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REDMAN lyrics - Dare Iz A Darkside

Boodah Session

Original and similar lyrics
Yo that kinda leaky in that shit right there Mmhmm, that shit look like the BOMB, huh Oh yeah, let you take a puff of that shit and just blow the fuck up Hahaha, nigga blow up, BOOM That's why your album like Ahh, that shit you be doin Where the fuck are you coming from Why the fuck are you always walking from that way Who You You know, you know that's the first time you ever seen me walkin that way in like sixteen months Man you crazy, I always see you walkin through that way Man I be on a, I be creepin through the hood

The R.O.C.

JAY-Z "The Dynasty Roc La Familia"
[Jay-Z] Nah motherfucker Ge-ge-geah-geah Geah-geah-ge-ge-geah-geah Geah-geah-ge-ge-geah-geah Yeah, yeah, yeah [Beanie Sigel] We be the R,O,C .. y'all get your dope from us We runs the R,O,C.. yeah, keep up niggaz, c'mon Aiyyo you niggaz talk a lot of nuthin, like you always God or sumthin Like you always shot at sumthin, niggaz never shot at nuthin Like you shotty sumthin, like you body sumthin nigga your body duckin is nuthin you're bluffin You niggaz talk shit like you draw quick but when the 4's grip, I floor quick; you, your man, your bullshit Your man bullshit? Might get him four quick All up in his fore shit; c'mon, stop the bullshit It's B Sig dog, straight in da league y'all Straight out da school yard Hoover, I schooled y'all Now school's out, lights out tools out You fools out c'mon y'all pick a new route while I pick the new flow, kick it to your new ho' to get next to your new dough Your new crack spot you know Mac steal crack to crack pot niggaz know I spit on every track hot [Chorus: repeat 2X] It's the R, O, C, stop From Tower to ma'n'pop we move out the stop R,O,C, stop We shower your mom block and move out with glocks [Memphis Bleek] Uhh, yeah, uh-huh, yo this for my G's Yo yo Aiyyo, this for my G's, hoes, gangstas, foes niggaz who get dough rep for get lo I got cake (cake) weight (weight) shanks (shanks) eights (eights) bank (bank) bitch act straight I'm hot son [Beans] Stop son they livin a lie duke You plot son I pop one still in the sky duke M to the A to the R-C-Y duke niggaz die here can't nothin revive you I'm still here niggaz see what I drive through Sittin on dubs with screens inside too I'm simply street, I'm Memphis Bleek Catch me with them green jars in the tinted jeep On, B-L-A-D's I get C-L-A-P's Catch me not givin a fuck I'm on these LA Trees One for Sigel Sigel, two for the Jigga and Three for Amil-lion and four for Memph Man [Chorus] [Beanie Sigel] Aiyyo you shouldn't have been talkin that like you was walkin that And Mac with this mac .. and let off fifty shots where you be walkin at Where your apartment at You fuck around and have me creepin in the dark where you be often at or where you be.. creepin at Where your birds be.. shh Oops mean (chirpin at) damn I'm hurtin that Workin that spittin that shit like that's on purpose That's, some freestyle shit, I don't know Hey playboy take that back a bit Yo you shouldn't have been talkin that like you was walkin that and Mac with this mac .. and let off fifty shots where you be walkin at Where your apartment at You fuck around have me creepin in the dark where you be often at or where you be.. creepin at, sleepin at Where your birds be, cheepin at Oops mean chirpin that, damn I be workin that Hurtin that, aiyyo playboy (?) that [Chorus] [Outro] R,O,C, stop R,O,C.. mom block and move out with glocks Uhh uhh, geah, uh-huh-uh-uh Uh-huh-uh-uh, y'all can't fuck with us Un-stop-pa-ble-Roc, y'all can't fuck with us Un-stop-pa-ble-Roc, y'all can't fuck with us Un-stop-pa-ble-Roc, y'all can't fuck with us {*fades out*}

Ahh Shit

JEREMIH "Late Nights With Jeremih"
[Jeremih] Ahh shit, ahh shit, ahh shit Nigga feeling good, she did Dammit I should, alright Now I’m fin to blow, green lights And this is how it goes Yolo, yo ho, on that, fo sho Bet that shawty wet, I’m rocking her robo Heard she like it going deep May I take her photo No referees up in the ring Yeah I prefer them low blows Her shit pop, paw paw, fo fo I cuff her ass I’m no cop, but she call me robo Never had a four loco, never had a 4 loco But when they po' me up a fo' I'm leaning like a cholo Gone yeah, gone yeah, even on my own man You kid, i’ma type of grown man You rent, i’ma type of own man Your girlfriend up on me, swear he don’t know me Now I’m all in her shit, now like roman Now tell me how many licks does it take to Break her, put her to sleep and bout time now she wake up I’m fresh of a flight from the heat to the lakers And still on a high off these trees from jamaica [Hook: Jeremih] Ahh shit, ahh shit, ahh shit Nigga feeling good, she did Dammit I should, alright Now I’m fin to blow, green lights And this is how it goes [Fabolous] Digest, I just, live in that projects Now I’m in that penthouse, salute my progress Respect that process, admire my guess Fuck being modest, nigga admire my goddess Cause she bad, that’s obvious She thick, that body is Probably is, hot as Abu Dubai is And it’s going down like Elevators to where the lobby is Into 9 I’m on that brown like bobby is It’s my prerogative, I can show you how to live Every little step you take will be in shoes Guiseppe makes My tender roni, the one and only Fuck me two times in case the first one get lonely Ahhh shit, now we fucking talking Oh is we talking fucking, but what you suckers talking? I keep buying rides, like I suck at walking The models money talk, I said what you suckers talking huhh? [Hook]

It's Like That

JAY-Z "Vol. 2... Hard Knock Life"
(feat. Kid Capri) [Jay-Z] Yeah, un huh, watch this y'all, come on,watch this y'all, Jigga Roc-a-fella ya'll, uhhhh, come on yea ! [Kid Capri} It's Kid Capri and Jay-Z, It's Kid Capri and Jay-Z Cause I'm Like That yo ! Cause I'm like that yo ! [Verse One: Jay-Z] As a young and dumb man, gun in the waist Sold crack to those who couldn't take the pain And had to numb it with baste Couldn't drink the henny straight, I needed somethin to chase I needed something to chase Nowadays I throw shots back,leavin nothin to waste Life is like a treadmill, niggas runnin in place Gettin nowhere fast, a whole year done past I vowed to never stop winin, 'til the earth stop spinnin Rock hot lenin, cop hot cars and hot women If it's not him then you got it confused, y'all not remembering, My motto is simply I will not lose, abide by the block rules, I buy my glock used, wit bodies on it, let me know anybody want it I'm raised, illrational, way misunderstood, If you ain't live like I live then run with the hood I done what i could, to come up with this paper 'til this day still Run with the hood, guess it's part of my nature, if hell awaits ya Nigga I'm coming with the razors, still flashin ya shit Try to pass me in a six, tight classy on the wrist Every bit of 30 karats, this is not a game This isn't why I came, make these words find a spot on your brain And burn, then I recycle my life I shall return [Chorus: Female voice and Jay- Z] [Woman] How tight is your flow [Jay-Z] Cause I'm like that yo ! [Woman] How right is your dough [Jay-Z] Cause I'm like that yo ! [Woman] How white is your blow [Jay-Z] Cause I'm like that yo ! [Woman] Only writers you know [Jay-Z] Cause I'm like that [Verse 2: Jay-Z] I'm a hop, skip, a jump, from rippin the pump Spittin a couple of curse words, and hittin you chump Shit, I get digits in lumps, I'm a motherfucking problem is this what you want Overachiever, I love chicks that puff chiva, And reefer paper, I hate the one's that blow up ya beeper Cause I, go in ya deeper, I only bone divas Inpregnate the world when I 'cum' through your speakers [ha ha] Fuck hot my records got the fever Niggas kick dirt, get ya whole block sweeped up I creep up when the beef heats up, caught him with his feet up And shoes off, bout to snooze off Hatin, cause you can't turn the booze off You dudes is too soft, when I fuck with you all I might bark your ex, and spit at the locks But, other than that I ain't even fucking with cats Just me tied B.I., thug it like that, me,dame and biggs What's fuckin with that Y'all can never diss Jigga, get nothing for that Other then a couple slugs in ya back,[huh huh] Rappers y'all runnin around, like I won't gun ya down Last nigga that fronted, two spun him around Lord, except this offer here's somethin for your crown I admit no malice, I just met his challenge, In one [Chorus : Repeat 3x] [Jay-Z: Repeat 2x til fade] Girls and guns, all i want stock exchange, rocks and thangs

This Is Jim Jones

JIM JONES "On My Way To Church"
[Cam'Ron] Killa This my man Jim Jones You know we been through a lot of devistation, larceny Defeat, misconceptions Man, fuck all that, I don't know what that's about But fuck all that Jim, I'm in the building Dipset, it's your turn, you up nigga! Let's go! [Jim Jones] I'm puffin my weed and these niggaz, they mad I'm frontin' this season (Dipset!) As far as they hoes, they want me to see 'em I fuck 'em and then they don't want me to leave 'em (Don't go!) An addictive obsession, I twist 'em, I sex 'em My dick's an obsession (Yeah!) They call me, they miss me, they stressin' (Jones!) I call 'em, they miss me, they stressin' (Jones!) These hoes, they sayin' that shit that'll kill ya I'm rich now, this kid look familiar (Oh yeah?) As far as my Dips, we rich The cars and the whips We spent what you spent on your car on my wrist Don't bother me bitch In the midst of this grind, i'm twistin' my lime (Yeah!) I'm 'bout to get cash, and you can kiss ass Dipset got this shit up on smash (Smash) [Hook- Cam'Ron] This is Jim Jones, he's breezin' on chrome Ya best bet is leave him alone O.G. in them stones, spent g's on them stones Now mami just send me the tone [Jim Jones] These are true stories I used to live poorly And now man I live in two stories (That's the law) Get suited in Maury The coupe is Ferrari The coupe cost 140, you don't wanna race I will move on you shorty Look good on them cameras They love me, I put my whole hood up on cameras They bloody, niggaz in hood with them blamas Tell me, so do it for grandma (Sally!) We did it from druggin' and (?) (We did it) We did it from hustlin' and comin' up wrong (We did it) We did it from strugglin' and comin' up strong (We did it, we did it) Still runnin' with cons, with guns in their palms You front on Dipset, we will dump on your moms (Boom!) Or come through with bombs And stop and park, and set off them bombs (Boom!) [Hook] [Jim Jones] You got to admit (Yeah) I'm hot when I spit Like a summertime's tropic's eclipse (Sizzlin') Like a drop on the strip with no top on the whip A block (?) with them cops on the strips (Hot, hot) With glocks on their hip (Yeah) Like shells when they drop when them shots get dismissed (Boom!) The pain in my heart been my aim from the start We started when we came from the star Now we all gainin' on charts (You know) With back to back hits, like Yankees an' shit (Uh) Dipset, we gangsta as shit (That's right) But I credit my ghetto 'Cause now we rock platinum, the preciousest metal (Bling!) Don't press us, we'll press on this metal And blow you apart Shoulda known from the start (Yeah!) My jewels, they glow in the dark You fools, keep playin' ya part [Hook]

Pineal Gland

AB-SOUL "Control System"
[Verse 1:] Uh, It was all a dream, I swear it never happened I wrote like Edgar Allen, I was po' like Edgar Allen Let me hit the weed, you know I really need that Missing screws, bending rules like kneecaps I don't even know what's real, I'm just being real Making moves, you just another human being; being still Play the fool, you jealous dudes are just a plate of food Tell the truth, I'm the coldest cat, sabertooth Blaze the booth, blaze the buddah, this ain't hookah You hit this shit a few times, you might see the future Ask my nigga Blocka, we be rolling up that Blanka Just retire, if I light this fire I might blow your block up [Hook:] Enjoy your mind trip but don't trip on your mind No man is safe from the war going on outside That's right, you ever been conscious in a coma? Please don't tell my mama this ain't marijuana I might be tripping off that DMT TDE, Limitless like we on NZT I made my dreams reality, so to speak Or so they say, I could still be asleep [Verse 2:] The black sheep running with a pack of wolves Diamond in the rough, tell Brock I need a pack of woods Two white cups full of codeine Plus I got two white sluts down to blow me Can't you see I'm floating, like root beer and ice cream My synapses act like lightning, probably why I'm so enlightening Probably why these niggas can't fuck with me I'm lookin like "who the fuck invited them?" They failed in testing like what's inside of them (Soulo, Soulo) Say it like you mean it My demeanor is the meanest, I'm gettin meaner by the minute It's mine, I spend it, my mind is spinning Your time is ticking, the sky's the limit We in a space where matter don't matter Just spirit molecules and geometric patterns Shitted in a crater last time I sat on Saturn Got a letter from Andromeda, they tryna shrine my bladder [Hook] [Verse 3:] I'm in a whole 'nother realm, go to hell Last nigga tried to scratch the surface broke a nail Last nigga tried to cross the line got crucified We overseas, back-to-back, never wore Chanel The new nucleus never sitting in a cell Genius idiot, best description of myself I'm in a fucking lab coat rhyming as high as shit When I die, donate my organs to science bitch [Outro: x3] You got three eyes, three eyes, three eyes You got three eyes, three eyes, three eyes You got three eyes, three eyes, three eyes You got three eyes, but you can never see us

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