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RASCAL FLATTS lyrics - Rascal Flatts

Long Slow Beautiful Dance

Original and similar lyrics
Sounds like a scene from the silver screen Yeah, that's how it was Love doesn't always look like a picture perfect storybook Ah, but sometimes it does Standing beside her the stars shined even brighter And for a moment all the world was, all the world was still I knew we belonged together the moment my eyes met hers And I thought nothing lasts forever, but maybe this one will [Chorus] A deep breath and baby steps That's how the whole thing starts It's a long slow beautiful dance To the beat of a heart The world starts to spin again, you learn things you didn't know then Feels like the bloom is off the rose But you weather a few storms and you pull out a few thorns And together the garden grows and grows [Repeat Chorus] It's a long, slow, beautiful dance, my friend The house is filled with so much love We got more than enough for two So we've been thinking about having a baby I know it sounds crazy, but it seems like the natural thing to do [Repeat Chorus] It's a long, slow It's a long, slow It's a long, slow

Dance With Me Slow

Beth Nielsen Chapman "You Hold The Key"
Baby, dance with me slow Let me fly with you While the band plays low Till the night is through The lights of the candles Look like stars around the room I'll try to be careful But I know I'm not immune 'Cause I just can't imagine How I'd ever come to harm With this feeling that I'm feeling As I'm drowning in your arms Baby, dance with me slow Till we barely move Let that crowd rock and roll While we share this groove And float like two shadows In and out and in between Those faces around us At the edges of this dream And it won't even matter If they stare as we go by I'm aware of only your love In this world of you and I Baby, dance with me slow Let me fly with you Let me fly with you

Every Little Bit Of My Heart

AZ YET "Az Yet"
[Keith Andes, Babyface, Marc Nelson, Bryce Wilson] Girl, I always think about it 24/7 Can't get it outta my mind I want so bad to be with you Baby, when I dream about it, it feels like heaven Why you gotta be so fine I want so bad to be in you I'm longing girl to tell you 'Bout the visions in my head You never will be lonely Long as roses are red Girl, you should never worry My intentionms, they are true The only thing that matters is you 'Cause I love you And I want you And I can't be without I swear there's no doubt That I need you I adore you Every inch, every part With every little bit of my heart Baby, I can think of 'bout a million reasons Why you gotta be with me My lovin' flows like endlessly Baby we can go about a zillion places What's your fantasy Just ask and girl, you shall receive I want so much to tell you Girl, you'll never hurt again Long as London Bridge keeps falling Girl, just know I got your back Girl, there's just no rhyme, no reason 'Bout the way I feel 'bout you The only thing that matters is you [CHORUS] 'Cause I fell in love the day, baby You came into my life I've never been in love before Changing everything I think about And I don't want nobody else to have you [CHORUS]

Come See Me

TRACE ADKINS "Love Will..."
Long day, long week Baby let me lay you down and get you off your feet What you waiting for, my heart's an open door There's nothing, I love more than when you Come see me I've got what you need Baby, come see me Slow touch, slow kiss I just wanna take my time and taste you on my lips And if you need anything, any little thing Just let me be your everything Come see me I've got what you need Baby, come see me I wanna love you Baby let me love you Come see me I've got what you need Come see me Baby, come see me Long day, long week Baby come see me

Az U

JON B "Stronger Everyday"
[Verse 1:] Now not that all the time that you take To get ready ain't good for something Not that the trip to the plaza Spend a couple hours by yourself shopping's nothing Not that the beautiful sundress don't look good The way it falls around those hips It's not that that ain't sexy love But nothing looks as good as what's underneath it [Chorus:] Nothing looks as good as my body on you Nothing looks as good as you It really don't matter how you dress your body girl Cause nothing looks as good as you [Verse 2:] It's not that the sun don't shine through that dress Like I love to see summer It's not that the way that it feels on your body Ain't soft enough It's not that those panties that you got on Don't look like they can keep my kitty safe Not that the moment we're taking them off don't look great But soon as they're coming down your legs I'm thinking [Chorus] [Bridge:] You're taking me there Nothing compares to the lovely way Your heavenly shape It bends and twists and knocks me off my feet Aw baby, you're doing your thing, you're working for sure And under them clothes it's a beautiful thing Your legs and hips ain't nothing better than that now baby [Chorus]


JON B "Comfortable Swagg"
standing at the edge of the cliff looking over the water there it crossed our minds how we could fall fall do u remember the day u decided to jump and trust i would follow u may have hesitated but i couldn't let u fall alone long as were here together my baby, all my fears have gone yeah if every moments breath taking. take them all i told u not to fall in love with me, but u did now we're drowning told u that we would both fail in now we're both swimming in the deep end drowning ft our love there's nothing we can d0 it happened there's no point in trying to fight it drowning in our love the tide is gettng stronger now ano love wants to pull us under our hearts are racing with the waves let's surrender to it all lookin' back, there's nothing to save i've accepted all that is to come this love is making tidal waves neither one of us can run from long as we're here together my baby all our fears have gone away if every moments breath taking, take them all while everyone else is save at shore afraid of what we weren't scared to explore as the moon rises we shift with the tides and i'll never let you go beautiful bringin' us closer to where we could be beautiful every stream that leads to the sea

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