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Original and similar lyrics
sarah beth is scared to death to hear what the doctor will say she hasnt been well since the day that she fell and the bruises just wont go away so she sits and she waits with her mother and dad and flips thru and old magazine till the nurse with a smile stands at the door and says will u please come with me sarah beth is scared to death cuz the docter jsut told her the news between the red cells and white somethings not right but were gunna take care of u 6 chcances in 10 it wont come bak again with the therapy were gunna try its just been aproved its the strongest there is i think we caught it in time sarah beth closes her eyes she dreams shes dancing around and around with out any cares and her very first love is holding her clsoe and the soft wind is blowing her hair sarah beth is scared to death as she sits holding her mom said it would be a mistake for some one to take a girl with no hair to the prom oh just this mornin right there on her pillow was the coolest of any surprise yet she cried when she gathered it all in her hands the proof that she couldnt deny sarah beth closes her eyes she dreams shes dancing around and around with out any cares and her very first love is holding her close and the soft wind is blowing her hair its quarter to 7 that boys at the door her daddy ushers him in when he takes off his cap they all start to cry cuz this mornin where his hair had been softly he touches just skin they go dancin around and around with out any cares and her very first true love was holding her close for a moment she isnt scared

Dream On

JOELL ORTIZ "House Slippers"
They consider this shit backpacking when a nigga just love rapping Club packing, word flipping acronym acrobating Verb spitting and nouns only your mind fathom Synchronize with the drum on Ill Mind pattern Long as I got this beat in heart, I’m ripping beats apart I ain't know myself when [?], and still piece of art No frat boys, no skinny jeans I’m more like the Fat Boys and Heavy D In ’86 spitting free in the park I’ve been patiently waiting Busting my brain and creating this album making a statement Its understatement, I’m taking rap flow to plateau These assholes you clap fo’ Just can’t go they mad slow this fast forward Thinking [?] we skipping pass those Theatrical fiascoes in your whack show I’m baffled by the skill you niggas lack though Choruses repeating, its boring whatchu speaking I’m at war with all you heathens I’m a warrior emceeing. Man I’m killing ‘em [Samples:] "He’s back give him room to breath" "Ortiz don’t confuse me with these other cats" "The best across the board" "New York" "When I'm holding this mic I don't just speak" "He’s back give him room to breath" "Be proud of me and coming up in rap" "The best across the board" "When I'm holding this mic I don't just speak" Niggas tiptoe all around me, bunch of ballerinas I see ya’ll calling out of work with the coward fever Shit, I wouldn’t want it with the Yaowa either [?] Nigga line a hundred niggas up and watch a hundred niggas drop In hundred different spot, bunch of Dalmatians I play this fire in my drive when I’m riding through your block Lifting everybody up call that salvation [Samples:] "He’s back give him room to breath" "Ortiz don’t confuse me with these other cats" "The best across the board" "New York" "When I'm holding this mic I don't just speak" "He’s back give him room to breath" "JO E double L O" "Another Yaowa champ when I touch the mic" "When I'm holding this mic I don't just speak" I deliver you from either when you’re listening to yo’ speakers turned up Like the club, yeah I get in with my sneakers and my workout [?] Feel my dick through these Adidas sweatpants I don’t dance, two stepping with a leader of whateva But whateva though I’m clever so ya’ll never know When I’mma lead [?] kicking better flow Dan dan dan dan, I’m telling ya’ll its about to go down

Waves At The Prom

PAC DIV "Don't Mention It."
[Hook: Mibbs] Waves at the prom, dame on my arm Hundred dollar suit, I got the game in my palm Wa-Waves at the prom, dame on my arm Hundred dollar suit, I got the game in my palm [Verse 1: Mibbs] Uh, senior prom, when my mom and pops fell in love Daddy had the all-white suit with the leather gloves Momma had her hair done, like an angel from above Grandmomma whispering, "I don't want you hanging with no thugs I like your date cause he flyer than a 12-piece Orchestra with trombones and violins Pick my baby up in a Caddy with the white-wall tires And the waves in his hair made us drown at the sight of him Whoosh, like Leviathan, sporting wave grease Had the girls on him like fresh meat in a lion's den He taking flicks, looking as hot as a liquid nitrogen And if he don't wanna king, than I guess you'll have to fight with him Mmm, excitement, nobody looks as nice as him Told him "Drive safe, cause I heard that you just got your license, man." I know he real, and you gon' have a great time You'll be fine, cause your date got waves at the prom." [Hook: Mibbs] [Verse 2: BeYoung] Since it's Saturday evening, brought the homeboy's Porsche God, I hope I get that ass, since I bought Keisha this corsage Open up the door, wide, push it to the floor, drive Dax hair grease, brush my teeth with the fluoride Tux with the.45, Jordans when he came back Brushing since March, I didn't have to wear a wave cap Baby can you fade that? Ain't no chaperons coming My mama don't, I been on it since the homecoming Tonight's the night, we gon' turn you to a grown woman Haircut, airbrush, watch me as I pose for 'em [Hook: Mibbs] [Verse 3: Like] I got my tux on, I got my Chucks on I got my deep wave spinning, I get my brush on Diamonds in my cuff showing, tryna get my puff on Belve in my foam cup, spike it with the Patron I'm cool, I'm Aquafresh, and I confess, I've been fresh Since junior high when I used to get my Dockers pressed, rock and guess Never wore Footlocker sweats, I see you dog, I'm not impressed Follow in my footsteps, I'll be glad to show you proper steps She know I be about mine, homies like, "About time" Reigning from the west, but she be banging like the south side She be hanging with her mouth wide open When I roll up in that Rover with them alpines blowing Yeah, posing with them bitches triple-label Polo pieces, not what he got Call it horsepower when you're Ralphy to the tube socks Used to have a girl who we had up in that Duke Box Now I got your girl jamming to me on a jukebox [Hook: Mibbs] Wassup, Wassup, Wassup, Wassup [x16]


ATMOSPHERE "God Loves Ugly"
And she still wonders why I'm so insecure she giggles because I sleep with the... Girl* can I throw pennies on stage, like can I be a fucking groupie and just fuck you because you're on stage and other girls want to fuck you? Slug* See bands like us don't get groupies Girl* Noooo? Slug* yeah Girl* you guys are full of shit Slug* No it's not full of shit I mean have you guys ever heard our songs I mean basically? Girl* That's what I'm saying Slug* Exactly that's what I'm saying Smile, smile with me, smile with me, smile with me, please won't you... oh look at her she's looking as good as dinner and she's looking back at me as if maybe I'm a winner I'm in my late twenties little girl don't flirt with me I've got the capapbilities to program your circutry You don't have to believe me do yourself a little justice don't let slug undercook your muffins wait wait wait did I just say that I did must be losing it because it almost felt like it might just have some truth in it now back to the platter at hand she said she's twenty-one and quit school to go work for the man a switch up in the plan now she's happy as a chorus cause now she makes rent and now she drives a Taurus unwinding hanging out at the bar, I wonder if she knows that I'm not really a star she seems to be impressed by lack of an ego and my self-aware style, I like the way that she smiles she want to know how I find the words I do I don't really know but I can lie if you want me to angels sing to me in my sleep, I sold my damaged soul for the magic of speech and now she's laughing she likes the sarcasm so naturally I'm asking if she 's got a captain she says a captain what? You mean a man at home the answer is no I came to this bar alone well heavens to betty enough about boyfriends already just trying to keep the conversation petty beacuse as much as I would like to play in the forest ain't no way this girl is going to break into my fortress I've never made a practice of introducing the matress to women that I meet at my own gig I don't know can't imagine anything as alchohol and hormones turning out to be anything big but babys hella beautiful and even kind of bright I got the fire of a vampire inside me tonight might be alright eveything seems tight I've got a good buzz and she's giving me the green light so tell me girl what ya doing after she says hopefully hanging out with my new favorite rapper now wait a minute that's not fair your throwing boulders I can tell by the way your hair touches your shoulders be straight with me and I'll be me with you I can think of some of us that we should do so if you think I'm coming home with you tonight you're probably right you're pobably right a few more beers a couple more laughs undressing my past with the questions she asks yes, I love cactus and I would love to take a bath if I spent the night would you massage my back she's closing in for the embrace and slightly tucks her hand under my face her hair smells so good I got to have a taste where's your ford let's ditch this place and in the parking lot she sparked it off she must be starving for someone to hit the harp I've never been kissed with such passionate bliss porn star damn near tore my lips apart honey slow it up hold it up start the car let's leave this garage le'ts go to your apartment lyndale ave. on the way to the her rest her drunk ass turn to look at me and she says you're so beautiful from the hair to the soles I know, can't belive that I never met you before feels liike I've been waiting for you me whole life she missed the red light we hit a pick-up truck and we both DIED

Love Is Love

AZ "Pieces Of A Man"
[AZ:] See...this is what I mean...when we come together like this incredible things take place... see we connect thoughts to collect shorts, and only the strong survive... I love my black people...we are the future... [Nina Simone sample:] "Black is the color of my true love's hair, his face so soft & wondrous cared" [Verse One: AZ] Chop the pie up, four ways, get lyed up Infiltrate, never violate get tied up It's all a chess game, choose sides, the best remains True lies, vibes die when bums infest the game Bogus shit shots, you woke but let your man get locked I love this hip-hop, stock the bank let the Crist pop Peep the next shit, push a big Benz, fuck a Lexus The streets was hectic, so I stacked and made my exit More doe to get, focus my thoughts for me to go legit Ferosious shit, cop a huge castle, on the ocean cliff Imagine that, a few years back, I was baggin' cracks Magnum gats, playin' street corners, commitin' savage acts Twistin' up, nuttin' but love, for niggas sittin' up Hold your own, try comin' home wit out gettin' touched Two for one, laws made foul how they do the young Whose new to come, tried to tell shorty he shoulda threw the gun [Nina Simone sample:] "Black is the color of my true love's hair, of my true love's hair." [Verse Two: Half-A-Mil] Knowledge the green Wallies, all I see Mama hold math like caller I.D. Chose the path that chose me I'ma tell you like G-o-d told me Greed, lust, hate, and envy sweeped us from Shemtie Keep us from simply, unifyin', organizin' We all are fallin', when we think we all are risin' We pop Crist on the horizon, topless chicks wit thick thighs & I'd rather be civilizin', enterprisin', improvisin' Temperature risin', L.O. Heem gave me the guidance Told me leave those 85ers alone, blend wit the wise men That buy 80 G stones, twin Mercedes at homes Fuck a juck, spend 10 Gs alone on chrome When I die they'll take my chromosomes and clone clones Two hundred and eight bones Microchip kits, we most dominant You know what time it is, that's why I exist Jump out of limo, lims, fire the blitz, wise scientist Applyin' this, ?lavi," then wide this I'm survivin' this, quiet tribalness, finalist Year 2000, flyin' the whips 9 cent, mind bent, 1999 rhyme alignment [Nina Simone sample:] "Blaaaaaaaaaaack is the colorrrrrrrrrr" [Verse Three: Nature] We went from, arraignments to entertainment 24 seve, the same shit, playin' the strip livin' dangerous Bottle after bottle, soon became a ritual The patterens we follow, others found 'em difficult I guess it's obvious As to what my hobby is The root of all evil, pollute the scene niggas by the kids Gettin' caught up, the same game done left 'em all stuck I reminisce on V.S. touchin' my fourth cup Me? My only problem is I'm more fucked Knowin' in my heart I can't sleep, till I bust off nuts Weed religion, for all my niggas that beat the system And those bentin', sittin' since Conico Vision Y'all need to listen, it's journalistic Y'all hear the whispers "Niggas in The Firm is twisted." Spit that fly shit that earn the bitches Whip the chrome six up the F.D.R. It's blessed we are See I never let 'em strees me god, forever stress free While twistin' up logs of that Nestle Who are you to question me? It's just my destiny To kick back, kill time, and live successfully [Nina Simone sample:] "When he and I will be as one." [AZ: Nina Simone sample playing through out] Firm... How y'all want it? Huh? hu... Talk to me... We give it to ya either way... We workin' wit ch'all... This, is for you...Love Is Love... 9-8.... Firm shit.... [Nina Simone sample:] "Black is the colorrrrr... of my true love's hair... my true love's hair... of my truuuuuuuuuue love's hair."

Attention Span

[Aesop Rock] 3x Every little step we take breaks the dreams Of a warm pig itching to re-stitch the seams [Vast Aire] Namsayin, when I walk, I wanna break concrete! Ox'll spit some shit that'll reflect off the mirror My light beams are mad bright, they stay clever Yo challenge an Ox member, get a vow severed Found your body in the desert (Scavenger's dessert) Yeah yeah I rap tight like Saran Plus enter battles talkin shit like Look mom, no hands! I'm tired of cats tryin to sum me You can't add that far yet, that counting is far fetched I treat MC like canines Throwin words at they face to see if they bite when they catch I told you my poetry sponsors Gillette Now you standing there wit razors in your head like baretts Man, if the mic had ass cheeks The sticker in my hand would say priority seating And man, I dunno if it was me or you But your girl was on my dick like she was teethen You play the role/roll, I'll play the poppy seed on top of you The godspeed is actual, that doesn't mean I act usual One of the first MC's to give the crowd full attention Cuz you need love and affection Chorus[Aesop Rock, Vast Aire] 2x If we could absorb every star in the sky We noticed some shine brighter than others, you wonder why It's the simple things in life that turn the pesants into leaders And we know the differences between the walkers and the sleepers [Aesop Rock] I boogie with picket-a-vision, carbon based stickler City piss aroma, therapy coma, clone sitter Itching to pigeon hole villain soul magnet Feelings activate Passionate the germ, and the book met the worm I hold a book of matches captive to flashin For some need flatline Be a thick fatigue episdoe, brewed in batches Flirted curse at perked nurse, broken skeleton patches One muddy veteran collapsed the untapped resource center Housing style pagents My little limbs lassoed catered to wings While mankinds babysteps break dirt and demon I know a crossbreed strung well in the key of Mass times weight times tame semantics Encompassing that which splits lips but never supply and demand it To hell wit plastic, ooh yeah it's splendid Tap it on the shoulder, grab it, tag it, aprehend it Lend it to the devil of a friend it, wrench it back, mend it again It still never renders suspended but finicky picket fences Now every toy dreams to manufacture hearts Start with the diving parts and the blueprints You follow the prescedence set by war pigs of a yester year Let the tears pray Skip a stone over the reservoir to shake the whole sharade Hmm gun play the tumors platoon I couldn't see I fell asleep holding an Appleseed, woke up holding a tree The only bridge I ever burned along this legacy at dance Was the one that linked the cities of Prosperity and Chance Chorus 2x

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