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Rebecca Lynn Howard lyrics

Pink Flamingo Kind Of Love

Original and similar lyrics
Save your money on the flowers What's yours is mine is ours And i can grow my own Diamond rings and cars are easy And I think they're kinda cheesy Like summering in Rome I'm a little jaded If you wanna know what gets me You ain't got to get so complicated, all i want's a Chorus Sprinkler on the garden hose and Aim it at the patio Iced tea, you and me Pink flamingo (kind of love) Let the clothesline be our fortress Gas up the tiki torches Sun up, sun down, big dreams, small town Pink flaming kind of love Life is great without the clutter Pass the applebutter I can't believe this heat Ain't it simple, ain't it clever How good we go together Like june bugs on a string If our yard was an ocean And we were sittin' in our lawn chairs I wouldn't feel any more emotion Than I do now, all I want's a Repeat Chours Pink flamingo kind of love Pink flamingo kind of love

Ain't Nothin' Like

BRAD PAISLEY "Mud On The Tires"
I like kickin' back on the sofa Flippin' through the channels just to see what's on I enjoy eatin' eggs over easy Soppin' up with a biscuit 'til the yellow's gone Chorus Ain't nothin' like watchin' a bunch of young'ns Run screamin' through the sprinkler in their little bare feet And ain't nothin' like finding twenty dollars In the pocket of the britches that you wore last week I get into getting out on my mower In the early mornin' hours 'fore the sun gets hot And I like goin' down to the Kroger When the carnival comes to the parkin' lot 2nd Chorus Ain't nothin' like throwin a hula popper Draggin' it across a spot a big 'un oughta be And ain't nothin like having him for supper With some good hush puppies and some sweet iced tea Bridge This old world holds all kind of treasures And every day it just keeps gettin' better. 3rd Chorus Ain't nothin like finding that woman That you know you're gonna love for the rest of your life And ain't nothin' like knowing the Lord's a comin' Back one day to make you want to do right Repeat 1st chorus Repeat 2nd chorus


Bob Schneider "Lonelyland"
I've been out On my own for so long I can feel the cold wind Wearing me down I'm blowin away And lightning strikes me There's a whole lot of craziness In this town Shadowrealm Inside this head of mine It's getting scarier And harder with time Met a lover Put my money on the long shot Came out smelling like a dog And not feeling so hot I'll take anything that you've got Anything you've got Madeline Madeline Just save me from myself Gas station prophet Kept giving me the sign Saying tell it like it is Lay it on the line This simple life Holds no reason You play the game And turn the dial Alligator shoes Tarantula breath It looked good on paper (in the darkness) Now it's scaring me to death I'm all wrung out And nowhere to go Feel like a second string Romeo

Happiness Is A Thing Called Joe

It seem like happiness is jus' a thing called Joe He got a smile that make the lilac wanna grow He got a way that make the angels heave a sigh When they know little Joe's passing by Sometime the cabin gloomy and the table bare Soon he kiss me and it's Christmas everywhere Trouble fly away and life is easy go Does he love me good? That's all I has to know Seem like happiness is jus' a thing called Joe (repeat above) Little Joe, little Joe... little Joe


Giant sized flowers Giant sized bugs Giant sized gecko Is making his path Undergrowth running A chorus of frogs A parakeet's picnic All writhing in a tub Panoramic banana A passion fruit samba Pale skin is itching A tropical fever Creatures crawl and creatures call All creatures great and small Gecko sits and watches all From perches short and tall

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