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REBA MCENTIRE lyrics - Rumor Has It

Now You Tell Me

Original and similar lyrics
(Donny Kees/Shawna Harrington) What a surprise Never thought I'd hear from you Whatever made you call From out of the blue What did you say I must be hearing things Things that I never thought would come from you Chorus: Now you tell me That you love me desperately Why did you wait so long to say those words to me Oh you made me crazy I don't know what to do Now you tell me Not that's there's somebody new I think you should know There's someone here with me O bet he can tell you must be someone dear to me So I better go 'Cause you still get to me Just when I thought I was over you This is all I need Repeat Chorus tag

After We Make Love

Through the thick and through the thin On your love I can depend I must have really thought about it now and then But we were never more than friends And it caught me by surprise When I looked into your eyes Something make me recognize I need you' you Chorus: Would it all be a mistake (Girl if we make love ) Would you and I still be feeling this way (After we make love ) And friends will we remain (Girl if we make love) Can we promise that nothing will change (After we make love ) I still remember when we met You had a smile I won't forget And I would lie If I say I have never had The thought of you and I'm alone in bed Would it catch you by surprise Would you think I read your mind If I wore to say that I have longed for you' you Repeat Chorus Baby I don't wanna loose Loose the friend I have in you But my desires taking over me yeah If love is knocking at the door (Who I will to ignore ) How do we know the love will come again Repeat Chorus Repeat Chorus

Miami, My Amy

Well, everybody talks about the California quakes But the first time I ever felt the earth shake Was in Miami When Amy touched me Aw, it shook me I told her I loved her and I wanted to stay But she said, Be Sure, and I'll call you in L.A. Even in the taxi I could hear the telephone ring Calling me from Miami My Amy What took you so long I thought you'd never call Miami, My Amy Miami, My Amy loved me after all Now Amy just called and said, Please come back I said, I'm on my way, I haven't even unpacked I want you, I love you , that's all she had to say Good-bye L.A. Now once again I'm Miami bound Can't wait til this plane touches down Becuase I know my Amy will be waiting At that Miami gate I can't wait Miami, My Amy What took you so long I thought you'd never call Miami, My Amy Love me after all Miami, My Amy loves me after all

Alone In Santa Cruz

ATARIS "Anywhere But Here"
Did I ever tell you that I really love you... and I think about you all day? I really miss you and wish I could kiss you but why are you so far away? (Chorus) Since you've been gone I've thought over and over about you inside my head and where I went wrong, where I went wrong Everyday... I've been thinkin' alot about all of the things you'd say Since I went away... Since I went away... I guess I could call you and ask you How are you But I really don't have much to say I sit all alone and I stare at the phone and I hope that you're doing o.k. (REPEAT CHORUS)

You're Only In Love

AIR SUPPLY "Hearts In Motion"
I remember an evening so long How your innocence sang And the notes made me shiver inside Like your honesty can You asked me to please explain some things that seemed new What was it that felt like pain, and cuts in two (Chorus) You're only in love, only in love Where life is new and dreams come true You're only in love, only in love To rise and fall and wait as we learn from it all When conscience pulls you away and Your destiny calls Just follow your heart all the way, You'll never need more More than the burning light when evening must die You'll never forget this night, or wonder why (Repeat Chorus) You thought that everything was just a lie Now, after so much time, don't let this secret pass you by

Out Of Love

JOHN PRINE "German Afternoons"
Barley malts and does eat oats and little girls are lively And your liveliness has left me in a brew So I'm sitting here just drinking beer Cause there's nothing else to do. And when I'm out of love, I'm out of you. We were so happy, honey when we were together Why we should have won a ribbon colored blue But those Rocky Mountain waters came between us And when I'm out of love, I'm out of you. Chorus: So I'm living in the land of sky blue waters And I'm grabbing all the gusto up it's true Well, you only go around once in life they say And when I'm out of love, I'm out of you These teardrops that I'm crying are the champagne of bottled tears, And I must admit that I've shed one or two, But when good friends get together well they always tip a few And when I'm out of love, I'm out of you. Repeat Chorus: So put me in a cool place for I'm the King of Beers Forty to forty-five degrees will do And if you must play that jukebox let it be low and now 'Cause when I'm out of love, I'm out of you. Repeat Chorus: Ending: So if you go the time, we got the tears And when I'm out of love, I'm out of you

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