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And Still

Original and similar lyrics
Thousands of people live in this town And I had to run into him When I saw him there on that busy street Those feelings came back again There was nowhere to run, nowhere to hide He walked up to me, looked in my eyes Chorus: And still The world stood still I couldn't move And all I could feel Was this aching in my heart Saying I loved him still He said how have you been It's great to see you again You're really a sight for sore eyes I said I can't complain Oh, I'm doing fine We talked as the people rushed by We laughed about old times and all we went thru That's when he hugged me and said I've missed you Repeat chorus That's when she walked up to him He said this is my wife I gave my best smile But I was dying inside He said we've gotta go now It's getting late It was so good to see you Then they walked away Repeat chorus

Movin On

Trouble all around (pressing me) People all around (stressin me) I realise u (jus testin me) Cos thru it all you (keep blessin me) My mind's made up no stoppin me I gotta get to my destiny people I hope ya'll hearin me 4 god has given us victory Chorus- Said it's time to move on I been hear too long My life has been changed No longer the same Today's a new day Tomorrow's far away I got to be strong Coz it's time to move on Yeah Yeah Yeah yeahx2 Hey Myron where the crew at Uh they right hear huh hear we go Verse2- No more lonely nights Wonderin when it's gonna be alrite I'm more than a conquerer and all my battles he's gonna fight ain't nobody stoppin me and ain't nobody blockin me no more turnin back because I got the victory Repeat chorus Bridge Hey people movin on Lift your hands up say what yo i'm gone Hey people won't be long got my bags packed and dude yo it's on Hey people don't you wait give him praise ya'll Tell me who you with Hey check it I'm movin on lift your hands up say what yo I'm gone Reprisal- I'm movin on movin onx4 repeat chorus till fade

The Way She Loves Me

When I hear my baby calling A simple motion, a look in her eyes And I'm helplessly falling I'd give all of somebody else For any piece of her heart that's left She knows me better than I know myself Chorus Let me tell you 'bout the way she loves me Ooh, I'm proud to let it show I'm crazy about the way she loves me Ooh, I want the world to know Yeah, yeah, yeah Came close to letting this train pass me by Just like a fool, second guessing I could've spent my life wondering why I didn't cherish the blessing But I know, she'd come my way Lonely nights would have been okay I have her promise that she's gonna stay Repeat Chorus Nobody else could do me so right A breath of Heaven in my darkest night I'm gonna hold on with all of my might Repeat Chorus

Life Goes On

Mmm-hmm, Mr. Shakur, man, your essence remains pure...... Chorus: And by the freedom of God, we got a sure shot, and Jesus-you've been good to me when it all stops, my life goes on for sure, Mr. Shakur and blessed with your presence, your essence remains pure...... Verse One: I never made it in school in '92, lookin for a job as a part-time father, only if you knew Pac, with the chronic thru your music was gettin me thru, it's 1999 now, what we gone do, huh, you gone and enemies snicker when I pour out a little liquor, better not pass me your name and make you out to be the sinner who spent the holiday with that ghetto, cookin a hood dinner, writin my memoirs right next to your picture, remember: Life Goes On, that's what you told me homie, and Sylk~E~Fine hooked it up in the nick of time my homie-shit, I may be lonely and I talk to you, I hope you listening and we mob thru you, we all miss him, and mommy say hey, she feed the babies, Johnny J still crazy as hell, takin your class in college, hope I don't fail, I wish I had the mail for the million dollar bill, but that'd be too much like writin the whole situation, and it smells kind of fishy to me, bring the demons to the light, the truth-it might set me free, but they can't kill you twice, by the freedom of God we have a sure shot, and Jesus you have been so good to me............. Chorus Verse Two: Yo, my friends ain't feelin me, tobacco companies make money off of killin me, we been waitin for forty acres like we said it, damn, and the earthquakes with the world's retaliation, all the abomination, call it El Nino, but it feels like revelation, huh, in fact they got to you, you know, I think a fan shot you, they was jealous of your jewelry, and the jury thought they got you, I fast, prepare for the rapture with a ? for the ghetto bastards, walk in the wilderness with God given talent for ashes, pass the pastor, he ain't helpin the hood like judges should, but life goes on, it's all good, and homie we fight for wood, to keep us stupid huh, and after Eazy, it ain't no more Ruthless acoustics, same producers seduce us, with jewels to boost us, before we prove em wrong, count on a revolutionary to move us, but life goes on, within the music and the song, it's abuse if you use it to fuel your fire, huh...... Chorus Verse Three: Supportin my people, distortin my people, they callin my people, losers weep the reaper, all you G's now, proposition 187, and you think we sleep now, how in the new millenium could we smile, God loves the underdog, and of course the ghettos are close, just when the rain falls, reminisce on tattoos, the oceans, pain y'all, note here for the dosage of prozac he prescribed, ther's too much melanin in my system, musical group, we won't die, and what's the meaning of survival, knowledge of wealth is right there in your biblem look at the literal and learn yourself, pass me the lighter when I'm stressin on these issues, did I mention my momma gonna need some tissue when they get you, I continue to flow eternal, remember Mo Murda way back in the day, smokin burners with lil Layzie, man we shootin at the turtle, him and his big boyz doggin me out, I'm all alone with my Thuggish Ruggish shirt on, but still baby, I don't hate you, we black and strong, even though I know right wherem you live, I forgive you and life goes on........... Chorus

The Love Song

Bush Babees "Gravity"
[Featuring Mos Def] [Mos Def] Everybody.. should get down oh yes (oh yes) oh yes Intro/Chorus One: Mos Def Everybody groove to the music and do what you like to oh yeah (oh yeah) Chorus Two: Mr. Man (Mos Def) Bush Babees (Bush Babees) Y'all know we rock thorough (Yeah we rock thorough) For the whole world (The whole world) Five boroughs.. so check it out * Chorus One seperate then Chorus Two overlaps One * I came all the way from Brooklyn to present my rep Lyrically deep like sleep; I rock hard like Led Zepp I take steps and leave impressions on planets More complicated than life so rappers can not understand it Talking that hardcore shit; but I don't buy it Sit down eat your slice of pizza and be quiet! Cause all that noise you talk is not needed I cut headz off at the knees and leave em all defeated So stay seated, or get deleted from the program Let it be known I don't follow cause I'm my own man with my own plan, cause the mind is infinite We got four minutes, so everybody get widdit! * Chorus One and Chorus Two combined * Chorus Three: Mos Def Cause all my people out in Brooklyn get LOVE Cause all my people out in Queens get LOVE Uptown and Boogie Down you get LOVE Strong Island/Shaolin you get LOVE [Mr. Man] You can send MC's in - squads of six and we take two each I stand out like seeing Moses at the beach - splitting waves My style's the newest rhyme craze Blow up, like grenades, hit words, without shades Hold ya lighter, the Flatbush dolla camp writer Roll with more Dangerous Minds than Michelle Pfeiffer Pay the piper, I lay the pipe just like a plumber Went without a ride for one too many summers, NOW I'm out to get the cream like Carnation Send headz home like George Bush did to Haitians No patience, I got ta have it, the fine fabric I learned The Facts of Life from Mrs. Garrett But now I'ma do it my Way like Carlito Whether it's in sweatpants or even tuxedos We know - if this rap thing, don't make loot I take it back to '86, stick niggaz for they Troops * Chorus One and Chorus Two combined * * Chorus Three * [Y-Tee] We come to tell the people dem, we're talkin one love One are we in love, a way dem cyan't dub They'll find it in a pub, and I said in our club Wha-wha-one love (one love) gonna take it, gonna take it Gonna take your jeans and your dungarees and it will be on sale Things I can try to make you move on the wail Aiyyo, no play yo, don't go astray yo No matter follow me come be a one of these day yo I cyan't believe what dem want in all de mornin So I, I came back in all de evenin Da same thing that made the lights out, be sing Rude bwoy, bad-a-bing, bad-a-bing, now everybody * Chorus One and Chorus Two combined * Chorus Four: Mos Def Cause all my people Up North get LOVE And all my people Down South get LOVE And all my people in the East get LOVE And all my peoples out West get LOVE [Mos Def] And all over the world we get LOVE All over the world we get LOVE All over the world we get LOVE We get LOVE! WE GET LOVE!!! We get, love everywhere we go We get love at ev-ery show We get love everywhere we ride We get love at ev-ery stop This is a station, identi-fi-cation For the entire nation Come to bring sensation, oh yes! It's Da Bush Babee clan come to make you understand That we get love all over the land all over the land All over the land, all over the land All over the land, all over the lannnnnnd Yeahhh, oh yeah, yeahh, yeahh Word up, it's the Mos Def with Da Bush Babees and mad man Merc and the De La Word up, bringing it to you the nine-six It's all magic no tricks, knahmsayin? Comin widdit You gonna love it when you get it Ev-ery-body, groove to the music Ev-ery-body, groove to the music Ev-ery-body... HEY YOU GUYS!!

I Alredy Do

Chely Wright Cautions in the wind The hardest part is through You don't have to try so hard To make me fall for you I've surprised myself With what I've gone and done Just today I heard myself Swear you were the one Chorus Laugh I just have to laugh I really thought you knew I can't believe That your asking me When I will love you I already do I already do You've been doing fine Please don't change a thing It's too good to hide away So i might as well come clean I didn't shout it out But everybody knew Funny you're the only one who didn't have a clue REPEAT CHORUS I gave you my heart Can't you feel the power You want to see the light Baby the sun's been up for hours REPEAT CHORUS

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