bazooka Tooth"
I skunk the blood up as to numb the public interface Before the anime corrodes I'm trying to fork the figure eights. Hogwash etiquette, truncate long haul leverage picket. Out built auto-bricklayers with 10 guerrilla digits. A the Don Darko bark O beautiful pirhana gossip, cobwebs on the Kafka. Choke up on watcher logic with a left-center field indicator gestured gently. Smash when the 101-octane hemlock tea pumps chest to extremity. And phenom limp it to the wicked recon. Prowler fist up with a Bowser twist vs. America's kooky coward clips. Pump breaks, cupcake. I melt through the father formula. Goofus merked Gallant, the missing link was apparent. Drugstore cowboy, hold floors and grudges, fuck the Judy piece while Elroy burlge space cakes out the cupboard. I could kill a cockroach with only Wallabies and rug burn, pin 'em down and funnel up boric acid chuggers if stubborn. Mash jackals. Hacks flash Bedazzlers. Capture flags and crash test happy campers. For the typecast ponies grazing through the weekend ring alarms with bassy kicks that flip whips on the Major Deagon. Out of dodge nauseous.(I don't feel good) Yo El, leave the keys to the Delorian with Lauren at the office. I peak the 88 streak off with a fiery disposition and basic serotonin deficient symptoms. [CHORUS] Alpha uno compute. Motor mouth askew at the root. Brick house, huff, blew the roof. Please don't feed the bazooka tooth, evolution super fluke... With a kiddy pool full of warm milk, Nyquil and powdered Ammbiene they found him, trying to drown sheep and count 'em. The rowers keep rowing. Pachyderm tranq dart blowgun pressed to the nape of the neck only spent 12 seconds frozen. Marathon eye-opener most likely misinterpreted, 'cuz one bad night before the big briefing ain't breached the surface yet. Holler dirt merchant... echo out Brooklyn, where the women are beautiful and the vagrants piss crooked. This is the sound of one man getting high with one hand in a forest with a tree falling alone... ya heard? Cut rugs to it. Me and my leaky budget nickel-bribe the judges just as a beautiful goose egg motif's adorning the panel's judgment. (Overnight Biggies) Overnight Biggies plunk quarters into an A & R Zoltar while the incubated fade collar pop folklore in effect. Now they want to mitigate the gusto, that's like asking the cast of Watership Down to fuck slow. Homogenized carnies. Voodoo lullaby placebo collide zombies. Blazing R&B sucker pop lolli fuck spoon futile cartoony maneuvers to soothe roosters. Doctor I'm having headaches and pink slips in my locker. My agenda needs a walker. (Hey) It's better than Cats! See a grown-ass-man decay to red worm food in house fly years while y'all stable, like all aspiring actors waiting tables. [CHORUS] So I line 'em up and ask 'em flat... wanna de-worm the belly of this? Orphan bloodlust or timidity? Solidify. Widdle I Aes millipede uncivil. When Millie pulled the pistol that tore the vanilla sky across the middle. A billion little crimson pinholes sweat on vintage quill venom developed by a fatal blues anthology. Communities on cue bury their ostrich beaks. Thought it was carnie mirrors 'til the cold morning stunk the stink of obsolete heroes. Hyena for the sci-fi, God barter "non" for hyphen. Promo charted phobia specific violence like a 50 foot Bob Barker deployed to incinerate New York, which in a way's more scary than thermonuclear war. I got my tongue down Karma's throat. Half a dozen spy cams rigged up in blackmail science. Swamp rats back off a destiny that fucks her clients hence the riots. You lose, she knew about the tapes and asked for my assistance to clip the biased. Lucky sevens buddy up for mass taxidermy. Some burn facts and secure camo to past. I'm open bodega with ankle anvil pre-shackled out, cancel hackers backwards 'til the death tarot and rains collabo. Hope's a broken arrow stabbing blind through the fog in the log cabin, which gathered and hasn't budged since 9/11. Give him a couple close friends, a women in his old bed while he waits. He'll hug it all with no plans to escape. [CHORUS]

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