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RASCALZ lyrics

Movie Star

Original and similar lyrics
well she looks like a movie star [x6] well she looks like a movie star like a chocolate candy bar [repeat 4 times] hey full blown genetics body athletic your body look good so I gotta give credit yo nough man sweat it cause they all wanna hit it cause you got that look like ya'll come get it short skirt wearing diamond earring and low draws on love to life daring and don't stop staring any party wearin and got more girlfriends who don't mind sharing sipping on liquor watchin my zipper wanna tear off my clothes and expose the big dipper UH OH here we go I know this game where you don't know my name don't know why you came cause usually you don't even go to clubs and give hoochie the caps and fed ec for love and it the first time yeah my first time to never did this before please be gentle well she looks like a movie star like a chocolate candy bar [repeat 4 times] well she looks like a yo a big body girl diamonds and pearls luscious lips, curved hips honey dips dangerous huggin on a man threw a wink and kiss that's why I can't understand how he's so pussy whipped and ready to flip gets beat down over that cause he cant control his girl stepping the wrong cat who don't play that and we don't play stucky yo one time we here two times she was lucky hard fit she couldn't handle it just wanna get close and peep my manuscript yo dem pretty chicks watchin cause they scandalous but I cant even knock em I'm a fan of it well she looks like a movie star like a chocolate candy bar [repeat 4 times] well she looks like a yo a real fine damsel from any angle half shadee half Naomi Campbell sandals struttin like she hard to handle and make a nigga wanna gamble to get a sample of that double chocolate caramel chocolate vanilla and yella and milk chocolate yo des fellas take life to da darkest melt in my hands cause we don't eat chocolate thas what they all say but they just talk it they rather foreplay we just hit the target my only thought is how to make a profit and bounce with these girls in the cold to the tropics [repeat chorus]

One More To Go

METHOD MAN "Tical 2000 Judgementday"
[Intro] 5...4...3...2...1...0 [explosion] [Inspectah Deck] Yea, this is the poisonous, venomous Killa-Bee, queen bee connection Live and direct Shaolin, BK, QB, Boogie Down, wherever you found Yo, yo, deadly venom is how we end 'em Mast avenge 'em, no friend of him, bend 'em in half for enterin My comrodery move like tight security Known to tear the club up plus the after party On the battle field catch a body With no fair warnin, my queen bee connect swarm on 'em Primate, hold your mic straight before you challenge 'me Your light weight and only force me to cause casualty Battery packs catch match mines with the solar powered, they get over powered Shower with rhymes just like white lines of powder Feel the realness from bein solo with this crowd here [J-Boo] Yo, yo, yo, this time we takin no shorts for sure I'm comin through, smash you motherfuckers to the floor Whoever wanted war, yo, bring it If you got the sword, I'ma swing it Slither back to the pit when my phone started ringin Yo, come here, what's up, niggaz rock to get stuck Niggaz runnin through the chamber they aint givin a fuck Cuz I'm deadly, I'ma set the pace like a medly Relay, who could match the venom on the replay [Finesse] Aiyyo, the bitch nice and catch crack like dice Give 'em a double order of man slaughter on the tape recorder Fuck the law and order, tape muffled and distorted All you heard was murderous shots, the rest was pre-recorded The jury voted, I'm a free venom, hittin niggaz with the momentum Even villains wanna get up in 'em The feelin's devious from the previous With the way we leavin this is sure to make snakes hiss [Method Man] It be I, the most high, fly robin fly Keep a close eye on Johnny 5, I'll be comin live From New York, it's saturday night So it's only right, I step to the phony types See 'em in the party actin hard, but the hardly a threat to the vet Once you start me, no stoppin, no pardon me No coppin a plea, I beat you in the head, third degree What's the science, the 411, can't do me none Still ghetto, I rhyme ghetto, my brother's ghetto Never say die and never settle For anythin less than what the devil posess I'm like MOP to the death Now who is Johnny Blaze, Mr. Meth Motherfucka [Chorus: J-Boo, (Cappadonna)] Hittin fever, come with the raw Deadly Venom meet the Wu, no more to come, now what is left to do (Ghetto collaborations, such a deadly combination Face to face, Shakin your earth, rockin your nation) [Champ MC] Yo, yo, yo, Sons of fishes rollin with a devious Clan I got a master plan how to blast your man Gettin lyrical, fightin your feelin deep in your mental Like a pencil all in your brain, killin your spiritual The original, fishin y'all, rollin with a bunch of criminals Street gunner, Venom strike like thunder This is shit that'll stop your hunger Ready for war, let me let you get a taste of the raw Comin through with the Clan so you won't get far Batters and scars, all respect due to the gods And my queen killa-bees just collectin that cheese Overseas, gettin ready for the year 2G, DVs (Poison Clan rocks the world) [Cappadonna] The pillage, yo, I'm a great comodity For see me, the unchained magnetic I release mine, fuck y'all, I piece mine together To the third power, hit y'all like may flowers Scandal, slash three felonies to be the one six vandal From Park Hill, Shaolin put the work in Dusk do us dawn, Lebanon Don Don't sleep on the adversary Mental niggaz stalk y'all out on the ferry You got trapped in between pillage And the venoms, cherry heads are minimum [N-Tyce] Yo, yo, yo, projects of elimination We jack some like Rhythm Nations Got your hard speed like we drag racin We lab replacin, but tried to avoid a confrontation You kind of mixed up like Tiger Woods with that combination I ain't calling no names, here's a hint Niggaz with no brains, antique things, gold chains Do the mind to visual, 'bout the coolest Carolina Individual, everythin digital, like Bobby I'm lovin all them kung-fu flicks, poison 'em highly I'm quickly on the run through clicks, but fast in a hurry When I smash, leave your vision blurry Tryin to make the bill like Murray [Chorus] [Finesse] Yo, on the french kiss, sour than blood, hotter than piss You ventriliquist talkin out your ass like this Cuz I insist that you don't wanna show the tape of the hits I told y'all, I crush y'all on the tape like Quake You tweaky trick, wanna violate, great, Wu and Venom annihilate Don't hesitate to push the rhymes like weight You Shake, Jake thing [Street Life] Yo, PLO, when the guns blow, you'se a no show, homo Holdin like a scarecrow with no dough Street pro's move through the metro Rapidly my faculty quick to blow the boost out your battery My african queen bees is backin me, shuttin down your salary J-Boo twist another Daquiri, fifty steamboat float Flow on this scenario, hydro thoughts lick off like a callico [J-Boo] Yo, yo, yo, let's get it on, mic's get blown when you step into my zone Heads get flown for tryin to clone I take that, now you got wanna go on so go on, play your part, hold on, while I flow on I keep it tight, rip all sides to a square You ain't seen no thugs like these no where I swear, you wanna test me, how can it be Rollin with the Fam, Wu-Tang, DV's [GZA] Yo, I dead MC's with this poisonous venom Return and send 'em, wack niggaz is in 'em The secretly analyzed, these chicks is live I see the allies tryin to stalk the bee hive Forgot the deadly stingin was major bell ringin Too strong for niggaz with eyes closed and slingin Made your point, spot your target and zoom in Before its too late, saw the snake through his hand shake Aimin your darts at a click you can't handle Attack with the paint stones and travel on camel A warm sigh as you cross the barrier But my storm side, will destroy ya area [Chorus (2x)] (Poison Clan rocks the world Poison Clan rocks the world)

I'm Tired Of Your Stuff

JOHN HIATT "Overcoats"
You been slippin' around a bit You been sayin' things that just don't fit You been handin' me the same old line About the proper place and the proper time You been tellin' me a bunch of lies I bet you thot that I was hypnotized CHORUS: Well, my eyes is wide open, and I can see You been tryin' to make a fool of me I'm gettin sick, I've had enough I'm tired of your stuff I know you think that you're a movie queen Well, I'm fed up with all your Hollywood dreams You're just an actress full of double talk An angel's smile and a devil's walk I know you think I can't walk out the door But honey, I've seen this movie before CHORUS Now I'm tryin' to get some sleep, but I can't get no rest You got my head all in a mess I'd count the sheep, but they all leavin' town And you're the wolf that run my dreams around But, I'll be sleepin' for a month or two Just as soon as I get rid of you CHORUS

I Dont Wanna Go To School (Revelation)

[Chorus: Eminem] I don't wanna go to school (I don't need no) I don't need no education (education) I don't wanna be like you I don't wanna save the nation Daddy NO I just wanna live my life (I don't need no) Everyday a celebration (self-control) One day I'ma leave this world I'm waiting for the revelation [Bizarre] I wanna kill myself I'm still debating In front of a Baptist Church masturbating Praying to Satan Think I'm crazy cuz I smoke crack Live on B with the mac In a two family flat (f**k it) Tired of getting hit in the face with a broom My mom's on her period My dad's in my room I got ten rocks and I need to get out I snort 'em in five minutes In my own damn house My poor grandmother God bless her soul The b***h got AIDS She was waiting to die of a cold There's three things to keep me from being a Nazi I'm black, a fag, and my dad's Liberace [Kon Artis] No matter how bad the beating I went to school cheating My dad whooped my a** at a PTA meeting Skipping school, I had to have nuts just to do it Gat born and became truant When I had the gaul to go I just get into it I was lured into corners by this peer pressure s**t How would you feel if you was held By the tip of a barrell Getting threatened to get your skin Ripped to bone marrow Bet suburban kids Never got rushed for their apparell like me Outcast Last to cla** First to leave When the teacher called on me Best believe I had something up my sleeve [Eminem] I been raised and labeled as crazed My mother wasn't able to raise me Full of crazy rage An angry teenager Nothing could change me back Gangsta rap made me act like a maniac I was boosting So influenced by music I used it as an excuse to do s**t Ooh I was stupid No one could tell me nothing Hip hop overwhelmed me To the point where it had me in a whole 'nother realm It was like isolating myself was healthy It felt like we was on welfare but wealthy Compelled me to excel when school had failed me Expelled me And when the principal would tell me I was nothing And I wouldn't amount to s**t I made my first million and counted it Now look it A f**king drop out that quit Stupid as s**t Rich as f**k And proud of it Thats why... [Chorus] [Swifty] I was raised with a rifle and mask Steadily beating my psychiatrist's a** Just for asking about my past I was never on that punk s**t f**king around could get your beloved abducted Smothered in blood quick You couldn't pay Swift to give a f**k Crazy like my father It must have been poison in that nigga's nutt Far as probation f**k peeing in cups I violate it anytime Let 'em see the blunt I grew up steadily masturbating inside a cell Drunk as hell Having conversations with myself You could tell I wasn't leniant A disobedient lynch That slaped teachers b***h I'm not reading it You don't know what dogs go through A little nigga sipping liquor With my old dude What the f**k you gon' do? I'm quick to curse you I told my mother that I'ma hurt you If you ever again mention a curfew [Kuniva] Look My family ignores me and I don't like that They don't even listen when I tell 'em I'll be right back This nice beautiful house of mine It don't mean s**t Cuz you know Daddy's a drunk And he don't clean s**t And yesterday he hit me like a grown f**king man I couldn't stand up to him I just ducked and ran I'm sick of this I wish on Christmas That I can get a loaded four fifth And put a f**king end to this I got no friends and I can't get a b***h Only thing I have is dirty magazines and sticky fingertips Nothing to smile about I'm about to lose my mind Got me an automatic nine Now I'm wildin' out [Proof] when schools over Pupil or people to shoot through Kids going cuckoo With a two-two Since my friend is this new dude In his high school Losing his noodle Learning people don't like you The football jocks is Spitting on him Pop all the kids in school that's now picking on him Burn out youngsta niggas now hitting on him And his teacher in his English cla** keep flipping on him And now he's grounded with no allowances For drinking forty ouncers Cuz he was caught by his councellers And why the f**k I gotta ride the bench coach? Already got expelled for wearing a trenchcoat All I ever seen is (Violence, violence) Told me to deep silence Stop batting my eyelids It's apparent that my parents weren't parents at all That's why I blow out my brains And swear it's raw [Chorus: Eminem]

What Does It Do To Your Heart?

BRYAN ADAMS "Spirit: Stallion Of The Cimarron"
well, maybe you don't need complications but this is a simple situation there's a chance that this could be the one - yeah well you may be wrong or you may be right, but this ain't something you wanna fight let your feelings go, cuz you really need to know what does it do to your heart when she hangs on every word you say and she's casting every single smile away what does it do to your soul when you know that everything she needs is simply bein' around the air you breathe what does it do to your heart oh looking from the outside and i see there's something deep within you can't deny your lives are worlds apart yeah sometimes life can be confusing i tell ya this ain't no illusion let your feelings go, if ya really wanna know


LIMP BIZKIT "Three Dollar Bill Y'all"
Clunk - [7x] Hey mister, elevate that mic like you missed it You might need to rest up or pump that chest up Because that mental is fading, ego you overplayed it You busta You just can't be trusted The drama, your mama must've really been disgusted But you got no clue Always screaming everybody owes you Well kid I never did, and never will It's gone too far It's gone too far and it's on (well it's gone way to far punk) I never did Well I never did kid It's gone too far Fuckin' punks been bringing all the funk in Knowing you man you're probably not thinking Got you lips sinking There it goes flying Over that head you'll be crying Lying in your death bed Now you're just a reject Showin off at Mc'y D's just to gain a little respect But you got no clue Always screaming everybody owes you Well kid I never did, and never will It's gone too far It's gone too far and it's on (well it's gone way to far punk) I never did Well I never did kid It's gone too far You need to drop that freakin' ego before you crash Before the headlights are simply glaring in your eyes and you're goin down What's the matter with the life that you're leadin' When you're bleedin' everyone's thinking how much they hate you It's not to late dude, just that time for you to zip up that girl Take a deep breath, look around, ain't nobody left Just a target, bull's eye Still you walk around in a clown like a clown in a force field See I'm not crazy, you're the one who's crazy Institution bound to be the only way that we can even solve this Had about as much as I can take So do yourself a favor I just wanna get it out I just wanna get it out!!!

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