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RAY STEVENS lyrics - Surely You Joust


Original and similar lyrics
****the lines in the () brackets are the background singers and the lines that are not in brackets and that are just alot of letters are ray stevens making crying or wimpering sounds**** bbbbuuubbbbaaa bbuuubbbbuuubuubbaaa my new drivers license photo makes me look like quasiemoto and all my clothes are styled for me by minnisotta fats the diet drink I live on soon may take the place of decon I heard it killed eight million labratory rats every night I dream of ding dongs that are big enough for king kong and someday I may just be that big myself stepped on the scales put in a dime card came out said one at a time I tell ya friends I really need some help cause I'm fat (fat, fat fat fat) bbbbuuubbb feel so fat (fat, fat fat fat) the bottoms of my feet (bottoms of your feet) are the only parts of me thats flat (parts of you thats flat) in a socioty where thin is in and lean is wheres at......... (aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaahhhhhhhh) Fat ununha why do I have to be so fat (your so fat) waaahiaa bbbbuuubbbbaaa started workouts with jane fonda when I couldnt' get in my honda I was determind I'd turn all the flab to lean I would hear of some new diet and I'd run right out and try it didn't eat a thing for weeks that wasn't green every week down at the fat club I would proudly stand up tell my weight loss and give my testimonie lost fifty pounds I was feeling great just had one drink to celeabrate went right out and ate a frenchfried shettlin pony cause I'm fat (fat, fat fat fat) bbbbuuubbb feel so fat (fat, fat fat fat) the bottoms of my feet (bottoms of your feet) are the only parts of me thats flat (parts of you thats flat) in a socioty where thin is in and lean is wheres at...... (aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaahhhhhhhh) Fat ununha why do I have to be so fat (your so fat) uhuhuna [spoken] somebody put a bumpersticker on my car it said honk if you got groacries. I was just standing on the corner and a cop came over and asked me to break it up. Evil Kinevil called wants to jump me. uhuh Earl Shive wouldnt' paint me for eighty nine ninety five. goodyear called wants me to join the fleet, Cover the next super bowl waumha All the chairs in my house got seatbelts wuhaha

Contemporary Man

Get it together Justin, got to get it together fam Let's Go Yeah, fuck the back talk Save all that pussy shit for the cat walk Now write your name 100 times on the blackboard Just a white man excelling in a Black sport, like I'm Pistol Pete You already know you a goner when I kiss your cheek Lift your feet, like when your sister sweeps Fine dining, drink water out the crystal creek Straight from Queens rocking leathers like I'm Mr. Cheeks (Uhhhh, fly shit Grown Man shit Do it one more time, fuck it I'm good to go) Yo, I'm a wild freak, hit shorty where the child sleep While her mother make soup with the cow feet Shoulder pads and a leather, Beau Brummell Hopping out the limo at the old Tunnel Fuck sex on the beach, I want head in the streets Spread bed on the feet Lead on your cheek, the cadillac from 73 Aqua marine with a popular fiend, uhh Big Bird, Farrington alumnus Mouth like a pussy, she gummed it You see me in the green velour, facial conquistador Then I order up a feast for four If you see me in a leather, know it's reaching the floor Linen flapping in the wind cause of the breezy shore, yeah Spinal tap, you spitting gynecology rap Eat your pussy with a plastic bag, covering that Brothers will clap leave you hovered or jacked If there's chicken in the building, know I'm smothering that This tool I got will loosen up your stool a lot Near the pee pee will make you poo-poo a lot In the Z3 bumping U2 (Yo this Big Motherfucking Body, bitch) Ginger ale laying in a Knicks cup Pay thirty dollars for a dick suck Pay a hundred dollars for the joints I rolled Oyster bowls chilling in the cloisters I love Black girls boisterous Shorty's on the arm like a koi fish On a Herbie White dude with the yellow fever Yellow sneakers, see through yellow beeper (Feel the beat...) When our eyes first met was like the fourth day in July When you kissed my lips, I knew one day you'd be mine Watch my shorty take a shower, I want the good loving Six ducks in a wood burning oven Georgia Southern, her alma mater She raised out in Queens, but moved out to Colorado Looney Tunes, Taz on the shirt Fuck swag, got pizzazz Two jags, Cincinnati Zubaz Du rag, Bay Terrace pool pass Talked to Skip, schooled me on the ponies Next year catch me posing at the Tonys Folding paper wilding at the OTB Grow the money like a Cocha tree American flags hang on walls that hide money Put my arm through the Picasso Kept a fortress, crib got the Tex-Mex motif, wolves howling Two stallions pull the buggy, Clydesdale Crack the Bud, guzzle, humidors Uncle Moozy with the Mitsubishi Uncle Jimmy with the funny money flossing out in AC Randy Quaid with the turtleneck Erma with the jungle juice, man feet Beamer with the tan seats, Smack the taco out your mouth, green couch

Black Sunday

Tomorrow is the one day I would change for a Monday with freezing rains melting and no trains running and sad eyes passing in windows flimsy and my seat rocking from legs not quite matching Got passport, credit cards, a plane that I'm catching Black Sunday falls one day too soon The taxi that takes me will be moving too quickly My suitcases simply too full for the closing of pants, shirts and kisses all packed in a hurry Two best-selling paper backs chosen at random --- no sign of sales-persons to whom I might hand them Black Sunday falls one day too soon And down at the airport are probably waiting a few thousand passengers, overbooked seating Time long suspended in transit-lounge traumas --- connections broken and Special Branch waiting conspicuously standing in holiday clothing Black Sunday falls one day too soon Pick up my feet and kick off my lethargy Down to the gate with the old mood upon me Get out and chase the small immortality born in the minute of my next returning Impatient feet tapping and cigarette burning Homecoming one day too soon And back at the house there's a grey sky a-tumbling Milk bottles piling on door steps a-crumbling Curtains all drawn and cold water plumbing Notepaper scribbles I read unbelieving Saying how sorry, how sad was the leaving day too soon


JARREN BENTON "Freebasing With Kevin Bacon"
[Hook: x2] You put the codeine in the sprite And then you mix it all up Then you sip it slow That's how them killas get fucked up We call it Lean, Lean We call it Lean, Lean [Verse 1:] Bada-boom, bada-bing White cup of lean Blunt full of green In the cut as I lean In a cutlass supreme Fuck with a team Got her tucked in a jean I'm a show you what I mean When I cut a nigga clean, scalpel please Throw a mufucker off the balcony She don't wanna (gulp) when she give a nigga head Cause she said that she's trynna watch her calories It's the weekend Let your hair down, swallow semen She just wanna be my girlfriend Bitch, wake up ho, are you dreamin'? I got wife and I got children I don't need you catchin' feelings What the fuck these bitches sniffing Cause you trippin' Listen Philippine, billie-jean, guillotine, ritalin Drizzling, Jiggling, Ringaling, Niggaling Chainsaw blade goes ring-ring Get a motherfucker for the bling-bling Bitch I'm on the lean-lean Girl you on the same thing Wayne ain't on it no more, let it go, I'm a bring-bring Chain Flame, get a beat, it's drink Gone off of mufuckin' sprite and promethazine [Hook] [Verse 2:] Lean, on it Half ounce, quarter pound, throw it in the bong Nigga we, on it You ain't gotta fuck it, you ain't even gotta suck it Just pull out my dick bitch, breath on it I often drift, where was I? Lean in my cup and I'm feelin' so high Dude get the keys to his automobile And if he can't walk straight then you know we can't drive! Lean it, swerve it, please don't let a nigga crash Cause I've got a cab Shoulda, coulda, woulda, never woulda been a coulda shoulda If a nigga had Throw up in a bag Eastside, throw it on a map Cut open a blunt, then I fill it up with hash If I get the pussy, I'm a put it in a hat I'm a pull it out her mouth, then I put it in her ass like Cocaine, lo mein, propane, rogaine Gold chain, no brain, Cobain, Don't mayne Profane, no shame, slow vein, no vein No lames, squares and no names No limit, hit 'em with a tech and a gold tank Ya'll niggas hate cause I'm doin' my own thing ATLien, finding my own lane Pop up and I soda pop the codeine [Hook]

Paradise (Lost & Found)

JUST JACK "The Outer Marker"
Hangin about in the sun With prozac Annie and the schizo alcoholics The sharp edged shadows And these mad electronics The barbeque's burning With the moon-ray sensations I'm lying on my back And watching cloud formations Trying to see the beauty Minus the black inside She told me people came here To get drunk before they died Too many problems And not enough solutions Ms. Monroe is in the bathroom Taking care of her ablutions Hiding myself behind illusions Stand back and watch the evolution Of the secondhand lives your using So many fucked up souls In this locality I need the choice of some Relative banality The raw twistings of your mind spewing forth As you stare at me Is fucking scaring me [CHORUS] Paradise lost and paradise found I'm just trying to keep my feet on the ground Paradise lost and paradise found And I'm just trying to get lost in my sound Paradise lost and paradise found I'm just trying to keep my feet on the ground I'm just trying to keep my feet on the ground Storms rage across Metallic skies Reflecting in the multi faceted eyes Of lazy buzzing flies The heavens collide In primeval cacophonies I contemplate my demise And hope the gods are appeased A long distance love affair that's alive But barely breathing A thousand times I thought about leaving Giving all this up And put myself at your mercy But still scared to death About the fact you might hurt me Instead I came here And became an agony uncle And now I'm saddled with this Freaky carbuncle Who's stalking me forcefully And I'm begging her Please let me go about my business peacefully Let my days flow seamlessly Cos since you've been around Everything's got so messy You stress me God bless me and test me Daily [CHORUS] Well it's the original tales of the unexpected You thought I couldn't do it Now stand corrected Cos I'm connected To every nerve ending Cerebral cortex messages I'm sending There's two sides to every story Black and white The day and night Wrong and right And the paradise lost and found All inside this sound [CHORUS x2]

Freedom At 21

JACK WHITE "Blunderbuss"
(Yeah) Cut off the bottoms of my feet Make me walk on salt Take me down to the police Charge me with assault A smile on her face She does what she wants to me That's right and She don't care what kind of wounds she's inflicted on me She don't care what color bruises that she's leavin' on me 'Cuz she's got freedom in the 21st century (Alright) (Listen) Two black gadgets in her hands All she thinks about No responsibility no guilt or morals Cloud of judgement Smile on her face She does what she damn well please (Right) And she don't care what kind of things people used to do She don't care that what she does has an effect on you She's got freedom in the 21st century Cut off the bottoms of my feet (Cut off the bottoms of my feet) Make me walk on salt (Make me walk on salt) Take me down to the police (Take me down to the police)

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