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REBA MCENTIRE lyrics - Sweet Sixteen

Somebody Up There Likes Me

Original and similar lyrics
(Suzi-Hoskins-Wills,Bill Cooley) I can't get used to the hustle I try to keep my actions straight I get caught in the bustle I do things I really hate Just when I think I'm sinking I hear a voice inside my head Says don't do what you're thinking Send your thoughts to me instead Chorus: Somebody up there likes me Somebody up there knows what I need When my worldly head spins around He sends his love down You know I'm only human That's all I always say It's just excuses So I can do things my own way But when I fall and stumble I know I will be saved No my world won't crumble I'll make it through the hardest days Repeat Chorus I wish I'd known all along But it's much better late Than to never know you're wrong Repeat Chorus x2 He sends his love down Somebody up there likes me

What Love Is That Way

(G Burr/Keith Urban) You come here lookin' for sympathy Cause it's not everything you thought it would be Don't waste your time You can't understand why it comes and goes The sudden storms, the highs and lows So you stand here cryin' Girl get in line CHORUS: What love is that way You're waitin' time pretending What love is that way When you walk through life expecting So much, so soon Love can only hurt you What love is that way What love is ever that way The more you wish and the more you dream The more the reality never seems What it ought to be It's never perfect as when it begins Time always seems to put an end To the fantasy, It seems to me REPEAT CHORUS So much, so soon, Love can only hurt you What love is that way What love is ever that way, What love is that way REPEAT TO FADE

The Love Song

Bush Babees "Gravity"
[Featuring Mos Def] [Mos Def] Everybody.. should get down oh yes (oh yes) oh yes Intro/Chorus One: Mos Def Everybody groove to the music and do what you like to oh yeah (oh yeah) Chorus Two: Mr. Man (Mos Def) Bush Babees (Bush Babees) Y'all know we rock thorough (Yeah we rock thorough) For the whole world (The whole world) Five boroughs.. so check it out * Chorus One seperate then Chorus Two overlaps One * I came all the way from Brooklyn to present my rep Lyrically deep like sleep; I rock hard like Led Zepp I take steps and leave impressions on planets More complicated than life so rappers can not understand it Talking that hardcore shit; but I don't buy it Sit down eat your slice of pizza and be quiet! Cause all that noise you talk is not needed I cut headz off at the knees and leave em all defeated So stay seated, or get deleted from the program Let it be known I don't follow cause I'm my own man with my own plan, cause the mind is infinite We got four minutes, so everybody get widdit! * Chorus One and Chorus Two combined * Chorus Three: Mos Def Cause all my people out in Brooklyn get LOVE Cause all my people out in Queens get LOVE Uptown and Boogie Down you get LOVE Strong Island/Shaolin you get LOVE [Mr. Man] You can send MC's in - squads of six and we take two each I stand out like seeing Moses at the beach - splitting waves My style's the newest rhyme craze Blow up, like grenades, hit words, without shades Hold ya lighter, the Flatbush dolla camp writer Roll with more Dangerous Minds than Michelle Pfeiffer Pay the piper, I lay the pipe just like a plumber Went without a ride for one too many summers, NOW I'm out to get the cream like Carnation Send headz home like George Bush did to Haitians No patience, I got ta have it, the fine fabric I learned The Facts of Life from Mrs. Garrett But now I'ma do it my Way like Carlito Whether it's in sweatpants or even tuxedos We know - if this rap thing, don't make loot I take it back to '86, stick niggaz for they Troops * Chorus One and Chorus Two combined * * Chorus Three * [Y-Tee] We come to tell the people dem, we're talkin one love One are we in love, a way dem cyan't dub They'll find it in a pub, and I said in our club Wha-wha-one love (one love) gonna take it, gonna take it Gonna take your jeans and your dungarees and it will be on sale Things I can try to make you move on the wail Aiyyo, no play yo, don't go astray yo No matter follow me come be a one of these day yo I cyan't believe what dem want in all de mornin So I, I came back in all de evenin Da same thing that made the lights out, be sing Rude bwoy, bad-a-bing, bad-a-bing, now everybody * Chorus One and Chorus Two combined * Chorus Four: Mos Def Cause all my people Up North get LOVE And all my people Down South get LOVE And all my people in the East get LOVE And all my peoples out West get LOVE [Mos Def] And all over the world we get LOVE All over the world we get LOVE All over the world we get LOVE We get LOVE! WE GET LOVE!!! We get, love everywhere we go We get love at ev-ery show We get love everywhere we ride We get love at ev-ery stop This is a station, identi-fi-cation For the entire nation Come to bring sensation, oh yes! It's Da Bush Babee clan come to make you understand That we get love all over the land all over the land All over the land, all over the land All over the land, all over the lannnnnnd Yeahhh, oh yeah, yeahh, yeahh Word up, it's the Mos Def with Da Bush Babees and mad man Merc and the De La Word up, bringing it to you the nine-six It's all magic no tricks, knahmsayin? Comin widdit You gonna love it when you get it Ev-ery-body, groove to the music Ev-ery-body, groove to the music Ev-ery-body... HEY YOU GUYS!!


ay ya remember what garnet a sing if ya know not jah ya know not love no no if ya know not jah ya know not cause jah is love oh yes now, Chorus: (I know jah loving is superior the devil complex inferior oh yes worshipping material bowing to ya silva and gold (rpx2)) some body tell me cause i really gat to know I learnt alot of history but tings not really show, why dem drop di bombs ina arabia why children bawl and suffer ina africa leaders of the world jus fighting for super power,but judgement aga fal upun dem head like rain shower, me go so den, (chorus) to da friend dat lost da likkle yout nah terrorize dem no no no teach the yout da truth dont criticize dem oh no no no open up ya der eyes and realize then you haffi keep you haffi care you haffi guide dem dont you know war and crime will divide dem well ya betta show di yout ya face an dont you hide dem and den equality and justice will unite dem lift up ya voice an ya gatti sing di anthem we go so den (chorus) long time we fet up of ya promises and lies your illusion and religion just covering your lies yo frustration and starvation multiply di pressure fill di well a run dry can you show di love anda not di anamosity den you live a life how it is said in Deuteronomy me coulda ben ya friend but ya want to be my enenmy you cant change the teacher over here so come follow we come follow me (chorus) somebody tell me cause I really gat to know ive got alot of history but tings dont really show no no why dem drop di bombs ina arabia why the children bawl and suffer ina africa leaders of the world jus fightin for super power da judgement a fall upon dem head like rain shower (chorus fade out)

I Feel The Blues Movin' In

Though the miles are between us I thought our love would strengthen As it has so many times before But something has happened I can see it in your eyes I can feel my world is crumblin' And the blues are at my door Chorus: The last letter that you wrote was On a blue piece of paper That old feelin's back The clouds are movin' in The beginning of the end is near I feel your love has faded into darkness It seems I have no friend I feel the blues movin' in Oh it's not the words you wrote that made me sad And broken-hearted That's put me in this sad shape I'm in Between the lines are mixed emotions And there's teardrops on the paper You said that's all I'll write today I'll cose for now old friend Repeat Chorus My state of mind is desperate And this hole that I'm sinkin' in Gets deeper while I'm diggin' to get out Oh please give the right answer to the questions I'm askin' Tell me you still love me That would turn my world about Repeat Chorus

The Breakdown

There ain't enough boys in the world to go around You gotta be wicked and trickey to bring that big boy down There ain't enough time to talk to everyone you gotta be distant and bitchy If you ever wanna get it all done Do I wish that things were different I'm wishin' away I won't point fingers but the thing is That it always seems to break down this way (Chorus) The Rolling Stones and I disagree That you can't always get what you want And I find it alittle hard to believe That there ain't enough love to go around That's how it breaks on down There ain't enough to quench my curiousity You gotta hit the bulls-eye and let the shit fly And still there ain't no guarantee There ain't enough love in the world for everyheart some are gonna be broken and shattered While they're tryin' to make a brand new start Do I wish that things were different I'm wishing away I won't point fingers but the thing is That it always break down this way Chorus Bridge AS long as my landlord's lying AS long as my neighbors spying AS long as I feel rejected and a little bit disconnected I need to be unaffected I need to be able today Chorus

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