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Rebecca Lynn Howard lyrics

Dancin' In God's Country

Original and similar lyrics
The rumor started spreadin' as we were draggin' main Party out on Miller's farm, come and raise some cain The convoy started forming down at the Frosty Freeze By sundown we were rollin' down Highway 23 Pick-up trucks and trailers and cars of every kind With the Bailey Brother's John Deere draggin up behind Roll on down Poor Valley turn right at Fisher's Creek There's a bon fire on Newman's Ridge, soon we're gonna be Chorus Dancin' in God's country, thirty miles from town Summer stars up in the sky, bare feet on the ground Dancin' in God's country young and wild and free As close to heaven here on earth as I will ever be Freddy brought his fiddle, Brenda brought her bow Man they've got'em rosined up we're gonna do si so Jimmy plays a Martin and he's a singing fool Repeat Chorus Twice

Everything Changes

Ammo Poetic
Chorus Watcha gonna do when it's too late (You go for fame but the streets speak my name) Oh Watcha gonna do when it's too late (Forgettin' your roots will bring you shame) Oh Watcha gonna do (Take it from the MC's) Tell me watcha gonna do (Cause we've been through the pain) Ah Watcha gonna do when it's too late (We will survive look into our eyes can you see the flame) *YOGI B* I remember the times in the days of way back *C.LOCO* Young mack Mr Point Blanc lay down the facts *POINT BLANC* Recollections memories unfold days of the old I hold precious like 24 carat gold Visions of my life back in a time of backpackin' Struggling empty pockets pipe water I be guzzlin' Thirst from burning sun blazin' down the earth Ipoh City the land where my hip hop gave birth *YOGI B* Let me tell you a true story my true story From the kampung to city unbelievable glory I sat down in solitude and wrote rhymes everyday I dreamed I would be a great rapper somehow someway So I journey on up and down every record label in town $ 1.20 for the mini bus but mostly I walked around Took all the rap competitions shared my skills wit so many Major labels won't sign me up but Hip Hop ain't about money Chorus *POINT BLANC* The present situation back in '97 Lifestyles hectic circumstances be critical Intense pressure drivin' my mental maniacal Craftin' an album on a level that be radical Still I remain the mack as I was way back True to the fact that hip hop's my greatest asset *C.LOCO* It's human nature we survive when all other fails Try to make a living when fools tellin' tall tales Undeniable rap skills made viable It's not impossible high standards are attainable Without doubt when we're two steps ahead Indirectly cause a revolution in the industry Totally incur phenomenal popularity With mad respect and hold street credibility The Ammo be Poetic give props to our name I still be the same Mad Wizard in tha game Chorus *LANDSLYDE* Now let me put into a line the story history of Landslyde Def Rhyme which started a long time Ago as an innocent young brat who loved Hip hop glad that I did now no one is gonna Stop me even though there are gonna be hard Times and good times I see as if I've never Gone through this pain and misery no matter What changes my devotion I will be the same And my emotion and my name The Black Chinaman seeking no fame no Temptation bootie calls nor Asian dolls Hey Siew Koon ! It's time I've learned my lesson No way no more of this stress of this foolishness Appreciate my kindness baby *YOGI B* Destiny comes in the sound of Positive Tone With three other MC's now Yogi B not alone You fear my talent although you I never dissed Now it's my turn superstar but just answer me this Don't try you know you'll miss Chorus * 2

I Luv Rap Music

DC TALK "Nu Thang"
[Some people out there givin' rap a bad name Well I'm here to let you know, we ain't down with that] Rap music, the sound of the times Ya sorta talk lyrics to rhythm and rhyme And then deliver in various ways You know, some sorta preach, and some sorta play Nevertheless, there's a common ground [word!] Ya know the def hip hop sound Hyped up bass with a tiny snare The subwoofer makes ya neighbor stare But still (interlude) I luv rap music I always have, and I always will Now rap started as the voice of the street A sorta politics to a ghetto beat Then rappers started braggin' all about their gold And the girlies, and the beepers And the big, black Olds-mobile In '83, the beatbox hit Makin' funky drum sounds from out ya lips But takin' on nu forms, rap has moved from the block Now some mix it with soul and some mix it with rock Ya know (chorus) I luv rap music I always have, and I always will There ain't no other kinda music in all the world That makes me feel quite as chill I luv rap music Ya know, it's sittin' on the top of my list So if ya wanna hang with me, ya better believe We'll be jammin' to a hip hop mix Concert time in my part of the town Ya know, I brought my mom cause I knew she was down She was flat groovin', but couldn't understand How they makin' music when there ain't no band And then she cried, James, everybody stared She heard a James Brown sample and thought he was there She got home, shook her head and said, Kids these years But then again, we think the Beatles were weird I luv rap music I luv rap music (repeat chorus) Today some rappers boast, some are makin' me ill And those obscene lyrics are overkill But I started' way back in the day And since then there's been a serious change Ya know, I asked Christ to come into my heart And He gave me a brand new start And on top a dat, He cold gave me my dreams Doin' hip hop music with a Christian theme Ya know (repeat chorus) I luv rap music I luv rap music I luv rap music I luv rap music

Till We Meet Again

MR. CHEEKS "John P. Kelly"
(Mr. Cheeks) Aiyo my first thoughts was stop when my man left I started drinkin more thinkin of my mans death then I thought he wouldn't want to see me crumble when he handed me the ball I promised I won't fumble and I wont, stood on the field implore the real these player haters hate so much now they resolve to kill got your pictures it aint the same without the laugh I pour liquor in the grass think about the past if there was no one I could speak with I could speak with you you knew all I was into what ive been through they couldn't fuck with us kid we was off da chain blew the spot up when we came and got inside the game from street cats we brought it to the main stream it was an honor playin with you on the same team ya namely a very great deal to me its only right I step it up you kept it real with me (chorus-Stephen Marley) and when that day comes were gonna be like every children and when that day comes everyone is gonna enjoy themselves (Mr. Cheeks) aiyo im thinkin yous about to come through at any minute bless your nigga on the track, put some flavor in it just a thought, im knowin that your not around cant forget how we did it in and out of town held it down, maintained, still inside the game listen ever since you left it hasn't been the same niggaz change, fam lookin at me strange was goin on with cheeks peeps hating different things no doubt im hearing everything they say he don't live around they way, why should I stay? I play the hook but don't stay understand that bein on the block aint bringin my man back those who know me know me straight love they show me, they can't hold me in the game Aiyo wassup with oby, maintain in talkin to my lost souls see you when I get there meet you at the crossroads (chorus) and when that day comes is when I get a chance to tell you I love you and when that day comes we gonna be yea yea yea yea (Mr. Cheeks) what went wrong all I know is that my mans one that made my mens strong on my own two I stand on right along I think about how we were like the bomb right before we perform let me write a song, how you used to do, represents all you knew Aiyo taliek 21 gun salute for you on top of losing you I lost you in the worst way now that's some shit them niggaz killed you on my birthday open presents nah said my nigga tai dead celebrating birthdays with that shit in my head think about the time when we would chill, up in 1 and 2 in back in Richmond Hill yeah that shit was real, us young niggaz growin up whoever thought we would start bubbling and blowin up but we did, survived it all I wish you did, I could speak for all the boyz we miss you kid Chorus till end...

It's All Good

TOBY KEITH "Unleashed"
Mother earth has changed since I was a child The east is a beast and the west is really wild And the headlines say that the end looks grim And the future don't look so bright You can't even open your mailbox, you can't take a plane And everybody's lookin' for somebody to blame I think I'm gonna let the president Save this ol' world tonight I'll light us a fire And she'll turn off the news We'll open a cold one and shake these blues Chorus: It's all good It's alright I'm gonna sit here with my baby all night And let the troubles of this world Roll on by us like they should It's all cool It's OK We've got everything going our way Can't complain if we're alright It's all good I'm just a regular Joe, with a beautiful girl Just getting by in a day-to-day world We ain't got a lot, but we don't need anything Covered in kisses, surrounded by love Showered with blessings from up above When you're sittin' on top of the world, man we got everything We live out here in the country Where the workin' class do We've got our health and our happiness too Chorus No can't complain 'cause we're alright And it's all good

Boys On The Dock

- Lyrics: Casey, Music: Barton - Dedicated to the memory of John Kelly” Chorus: Say hey johnny boy, the battle call United we stand, divided we fall Together we are what we can't be alone We came to this country you made it our home This man so humble, this man so brave A legend to many, he fought to his grave Saved family and friends from the hardship and horror In a land of depression he gave hope for tomorrow Say johnny boy this ones for you With the strength of many and the courage of few To what do we owe this man who's fight Was for the masses, he gave his life (chorus) A friend to the locals who dabbled in crime He'd give you a job and he'd give you his time He wasn't a crook but he couldn't be conned John knew the difference between right and wrong Say johnny me boy, you live hear no longer Others forgotten, your memories stronger Lets drink to the causes in your life Your family, your friends, the union, your wife (chorus) And the boys on the docks needed john for sure When they came to this country he opened the door He said men I'll tell ya they don't like our kind Though it starts with a fist it must end with your mind (chorus)

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