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RASCAL FLATTS lyrics - Rascal Flatts

Some Say

Original and similar lyrics
There's that star, the one they said we'd never reach And just close your eyes There's the missing moon, there's the Milky Way Heaven's straight ahead, we'll be there today Rainbows right and left, sunshine everywhere If it couldn't be baby, how did we get there [Chorus] Some say we'll never get it off the ground Some say we'll never make it out of town That someday we'll end up a world apart And some say we're a couple of crazy kids And some say that's exactly what they did And I say you got to go with your heart And baby, look where we are There's that home, the one they said we'd never share And just close your eyes There's the picket face, there's our mailbox, Puppy on the porch and roses up the walk Shinny minivan, kids in every seat Someday we'll look back and say it wasn't just a dream [Repeat Chorus] [Instrumental] [Repeat Chorus]

Nothin' Comes Close

JOURNEY "Arrival"
Without warning..without tryin', you walked in From a New York night Changed my world just in time, saved my soul And this heart of mine Are you real or illusion, I can't tell just say you'll stay I've imagined someone like you, never thought I would see the day Someone could make me feel what I had lost so long Unchain my desire you are where I belong [Chorus:] I've been around the world ain't much that I've missed It don't get much better than this...oh baby Nothing comes close to your kiss I thought I've felt it all before, one taste and I want more...oh baby Nothin comes close to your kiss I've had fortune, I've had fame, After you I'll never be the same Never wander I'll be true, on a roll it's because of you I've been blind now I see, in your eyes is what sets me free You're the wander I have found, hope my feet never touch the ground On your magic carpet ride we'll go from dusk till dawn I know where I'm going now, you're where I belong [Chorus 2x] Nothing comes close to you Nothing comes close to your kiss


Jump in the car I gotta feeling, pretty soon things might get heated, We're not safe here anymore, There's a place close, we can hide out, Where the satellites won't find us Just get in and close the door Baby our love is threatened, for it to survive, just listen [Chorus:] I don't wanna learn to breathe again, I don't wanna start another life, You're were the closest thing to heaven I've ever known In a world of walls, you were like a door Baby you're my only home If tomorrow we don't wake up, with this halo right above us It'd be the sadest day of all We got love that's epic, maybe that's why they get jealous Of the most famous love of all What we got here is precious, so let's keep on fighting, yeah [Chorus 2x]

Deliver Me

I'm tired of feeling hateful I'm tired and I can't breathe So tired that I would be grateful If you close the door when you leave That's me diggin' my heels in That's me with the holy ghost 'Scuse me but I don't remember Where were you when I needed you most And I'm tied to the sky As you claw at my eyes And I wait for the flood I swim in blood As I crawl to my knees And I beg your disease Taste the ice on your breath As you catch your death I close my eyes Embrace me Deliver me Hey you the voice of reason Hey you are you listening to me It's you that I can't believe in I don't buy what I don't see Say good-bye 'cause I don't need [Repeat Chorus] [Repeat Chorus] I close my eyes Embrace the wave Abandon me Save the day That I won't see Deliver me


Antimatter "Saviour"
Poor boy he knows he's alive, he's afraid to learn, He don't want to get where he's going cos he thinks he's gonna burn, He can't handle being born in the middle of a big black line, No matter where he looks, to him it's just either side. Close your eyes when you feel you're going under, Close your eyes; you can make the shore this time, Close your eyes; you can make it through the wild, ... you can make it through the wild. Poor boy he knows in this life he'll get hunted down, He don't want to make the transition into meat that feeds the ground, He can't hack it when his mind paints a picture from an evil eye, You can't wash the canvas now cause it's full of dye.

Are U Still Down

JON B "Cool Relax"
[Chorus:] Girl it's alright, baby 'Cause it's there in your eyes yeah I can see that you want me By the way that you smile Are u still down for me Left once again at home Another night on your own Ain't no fun in lovin if you're lovin alone How does it feel to be useless, oh no Can you recall how close we used to be then Can you still remember those feelings again Seems like everytime I see you There's a tear in your eye Time to make some decisions Or go dying inside [Rap:] Tell 'em all call me a fool But I'm stuck in this love thing Plus I'm over heatin' from the rush Our tongues touch Kissin' fellin' fireworks Watch the sky I makes you smile But you'd rather have what makes you cry Say goodbye and leave now With my heart on my sleeve Memories now what I found is you Still care you had feelings And they're still there baby Girl keep it real here Are you still down? [Chorus:] Girl it's alright, baby 'Cause it's there in your eyes yeah I can see that you want me By the way that you smile Are u still down for me Remember that evening I knew that you were too scared To go all the way But you did it to please me You were crying it was raining When u gave it to me The more I see you The more that I feel inside And I know one day You'll make it back to where you can fly Watch time go, don't cry Tomorrow brings better days Let me dry your eyes And take your burden away [Rap:] Only once in a lifetime Touch my soul go slow Baby boo don't rush the flow Got me all weak baby But I'm strong in parts More bounce to the ounce With the longest sparks Gettin' mine like fine wine Measured in time Many other brothers loved you But the pleasure was mine Mama taught me how To love a woman properly sprung We commited so I hit it So it's properly done Are u still down? Girl it's alright baby 'Cause it's there in your eyes yeah I can see that you want me By the way that you smile Are you still down for me? [Ad Lib] [Repeat to Fade]

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