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Rasputina lyrics


Original and similar lyrics
All dressed in white come before you, come before you confused, confused You study hard and go west You'll go far, little girl. Now try hard and be the best The best in all the world. You can create a demand For this your special skill. You will be healing the ill. It's surgery, but with no knife. She'll make a great LeechWife. You get the suckers to suck To suck out what is bad. 'Cause this is science not luck. Luck is not what you've had. But now you've brought yourself up. Surprise your Mom and Dad With this, your special skill. You will be improving your life. She'll make a great LeechWife You don't need no Nu-Age crap. Good sense is what it makes. You'll learn it in no time flat. One leech is all it takes. It sucks the blood till it's fat. It's found in ponds and lakes. The dried up skin then turns black. You can can be one of the fakes The quacks and the riff-raff. She's honing her LeechCraft. All healed and none killed. Leech empty, leech filled. She's honing her LeechCraft skills. Just think of the folks that she will heal. She'll make a great LeechWife.

Your Name Here

ATMOSPHERE "The Family Sign"
Heyyy How you doing? Ain't seen you in a long time Is everything all fine? Doing your best? I'm glad to hear it It's all progress Yeah that's the spirit Look at you! You look great! It seems like you kept your self in good shape You stopped drinking? Huh? Congratulations. You back in school too? That's fascinating... So what you doing now a days? You living here again or just vising for the holidays? Yeah yeah Hows your family? Hows you mommy and daddy? They living happily? So tell me all about LA Huh? You don't live in LA? Hold up Wait wait wait Chicago Hows Chicago? What?! No? Well where you living then? Ohhhhhhhh... My fault Please forgive me Bad memories So how's the big city? You paying dues? You making moves? Yeah I always knew someday you'd break through You've forever been a go getter And I won't forget that Bet that I'll remember I never told you this but I wish you the best, success and all that other shit. But that's my que I got stuff to do It was a special surprise to bump into you Stay safe You have yourself a great day Wait! What was that? What you say? My phone number? Nah I don't think so I only gave it to a handful of close people. Let's not make this into an issue But the truth is... I don't miss you La La La La La I will disappear La La La La La No far and no near La La La La La You are not my dear I don't care where you go from here La La La La La I will disappear La La La La La No far and no near La La La La La You are not my dear There's no tears next to your name here... La La La La La La La La La La

The Best That You Can Be

ARTIST VS POET "Remember This"
When it all comes crashing down And you feel no one around Baby girl, don't hide, hold your head up high Cause you know I catch you before you hit the ground The words cut deep I know And the pain will surely grow But your wounds will fade with every step you take So please know you're not alone And in time you will see The best that you can be Oh, the weight is heavy now And your mind is troubled with doubt I know, your faith is gone but keep racing on 'Til you break free of the ground And in time you will see The best that you can be Oh in time you will see Oh the best, oh the best The best that you can be Cause it's so hard, so hard, when you Have lost control (Why don't we runaway) It was never as easy as it was (We can leave our problems at the door) Before you and I lost touch (So why don't we runaway) And I've found what I've been missing lately (You're the only one that can be my rescue) The reason why my heart's [been racing] (Adorable as hell) It's a damn rough night for the designated driver (There's nothing wrong with the way I light up when you're around) (Do anything you want but don't keep me out) 'Cause it's me and whoever and you know we won't remember And how do we find ourselves (You know that in the end) (You're my favorite) When this world brings so much pain (I'll Relapse again) And you're my favorite fix And in time you will see The best that you can be And in time you will see The best, oh the best The best that you can be


Shooken to Casper. Illustrate beautiful disaster. Flight of the mothership lift to badger the male-factor. Marionette vs. the threat of wire cutter function. Stereotypical grinch bashing your pumpkins. Plug. Try to count up your warrior hatchling batch before gestation segment ended and head a platoon of embryonic remnants to the game board. Release Japanese beetle swarm to counter the spread of bitch crops, demolish the harvest and herd colony out immediate. One massive attack. Hunted, confronted and gutted. Most pungent component cloned in outrageous bunches. From the grimacing faces to the knots in my shoelaces, I'm a show you all the phases of a fuck up. Plucking the petals but every rose had its thorn. Consider that first warning, second will be good times, laughs and epitaphs. As a matter of basic principle next I set my boat a sail. I won't always be there for your tugging on my coat tails. Family stuck. Voyage of the S.S. Martyr. Who you think put that unseen iceberg in the water? Manufacture flotsam and jetsam from out your charter. We got the once pushovers pushing back a little harder now, blink. I think I can. I got grips. Muckraker major spin circles 'round sunken ships. Walk an invisible city of lost clans and he's jealous cuz my silhouette had more dimensions than his game plans. Fascination. Fascination. And everything I do I'm fascinated with, That's why I pass the hated wasteland with a grin, cuz in the end I got my passions while you splash in a puddle of trying to pick apart the puzzle. Fascination. Fascination. And everything I do I'm fascinated with. That's why I pass the jaded grips of competitors who initiate disturance with a smirk, cuz I feel I got direction in my work. And everything I touch magnificent. Picking apart a drunken township. Sitting in the rain rusting the nails my crown's bound with. If I had an anchor I would lay it in the dirt and mark today the day the earth stood still while I complete my search. You honor delusions and falsified life comfort systems as boy in the bubble huddled up to simple simon subtle. Born tomahawk. Shock the peanut gallery loopy. Debate the cutesy, groupie, cupie doll community. And I'm hung in a virtual skin and bones emaciated ringworm circus freak bloodthirsty intern trainee urchin feast with a delectable style compiled of that which stands to buff a child's yellow brick vision of slick living. I observe the stories from my fire escape observatory. First I herd the glory, then desert the herbs that word it poorly, understood? Well, maybe a pat on the back for the lucky losers who truly felt they were born to touch the music. I catalog cats as welcome mats, and for the ones insisting on dimming the stars I wipe my snearkers extra hard. I wish upon a penny toss that every servant will betray his gatekeeper and leap to reap the freedom fighter mad galaxy. Huff the war gas vapors and cram hard for tomorrow. Brother, I own twice my wiehgt in patience. Be it padded cubicle or beautiful tomb, I'll be listening 'til you whistling that more suitable tune.

Be Great

ACE HOOD "The Statement 2"
[Verse 1:] Uh guess again they hesitant Just to let him in Walk a mile in my shoes I swear they never did Nor they never will Finally I'm center fielder See a mill cry tears, for my old fields Looking back I promise mama that I never will Gave me chills this humble nigga remaining still Underrated be the best my ultamatum is in my flow Cultivate'm, moving like a terminater ugh So inspired the swagga they so admire Sitting court side with the Boss with the empires Used to be a dream I'm a smoking the entire Moment R.I.P. My homies Differnent kind of strokes For The boy Gary Colemen Meeting different women And I swear I gottem open No love for them because my ice box frozen Been to the bottom now it's spring like Poland Wattup 'tho Renegades we rewritin history I'm inspired by the beat Cups for victory [Hook:] Hey hey hey hey And I been through that pain In my life earning my stripes But still I'm going fight this war Cause they say that I won't Show them I will You with me let me hear you say That we never gone stop aim for the top head to that sky I just wantto be great Be great be great be great I just wanna be great Be great be great be great I just wanna be [Verse 2:] Hella passinate adamint yes accurate Science to the game I study like that anatomy Used to can't battle me now I triple your salary Back full of batteries that's definition of strategy Day I let them win homie that'll be death of me Something you will never see Dope like methamphetamine Riding in some shit that probably dropping 2017 Martin Luther ain't the only one who had a dream I just wanna be great MJ style Doubted by the critics hiphop's stepchild Little boy or girl why your head down You can be great you just got to say it proud On a mission my ambition got me living different Big crib but a made man living in it Words to my niggas they the living witness Believe that I'm great glad you here to witness [Hook]

Where Were You

JACKSON BROWNE "Time The Conqueror"
Where were you when the sky cracked open? Heading for shelter and barely coping Thinking you could ride the storm out, Hoping it would be all right Where were you when they gave the warning? Hundred fifty-mile winds by morning Category four making landfall in the wild grey light Where were you? Where were you in the social order? The Lower Nine or a hotel in the Quarter Which side of the border between rich and poor? Where were you going to evacuate to? Assuming there was any way to Where, if you didn't own a car? Where were you? Where were you when you understood However decent, however good However hard some people try They only barely make it by They're born, and live their entire lives in harm's way Where were you when you heard the stranded, The injured and the empty handed Were running out of food and water at the Superdome? With the newborn and the elderly Exposed to even more misery While those in charge of rescue Waited for the Guard to come And those who left the Convention Center Were stopped on the bridge when they tried to enter The safety of the west bank, and higher ground And when the Guard finally did arrive And got to work on about day five Mainly they were used to keep the looting down Where were you? Where were you when you realized However strong, however wise However true our leaders appear to be When they talk about prosperity However hard this country strives If property is valued more than lives How strong will we ever really be? How long do we imagine we'll be free? We hold the truth self evident: The photograph of the President From Air Force One, he views the devastation Shaved face, rested eyes Looking down, he circles twice On his way home from his vacation Where were you, when you got the picture? Where were you? Where were you when the streets filled up with black water? Where were you when defeat and destruction Reigned in the Crescent Where were you when it blew from every direction Where were you when the promise was made To return, and rebuild, and restore to its people The city that gave us the first American music True inspiration and the freedom to use it Where will we find it again, if we lose it? And where will we be, if we ever cease to love? If we ever cease to love ...

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