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REDMAN lyrics - Dare Iz A Darkside

Can't Wait

Original and similar lyrics
{*radio crackles as it's tuned*} .. possibly a lot of rain this afternoon, with thunderstorms. Highs in the mid 80's, and lows about 75 degrees. It's 11:30 A.M. on WFDS, +We're From the DarkSide+ radio. This is Dave Rock'n'Reel, as we take a caller. Caller, you're on the air. [Roz] Yeah yeah yeah! This is Roz from Newark. And I wanna hear that song by Redman, Can't Wait. That song the BOMB yo! You got it. Comin from the DarkSide radio, this is _Can't Wait_. [Redman] Whooooooo! Yo yo yo, comin to you live smokin mad Phillies with my niggaz from the Hooterville section And all my niggaz from the () section, word is bond Somebody said Jamaica Queens in this motherfucker I don't give a fuck! We gon' set it off like this Jersey in the fuckin hid-ouse, () [Verse One] I'm like RRRAHHH RRRAHHHH, like I had cerebral palsy My flows be's wet like all you girls drawers be Crack the Phils, spread the buddha then the hidash Roll it up and then ask, who chipped in for the ten bag Et cetera, I roll my blunts with two textures Pick up fifty bags and then I smoke all the extras It's the truth, like vodk' one-eighty proof Don't drop your drawers, I'll fuck through your daisy dukes (true!) Put your fingers up in the air if you're high (hiiigh) I walk by (byyyy) so eff a drive (byyyy) I swing a () batting average as half as good as Reggie Jackson's that's why you talk backwards Enough; chumps be on some Bogart shit like Humphrey You couldn't beat me if you ran with +21 Jump Street+ Or +90210+, fuck it yo In the movies I'm the nigga puffin buddha in the back row [Chorus: Repeat 8X] I can't wait to get it on [Verse Two] I'm just a smokey boy, I'm from the +Land of the Lost+ You can't see me - like Charlie Angels' boss; I'm often coolin 'round the blid-docks, I rock round the clid-dock My glid-dock cocked, from here to 16th and Len-nox Ask Roger Thomas if I'm gettin scopic I was milk like two tits, now I'm butter like Blue Bonnet Now who got the funk (We got the funk!) Ay ay aiyyo well I got the weed! (We got the blunts!) I never sniffed; I used to puff woolies in a jam Back in eighty-eight, when it was twenties to the gram Bizzail, you couldn't feel me in braille, hell I write my names on walls in smoke spots when I'm buyin L the fly guy with the Force like Luke Sky' Down for a () bitch if you're fly The Funkadelic, been rockin mics since the fourth grade I Terminate like X and I +Terminate like Schwarzeneg' Dum-de-dum, rock like Buju Banton Soup like won ton, funk by the tons, to rumps PLEASE! My whole crew is makin cheese Tonight's the night baby, so suck up on these - and it's on [Chorus] [Verse Three] I said I, catch the A-train, to the left Smoke the choc', I set shit off like Boba Fett Big up to all my niggaz in the housin projects I'm runnin up in ya continue to split your guts GRAB THE RAIL, if you get scared of my lines when I rock well Got Whit's like Pernell, shit's the bomb like Ak'nel Rickety rocket, mind deep as the Loch Ness Waste niggaz like toxic, wet like galoshes Can I handle my biz (Yes you can!) I cause +Chaos+, and bring a lot of +Def+ to +Jams+ Yes I can; now act stupid I'll pop the trunk Ka-KLUNK, now give me a ba-bump, BA-BUMP Oooh cool, smooth like two blue suede shoes Y'all faggots slept on my Hoffman() and Kools Word to Dan Tan Pillow and Cool B Switchin speeds like Bruce Lee ridin up Fuji in a movie I drop it on the one, fuck the two-three Funky like a box of coochies on loose leaf Yo yo, I said.. Switchin up speeds, like Bruce Lee, ridin up Fuji, in a movie Heh, I be sayin some shit! Now.. if you didn't get it.. Laugh now.. and then figure the shit out when you get home!

Are You That Somebody (Remix)

Talkin' What Y'all know Northside (i-ight) Southside (I know what you thinkin') Danger rhymes (real mc's can rip open anything) East end West end [raps] See tha flow that I come wit Got y'all niggas talkin dumb shit bout my crew and tha things I do I'mma show you another side to this game like Badu Why do You Try too Test me Don't you know yo' down fool Told how power 92 do how many times I got to remind you Last time when I blast mine fast rhymes I'mma leave yo ass cryin' Ya betta take your whip to tha cheak cash line and buy something phat from VA, yes thats mine D-A-N-J-A-M-O-W-F Of should I say WWF Tha way I'm slammin on these MC's brotha please don't troble yaself wit that ra-ra you perform me like cha-cha make me laugh like ha-ha I got soul like chickin na- chickin na na Whos that crew Startin shit at tha bar Then F to tha I to tha R-E-N Desy, of tha Hesy That's it Classic like Reebok So go that funkey deetox Don't care if tha beat knocks I can rip it wit ya mama on tha beat box Takin us is hard G Do you really wanna battle when u see us at a party You betta ask somebody You really need ta ask somebody [Verse 1:] Boy, I been watching you like a hawk in the sky at night Cause you are my prey (my prey) Boy, I promise you if we keep bumpin heads I know that one of these days (days) We gon hook it up while we talk on the phone But see, I don't know if that's good I been holding back this secret from you I probably shouldn't tell it but [CHORUS] If I, if I let you knowYou can't tell nobody I'm talking bout nobody Are you responsible Boy I gotta watch my back cause I'm not just anybody Is it my go, is it your go Sometimes I'm goody-goody Right now I'm naughty naughty Say yes or say no Cause I really need somebody Tell me YOUR that somebody [Verse 2:] Boy, won't you pick me up at the park right now Up the block, while everyone sleeps (sleeps, sleeps) I'll be waiting there with my tucks, my loads, my hat Just so I'm low key If you tell the world (don't sleep, you know that we'll be weak) Oh boy, see I'm trusting you with my heart, my soul I probably shouldn't let ya but if I [CHORUS 2] If I, if I let this go You can't tell nobodyI'm talking bout nobody Are you responsible Boy I gotta watch my back cause im not just anybody Is it my go, is it your go Sometimes I'm goody-goody Right now I'm naughty naughty Say yes or say no Cause I really need somebody Tell me YOUR that somebody [2nd part] [rap] Yo, now since this is what you stick wit' What cha got Rip it out Off tha block Hit it out On tha real sip it out Don't stoppin this drop Ya gotta rip it out I got you I got you to hot to spit it out Face facts How y'all rate that see a brother wit Aaliyah betcha y'all hate that Where tha bass at Y'all find a wack sound, then I gotcha niggas singin' away in tha background Who tha mack now No time is set What, y'all thinkin that I'm broke cuz' you see in tha parkin deak Naw, that don't stack right Y'all betta act right I hit chicks like catfights Now 1st pack ice while you workin at Soul Train makin sure tha show wit righ,righ Give that for tha hype hits I rip this shit Now I'm tha rap shit [3rd rap] Yo, cuz' its all about kickin balls Givin' ya mine and a letta gettin lost I be hittin y'all off My click will never fall off We can get it now while folks be lickin tha balls chicks be kickin tha draws gettin bit in tha balls My flow is so much quicker than y'alls My joint is so much bigga than Y'alls So bring on tha draws while we can kick it in tha stalls I'll wrap up on tha floss Show my dick and all through tha hump up in you I'mma call it lost U betta call tha law could of got shotguns that i saw at tha mall and my 9 would of played it in a cropit mall My crew got juice like Marly Mal This hot F y'all gonna fall Boggie wha If I, if I let this go You can't tell nobodyI'm talking bout nobody Are you responsible Boy I gotta watch my back cause im not just anybody Is it my go, is it your go Sometimes I'm goody-goody Right now I'm naughty naughty Say yes or say no Cause I really need somebody Tell me YOUR that somebody

Go Hard

BENZINO "Redemption"
[Intro: Benzino] Unh, Hangmen 3 2 Times and J.B. Yeah, Benzino, c'mon Let's take it to these motherfucking streets, yo Yo, throw your 3's up [Benzino] Lord I'm crying out, help me get my shit together They tryin to put me back in, but I won't let 'em I'm a living legend in these streets - east coast gangsta With ties to the west coast, banging Motherfuck a street team, my team bereave streets Since '86 street sweepers poppin out the back door Sprayed blocks, certain niggas kept glocks Trucks ramped, niggas couldn't understand it Benzino, sniffin eighths of anthrax Niggas can't touch me, my nose gettin runny I got 5 cases, in 3 states with 6 lawyers Had a 5S with Mass plates and 4 corners Now I'm Black Stallion, Ferrari Twin Turbo Probably been warned, but 'Zino gon hurt you Enough's enough, let's take it to the streets Raise big fire over Hangmen beats, c'mon [Chorus: Benzino] Go hard, or go home - I don't wanna hear it My shit too long, and now you gon feel it We gon break 'em, crash 'em, take 'em, smash 'em Bang 'em, bruise 'em, hang 'em - Go hard Break 'em, crash 'em, take 'em, smash 'em Bang 'em, bruise 'em, hang 'em - Go hard Break 'em, crash 'em, take 'em, smash 'em Bang 'em, bruise 'em, hang 'em - Go hard [Benzino] Diablos, the slug from the web and kill Gotho Nevatho, from East L.A., Bronx to Chicago My choppa sting ya, make you scream 'A bay Maria!' Born leader, Benzino bring flame, born heater I post bail with 6 figures, you slick niggas Betta have extra clips if you try and stick with us I'm a monster on this mic, official Made Men savvy Draped with rabbit foot, nothing less 50 karats My closet's like a rainbow - Velour suits change like the weather Adidas box stacked, Fly 11's Hydraulics in the 6 keep my CD's from skippin You niggas trippin, nasty, know steady rippin GQ Magazine, we on page 144 Source covers, Spaceships, Flex Tunnel Tour I bet chu didn't know the Hangmen made a beat and laced Nas Stop hating motherfucker, go hard! [Chorus] [Benzino] Benzino strike back - most hated, fuck this rap game Reputed gang banga, accused drug slanga.. thug Rhyme sick style, arrogant.. thug Run up on me wrong - not having it My crew been through so much that you can't dream of Everybody wanna be hard til they see slugs Continue breaking bread with my team, thug mean muggs I'm organized, my shit's effective Selective, with the type of niggas that I run with Guns clicked.. hold up, we on some other shit Scream loud, Benzino represent for the niggas, bitches, gangstas, playas [Chorus 2x]

Vocab (Salaam's Remix)

FUGEES "Bootleg Versions"
[Wyclef] Uh-Huh, Uh-Huh... [(Wyclef - Singing) {Wyclef in brackets} Lauryn Singing in parentheses] Vocab, on your mind! {We used to rock the mics in the park!} (Vocab) Vocab, in your mind! {We used to rock the mic after dark} (Vocab) The Vocab we bring is Blunted On Reality! {We used to rock the mics in the park!} (Vocab) So kick back, relax, with a crew called Refugees {We used to rock the mic after dark} (Vocab) [Wyclef - Verse One] Uh to my, people who pass I pass gas, to light my incense I do a sundance, for those who died in the ambulance A simple stick-up, 'cause affects on the wrong lad Wrong vocab, he fell into the gap, no coming back Your hurry is he gets buried, the streets are empty Mom cry 'misery' Little Bill waits for the adversary 'Cause if it's my brother, I gotta get revenge Action brings reaction, provoked by the street gem That's when, oh help me, please Zsa Zsa My niggas come to the dance, gun salute, with the revolver! (BLAOW!!) Out of respect, you catch wreck, they blast the tech! If your shit is wack, don't turn your back, you'll get pussy-smacked! I don't matter the year, tears for fears, I rule the world And in my vision, the world is science fiction Roxanne!!! You don't have to work for money no more!!!! And...I'm not smiling at no fake M.C.'s 'Cause is it me, or do you work for the K.G.B. ? A-Schiscka Bob, he drives a Dodge, he's a nobody Nobody's a somebody This nobody's a spy, kid He's the rap trader, I'm the battle fulfiller And if I was Magilla Gorilla, the mic's my Ban-ana So Coca-Cabana, who Anna on my scanner? My Grandma slam-a-any crews Ban, or surrender, Anna! Refugee Camp, grab him! Bag him! Throw him in the swamp, and let the swamp monsters have him! [Chorus 1x] add 'Vocab baby, vocab!' -Lauryn [Prakazrel 'Pras'] Then cast off from here to Mexico! You see my 4-5-6-a-be my cee-lo! And when I rest my head it's on a peee-low! B-D-B-D-B-D-B-B-D-B-BO! You see the skills I manifest, is very thorough! And if you don't believe me ask Freres Jacques, hunhh! A-Freres Jacques! A-Freres Jacques! A dorme vous? A dorme vous? Say our father, who art in Heaven Forgive the foolish rapper For he not know how which he be steppin' Correctin' Stopped and kept and, nuff respect to the D.J. That be selecting, that type of record Watch out now!!! When I choose to speak I'm forming the cipher fly east to the five percenter Knowledge is born, to all beginners Cast the first stone if you feel you ain't a sinner After eight stays, we resorted to rebell I'm packin' up my Nine To remedy my stale (?) Ask your local mechanic, he'll tell you my esophagus is very profane! I'm even locking Stephen King in his own ending! God damn it! You got static?! Drop your automatic!!! Niggas fabricating lyrics with cheap fabrics! All originale damn man is originale, oh! Bah-Ah-Ah-Ah-Ah-Ah-Ah-Ah! [Wyclef] Ahh, look at the youths, sick of the violence [Chorus 1x] [Lauryn 'L-Boogie' Hill] The gorey got you hot 'cause you coop what you are! But I've been rockin' mic's since the days of Babylon! My pen was eucalyptus, and my rappin' was the scroll I walked for many moons, and let the sandels jist to my control You're swole 'cause you couldn't cross the burnin' sands You never had no mercy when my people was in Egypt's land Say, 'Yes I can!' With the force of Elijah Steppin' to you, they get irrigated like the Niger So hide the cattle Fugees come to battle We'll take all your bounty, then we'll eat your vittles I'm used to the type of poetics that mesmerize I caught you checkin' with them Bette Davis eyes! Surprise, surprise! You never knew a girl could stylize! It's from the soul! I ain't freakin' with white lies Yo, hey guys! Remember the summer of '92? Battle after battle! Crew after crew! So, hachoo! Fugees coming with a brand new style! I'm rollin' with them hoodies from the H-A-I! It takes awhile for them average niggas to get it But once they understand they won't want to freak with this, see... I'm like the phantom That's flying like the bird Doin' shit you never heard Plus I come from the suburbs Word to God! I heard ya had it kinda hard and you got your skin scarred when they was shootin' on the boulevard! [Chorus 2x] 'Vocab, baby' 14x (Lauryn)

3 Tha Hard Way

Bahamadia "Kollage"
First verse Salutes 2 action be tha latest enter-ree 4 illadel colonies da get da cream like cherry jubalee - my steeze put cha at ease like methamphetamines or like Tony Shakks fan-na-cees about his wallabess slice fit-een yo meen Big East be comin' through ghetto magic plusa da bullies back it what me now Buddah Blessed 4 I and I provide da Greatest Natur-role pure as life that exit from Nah gent-ta-tillc styles interna-sha-nile likde direct connects to internet verbal text blossum like chia pets per-fect wit da mic devices Bahama-dee be tha' nices bringin' nix rap thing 2 the light like osyrus - 4 tha' 9 pound ex-ced-da-ra-saaloom 2 GangStarr and my nigga K-Sarrah Second verse Ha yo, I'm doing this for the cruuz claimin' that there better I'm tickled, ya must be like Sanford on the ripple little by little, I kick verses from the middle of my brain, the Riddler couldn't fuck wit Kannon Riddles I remain the undisputed you should of known if you knew it, Montell couldn't tell you how we do it and few get the chance to even so the Kannon Dance wit da Kannon Band shit be slammin more than Larry Nance and plus it's in me to give you more like Demi, I do easy leave aardway to penny, as I display skillz for what it's worth sent to this earth to stop the curse of wake lic's upon my turf, this is the end like Armagedin your settin a bad example niggaz still using my samples times ample ha yo swyft never said she was the baddest but I kept it real, you niggaz frontin talkin bout you packin steel your sportin a first all up in rectum by the central kid's sitting all up in the bullie section Third verse Do you remember those you chase to forget back when ya ears was wet and now ya preachin' ya releasin' mini-tec I need a mic check because da static come sparatic emcee's be hooked like addicts while casualties stay tragic there ain't no glamour in that story all guts no glory entrenced in jealousy just like the suckers who abhor me they tell but they don't know the core, so raw is now my reference like Mumia there is no evidence to say that I'm more tha I am undbending neve revending similar to million men me say Just-us you say me bust bust mental stagnation like the cancer patients eatin' cow fuss as the minds rust from dawn to dusk I rest in Mecca the words sound power as in energy see Heka to die because ya black simply be no cause at all surreality just like the lengends of the fall initial looks of the shook hearted kids who shouldn't started lyrics leave like spirits and and the waters Moses parted Do or Die's ya slogan but niggaz slip with Trojans major mental corrosion like Murray's meat unfrozen I am the chosen Earth Sun Moon and Stars hard for me to find a top contender just to spar some peep the exterior and believe inferior next ya know they callin for a sound bwoy burial D D Studio B wicked catch wreck for infinity one love peace to Bahamadia Last verse Like Salt Pepa, I take it to the next platoe niggaz scream nay what dis Brown Sugar like D'Angelo I make it better fo' fantanics fienin for da Buttaz Boo like 25 to lifers do from lack of gettin' douce u-oou, I put my little thing in action smoother, than sat-tin or special Ed when he was taxin' headz relax and play tha' back when I spill I regulate a flow like chicks on birth control pills-ill anitics keep it movin' on bouncin' like nylon from illadel 2 Lebanon - (no doubt)

No Feelings

KURUPT "Kuruption"
Nigga I ain't got no feelings What the fuck you think this is? I got no reason to live So make your mind up What you wanna do? I make your family be missing you Nigga I ain't got no feelings What the fuck you think this is? I got no reason to live So make your mind up What you wanna do? I make your family be missing you Verse 1: Slop Patacico Dustin' you off like dirty finger prints on evidence Battlin' me ya dead like presidents I'm Fresh like Prince, Jazzy like Jeff The man just like Meth, Crazy like Left plus jams is like Def Wid a pen I'm king like Kurupt, When I throw a style you betta duck If you don't yo ass is outta luck Don't fuck, wid the masta, If I have to, the I'll blast ya Then go to church to see my pastor Why ya have to be like this Me and the mic's tight like Gladys Knight and the Pips This year my son turned six, Yo style's wack and you need to get that shit fixed Representin' Jersey my raps hittin' harder than bricks [Patacico] I'm iller, realer, Than ya local drug dealer Come to my villa, Meet the nine milla, Lettin' off, Where I stop you gettin' off, Make you feel it juts like Latifah's kiss in Set It Off You want war come on, Put on the boxing gloves People call me an artist in the canvas Cause I draw blood, That's what's up, Wid the shit I manouver Hit the losers wid a Luger Than lay up in Aruba I'm gon' be rappin' till you motherfuckas get sick ah me on the mic, I'm sicker than ten niggas wid HIV, Tracy, had the cico, the freako Holdin' heat somewhere on Wall Sreet wid Sloppy Joe You hear me though? Hook Verse 2: Slop, Patacico Kurupt My name is Stephen I eat MCs for no apparent reason It in you if you skeezin' I'm pleasin' Those who dare, I advise you not to stare You be assed out like a flat tyre widout a spare I declare war before I had to even the score You got me hot like sand on the shore, I'm runnin' the floor, like a ballerina, I go back like Flava Flav in cold Medina I get honies to make you say You seen her? [Patacico] I'm pregnant, but only in my mind Hopin' my baby rhyme grows up to be a triple platinum album I fell on, using the steel to do crimes Smoked so many niggas they put up no smoking signs Charismatic asthmatic, ballin' like Madden, Cream, automatic attractive like a magnet Speedin' like car racin', Cream like carnation, Burned out my Playstation while cats be scar facin', Hey old lady, sorry's all I can say By bills got me lookin' at pocket books, in a different way, Fox got the bubbled eye Benz-o I'm in the back of Kurupt flex truck playin' 64 Nintendo [Kurupt] Get peeled, skills in the fields Raw dog raw deals, Niggas either ill, fake or real Penetrates I only heard ah tens and thirty eights Ride as the niggas turnin' states and flippin' crates Get lift like weights, Bust and radiate spreadin' infections Murderous mafia connections I wanna feel touched like feelings Start drillin' start ampin' out, Hittin' wid autos campin' out, Wid autos innovative calculative creative Touched nigga, hectic, wid a couple seconds A bust nigga, from a distance I can peep a fuck up You on the Ave wid nuthin' but cash to get stuck up Man them diamonds y'all got is nice, hot Never seen cowards wid so much ice I got blocks to get all that's got behind the scenes Sellin' glocks, tech nines, sixteens and magazines Zines, zines, zines.......

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