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Raven Symone lyrics

Hip Hoppers

Original and similar lyrics
Yo i'm ready to go, I got rhymes to flow Pull the plug on my set, and ya still couldn't my show I get busy, like a bee, check me, R-A-V-E-N Symone rocks microphones like cradles Gettin dough over the table I'm STILL young But my compitition is STILL run I'm comin' at you with talent, never no still-guns Little and lovely, too young for Silly Putty When you mention fly think of me, or when people discuss me, trust me, i'm in it for the long hard Like Micheal Jackson, my style's off the wall, yah off tha meter, off tha hook, off tha books, those who talk trash they all get shook So whatchu say I told you in the remix single, I came to play, so get down with Rae Rae, ah CHORUS This is the joint for all the hip hoppers we got the flow you know you can't stop us This is the joint for all the hip hoppers we got the flow ya know you can't stop us You gotta love me, love me, love me Hey, yo, I make dough but don't let the dough make me been in the game since age three, ya'll feel me A young rapper, maybe the best one yet and i'm just gettin' started I ain't done yet While ya'll talk about the tend ya gon' spend I remember when I made my first million Five years old, that's when the bill roll got sold, but never let the c-cash go to full control Like my in the limo, only my peers were chicks, but now the young fellas smilin' up in my face But i've got no time for you if you ain't tryin' to expand yo' mind Young crew check this, now the age ain't about livin' wreckless on a branch i'll still stay connected All my people's respected cause I can eat dinner with the president Then come home to the resident's R-A-V-E-N represents [REPEAT CHORUS 2X] [rapper] Hey ya'll ya'll what Rae is tryna say we bout to get one more time, gonna free ya mind freaky-freaky-freaky Now from this point on I continue to storm up the charts and remain in my true friends hearts and stay grounded multi-fabulous and well-rounded I drop hits to get ya'll kids to spell grounded Yo, I know you see me on the TV shows (true) Videos (true) Movies not rated blazin yo' stereos (ooohhhh) So what the deal, are ya'll with me or what i'll be rippin it up for years so show me love [REPEAT CHORUS TILL FADE]

The Right To Reply

The house, Looks for an answer to end all the violence. The ungovernable finally break silence, There's endless white papers, and new institutions. That still won't stop us, it's no solution The right and the left wing continue to bore, With pre-dated policies all heard before. This is mankind now see how mankind kills, We're hitting back hard now you see how it feels. They teach and preach examination tests, So the political privelaged can order the rest, Of the young parasites, Who live in a world without hope, To get back in line, and stay there, Then assure us they'll cope. In the new violent Brirtain they pledge to invest, In skills and communities with renewed interest. To build schools of education, Not colleges of crime A manifesto so perfcetly timed, Providing help for the helpless, Their new commissions strive, For a stable re-educated society by 1995. Meanwhile, we fight on in desparation Still trying to break through. Their barriers of insanity and even now they know it's true, That to irradicate violence effectively, Injustice has to unfold. But, instead they choose to compensate, to lie and Then collaborate, no interest in any true debate, Their courts set up the offenders fate, the new Secure units for the old custodial sentence. Well we have listened to you for long enough, Taken all your threats, and you ain't so tough. You intimidate, then punish the persistent hard-core offender. You condemn more and understand less, You'll get no apologies ever. In an atmosphere of moral panic, You blame us for fighting back. But it's us that's been dragged through your streets backwards, Battered shell-shocked and attacked. The pressure's building on law and order, But we ain't even started. They may think they have been tested, But no way for we still stand divided. More and more we're turning against our own, How come? How have we forgot? That this is the one thing they want us to do, To compensate For the freedom that we ain't got. Some mug old folks and these are SCUM It's the one main thing that just ain't done. We can deal perfectly with our own problems, By taking the law in to our own hands. We can protect our own, young, the weak, and Elderly, and therefore smash their callous plans. I shall not work to build my death Nor have decisions madeby fools, For my or your behalf. As though I can't see or hear Of that which surrounds me, As though I'm quite content With all that, that disgusts me. I will not build for another's gain, Although it always ends up the same, It's as though I can't see or hear, As though I'm content, With everything that disgusts me. How can they talk about low life? Whilst they're destroying the earth? How can they take away someone's freedom? When they don't know what it's worth. To the people with feelings, To those not totally succeeding, Those, shattered, torn, ripped right in half, And whose broken hearts are bleeding. Yet still they bash and batter, To them, man onslaught, does not matter. They create society's whitewashed picture, That everything is alright. Then when people voice opinion, and object, They show disgust, confusion and then demonstrate Their might. Don't you dare think for a moment, that it's only in a Riot that we show we're discontent. It's in every so called criminal act, That we demonstrate our contempt. You shove your outstanding promises, your respect I only have respect for the life. That you destroy time and time and time again, I'm still hoping for the hopeless, And making excuses for the lawless.

Just A Sample (Interlude)

ACE HOOD "Starvation 2"
[Intro:] 1 am in the morning, I only know bass in my headphones no nothing Just give me the sample, There we go I'm talkin bout bitches too, I love you all baby Oh we just batter up [Verse:] Ah, it's just me and the sample, I wrote this in pajamas I wrote this while I'm fucking, think her name is Jenna People sleepin on me, fuck you where your standards? Oral head for breakfast, my little bitch perfected Get that with no protection, I shoot, she intercept it See sex is our connection, no love is currently present Just play my corner back, I leave her coming back Like Dion in the game, I'm bringing my quarterback Grab a condo nigga, I'm worth them 7 figures So kick o key to pistol and be true with your sister She says she love the crew, put 4 G's on the coupe Hurricane Sandy, the rollie flooded too See it's just me and the sample, no 808 survive But still I hope on the beat and I murder that bitch, I'm beasting dog Flow as hell on earth, RIP to y'all You know I murder shit, yellow tape involved That's a true story, crib 2 stars, Know some old homies still drinking 40's, Hustlin every morning on that same corner, Money the root of evil, turning some to informants, damn [Outro:] Life is such a bitch, all my hoes are thick All my whips are on, haters suck a dick Shout out to the sample, shout out to them dancers Shout out to them exes and this nigga answer I be hella styling, foreigns with no mileage Samples on refreshin, pistol in my possesion Take your bitch and keep er, call that repossesion I'm a pour more Siroc, be back in a second

Young And In Love

JORDIN SPARKS "Jordin Sparks"
I didn't ask your opinion, what you talking bout? Too quick to jump to conclusions, 'cause we're hanging out There ain't no wishes, ain't no fuss When it's just you and me (you and me) What makes you think that you can know What's gonna stick, what's gonna go So let them pull [Chorus:] Let them pull at the seams Don't they know what it means To be young and in love like that Who are they to decide If it's wrong, if it's right To be young and in love like that Like that, like that Like that, like that To be young and in love If people offering answers, sounds like it's breaking fast I can't remember the questions, whatever asked Hit the free road then came down But you don't bother me (bother me) One of those days when we're old I'll stop and say I told you so So get em boy [Chorus] Like that, like that Like that, like that To be young and in love It don't matter what they say, too late to walk away 'cause I need him, much too strong I've waited for so long to feel all the things that I feel So I gotta get that boy [Chorus] Like that, like that Like that, like that To be young and in love

On & On

JOEY BADA$$ "B4.Da.$$"
[Intro - Joey Bada$$:] Mama I just booked a first class ticket to my destiny by the way Yeah [Bridge - Maverick Sabre:] Maybe I'mma fly away Maybe I'mma fly away, some day [Verse 1 - Joey Bada$$:] So gullible just like my first love Stay humble, but I knew that I was first up Picked up the pen and that's when I drew my first blood Spit my heart again, cause the pain'll never end Happiness is temporary, always has been I just lost one, but sometimes I win I always spread love, but sometimes I sin I only trust some, that’s why I keep a few friends Funny cause I used to see my circle never end Always kept like 47 friends in my circumference All that’s left now is the radiance They still here, trying to find love on this atmosphere Things get severe for everybody, everywhere This is my moment of truth, right here Swear I ain’t scared of no man I see the omens I pick 'em up and keep it rollin' The omnipresence is omnipotent But I keep going, 'til it’s all said and done I show all my soul purpose but I’m pretty sure there's one There’s a reason why I’ve come, new season's just begun This the death of a psychopomp but a birth of God's son [Hook - Joey Bada$$:] Don’t mourn me when I’m gone, celebrate my travels Whenever you need me, just take a plane to the astral zone I’m headed home, I’ve been hurting too long Time don’t stand still, so you gotta move on On & On & On & On & On & On & On & On & On & On & On & On & On & On & On & On & On & On & On [Verse 2 - Joey Bada$$:] I had a dream I seen my name on the gravel stone And read here lies a G followed by a poem I couldn't see the words but I'm sure what's in his own Funny that I write most when I know my feeling's wrong With both shoulders that my head is always on I trudge through harm's way with heavy boulders on my arm I feel strong as I walk through the many storms that Rain on my parade, seen the dust cry for days I'm feeling like a young prince, I'm drinking today My name ring bells all the way to heaven's gate Though STEEZy told about me, yo I know he always watching I guess there really is a heaven for us hip hoppers I really miss my partner But I know he with Big Poppa, 2 Pacs, and the big L rolled proper And that's a big pun, know that I'mma join him When my time come, but the story just begun, so [Hook - Joey Bada$$] [Bridge 2 - Maverick Sabre:] One day I'mma fly away One day I'mma fly away (Fly away, fly away) One day you will fly away (Fly away, fly away) One day we will fly away (Fly away, fly away) [Verse 3 - Dyemond Lewis:] My clouds grey, I hope my pain don’t show Looking in the sky I wonder where them rainbows go They say that if we reign, them pot-of-gold’s will show Even skating down the block don’t feel the same no more If I ain’t looking, I still see it all My vision’s jaded, too much bitches rubbed the crystal balls They stay scheming, y’all like the sheep to the shepherd The trees to the leaves, you needed but not needed So I work alone, lone wolf, stay creeping I'd rather hunt on my own then be owned and not eating I’m not eatin’, not blamin’, I’m just sayin’ Go to bed with hunger pains while these other niggas caking, they too fake No rappers rapping for years waiting 'round for that big break Break a arm, break a bond before I go break the bank Break a hundred, that's fifty-fifty Long as [?] and Whitney's seen different cities, different titties I bring no money with me, I'm on my grind man, no regrets when I die man 'Til we fly man, 'til we fly man, 'til we fly man You gon' miss us when we fly man [Hook - Joey Bada$$] [Bridge - Maverick Sabre]

Jungle Gym Feat. King Jacob & The Professor

[Intro/Chorus] Yo, turn the club 'to a jungle gym Matter fact girl get all under him If you know any freaks act like one of them Get crunk again, have fun again, dirty Err'body leave ya guns in the cars And err'body run right to the bar Get ya something staright or the bubbly We ain't Bubba but it's finna get ugly [Verse: King Jacob] Yo, Vokal is so extreme Strut up in the club wit the rest of the team Thinking 'bout my dubs the compress is so mean Got on blue and gray today, so fresh, so clean Had to hide my eyes from the Disco beam Just enough sight to find a Disco Queen Just enough light to fire up this mo heat Got just enough ice to not be low key Look, I'm King Jacob you ain't gotta know me But ya, you so real so you gotta know me Addictive type and my baby moma OD Descriptive writing made a million dollars for me I'm just a Young Dude, young and doing young Pursuing like them one dudes from St. Louis Murph, come on dirty, where P, let's represent the turf (Youth City) If you change in the game represent what we worth [Chorus] [Verse: Murphy Lee] Hey yo I'm Murphy Lee the trouble maker I'm in the club with my house shoes on Don't like being in the house too long Having dreams about buying the bar out I don't own a dog so sometimes I got to let my cars out Hit the lawn on my humble abode My car dusty but it rassle the road See I used to have 'freetime' Now my life like a 'Nextel' and it's not 'free OP' time I'm three times, four minutes away Peace to printed shirts for the LA in the ashtray I ain't been in this car for a month So I think I'm a call this a throwback blunt Hit the corner bumping Old School, ready to drink Cause my stomach full of Barbeque Tofu I knew two people at the door So I EIP, parked it and ordered some more [Chorus] [Verse: The Professor] Hey wait, hey hey, hold up, is it my turn yet? I been waiting the many let me introduce you to 'prentice Plot - me in the club and it's 3 AM With Murph and Jake so drunk I had to lean on them Disgusted, I snapped myself up, this ain't no fun I took a girl by the fat girl and smoke my one High as can be, back on the scene, what do I see? Dance flo' hiding her plan, they taking off things Daisy Duke shorts unzipped with the thong inbetween Girl, you got the fattest ass I ever seen I give you, what you need dick, weed, but you gotta be clean A fat ass ain't err'thing except if burning up slings King I stumbled in to him, he still wanna drink A thick chick took him away and gave gim head on the scene Blinking, looked over my shoulder and tried to spot Murph Spotted three dimes that swooped him up, Menage time [Chorus]

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