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REDMAN lyrics - Dare Iz A Darkside

Cosmic Slop

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Intro: Keith Murray Yeah, bout to fly that knot Redman, Keith Murray, Erick Sermon with the, Cosmic Slop And we all pack glocks Word is Bond, word is bond Fuck around and get shot Verse One: E Double As I flip, skip to the beat, on wax, and tax I react with tons of macs, a ball, and some jumping jacks Flyin expert, puttin in work No question, cosmic funk and weed session Like GangStarr, step up, it's Hard to Earn But I change up the mode, and blow up the globe The bandit, spittin dialect umm (UMMM) Catchin wreck umm (UMMM) One two micraphone check (UMMM) Attention passenger's we're on a non-central journey To Hell and beyond FUNKADELIC DROP THE BOMB!! Verse Two: Redman Boo-yaa! I'm that type of nigga to give it to ya My Cosmic Slop rules all blocks with funk maneuvers My flow freeze the Nile, The Funk Child splits the river Then I crush, like the bom-ba-zee was rushed, through my verbal lust I'm spaced out, I LOST MY MIND ON CLOUD 19 VISINE FOR EYES, when I blow Alpines Dial 9, 0-0, For the hero of the wierdos I hope my brain don't bust Transform into a 7-11 Slurpie Slush IT'S THE FLY, My music will burn eyes Twice the chemical of Clorox Then I do an autopse on four cops When my jaws drop, ock, I fidget my nuts alot Got the two glocks, with oowops then bodies trace the chalk I'm like an eclipse on a Friday, the 13th With black cats and Haley's Comet, blazin blunts in my driveway Nostradamus predicted, for you funk fiends That Def Squad will get the fuckin cream like Noxem...geyeah For those that remember pics and afros (it's on like that) Platform shoes and bell-bottoms some got em Spaced out, way out, is what I'm talkin about In the Cosmic Slop of the Ghetto zuzuzuzuzu, zuzuzu, zuzu zuzu zuzu zu zuzu, zuzu zuzu zuzu zuzu zuzu zuzu Verse Three: Keith Murray With amazing manifestations, I dictate to nations More Cosmic Funk innovations in my creation This Cosmic sick mic cylcicyst Mega segments, be Sega, like Genesis I orbits the solar system, listenin Guzzlin, never sippin, or slippin and sympin when the track is rippin I gotcha brain cells bendin and twistin Man listen, I give your whole crew a ass drenchin Just for mentionin, goin that route, runnin yo mouth You get your head smacked off towards down South And your crew too will be spaced out Way out, no doubt, y'all niggaz need to stop And get with this Cosmic Slop (Cosmic Slop, Cosmic Slop) And now, we program, we program Pop in the disk and who the hell is this

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Def Squad "El Nino"
featuring Biz Markie [ Biz Markie ] Funky funky OWWWWW! One two doing em all wont do Got my man Erick Sermon in the house Cant forget my man Keith Murray in the house Got Redman in the house Def Squad is in the house And huh huh I an huh huh huh ha The Biz Markie Doo dee doo Guaranteed to rhyme for you and you I say yes yes yall To the beat yall Party having people guaranteed to be like having a ball Hey hey hey We gonna do a little something like this I say [ Keith Murray ] Yo, its the permanent chilla Occasional illa, micaphone guerilla Savage nigga chilla Props stealer, skill dealer Stadium thriller without the manilla Until this day I still uh Drink Old English cannot stand Miller Lyrically Im iller than a fuckin sex killer Nigga you got a story to tell, tell it, yell it I rose wit the funkadelic We dont believe shit stinks til we smell it Let you tell it You be putt loopbing work in but be purbin Defeatin hip-hops real purpose But real hip-hop will surface At your service Yeah you gots the right to be nervous And if it aint them niggas its the motha fuckin cops Plus some sucker duck MCs after my props Cause I moved it up a few notches But get your hand out my pocket Before I blast off in your face like a rocket [ Biz Markie ] It dont,stop keep on Til the break of dawn I edman My man, my mellow Get on the mic cause I know you eat jello [ Redman ] Well its the Doc in the flesh Of course Im fresh If you thought that I was starvin Yo, Im still starvin When I take a tab and drink liquor all together E.T.A. for me to blackout whenever When I transform a twelve blood cells And my tape bangs and quakes the Fort Lauderdale I keep a so low pro tanks be full Why you fools looking for Doc like Sammy the bull? I be on two oh , wit the Dro Fuck who you know Where two coats When I be in range like Kukoc (jumpshot) You know, I walk with a sumo Attitude, acrobatical, mathematical, bizarre Then dialog my jaw To react when the spawn to Outgraw Mcgraw You need a second time around like Chalamarle To touch Doc forget it Thats like my uncle getting approved for credit I do it to death When I start hooking right you be hanging a left Check out the only crew That makes the power moves Whosever next on the mic, where shower shoes Five more seconds on the clock Your whole box been jumped on by the Doc hopscotch [ Biz Markie ] As we continue on To the break of dawn Rock on Keith Murray rock rock on Redman rock rock on Cant forget E Double rock rock on Def Squad rock rock on You dont stop Def Jam rock rock on Da da da da def jam Jahahahaham def jam rock on Spell it baby Its the D iza E the F the J the A the M Def Jam Biz Mark rock the house Biz Mark rock the house As we continue on, Keith Murray Bring the beat in E stop playin RAAAAAAAH!!!

Luck Of Lucien

Verse 1: Q-Tip Brother, brother, brother, Lucien, you're like no other. Listen very close 'cause I don't like to boast. Instead, I'll tell the tale of a French who prevailed Through the Mr. Crazy Rabbits who were always on his tail. ? on sale, your rumour starts to wail. Get caught with stolen goods and you will go to jail. If you go to jail, then who will pay the bail? They'll put you back to France on a ship with a sail. Escargot, Lucien, you eat snails. (Hey yo Tip, what's wrong with snails?) From the Zulu nation, from a town called Paris, Came to America to find liberty. Instead of finding pleasure, all you found was misery, But listen, Lucien, you have a friend in me. Oh, luck luck will drive you butt baddy. Next time you get some wheels, make it a Caddy. In terms of doing good, I know you wish you really could, But listen, brother man, I really think you can. Succeed with the breed of the brothers on your back. It's the creme de la creme, and you can bounce with that. It'll take a minute, ?rice?, so take my advice. Trust in us, and thus you trust in your life. Lucine, Lucien, Lucien, Lucien. You should know! Verse 2: Q-Tip Are you ready, Lu? This one is for you, Comin' from a true-blue, fits like a shoe. ? or Commenet-allez-vous ? Lucien, I'll leave it up to you. Voulez vous (vous). Endez vous (vous). Coo-coo (coo). Les poo-poo (poo) Watch that lass, gonna backlash fast. Can you get a grip on the crackhead dip? Sold you a paper bag, guess he saw you comin', VCR from a neck-bone bummin', $10 brother, he was hummin' and strummin', Only had 20, he was livin' like ya slummin', Gave him the money, well, I thought that was somethin', Lookin' like a kid who was lost in crumbin'. Don't worry about a thing, I won't get specific. This is a song that is long and prolific. Think of the stuff that I said if you can. Figure it out, compute, understnad. No problemo, I'll help you with your demo If you go to the store for me. Lucien, I'm just kiddin'. You should know! Verse 3: Q-Tip You gotta get a grip on the missions you'll be takin', Not so much the mission, but you got crazy ignition. Sure, the sugar-babies wanna give you a chance With the French savoir faire and the sexy dance, But is she really fly, or is she a guy? I won't ask why, 'cause I know that you try. You try too hard, is that the answer to the riddle? Instead of doin' so much, why don't you do just a little? Boy, what a cad, I guess we shouldn't treat him bad. In fact, it would be nice if we understood him like A case of positionin' the feet in the shoes, Sympathetic reason in the case of the blues. Lucien is blue, even though he's really brown. I had to make the sound, his life is too profound. On the up-and-up, he's somethin' like a little pup, Young and naive, it's hard to believe. As long as you're strong, you can quest with the questers, Jolly like a jumping bean or a jester. Lucien, Lucien, Lucien, Lucien. You should know!

Y'all Niggas Ain't Ready

Def Squad "El Nino"
(Keith Murray) We be's hard to the core sleepin' on the floor Step on stage the fly girls adore With the wicked rhymes that you never heard before The lyrical lexicon matador's metaphor... (Redman) I be like yes yes y'allin to the life beatin The Funk Diggy Doc be comin' through non sweetened The 7 G Steven I give you 10 minutes of that high powered shit Til your heart stops beatin... (Erick Sermon) ??? 's the new member, flows tight, lethal, Scarin' those like I made the Scream 2 sequel Still the Grandmaster with the two MC's Def Squad, Keith Murray, and the R-E-D... (Keith Murray) And it don't make sense going against - I got too many styles, E got too much experience, Now you can swim or sink or jerk to think Or you could freshen up or let your dirty-ass stink, I don't give a fuck... (Redman) Wagga, wagga, wagga... Now why you tryin' to get funky like my name Big Bub, I'm from the Def Squad nigga, so show me some love, When I spit, I grab the dick, I'm like Puff I can't stop until I'm in helicopter cockpits... (Erick Sermon) Ain't that right, E-Dub the top civilian, humble, with about sixteen million, stay hard rock like if I was Charles Dutton, if you got balls to test, then yo, Push the button... (Keith Murray) Yo, push comes to shove, we rise above, and stay dedicated to rap like Ghetto Love, People gettin' mad from the money we makin', but they've been playahatin' since days of rollerskatin'... (Redman) Yo what's yo name digga, comin' through non-stop, I be that nigga fuckin' your girlfriend on your block And when I bust that 360 degrees, I'm not Busta But put your hands where I can see... (Erick Sermon) Can't be faded, me and my Squad is R-rated, Hear my boys rockin' to somethin', you can bet I made it, If not, confiscate it, it's like fake, it wasn't made by me, Red - show'em who you be... (Redman) Oh, it's my turn to burn, to wax again, It be's that nigga robbin' your crib with the Mack-10 With my nigga E-Dub, causin' troub', murder ya like O.J. with the fuckin' same glove... (Keith Murray) And it-ain't-no half-steppin', shit, we gets to rappin' like a nuclear weapon, And y'all don't blow up, and we always do, Take our advice, and y'all could blow up too

Chasing Forever

WILL SMITH "Big Willie Style"
Verse 1: Will Smith Early mornin' wake up Gently with the Caress on your hand And that Kimono that I bought you on my trip to Japan Sunshine peekin through the venitian blinds Four years, and like wine, you got finer with time I got a question, if the prodda dressin and the Gucci All got goes, and the freeze on the Lucci I mean real bad girl, I'm talking rougher than rough Do you think it'd be enough if we just had us? Don't answer quick, think about it cause I'm askin for real Golddiggers goin' to hear this song drivin and crash at the wheel Forever is a long time, so far we gettin along fine No car I ever drove, no ice I ever saw No music I ever made, ain't nothin I wanted more We could deal with whatever together Sunshine, all that other weather, when we chasin forever Chorus: I wanna stay with you forever I wanna spend all my life with only you I wanna stay, lets stay together Chasing forever, with only you Verse 2: Will Smith Chasin forever, a buckwild, endeavorous scene Should we pursue with somethin real or just chasin a dream Or casin' the scene Fore I die I plan To see your soul and eternity in the palm of my hands Now as a man, there's certain things I'm lackin for sure But I'm committed to growin and coming at you mature In the future, I know it ain't gonna be all good But when we feelin the hurt, if we willin to work The eight ball will never turn to see us behind Though I ain't no knight, and my armor don't shine My mom said the lynch pin of love is trust An taught me monogomy is uh, monogamous Plus, for you dinner by candlelight Now don't commit before you sure you understand me right It's a race to a strange place, most see never It's a chase we gotta make together, forever Chorus Verse 3: Will Smith Now you would think after all my heartbreaks I'd be cruel Hiding behind my ego, evil but no Much the contrary, I'm very much certain You searchin for joy, it's on the other side of hurtin Finally found a person, worthy of all Instead of pushin me down, you wanna cushion my fall Your eyes could make the sun rise, all the birds sing Seal it with a kiss, bind it with a ring More carrats than even bugs could eat in a week An the ribbon in the sky, close your eyes don't peek I'll tell you what I see in the future A hacienda so cute with, five little kids callin you mom and callin me dad Havin more good times than JJ had Judging by the look in your eyes, you see it Let no man sever, welcome to forever Chorus to fade

Yes Yes Y'all

WILL SMITH "Big Willie Style"
Intro: Sonny Cheba yes at the start of the new jiggyness with the Trackmasters Camp Lo and Willie gon' give it to ya know what I mean lot of macoronis here check it out for all the tenderonis ah ha ha like chatchy and joni Verse 1: Will Smith lights camera action the hip-hop attraction Fresh Priggy John Bliggy player haters been hatin' all my playin' for years now they seein' they worst fears as I bathe in cheers parades and accolades all shades and ages it's me the outrageous my zeal contageous the smile inspirator Aspen to Grenada one of the only mc's to say cheese with Scharwtzenegger everywhere I go they know me Planet Hollywood in Paris accidently spilt a drink upon they ?? truth of the matter I've been loungin' livin' it up givin' it up in monopulate surrondings been around the world and I-yi-yi ain't seen enough of this fly-yi-yi my attitude pervasive my effervensence bringing you back to the essence with the... Chours: Will Smith/Camp Lo yes yes y'all and ya don't stop mic check y'all and ya don't quit repeat 2X Verse 2: Will Smith verse two 'bout to slay you worst than the first verse packin' my purse but yo without one curse I survive in rarified air where only few can live thoughts in my brain like that train in the fugitive I pledge allegiance to the soul of the game stepped away as Fresh Prince came back with my real name a rose by any other still beautifies the room so don't get consumed when a brother's known to gloom it's amantics but yo it's really good to be back never racing the rap just lacing the track not sarendipadee with me it was a plan b 'bout to have an oscar standin' next to my grammiesss plural mucho no need to talk though I'm a just do so I'm comin' at ya with the smoothest slickness behold the style lick of this kickin'... Chorus Verse 3: Will Smith a GQ cover twice this brother's nice vanity fair you saw me there I discovered life outside of rap got the cream and all that but kinda left a void in me you can't keep runnin' in and out of my life said my mic aight pump your radio you could record as they place my welcome mat at the music awards coming throgh America tinted in high beams rose petals at my feet like I'm Prince Akeem so to all you player haters while y'all sayin' y'all rhyme please stop sayin' Jada cause that name's mine I rocked the Philly fade with the divin' waves yes yallin' till I'm bald like Issac Hayes bad eyes or greys back pain or bad legs I'm a get better with age trust Chorus

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