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REBA MCENTIRE lyrics - Rumor Has It

This Picture

Original and similar lyrics
(S. Alan Taylor/Lisa Palas) That old picture with my arm around you Tore it to pieces this morning at two Score one for me I took your portrait off the living room wall Then I started on the ones in the hall Had a bonfire I decided it was time to forget So I got rid of every picture you left Chorus: But what do I do with this picture of you in my mind I close my eyes and I still see you saying goodbye I know I'd be okay if I could just throw away This picture I walk alone down a crowded street And see your face in everybody I meet When's it gonna end Every single night I crawl into bed Hoping sleep will keep you out of my head I should know better Everytime I turn around there you are I never thought your memory would go this far Repeat Chorus twice tag

A Song Of Faith

You can't let it get you down No no no no no No no no no no No no oh no no Don't let it get you down Just when everything seems to be going alright Some unexpected misery enters your life Then you ask your self how could this be wondering why I've been there You see your whole world come crashing down All at one time Your bodies weak from all the worrying And so is you mind Your walking down that rocky road But things will get better Cause trouble won't last forever You can't let it get you down Not now You've come to far to turn around You gotta walk with your head up high Believing you can reach the sky You can't let it get you down Have you ever felt the need to get away from it all The person that you care about the most just broke your heart Just to be in the same room with them You can't stand the thought I've been there You don't know if your relationship is worth holding on How much longer can you take being treated so wrong You're confused on what to do But no matter what you do You're gonna make it through Oh, take it from me The only thing you need is a little faith The size of a mustard seed You may cry through the night but hold on Cause joy comes in the morning In the morning Joy comes in the morning Have a little faith Just a little faith And you can make it So don't you give up Don't you let nobody turn you around Don't you let nobody tuen you around Keep your head up to the sky Believe in yourself

Just 'N' Image

ACE OF BASE "The Bridge"
I'm driving through the night I'm driving through the rain The engine roars I'm on my Way from Mr. Pain My eyes keep seeing what My mind was to forget Those sequences they Rock n' Roll inside my head Over and over and over again I concentrate harder and harder and then You are just an image (that I can see) You are not for real You turn into a picture of somebody Someone I don't know Someone I don't feel (...just an...) The wolves cry out tonight, I see your broken line The sun will rise without A love without a smile I always think about The way you had to leave I close my eyes 'Cause I was with you By that time Faster and faster and faster ahead As if you were waiting For me down the way I have never seen you Lying on the floor Crying needing more

Episode Of Blonde

I spy through the Spirit of Curiosity All the scandals of each vain monstrosity I gossip and I pry and I insinuate If the failure is great Then it tends to fascinate A tornado dropped a funnel cloud with twenty tons of rain Though she had the attention span of warm cellophane Her lovers fell like skittles in an 10-pin bowling lane But nothing could compare with that explosion of fame So you jump back with alarm Every Elvis has his Army Every rattlesnake its charm Can you still hear me? Am I coming through just fine? Your memory was buried in simple box of pine Did her green eyes seduce you and make you get so weak? Was there fire engine red that she left upon your cheek? It's such a shame you had to break the heart You could have counted on but the last thing you need is another ...Episode of blonde Revolving like a jeweller's figure on a music box Spangled curtain parted and a night club scene unlocks Pinned and fixed and fastened in a follow spot Arms thrown out to everyone, she's giving all she's got To the last gasp of a wounded bandeon Tiny man imploring to the ceiling fan This stolen feeling Amplified up through the busted speaker Blaring, blasting, advertising, distorted beyond reason Into the street where petty crime coats shadow panic drunkards, Half out of the taxi cab the barker seized my elbow He thought I was another lonely, likely pilgrim looking for St. Telmo Repeat chorus I tried to keep a straight face but you know it never pays He would stare into those eyes and then vacation in her gaze She was a cute little ruin that he pulled out of the rubble Now they're both living in a soft soap bubble The film producer's contemplating, entertaining suicide The picture crumpled in his fist, his runaway child bride The timepiece stretched across his wrist She couldn't care less cast aside The scent that so repelled him that he swore: insecticide And there's farewell note to mother That will conclude Your loving Son Oh, tell your other children not to do as I have done Chorus So an artist drags a toothbrush across the first thing that he sees And names the painting Christ's Last Exit into Purgatory Receiving secret messages from an alien intelligence Paying off his stalker it's a legitimate expense So paste up pictures of those shrill and hollow girls With puckered lips She's a trophy on your arm A magnet for your money clip The moral of this story is the sorry tale to say They're pieced with links of chains so they can never run away

Just Like Always

JOE COCKER "Sheffield Steel"
Every year when this day rolls around I think of the night we both tore up the town And I wonder if your're laughing with your eyes glowing Making pretty conversation where the wine's flowing And running and playing just like always Every day at least one time I picture your face in the back of my mind Smiling at the ocean with your eyes shining Your hair's a red river and it's all mine You're a thousand days, just like always Maybe someday I really will forget Maybe start to live again a life without regret Funny isn't it, but the man ain't laughing yet Does love really last forever Does the ocean miss the sunset everytime I pass your street, I look both ways So incomplete And I think that I might see you Lord knows I won't I wish that you would call me But I know you won't But I love you anyway Just like always Just like always Just like always

This Could Take All Night

Put your car keys down, you'd better stick around You're the only one to get this done Close and lock the door, Drop down to the floor Forget the phone until you see the sun Baby it's all right Because you know I'll make this fun When we see the morning light We'll be right back, where we started from 'Cause this could take all night And it's a dirty low down job When you do it right You can turn it off, you can leave it on I don't care about the light 'Cause this could take all night I hope you're in good shape, 'cause you'll be working late Don't watch the clock, don't try to stop this time Just keep on going strong, work it all night long I'll make you glad it's in the stars you're mine Baby don't be afraid a little work won't hurt your back But just in case I'm wrong you'll be smiling when they pronounce you dead Chorus repeat

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