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Raven Symone lyrics


Original and similar lyrics
Verse: I know what i'm all about my body gonna a change me, I stand my ground and deal with negativity, I got my mind made up, I'm gonna do whatever makes me happy, One step at a time, I chose my own destiny. Bridge: There's No Doubt, what its a about My dreams are coming true, Won't stop can't stop, DO what i need to do, Chorus: I can stand upon my own, No one can bring me down down, I know i'm gonna shine shine, shine shine I will hold my head up high, I'm gonna make it through, through Because it's my time to shine shine, Shine shine. Verse: I don't let things get to me, I wanna live stress free, No one, and nothing gonna get the best of me, Believe in myself no matter how hard things may seem, Keep climbing to the top, My dreams will be in reach, (Ohhh) Bridge Chorus Bridge: I'll never lose sign of what i want in my life, I'll stay true to myself, No one can tell me, what the future holds, I'll stay strong no matter, I will survive, I'm gonna shine. (c'mon, yeah, uh, Repeat) Chorus REWIND Chorus I can stand upon my own, No one can bring me down down, I know i'm gonna shine shine, shine shine

Get On This

CHICAGO "Stone of Sisyphus"
Get On This *** In the middle-of a dream Thought I saw the sacred Love Supreme So beautiful yet so obscene But I'm not sure I'm sleeping And in a golden sun I saw Hitler,Elvis, and angels A little baby with a big gun I saw Jesus kissing the devil Gonna take some time for me to Get on this-get on this It's gonna take an angel's kiss to Get on this-get on this When I go to sleep tonight I must remember to close my eyes Saw a mother-take a needle Burn in water-drown in flame A soft spot for a hard habit She had a baby that no name They say a day will come When a bright light shines all around you The perfect Disney millineum Where only happiness will surround you Repeat chorus The sins of hypocrisy Will turn the world upside down Lies in the hearts of children Destroy their world without a sound And in a full moon sun I saw a king turn angels to ashes Beside a bonfire in Babylon Stands an empty house full of cages Repeat chorus

Evil Roy

Earth Wind And Fire "Touch The World"
Philip Bailey, Allee Willis A.Z. Giles Het gets wild at night Gotta sleep all day 'Cause he's wound so tight Blowing his brains away He's in the land of the free And he wants to be Someone they all say will make good But what's reality when you're from the hood It's evil yea, yea, yea (Chorus) Evil, Evil Roy, who is fooling who Don't you know Evil Evil someone watching you Well he got no job so he peddling-fear Trying to push so hard No way out of here It's just the law of the street Too much heat Pressure cooking, gonna explode But where you gonna be if you lose control it's evil yea yea yea (Chorus) (Bridge) Can't you see that your way Is going nowhere fast And your time is just running out Fighting fire with fire It will never pass If evil's what your life's about (Out Chrus) When you take never giving Hide the pain You stop living

Rather Be With You

Shine I'll stand by you Don't try and push me away 'cause I'm just gonna stay You can shine I won't deny you And don't be afraid it'll all be ok Do you know my name Well I ain't gonna take that big time line won't be beat by a lie Gonna call out to these embers waiting to ignite Gonna pull you up By your love, by your love and tell you Shine I'll stand by you... I can see the frown you wear All around like some faded crown Like a watch over wound Gonna call down to this diamond buried underground Gonna pull you up by your love, by your love and tell you When it's said and done What you need will come and time won't let me Let you let me waste it this time shine...

Body Juggler

Ghoti Hook "Sumo Surprise"
she can only see past certain views she doesn't think that she will lose and with this we just cannot get along i must admit i like her a lot this infatuation just won't stop and in the end i know i must be wrong chorus: i wonder, i wonder why i wonder, i wonder why indication of infatuation complicates this situation it's making me search out a real escape this creation of this relation and concentration of admiration has got me dumb and all bent out of shape chorus bridge: but i'm ignorant stubborn and stupid i won't take the time to give in to the fact that i must wait and let Him show me where to begin if i go ahead and try to find her by myself i'll make a mistake when will i learn that this big decision is not mine to fully make with this now that i must mention so that i can stop this stupid tension and free myself from feeling selfish greed my sinful motives and bad intentions has been brought to my attention and even now i know i deny need chorus bridge

We Can Be New

Can you tell that I've been hurt so? Can you tell I wanna lay low? Can you tell that I'm a flower Waiting for a sunshower? Can you tell that love denied me? I need someone to revive me If you give me a reason, I'll be with you through the seasons (Bridge) And we'll shed of our skin like trees do with leaves We'll glide together down on winter breeze And rest in the earth intertwined at the roots Until we have grown into one, me and you... (Chorus) And we can be new And we can be new And we can be new Oo-oo-oo-oo-oo And we can be new Can you tell me a story That ends with morning glory? Can you tell I will believe you If I could remember how to? Can you tell the girl I once was Come back, there's nothing here to fear, love? If you give me a reason, I'll be with you through all seasons (Bridge) (Chorus) Want to begin, want to begin to grow our new future, love Where the ground is still fertile, full of hope and life Never again, never again will pain and lies do you in Let's bury them beside us, so they can remind us of when we... (Repeat chorus)

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