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REDMAN lyrics - Dare Iz A Darkside

A Million And 1 Buddah Spots

Original and similar lyrics
Still walkin down the streets with my hand on my black tec My brain is high like Newark New Jersey do car thefts I'm high, when I sag my 2 Black Guys I would be brief but my Karl Kani's didn't dry I smoke the blunt for all you underground chumps My smoke bangs like it's freshly picked from the swamps So nigga how you roll a blunt Aiyyo, how you roll a blunt Flip the script on some other shit like how you roll a cunt Now, I smoke the Maui, wow-wee Then I'll be back for me, I'm Sure, like Al B. Go Uptown, smoke quarter-pounds at the Dungeon Keith Murray meets me at the spot with the Bom-Ba Go back to Jerz and smoke with Diezel Don Huh, pick up a bag from my block, two-oh's the number Who can get swift with the microphone mist Plus I'm crisp like CD's on LP's in 3D My funk respect it, cosmic injected That cause me to Set It Off just like that club record Hit it from the back, stay strapped like two packs of lubricants It's gonna hurt -- no it's not a gat experience The funk dweller, creeps through your cellar And if your moms don't know your ass better tell her, like this y'all There's a million and one blunt spots all over the world That got good herb for all you boys and girls Which one do you go to *many shouts* Which one do you go to *many shouts* I'm packin buddha by the pounds and pull my Phillies from knapsacks Hey yo I didn't know your nickel bags come that fat Yo check it, my lyrics strip the track butt-naked Catch the Local to the A to the buddha to my vocals and I, set the world on fire Get a billion people higher, from just one blunt in my cypher You swore to God you was mixed in bom-ba-zee The rhymer Bombs Squads and MC's like Hank Shocklee I spend a knot at all the buddha spots From fifteen to fifty-fifth I ran all through the blocks I set it off jock, I light a blunt for my nigga D That's doin three pack, now where I get the hash at You can't fuck with my funk cause my funk is kinda abstract Past that, I'm rough like McGruff on dust There's a million and one blunt spots in America Yeah I'm tellin ya Now just throw your blunts up in the motherfuckin air Smoked out with niggaz from North Newark to Montclair I rip the nouns from antonyms to synonyms Cause I got soul like James Brown and rock M amp;M One of the America's Most Blunted Smoked out with MC Eiht and Compton Most Wanted Ninety degrees, smoke with L.O.D. on the Island Then back to Stat, to smoke more packs with the Shaolin I showed the women how to roll a blunt stronger But it didn't work, because they Lee nails got longer But the weed is good for when you're mackin and girls can front it off like they don't know shit that happened I know what happened, I told her, BACK, NICK that motherfucker So check! My stamina, your ass couldn't snap with cameras Leave you on your back like Godzill did Gamera Props on blocks smokin the choc and what-nots I might catch a nickel bag sale from bus stops *needle rips record*

Larry Csonka

[Intro:] Bronsolino Fuck that sitting-down rap type shit, man I stand up, cause I'm a motherfucking man And I'm motherfucking hot [Verse 1:] Peep it I'm on the third floor, your class was in the basement You know what that means: you got a hint of retardation Well, me too, I'm fully-blown just like the flow, though Spit the silky shit that's ankle-length like a kimono Uh, sharp instruments to rock like a fossil Shotty for the haters, that's trimmed off at the nostrils Well, me and Docker eating dinner at the brothel Never sniff that blanco, that's word to OJ's Bronco Cop a Dutch and break it open, overfill it I'm rollin' in the car, it may be shaky, never spill it, though Cause when I rhyme, I feel possessed by El Espirito Encounters of a Third Kind, X-Rays on the visual Ginger ale and hot sauce: two things I live by I'm such a chill guy, but fuck around and, yes, you will die Green DeVille, right, green drugs, but hold the serum Rub the things together, then you clear 'em, flatline The prosciutto, olives from Tunisia Drums are hittin' hard because they chopped up like a cleaver And yes I'm smokin' all the reefer The night creeper I love the pussy really tight, that's with a light Caesar Can it be that I'm the Golden Child, the Chosen One The piggies saying freeze, but every time they did I chose to run Takin' that attachment on the nozzle like a soldier's gun Hide behind the boulder, silver bullet through you shoulder, son Crack the pepper over thin crust that's handmade I'm stayin' strapped just like the Air Raid Yo, take a taste of my nuts Know they sweet just like the candy Thick and the same color as Band-Aid, understand me? I built this building, they came and then I dropped it Two hour flights to Heathrow up in the Concorde Fermented grapes up in my glass that bear the same name I'm working hard because that's what I need to maintain Killer Queens is on the rise, so understand me Ain't never stoppin' 'til there's Grammy in a room for my family Also known as a den Post and toast with Lauren Posing for pictures, kicking scriptures that form up a phlegm [Interlude:] Uh, let me take a little break fam I'm fucking straight out of surgery, man I need a little break When I come back in, I'm a come back in hard, though I promise you that (Look at my motherfucking shoulders, son) [Verse 2:] Yo I'm diving in like Louganis I'm aiming right for that anus Trying to give her a payment to rent the pussy like Avis Peace to Shaevitz & Shaevitz My rhymes are seasoned for flavor Fuck with shorties that's in shape, they got the V like they Vega Ah ha, Animal Style, flippin' like a flipjack You heard the cat rap, like animal's fear from a rat, got Ankle length, that's suede, the jacket Smoke, smoke, smoke, smoke Do the Chatatimmy Shimmy like a crackhead No one compare to me, lampin' with my tangerine I'm fiend out, so I'm bangin' on the tambourine Yo, bring the drugs and call me when you on the corner And I'm a send the doja down in case they run up on ya Your style is celibate, I'm elegant, trust My style is liver and I'm ivory like a elephant tusk Swirl the wine inside the glass that got the delicate musk Shoe be pointy at the toe, closin' down the show Poison be the flow, got the boysenberry blow Finnish on the women That mean the bitch from Finland Her tits are bonkers Chilling in the chakras Rollers in her hair, I'm running through it, Larry Csonka [Outro:] Bronsolino You don't even know who fucking Larry Csonka is, man Get the fuck off my weed leaf Pussy

Rock And Roll

G. Love And Special Sauce "Philadelphonic"
This is rock n' roll shouts out Back to the rappers A lot of people stake claims Saying hip hop doesn't matter But really what could be phatter than Jungle J.B's beats and streetside sounds Profound are the sounds That i was hearing When at the basketball league This kid said Yo come here and Put these head phones on your ears I was converted then And practiced it for years Rap music, like Jazz, Funk and R B Blues Reggae Rock n' Roll, and rock steady G. Will be around forever And its never going out That's why I took this time to spell these lyrics out I wanna give thanx to the lyricists MC's And DJ's that brought me near to this Blastmaster, KRS-One the teacher Run D-M-C and the movie Beat Street Erik B. and Rakim was Paid in Full De La Soul came along and broke all the rules I remember when my girl bought me Tribe Called Quest We broke up later but I kept the cassette Kool Moe Dee, Doug E. Fresh, Big Daddy Kane Main Source, Pharcyde and Dana Dane Steady B on the hilltop With Lady B on Power 99 West Philly Cypress Hill, The Goats and Das EFX Tupac, EPMD Lets see who's next Jungle Brothers, Gang Starr and Bizmarkie Jazzy Jeff, the Fresh Prince Puts summer in my ears Slick Rick, Funk Doobie and the Beastie Boys And all the rest that make some noise There's plenty more people that's comin on And the list could run Til the break of dawn But right now yo Its back to the bluesman Trippin', Rollin', Flyin' or just cruisin' Yeah fire it up Eh yo do it right We gonna go go until the mornin light Its justa rock n' roll A little bit of rock n' roll I like a rock and roll And give me some rock n' roll Oh la Oh la yeah

Smoke A Blunt

AFROMAN "4R0:20"
smoke a blunt i love to smoke a blunt man hey man you know, my white homies ask me do you like uh, bongs or blunts? i tell 'em blunts, cause i get pulled over all the time i can't be throwin' bongs out the window, you know what i mean smoke a blunt nice and slow hold the smoke then let it go smoke a blunt nice and slow hold the smoke then let it go i love smoking weed all by myself dont have to pass it to no one else i hit my blunt anytime i want got so much weed i dont have to hunt i dont get hyper i dont get crunk i do get high i do get drunk once im high and im high no doubt i grab my ashtray and put my cigar out once my high is gone with the wind i grab my lighter then i flick then i again briefly take a chronic break weed headache big mistake im high so i put my blunt down turn up my music and dance all around i can't hear the phone i can't hear the door i never leave home 'less its time to school smoke a blunt nice and slow hold the smoke now let it go smoke a blunt nice and slow hold the smoke now let it go i remember when i started smokin weed pickin' out the stems and the seeds i didn't have enough to buy me a beer my homeboy told me to hit this here(?) i grabbed the blunt i took a hit i thought to myself "i like this shit" it's better than beer so annalyze this i don't have to go take a piss i don't know how to roll but the people i roll with know how to roll blunts like a pole smoke a blunt nice and slow hold the smoke now let it go hahah smoke a blunt nice and slow hold the smoke now let it go smoke a blunt nice and slow hahahah hold a smoke, uh now let it goo hahahah uhh haha uhh drivin' cross country though minnesota state fuckin' trooper straight pulled me over he said i was drivin' fast as hell he took a deep breath and asked "what's that smell?" i knew i was busted, at this point so i handed him a beautiful, perfectly rolled joint he looked at it once, he looked at it twice, he told me, "you roll your joints real nice" afroman don't give a fuck light that blunt and get stupid stuff smokin' to me is so much fun people bitch cause i don't get nothin' done if you are a little kid please don't do the things i did anti-drug message? let me see.. don't smoke weed give it to me! smoke a blunt nice and slow hold the smoke now let it go smoke a blunt nice and slow hold the smoke now let it go smoke a blunt nice and slow hold the smoke now let it go

Boon Dox

EPMD "Business Never Personal"
Refrain: [Comin' straight from the Underground] 4x Erick Sermon: As I pump up a brand new funk swing and bring back the chill of thrill from B.B. King. Old fashioned is the way that I be waxin' a MC I bust a grill and the reaction I check inspect make sure the head's wrecked; [crunch] snap a neck for some live effects. A machine my functioning that's mean. I stay together my man like Al Green. I'm a slayer, the E-R-I-C-K and I'm back to attack a punk chump that ain't sayin' jack. Boom, I'm buckwild when I'm stoned, I close only one eye like a cyclone. So I throw on my black shades that's rhinestone, summer to my Benz that's outlined in chrome. I'm the Grand Royal MC, I'm no joke. I hit like a Phillie Blunt when it's toked. I smoke, an MC well-done, he gets done. I'm knockin' out wack MCs like Michael Nunn. Full-power, one punch, crunch, I'm throwin' bolos. I'm strapped heavy, my handguns that's solo. I'm packed when it's time to get down. Cuz Erick Sermon's comin' straight from the Underground... Refrain 4x PMD: Okie dokie. My mind gets slow-pokey when I toke the bull from a Phillie Blunt and I hope me Old Gold is cold when I pop the cap. Take a sip and then blitz, then crack a back with a rhyme sack. Cuz I'm too smooth, pay my dues, and can't lose. I'm Top Gun, pullin' bitches like Tom Cruise. And my main man, D-Wade, still gets paid. And in the off-season, we vacate in the shade. So all hail the Mary, crack the Moet, blast the boom-box, then act like George and Jet-son. Cuz my style, similar to Tae Kwon Do, but hey-yo, I don't kick or throw stars, this brother flows to the funk track, with 808 drops for prop the top of druggin' or thuggin, D.T.s or cops. I say, no to blow and yes to cess and I suggest you put a buck on Lotto, and if you win, you should invest in a new grill, Bill, cuz I rock non- until the Fat Lady sings, or Brooklyn starts to ill. There's a fat chance, with the brother bistro, cuz I'm the master of the quadraverb and the echo. There's no time to stop, so P keep on steppin' on the edge of the frame of the mind, the nine is the weapon. That I choose to squeeze when a brother acts wild. One slug to the head, mafioso style. You catch a Universal beat down with sounds that pound, watch yourself son, I'm comin' straight from the underground. Refrain 2x

Cuando Limpia El Humo

ATMOSPHERE "Overcast!"
[Slug (Beyond)] Patterned around the thought and the will We shattered the sound of perpendicular noise Now gather 'round, blueprints to rebuild On top of that, I found I'm gettin' sick of your voice Retentive, the Earth makes me tend to introvert And I've presented the worth of these kicks and this wrinkled shirt Ingested verse for seconds and a big dessert presented Thirst with sprinkles of dope indisbursed When you burst, it won't be an accident It'll be a worldwide web of heads takin' this shit back again (6-1-2) Now find the emergency exits 'Cause I'ma snap a spine to make an example of the skeptics (Atmosphere) I don't care if you know me or you hate me Just come check out the show and travel back home safely Lately, a weird thought occured to me What if I was to grab the mic, which one of y'all would service me? (Watch the rhythm) Inventions to rock the restless and kill your ego Your whole karma's vibin' off the vex It's best if you take a hard look at what you're givin' me ('Cause your name and your rank don't mean shit to me) [Slug and Beyond] Stars and Stripes are like cars and bikes They're just vehicles you steer to ride other peoples fears Stars and Stripes are like nails and spikes They're just tools that you use against the physical rules [Beyond] Put down your weapon son [Slug talking] Put down your weapon son Put down your weapon son Would you put down your weapon? [Slug (Beyond)] I heard a grip of little voices in a thousand heads Calling me out of my rest to come and plow your steps An elder once told me to always use precision (Discretion and vision when you start the ignition) 'Cause any engine is highly delicate and what you got to say Is irrelevant if you're talking for the hell of it I smell some shit, check your sole, brotha did you step in it, now who suffers from my control deficite? I can't go out like you ('cause you lack dopeness) I'll break your whole crew down to (a bunch of wack poets) Shrapnel gets lodged under your clavicle When your man exploded, Atmosphere concoctin' antidote shit Fuck 'em and the record deal that they rode in on When Shawn is in his vocal groove I come to choke your truth Broke your screws now its open and loose and its ? (Beyond came along and stabbed a DJ in the foot) The spokes bend and buckle (and the wheel collapses) There ain't no need to even ask whether or not you feel the Atmos I'm peelin' back heads performing brain surgery' And sewing 'em back up (There, now you've heard of me) [Slug and Beyond] When the smoke clears, you won't be able to choke tears When the smoke clears, when the smoke clears [2x] [Beyond] Put down your weapon sir [Slug talking] Put down your weapon sir Put down your weapon sir Put down your weapon [Slug (Beyond)] As I sit here with my head between my hands Attention span focused on trying to read the plans I can't shake the thoughts that it might be in vain So I play the radio while I drive me insane (I travel like the wind) I travel like Avis I feel as if I've been to hell and back and I ain't even been to Vegas Pages and pages of notebooks dedicated To separatin' snake skin and amputatin' fake lips (Underestimated) But when you heard me, your masculinity went girly And your whole crew broke out early (Self-preservated) Avoidance is the first choice Calculated: Step the fuck away when you hear this voice Moist, thats how we leave 'em rendered Either the brain or the pubic region, depending on your gender And if you're a female head (no disrespect intended) Unless you step to me on the mic, you must be sheddin' your placenta I wear the honor of an emcee's past Where I wonder "Is this wasteland encased in cheap glass?" Reflected to find the status where you stand (You're just another victim with a mic in your hand) [Slug and Beyond] When the smoke clears, you won't be able to choke tears When the smoke clears, when the smoke clears [4x] [Slug] When the smoke clears, you won't be able to choke tears [7x] When the smoke, Smoke

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