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RAY J lyrics

Shake That

Original and similar lyrics
Ft B2k (Apart From Omarion) Intro: As we proceed to give you what you need. Ray J, Raz B, J- boog,Lil' fizz. It's the official remix! Shorty, shake that ba-dunk-a-dunk-dunk (Missy elliott sample:'keep your eyes on my ba-dunk-a-dunk-dunk) Do it when the beat goes rump-a-bump-bump. (Missy elliott sample:'As the dummer boy goes rump-a- pump-pump) Verse 1- Ray J: Tonight ain't no reason to be lonely coz you know up in the club it's on. You never sleep coz you gettin that money, I know they got you working all day long. The potrone in the trunk will get you perking. Henney shots will get you hot your thongs. Then i know you'll be ready for the night girl, when the DJ plays this song. Chorus: Shorty, shake that ba-dunk-a-dunk-dunk (Missy elliott sample:'keep your eyes on my ba-dunk-a-dunk-dunk) Do it when the beat goes rump-a-pump-pump. (Missy elliott sample:'As the dummer boy goes ba-rumb-a- pumb-pumb) Shorty, shake that ba-dunk-a-dunk-dunk (Missy elliott sample:'keep your eyes on my ba-dunk-a-dunk-dunk) Do it when the beat goes rump-a-pump-pump. (Missy elliott sample:'you think you can handle this ka-dunk-a-dunk-dunk) Bridge: You shake it, girl. You shake, ahhh You shake it, girl. You shake it x2 girls: REMIX! Raz B: Bump x3 like B2K, drinking and smoking with my nigga, Ray j. Spending and flossing from new york to cali. Hynoptic and Cris plus 10 bottles of moet. (Ray j: all the ladies in the V.I.P) Switchin and shakin, come put that ass on me. You're freakin me good coz you i'm raz b with fizz, j-boog and NO OMARI. Chorus Bridge Lil' fizz: Mami, im not you, so just lend me your time. Lend me your mind, be my desire. I make you numb like i run in your blood. I can't say i love you but i can show you love. Lay your head on my chest, feel my heart beat. I (unclear), shopping sprees. Mami, bump the swap meat. You remind me of magic. I see your girl, Nikki. Im a millennium man so forget about me, GIRL! Chorus Bridge Ray J and j- boog: I don't want you to stop girl. I want you to shake that thing. I want you to shake it for me I want you to shake it for timbaland. I want you to shake it for the whole knockout. (shout outs) Timbaland: it's unbelievable x2 Ray j: knock outs the name!

Movin' It

AER "Aer"
[Intro - Carter:] You can hear the party from a mile away Unmatched smile got the style and grace So if you wanna move lets find the pace Walkin up like by the way Hey lady what it is? Scoop 'em up, no sweat, 81 degrees Gymnast body, no flyin' trapeze Have your friends bring they friends like one two three [Hook - Dave:] Don’t give it up so fast I could show you how to groove with it Don’t give it up so fast Ey girl, keep movin' it Don’t give it up so fast I think I might choose you miss Don’t give it up so fast Everybody’s still doin’ it [Verse 1 - Carter:] There’s moves to be made and I was made to make moves There’s lotta talent here that needs to break loose On the floor with four girls so that’s eight shoes Didn’t see that shake so lemme get take two? Oh shit I’m at the bar again And this my own tux didn’t borrow it I told that chick I’m an artisan On a trek to find out what karma is, cuz Ha! All it really was was one dance Initiated by one glance And it was just common sense And I gotta admit I’m a little bit impressed It’s a story bout a girl ill survive to tell Seems like I’m alive and well Looks like Kelly K from saved by the bell These are rhythmic secrets we ain’t never gonna tell [Hook - Dave] [Bridge x2 - Carter:] Girl shake that body, that’s why you’re here What else you gonna do girl? I thought I made it clear Go on shake that body, what else you gonna do? That’s what happens with the FAM crew [Verse 2 - Carter:] Well I don’t care if she’s driving Takin me home we in private Make sure I won’t be drunk dialin' Chemistry’s keeping all night and day I’m one of the son of a guns Who can get a good nun to get up and get drunk I’ll end up with a mom and a blunt at your spot I’m takin it straight w a couple of rocks I’m complacent I’m not really someone to talk A face off at 4 in the morning I know I’m all for it, so baby lets rock [Hook - Dave]

Space Jam

AUDIO PUSH "Come As You Are"
[Hook:] Here's your chance, do your dance (Shake it!) (Drop) drop down and shake it [Verse 1: Audio Push] Alright, I count it, I show it I take it out and I throw it Them real niggas is here and know everybody know it Boy, I got these girls wildin' from 19 to like 40 something You're not Disick, like Kourtney husband I'm more than drunk cause I had a shot of that vodka I had a shot of that Henny, I got contact from that Mary Your girl gave me some Remy and now she poppin' that thing for me And lookin' like she want it, B-O-W-O-K-T-A-N-E Instagram in the morning, girl Come through bring her and them, too, do not bring your man with you Nickname that na-na trouble now let's see how much I get into I'm Oktane, that's Pricetag and Weezy, well you know him So Sundays at Greystone, shots on me well let's go then [Hook] [Verse 2: Lil Wayne] Ugh, take them clothes of, that's a fashion statement I get behind that ass, we drag racing Suck my pipe, swallow my crack babies Dirty dancing, rest in peace Patrick Swayze Get your ho and don't you stunt I make her knees weak, four more make a month She blow my dick like a blunt She shakin' like shake John She make her ass clap Thank you, thank you very much Pop that pussy lil mama Do your lil dance with your beautiful ass Hoes sweat me like glands Now shake that ass girl, shake that ass girl Ass like a dump truck, Truk the world Tunechi... [Hook] [Verse 3: Audio Push] Uh, one time, uh Pull up, ten chains on, fur coat nigga Rest in peace to all you broke niggas When it come to paper yeah we got the most with us So rest in peace to all you broke niggas All the girls jock us, beast, daily knockas Middle of the stage middle finger to the coppas Wait, heard your mama white but your daddy black Well that explains that long hair and how that booty clap Black girl got knowledge, my white girl attended college Spanish girl, she like it fast, I call her Speedy Gonzales My black girl said "don't be sittin' down if you a freak" (go 'head) I said "get up out that seat" (go 'head) "And practice what you preach" (go 'head) [Hook]

Loose Booty

JUVENILE "Reality Check"
[Chorus: Juvenile] She got a loose booty, she got a loose booty Pay attention to how it shake, she got a loose booty She got a loose booty, she got a loose booty Pay attention to how it shake, she got a loose booty [Juvenile] I ain't tryin to be stuck all in the corner and locked up Tongue-kissin a hoe a nigga know she a doctor Hoe can make a nigga think she a queen She standin there smellin like potpourri I bet she stank in them jeans Need to shake it, wash it, rinse it, squeeze it and douche it Call a time-out, freeze AT EASE that pussy They comin out the woodworks, ain't no pride They don't get tired, play they vibe and they'll shake it 'til they foot hurt Say she dressin for time, she got a lot of that She ain't no nickel and dime, she got a dollar back When she step her ass bounce two times The wobble wobble make it hard for her to walk straight lines Gotta add the soldiers on when you standin behind her You might get stuck in there and need a camera to find her Gotta hold ON to them handlebars, cause you don't want that broad goin tellin your dawgs you got handled boy! [Chorus - 2X] [Eightball] You make a nigga wanna pay for that pussy hoe Stand it up and make you get up on your tiptoes Play with love man, kiss it baby watch him grow Don't run your mouth about it, momma try to keep it low Let's get a room somewhere deep on the outskirts Give me head 'til yo muh'fuckin mouth hurts Go tell your friends 'bout the suite up at the W About the view and all the freaky shit I done to you Now when she see me when you're not around She be in my face, tryin to see what I'm about Here take my number, maybe you can take me out Take you somewhere and put some dick up in your mouth I remember when you bitches wasn't so nice Before the rings and the watches got a coat of ice Same nigga, different day, we forever say Money over bitches, U.T.P., Eight way [Chorus - 2X] [Skip] Oh I like the way you move it to the right girl No I like the way you shake it to the left girl No I like it when you bend it, when you step girl Now, touch your toes while you hold your breath girl! And I ain't come here to ruin your night I'm tryin to put somethin new in your life! Just by doin you right, we can go somewhere for two if you like Use the stars and the moon for the light, cause you movin it right Why? I'm really tryin to do you tonight (right now) If you dyke, bring your crew if you like! If any um booty is like, your booty is like Call your whole crew booty delight, we make it "Nolia Clap" Don't hold it back, touch the flo' with that I got a heart attack, your booty causin cataract I can't even stay on it, look I keep on fallin back! My momma always told me Skip don't ever fall for that! [Chorus - 2X]

The Come Thru

JIN "The Rest Is History"
Get high get low Thick girls go and shake ya big butt You in the club wit some some worldwide thugs And wherever you see us we gon' kick it, its all love (now I) Get high get low Thick girls go and shake ya big butt You in the club wit some some worldwide thugs And wherever you see us we gon' kick it, its all love [Verse 1: Jin] Now ma whole set get love I'm in the Chi two steppin wit them thugs And big man you can search all you want But you ain't gon' find no drugs or no guns Yea y'all can get weeded up, beated up But don't eat it up this ain't a slow jam so I can speed it up (lets go) I ain't sparkin a meadow I jus want to talk to the ghetto Bag the baddest chick with the sharpest stilettos Im so influential, you so impotential Man you gon' know what I'm workin wit When I hold it against you Destination vip you can follow us But if it was the last sip well jus follow us Shorty feelin my style because I'm humerous Put me on cloud nine and its accumulous Assume its us Jin, mista quick to diss ya And Twista spit so fast ya lips'll blista [Chorus: repeat 2X] Now I get high get low (get low) Thick girls go and shake ya big butt (like this) You in the club wit some some worldwide thugs And whereva you see us we gon' kick it, its all love [Verse 2: Twista] When I come in the party betta get high Cuz I pulled up in the platinum seven six five Who say lyrical niggaz don't know how to party See me jackin up shawtys wit a grippin on her thick thighs I like the way she workin that badunkadunk Bouncin the fatty when the base go bump She witness how Twista spit it So now she want me to hit it Cuz I'm blazin up the booth and raisin up the roof I'm in the vip sippin on Cris' and Henn' All the ladies is trippin cuz they can't get in They see me ballin wit the Ruff Ryder homie And say they only drink liqour nigga but now they want some Jin Everywhere we kick it we got the club sold International hustlas that travel the globe Rockin the thugs makin hoes keep it live It's the Double R connect and that nigga Twista from Chi I'm fly [Chorus] [Verse 3: Jin] We can definately kick it I don't want to just stick it If bein fine was a crime well I'd havta write you up a ticket If you dance for me its sign jus like a picket And I got two middle fingaz for all you critics Never you in this someone so clever who spit this I'm only here for one night so I mix some pleasure with buisness Every few minutes I drink a couple of shots Take a dutch break it in half and fill it up with some pot [Chorus] Now mama shake some If they don't like it fuck it They some haters (c'mon shake it girl) Yo mama work some If they don't like it fuck it They some haters (jus work it girl) [Chorus] [Jin 2x] C'mon and shake it girl (like this) Jus work it girl (like this)

Party To Damascus

WYCLEF JEAN "The Preacher's Son"
(feat. Missy Elliott) [Wyclef Jean (Missy Elliott)] Brrrr, Yeah,(ew, ew, ew, EW! yeah) it's over, uh huh (that's right) Missy With The Preachers Son, uh huh (ok) It's over (ok), I told ya (yeah) J-CLEF, let's go (ew, WOO) Brrrrr [Missy Elliott - talking] (uh oh) Yeah, hey yo Clef (oh) Uh oh, these motherfuckers ain't ready for this shit (hey) [Missy Elliott] Me and Clef on this track what you want Heard you wanna battle us both I hope you don't Hand me my mic, two woofers in my trunk (huh) Sound like gonk-ga-gonk-ga-gonk-ga-gonk-ga-ga-ga-gonk (c'mon) I drink that Dom Perignon (oh) I drink that shot of Petron to turn me on (uh) I got that red eye bomb, get you stoned (yeah) I got them gunshots, head knock 'til my bed stop [Wyclef Jean] Hey, I'm from a place called New Jersey, they call it the New Jersey land I'm only here for one night girl, I'm on the plane tomorrow But I love the way you move girl and do that belly dancin So let's play you're my teacher and won't you give me my first lesson (C'MON) [Break - Missy Elliott] I teach you what you want (oh yeah) The things you need to know (oh yeah) Come in and shut the door (yeah) Lets get this party goin (uh huh) Baby let me show you, how you can satisfy a girl needs (oh yeah, c'mon, c'mon) [Chorus - w/ ad libs] In the mornin, in the evenin In the nighttime, gotta have it It's a feelin I can't fight it You got me speakin another language [Female voice: Bo, Habibbi, Nishtage'a - 2X] It's official raise your glasses Cause this party gonna go to Damascus [Wyclef Jean] Yeah, she said her dad's in the Army and he's the number one sniper And if he ever found out, he'd have me swimmin with the fishes in the water Now I'ma say somethin crazy girl, I love you I know we meetin for the first time in the club, but this feels like a deja vu [Break - w/ ad libs] [Chorus - w/ ad libs] [Interlude - Wyclef Jean - 2X] Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday Friday, Saturday, Sunday, gotta have it [Missy Elliott] W-Y to the Clef (c'mon) Boy I keep it realer than the titties on my chest (yeah) 'Milk does your body good,' come on take a sip Like [3 slurping noises], it taste good don't it You's a fine dreadlock, come on get How many times Missy crushed the very best? How many bombs on my summer, Funk Flex? (uh) As many times as Teddy Reilly said 'yep, yep' Did you get it? I stays on your mind like a fitted (uh) Like diddy itmake you walk for cheesecakes to the city? (woo) Rough chick, dirty jeans, ain't nothin pretty (uh) Me and Clef steppin to the mic to get busy (c'mon) [Chorus] [Missy Elliott - talking] (uh oh) Yeah, hey yo Clef (uh oh) Uh oh [Wyclef Jean - talking] What's up Missy (uh oh) You know I love ya girl (oh) What's up Missy Let's go (uh) I got the guitar soundin like a satar Holy, holy, Jerry Wonder I need some security Call police [fades out]

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