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Ray Sharp And The Dogs lyrics - Show Me Your Tattoo

Love Potion Number Nine

Original and similar lyrics
Love Potion Number Nine Ray Sharp and the Dogs I took my troubles down to Madame Ruth You know that gypsy with the gold-capped tooth She's got a pad down on Thirty-Fourth and Vine Sellin' little bottles of Love Potion Number Nine I told her that I was a flop with chics I've been this way since 1956 She looked at my palm and she made a magic sign She said 'What you need is Love Potion Number Nine' She bent down and turned around and gave me a wink She said 'I'm gonna make it up right here in the sink' It smelled like turpentine, it looked like Indian ink I held my nose, I closed my eyes, I took a drink I didn't know if it was day or night I started kissin' everything in sight But when I kissed a cop down on Thirty-Fourth and Vine He broke my little bottle of Love Potion Number Nine ------ solo ------ I held my nose, I closed my eyes, I took a drink I didn't know if it was day or night I started kissin' everything in sight But when I kissed a cop down on Thirty-Fourth and Vine He broke my little bottle of Love Potion Number Nine Love Potion Number Nine Love Potion Number Nine Love Potion Number Nine

Meet The Parents

JAY-Z "The Blueprint 2: The Gift & The Curse"
Woo! Uhh, uhh It's 'The Gift & the Curse' Uhh, uhh yea First they love me then they hate me then they love me again .. they love me again Let's take a trip down.. I gotcha Let's take a trip down memory, lane at the cemetary Rain grey skies, seems at the end of every young black life is this line, 'Damn - him already Such a good kid,' got us pourin Henn' already Liquor to the curb for my, niggaz up above When it, cracks through the pavement that's my way of sendin love So, give Big a hug, tell Aa-liyah I said hi 'Til the next time I see her, on the other side He was just some thug that, caught some slugs And we loved him cause, in him we, saw some of us He walked like ussss, talked like ussss His back against the wall, nigga fought like us - damn Poor Isis, that's his momma name Momma ain't strong enough to raise no boy, what's his father name Shorty never knew him, though he had his blood in him Hot temper, momma said he act just like her husband Daddy never fucked with him, so the streets raised him Isis blamin herself, she wish she coulda saved him Damn near impossible, only men can raise men He was his own man, not even him can save him He put his faith in her, thirty-eight in his waist But when you live by the gun you die by the same fate End up, dead before thirty-eight and umm That's the life of us raised by winter, it's a cold world Old girl turned to coke, tried to smoke her pain away Isis, life just, ended on that rainy day When she got the news her boy body could be viewed down at the City Morgue, opened the drawer, saw him nude Her addiction grew, prescription drugs, shift and brew Angel dust, dipped in WOO! She slipped into, her own fantasy world Had herself pregnant by a different dude But reality bites and, this is her life He wasn't really her husband, though he called her wife It was just this night when, moon was full And the stars were just right, and the dress was real tight Had her soundin like Lisa Lisa - I wonder if I take you home will you still love me after this night Mike was the hardhead from the around the way that she wanted all her life, shit she wanted all the hype Used to hold on tight when he wheelied on the bike He was a Willie all her life he wasn't really the one to like It was a, dude named Shy who would really treat her right He wanted to run to the country to escape the city life But I-sis, like this, Broadway life She loved the Gucci sneakers, the red green and whites Hangin out the window when she first seen him fight She was so turned on that she had to shower twice How ironic it would, be some fight that turned into a homicide that'll alter their life See Mike at thirty-two was still on the scene Had a son fifteen that he never saw twice Sure he saw him as an infant, but he dissed on him like 'If that was my son, he would look much different. See I'm light-skinnded and that baby there's dark so it's, momma's baby; poppa's maybe.' Mike was still crazy out there runnin the streets (fuck niggaz want) Had an older but light with thirty-eight gun in his reach It's been fourteen years, him and Isis ain't speak He runnin around like life's a peach, 'til one day he approached this thug that, had a mean mug And it looked so familiar that he called him 'Young Cuz' Told him, get off the strip but the boy ain't budge (fuck you) Instead he pulled out a newer thirty-eight snub He clearly had the drop but the boy just paused (hold up) There was somethin in this man's face he knew he seen before It's like, lookin in the mirror seein hisself more mature And he took it as a sign from the almighty Lord You know what they say about he who hesitates in war (What's that) He who hesitates is lost He can't explain what he saw before his picture went blank The old man didn't think he just followed his instinct Six shots into his kid, out of the gun Niggaz be a father, you're killin your son Six shots into his kid, out of the gun Niggaz be a father, you killin your sons Meet the parents.. [echoes and slows down as it fades]

Number One

JOHN LEGEND "Get Lifted"
Ooh I promise not to do it again I promise not to do it You can't say I don't love you Just because I cheat on you Cuz you can't see all I do To keep you from knowing the things I do Like erase my phone And keep it out of town I keep it strapped up when I sleep around Well I should have known one say you'd find out But you can't go and leave me now You know that I love you There's no one above you I said it the last time But this is the last time Don't make me over Cuz I can be faithful Baby you're my number one You're my number one Now who is she? What's her name? You don't need to know about everything We fight about this We fight about that You hang up the phone and call me right back Well I'll never be something I'm not Please don't throw away what we've got Cuz we've been together for way too long I was playing around but I'm coming home You know that I love you (know that I love you) There's no one above you (no one above you) I said it the last time (hey, hey) But this is the last time Don't make me over (don't leave me baby) Cuz I can be faithful (you know I try) Baby you're my number one (baby) You're my number one [Kanye's Rap] I keep you laced up so you aint gotta borrow nothing From them broke ass friends who be bargain hunting They say they shop on eBay --baby why is they frontin'? They be on the internet but they never cop nothin' I keep you in Girl what is those on your toes? And your neck staying froze off that rose colored gold I suppose you was told by them hoes I was cheatin' Thinkin' my heart don't got nothing to do with my penis He got a mind of his own and he just be seeing shit And I don't wanna cheat but I don't be saying shit I try to jack off he ask me who is you playin' wit? But I know he love you he told me you was his favorite You know that I love you (know that I love you) There's no one above you (above you) I said it the last time (said it the last time) But this is the last time (hey hey hey yeah) Don't make me over (don't leave me baby) Cuz I can be faithful (you know I try) Baby you're my number one (oh baby) You're my number one You're making it hard for me You're messing up everything You tell me I gotta leave Say we over You saw that she came over Came in the Range Rover Left with a hangover Say we over I promise I won't cheat I promise I won't lie I promise I'll act right Say we over You can't tell me I can't have you I can't have that We aint over Hey, it aint over baby We aint over Oh you don't need to go it's not over We aint over Oh... We aint over Oh it's gonna be alright now don't go now

Number 1

PAC DIV "The Div"
[Hook:] You're my number 1 (one!) No matter what you do I know I drive you crazy But you always be my favorite You're my number 1 (one!) You better know you are The only one I think of when I dream Please stay with me tonight! [Verse 1: Mibbs] We had a falling out I was on some bullshit and she called me out That little thing called pride what's it all about? We went and turned a happy home into a haunted house (Right?) But if you gotta bounce, you gotta bounce So go and get your DJ Unk on and "Walk It out" You think I'm hatin' since you got a new baller now He ain't no man, he dunno how to tear them walls down You see me at the club, so you wanna call me now You cheated on him with me, so you feeling sorry now On some real shit I think we need to cut it out Cause I just showed up at your new apartment unannounced Why? [Hook] [Verse 2: Be Young] DJ play her favorite song on the radio French tip, painted toes Tryin to set the skype up wherever I say we go Dope like Ralio, coups of painted gold Take it to the bedroom, movie star playin' roles New Jane Fonda, damn that's a skyda Ass so fat, you can't fit it in ya Honda Part time student, but you still rollin' ganja Right before class still hit me with the noggin (Right?) Nevermind, I'm just playin' with you This ain't the ordinary that I'm tryin' to say to you I spend a day with you, let Mary Kay hit you Make 'em wonder why we stay official I'm with you Why? [Hook] [Verse 3: Like] You lookin' lovely my dear And all these niggas in the club in your ear Tryin' to promise you, flowers like Mothers Day near He wanna buy you Louis but his budget says Sears Love you when you sexy, love you when you crusty Love you when you smell good, love you when you musty Love you when you curvy even love you when you husky You love the way I fuck you, I love you when you touch me It must be, something about the way you always shine When these other bitches dusty, love you cause you trust me Love me when I'm dead broke, ridin' on the bus When I be in the crunch, you provide me with a crutch Somethin' like fisher, lively in the clutch Tell me go deep everytime I'm in yo guts When I be on a roll, I might be gone for months But you you ain't never worry That's what's up You're my number 1 [Hook]


WU-TANG CLAN "Iron Flag"
[Raekwon the Chef] So yo yo all I want to do is just tell them cats On the real, keep your game high man, keep it up Word up, never stop your goals man, yaknowhatI'msayin (For real baby) And, yo son, on the real I'ma get a sneaker just like y'all [Ol Dirty Bastard] I need help Because the black man is God The government is after me And the worst is, black man is the Devil I need help So this is to bring everything in the Someone help me please universe within the light Someone help me! Understanding They already did 2Pac My children, all six billion humans Biggie Smalls on the planet Earth Someone help me! Regardless of who or what, I love you Someone help me please! Word is bond, I love you Ahh! I'ma groupie for life, about nine wife All the babies are mine, save a child life No more doctors deliverin my babies Stick in pins killing me slowly To the President you say I'm a welfare fraud you motherfucking right! Let's burn this dark house white! Insecure about my ding-dong, married to Babylon My queen lookin at me like a pawn! [Raekwon the Chef] Splash the worst rehearse a verse Flashdance on the universe Televise the work Network Shop til your neck hurt Whattup Dirt, nine diagram phoenix on your sweatshirt Thirty-thousand went bezerk, it's like clockwork Rockport Mr. Raw God, hold the fort Collect thoughts, elect sports, sideswipe, by the white horse French cut, gleamin in the Benz truck, whattup Tellin my mens what Ten times platinum and we ends up draped out, jumpin out a cake, now throw your tape out Furniture style, holdin the mic we got it laid out Mind iodine Einstein remind mine People swam nine didn't know they own kind wrong time Denim rap, competition quick, handle that Suckin the jim hat, pervertin on my raps'll get you slidapped Mix drink Cuban Link lizink, flip a to zinc Plus, expensive like a roman mink, now think [Ol Dirty Bastard] An ugly thirty-six chamber degree, what, you wanna rhyme Deep bring 600 ABC through the love white hate line I'm telling you tornado, 42 billion thought travel The year 90's parallel, controls to the wakes I dig woman's stomach swell, my borough is dark Many lights UFO kites, Benjamin Franklin got it right Abraham I stuck your cherry tree Your white head came out my black pussy I ran Rip Van Winkle on all fours Mountains twinkle twinkle star, Tarzan in a jar And then came out Jane Flintstone in my gravel pit [Method Man] Kill the chatterin, niggaz bust shots, keep em scatterin Blood splatterin, on point like a javelin Fuck battlin, you cats is only good for babblin Imaginin yourself, as the God space travellin Round the seven rings of Saturn Got my sword plus the Abbot in the chamber, nine in the clip At the gatherin, we left you staggerin, yo it had to been Hot Nickel, who broke bread, at the Vatican Stick a pin, in a citizen, mental food, got us diggin in My compliments to the chef M-E-TH like amphatimens, yes stick it to the veteran Blaow blaow! Blown to death, take your medicines I put the sick in your mu-sick with Osirus Bound to blow like a bad sinus [Ol Dirty Bastard] Stay up at night don't sleep on your morn Rest in the day because it's sunlight Reverse thought psychology [Prince Rakeem] Child wild adventures walk trillions of square inches Ten percentage try to drain me of my mental strengthage Heavy wattage knowledge cleans blood clottage, and retardage I refine the garbage logic exterminate your cottage [U-God] Thirty-six anger, dirty language is the stranger The mangler, the honor roll singer righteous finger When we shine-a, we always find a never minor major Hard to spot we dangerous with our behavior [Prince Rakeem] Australian Venezuelaen illegal aliens Chameleons all catch the feelings we revealing Killer bee keep your mind at ease, lay back like Adam fuckin Eve Four thousand years in the garden, puffin trees [U-God] I aim slang I maintain, through the main vein The answer came clever, when we do greatness through trial and error Mile of terror motormouth, let the odor out Fumin greater, the temper in my spine huminator The super grass childish blast sleepy eye stash The hashish masterpiece, Osirus is the virus This split second splash, severe drop is near pop There's fallin teardrops, now is it worth your career

Anything Goes

Seems that nothing is sacred We’ve crossed all the lines Yea, we’re young and beautiful and jaded We've seen everything twice But when push comes to shove We’re in it for number one And we have no real love for no one [CHORUS:] The hell with taking it slow Don’t you know anything goes Don’t think about the consequences Throw away your pride If it feels good it’s all right We're livin' in the present tense, yea We love to build everyone up So we can tear them all down Take everything for granted And we want what we want and we want it now But when push comes to shove We’re in it for number one And we have no real love for no one [CHORUS] [BRIDGE:] I know there’s something better Can’t go on forever Or I will just lose my mind All used to be something Fading into nothing I can’t sit and let it die But when push comes to shove We’re in it for number one And we have no real love for no one [CHORUS]

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