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The Heart Is A Lonely Hunter

Original and similar lyrics
She came in looking good and looking around She's checking out every man in the room right now Don't go telling her about right or wrong She's been alone for way too long CHORUS Well the heart is a lonely hunter With only one desire To find some lasting comfort in the arms of a lover's fire Driven by a desperate hunger To the dark of a neon light The heart is a lonely huntr When there's no sign of a love in sight She hears him say, hey, can I buy you a drink And sees the pale white circle where he wears his ring She knows she's dealing her a dangerous hand The consequences of a one night stand CHORUS REPEAT Somewhere deep inside, she tells him no Before she starts to cry, she turns to go CHORUS REPEAT Oh, the heart is a lonely hunter When there's no sign of a love in sight

Love Walks In

Touch some holy water Confess your sins again Cross yourself with imperfection Break the rules--amend Pick up the pieces Hold them tight now you feel redeemed Try to take a step outside Do what you disbelieve Chorus: Love walks in Looking so devout Love walks in You walk out Build a shrine, break down a wall Run till you can't stop On your knees inside your head Your sanctuary now Repeat Chorus I don't know what you want I don't know what you need Tell me what you want Speak to me, speak to me Tangled up in disillusion Swept up inthe flood Drowning in uncertainty No message from above Repeat Chorus Love walks in Your world stats to fall apart Love walks in You walk out

I'd Love You All Over Again

ALAN JACKSON "Here In The Real World"
Has it been ten years Since we said 'I do' I've always heard marriage made one seem like two But you're looking better than you did back then You still make this old heart give in (Chorus) And if I had it to do all over I'd do it all over again If tomorrow I found one more chance to begin I'd love you all over again The preacher man said 'Til death do us part' That seemed like forever to a young man's heart Now the days seem much shorter The longer we love And the memories just keep adding up (repeat chorus) If tomorrow I found one more chance to begin I'd love you all over again


who......yah yah yah uh huh who saw you stumble baby, who let you fall, who gave you something out of nothin' at all? who's the one for you to turn to, when you're feeling low? who's always been there for you, darlin' you know who's gonna turn your back on, all that we had had? who had the good times, should out-weigh the bad who took the vow that they'll be there til death do us part? who's is slowly diein' cause' your breakin' my heart you know Chorus I gave my love and it was from my heart I can't figure out just why you tore it apart why does it have to be this way? I can't figure it out babe I wanna know whos gonna love you like I do and who's gonna be there holding you now... whos can I turn to when I feel so blue who can I run to, theres no me without you whos gonna be by your side, since you walked right out my life can't sleep at night, keep toss and turnin' and one, one can you tell me who Chorus I guess I knew that you were satisfied I tried to push those thoughts right out of my mind I guess this happens, when you don't deal with the pain but if you come on back, this way I'll give ya my everything again Chorus[repeat 3x]

It's Not Fair

GLENN LEWIS "World Outside My Window"
Cant believe/that the heart of my world/ got me on my knees/ prayin' my eyes are lyin to me/ i built a whole new life around you/ and in an instant we were through/ as our future disappears/ falling like tears/ are the dreams of a love/ i thought we shared and Chorus It's not fair/ i was true to you/ i finally settle down/ then you gone turn around/ and betray the trust i had in you/ it's not fair/ after all i treated you/ respectable, with care/ said that you'd be there/ now who am i to turn to Man, I trusted you/ and this what I get in return/ you was like a brother to me/ but now is see you was just waitin your turn/ when i'd be out at work y'all was doin dirt/ stealin my heart away/ shared everything with you/ all i was goin through/ now dark skies and tearful eyes/ are here to stay Chorus After all i sacrificed/ for my seed, said you'd give life/ with everything i am wanted for you/ to be happy, and now slowly/ the life of love you breathed into my heart/ is slipping away, dying today, if only/ never thought i'd live to see/ disrespected me, how could it be/ throwin it away so easily. Chorus

What Is Good A Heart

Code Red
I told you how I felt I told you what it meant But I still haven't changed your mind I know that you're afraid, You're frightened of the pain But you can let down your guard Cause when we run, we hide We deny what's inside Chorus What good is a heart, if you're not gonna use it? What good is your love, if you're too scared to choose it? If your heart is beating, then it's for a reason If you're not even willing to start, what good is a heart? Don't make the same mistake that people often make And miss out on a chance for love You've got to make your move, you've got to make it soon Cuz you're dying inside Cuz I'm a man, but I cry I have fears, I won't lie Chorus Come on baby, you know it Girl anyone who looks can see that I'm right There's a chance, we should take it Or regret it for the rest of our lives Chorus

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