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Red Sovine lyrics


Original and similar lyrics
I was out on the West Coast, trying to make a buck and things didn't work out; I was down on my luck Got tired a-roaming and bumming around so I started thumbing back East, toward my hometown. Made a lot of miles, the first two days and I figured I'd be home in week, if my luck held out this way But, the third night I got stranded, way out of town at a cold, lonely crossroads, rain was pouring down. I was hungry and freezing, done caught a chill when the lights of a big semi topped the hill Lord, I sure was glad to hear them air brakes come on and I climbed in that cab, where I knew it'd be warm. At the wheel sit a big man, he weighed about two-ten he stuck out his hand and said with a grin 'Big Joe's the name,' I told him mine and he said: 'The name of my rig is Phantom 309.' I asked him why he called his rig such a name he said: 'Son, this old Mack can put them all to shame There ain't a driver, or a rig, a-running any line ain't seen nothing but taillights from Phantom 309.' Well, we rode and talked the better part of the night when the lights of a truck stop came in sight He said: 'I'm sorry son, this is as far as you go cause, I gotta make a turn, just on up the road.' Well, he tossed me a dime as he pulled her in low and said: 'Have yourself a cup on old Big Joe.' When Joe and his rig roared out in the night in nothing flat, he was clean out of sight. Well, I went inside and ordered me a cup told the waiter Big Joe was setting me up Aw you could-a heard a pin drop, it got deathly quiet and the waiter's face turned kind-a white. Well, did I say something wrong? I said with a halfway grin he said: 'Naw, this happens every now and then Every driver in here knows Big Joe but son, let me tell you what happened about ten years ago. At the crossroads tonight, where you flagged him down there was a busload of kids, a-coming from town And they were right in the middle, when Big Joe topped the hill it could have been slaughter, but he turned his wheel. Well, Joe lost control, went into a skid and gave his life to save that bunch-a kids And there at that crossroads, was the end of the line for Big Joe and Phantom 309 But, every now and then, some hiker'll come by and like you, Big Joe'll give them a ride Here, have another cup and forget about the dime keep it as a souvenir, from Big Joe and Phantom 309!'

42nd Street

GOLDEN EARRING "Paradise In Distress"
Spiraling leapers, wearing Nike sneakers Some of them laugh, some of them sing Some of them don't do a goddamn thing Trip-skipping drifters, grafters and lifters Chicks with big tits, school boys with zits Moonlight circus of earthly delights Pimpmobile cruising the soft velvet night Deals going down, midnight in town Down into the subways, the underground tunnels A musician is playing, a drunk stumbles and mumbles Out in the park it's scary with frights Somebody shot out all the streetlights Hookers and bookies, floozies and boozers All kinds of misfits, perverts and losers Out of the limo that looks like a boat The pimp steps out in a mink fur coat Sporting a Fedora, that creates its own aura A ruby-tooth grin and a diamond stick pin A deal's going down this side of town People walk on fleet feet On the way down 42nd Street Except for the bums, down for the count That one's dead but no one's found out And look at the bitch, with her dress up ass When she moves that thing, she must move it fast Cop with a nightstick, checking around A neon lit junkie slides to the ground Here comes a flasher, a jogger, a punk Check out that guy, drunk as a skunk Blinking, reflection, lights melt in the rain The sidewalks are empty, nothing's the same 4 A.M. people are crashing Where the hookers are huddled Colored raindrops are splashing The deals have gone down, the bimbo's split town Burned from the hustle, burned from the hype But under the lights, I'm feeling alright On 42nd Street, it's just another night

Jersusalem Tomorrow

Harris Emmylou "Cowgirl's Prayer"
(David Olney) Man you should have seen me way back then I could tell a tale, I could make a spin I could tell you black was white I could tell you day was night Not only that I could tell you why Back then I could really tel a lie Well I'd hire a kid to say he was lame Then I'd touch him and make him walk again Then I'd pull some magic trick I'd pretend to heal the sick I was takin' everything they had to give It wasn't all that bad a way to live Well I'm in this desert town and it's hot as hell But no one's buyin' what I got to sell I make my lame kid walk I make a dumb guy talk I'm preachin' up a storm both night and day But everyone just turns and walks away Well I can see that I'm only wasting time So I head across the road to drink some wine This old man comes up to me He says I seen you on the street You're pretty good if I do say myself But the guy that come thru here last month he was somethin' else Instead of callin' out for fire from above He just gets real quiet and talks about love And I'll tell you somethin' funny He didn't want nobody's money Now I'm not exactly sure what this all means But it's the damndest thing I swear I've ever seen Well since that time every town is the same I can't make a dime, I don't know why I came I decide I'll go and find him And find out who's behind him He has everyone convinced that he's for real Well I figure we can work us out a deal So he offers me a job and I say fine He says I'll get paid off on down the line Well I guess I'll string along Don't see how too much can go wrong As long as he pays my way I guess I'll follow We're headed for Jerusalem tomorrow

Elouise (To The Tune Of Growin' Up)

Well, what power of God does a nun use to hold up parish priests And what makes a good cop let go a beautiful theif Oh, and how does the queen know she got hold that manna honey Oh and what makes an old woman give a young man all her money Well late in the night 'neath that pale moonlight the power comes over me And its all Elouise yeah I'm Turning Into Elvis (and There's Nothing I Can Do) ...kissed the babysitter. She screamed and I told her it was just the beast in me. And on my way out of the house I shot out my TV I went down to the corner luncheonette and said Sally fried peanut butter and banana will do(?) I'm turning into Elvis and there's nothing I can do I threw out my wife and family I took off my wedding ring I told my friends and neighbors to refer to me now as King I put a chainlink fence around my ranch house and on the gate a sign that reads Graceland II I'm turning into Elvis and there's nothing I can do I visited my mama's grave and I headed out to Hollywood and I signed a picture with MGM I play a rebellious beachboy racecar driver who fucks a nun in the end In the last scene I whip out my big guitar and show her a little Memphis-style kung-fu I'm turning into Elvis and there's nothing I can do But I drove on straight to Vegas and I stopped in the first old stripper bar. Found me a little hooker that looked just like Ann-Margaret and we rumba'd in my sports car. Well me and my drinking buddies turned my lovin' home into a frikkin' zoo. I'm turning into Elvis and there's nothing I can do Well he came to me last night in a dream looking just like he did in '57. He said Son that guitar is a wonderful thing but it can be the living devils' friend. On the other hand there's sex-starved women, millions of dollars, and anything you want to do. I'm turning into Elvis and there's nothing I can do


THE POGUES "Pogue Mahone"
The night stank of diesel And a stranger came to town A cold wind blowing And the rain pouring down Street lights flicker And the power lines moan The moon beat down On a river of bone Someone put the lights out No one make a sound You won't find a thing Down in Oretown Foundry spits fire and smoke Air's foul and choking Sky full of sulphur Mountains flat and broken Black fogs and whirlwinds Thunder and rain Open drink madness And purple mad pain The circus is over Exit the clowns Nobody's laughing Down in Oretown The ship's in the harbour Cargo's been pawned Barrooms spilling sailors All shipwrecked at dawn Smelling of salt and rust Uniforms torn Came looking for flowers Only found thorns Dreaming of mermaids In pearly white gowns tain is sleeping Down in Oretown There's a madman down on mainstreet Eyes all aflame Laughing in the thunder Of the Number 9 train Selling old postcards in rusty frames A thousand views of Oretown And they all look the same Dressed up in sandals And a barbed wire crown A lot of people loose their minds Down in Oretown Lock up the lawman Let go the thief Rounding up the grey men Nail them to a tree This town was a palace This town was aglow Then the sky burned orange And the iron river flowed The night stank of diesel A stranger came to town The night folded over Down in Oretown

Silent Night

JOEY BADA$$ "Rejex"
[Intro] The force will be with you....always [Hook] She left and broke my heart like twice (twice twice twice twice) Now everything is dark and it's fucking up my life (life life life) And I just wanna make it right (right right right) But I won't make it through the night (night night night) [Verse 1] Cause suicide is painless, so I'm about to aim this Weapon of steel right to my brain and just bang it 32 in the clip but one is in the chamber Click clack, hope it freeze me from my anger If you don't plan on staying, I'm saying I'm better off just laying Six feet deep underneath the fucking pavement At least you work the grave-shift for treating me like ape shit I even wrote you love songs but money was your language Just look at all the damage that you did Chuckin' up the deuces to the suicidal vital motherfucking nuisance I knew it, and now I'm about to lose it Blood splatter on the wall recognize what you did [Hook] [Verse 2] I mean I just don't understand Thought I was the better man And we had a fucking plan just to make it all work out Turned out, you not the one for me and it wasn't meant to be But I still can't see, need to face reality Cause you everything I wanted, I got us I said that on your behalf just trying to be modest To be honest, but if I can't have you nobody can Let me see you with another man and it's done for him Call me fucking crazy but baby How you gon' play me? I mean, have you seen me lately? Went from elated to a swayze, ghostin' Taking my life the only escape from you potion [Hook] [Verse 3] Cause homicide is painful, bitch you should be thankful I turned that fucking anal licking nigga into an angel Fuck you mad at me for? Because I put the C4 in the car And blew that motherfucker up, swerving off the Detour Well hee haw, boo hoo; Now it's just we two What you propose that we do? (You hate me bitch?) Well me too You turned me to a reject, dejected But that presidental keeps me free stressing, I should be elected I bet I'll win but I'm lost without you Me minus her wonder what I'd amount to Perhaps the suicidal bridal nigga I am currently She ain't with my loving, she just only wanted currency [Hook]

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