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RASCAL FLATTS lyrics - Melt

Too Good Is True

Original and similar lyrics
I guess it's cause and effect Your heart and mine The way that we connect Keeps blowing my mind There you go again, it never ends What you do to me [Chorus] That I have seen the light of day Love is finally going my way Is it too good to be true Give me one more kiss, one more touch Baby, I just can't get enough of you This time, too good is true All of a sudden I'm not who I used to be I had my heart locked But you held the key And you find a way, everyday To show me even more [Repeat Chorus] [Bridge] Some people say we're too good to be true But they don't get to be loved by you [Repeat Chorus] Oh this time, too good is true Yes it is, yeah

Heart Like Mine

I watched out the window As you drove away But we got so much history, baby Too much good love to throw away I know I can be a headstrong man Got a jealous streak a country mile wide Its just that I'm so damn scared of losing you As you're fading out of sight Ooh, oooh, I don't why I do this every time Ooh, oooh, run the other way from a heart like mine I'm doing the same things I saw my father do Cause I was just a kid in the corner Watching words as they turned black and blue I'm the son of a son of a headstrong man So, defensive so full of foolish pride But I just will not lose you, baby And I'm starting to realize Ooh, oooh, I think I know why I do this every time Ooh, oooh, run the other way from a heart like mine I know the love that we got is good Can I be a better man, yeah, I know I could Standing here in the middle of this moonlit road I know just what I have to do Ooh, ooooh, I'm runnin to ya fast as I can tonight Ooh, ooooh, gotta show you what its like, gotta show you what its like To be loved, so loved by a heart like mine Gonna wrap my arms around you as strong as young desire Cause for you it's all beating in a heart like mine

I Never Loved A Man

ARETHA FRANKLIN "I Never Loved A Man The Way I Love You"
You're a no good heart breaker You're a liar and you're a cheat And I don't know why I let you do these things to me My friends keep telling me That you ain't no good But oh, they don't know That I'd leave you if I could I guess I'm uptight And I'm stuck like glue Cause I ain't never I ain't never, I ain't never, no, no (loved a man) (The way that I, I love you) Some time ago I thought You had run out of fools But I was so wrong You got one that you'll never lose The way you treat me is a shame How could ya hurt me so bad Baby, you know that I'm the best thing That you ever had Kiss me once again Don'cha never, never say that we we're through Cause I ain't never Never, Never, no, no (loved a man) (The way that I, I love you) I can't sleep at night And I can't even fight I guess I'll never be free Since you got, your hooks, in me Whoa, oh, oh Yeah! Yeah! I ain't never loved a man I ain't never loved a man, baby Ain't never had a man hurt me so bad No Well this is what I'm gonna do about it

When Love Calls Your Name

CHER "Love Hurts"
You can cover your eyes And hide behind walls You've built around you You can run for your life Anytime there's a chance of Someone breaking through But sooner or later it comes to us all And even the strongest must fall CHORUS: When love calls your name There's no saying no You follow your heart wherever it goes To the ends of the earth For the rest of your days Whatever it takes yeah you'll find a way Through fire and rain When love calls your name Now I see a light And it keeps getting brighter And shows me the way And it's there in your eyes Pulling me closer everyday After all of this time The tables have turned Yes, I'm finally ready to learn Chorus You do what you must You take it on faith You take it on trust You're out of control And all that you know Your world's not the same When love calls your name Chorus When love calls your name

Finer Feelings

[1a:] You can't give to me Anything I couldn't get for myself I have needs as much as any man And I understand the feelings well [1b:] I can still have a true heart With a free mind A good life With a good time [CHORUS:] But what is love Without the finer feelings It's just sex Without the sexual healing Passion dies Without some tender meanings It ain't love Without the finer feelings [2:] I get passionate Just like you But I have a little self-control You just show your selfish attitude Your emotion leaves me cold [1b:] [CHORUS:] [BRIDGE:] The finer, the finer The finer feelings [3:] (I can still have a true heart) it ain't love (With a free mind) it ain't love (A good life) (With a good time) feelings [CHORUS:]

Only You

Ceasar's Palace
Only You Baby, you´ve got ears just like Dumbo It´s so sweet Your knees knock together when you´re walking down the street Your eyes never look in the same direction at the same time I don´t think you´re the smartest girl on the block But i don´t mind Ref: 3X ?? Only you can reach my heart Only you and no one else Everytime we go out people stop and they talk about us And they don´t understand what we got we got true love baby We´ve synchronized our heartbeats, YEAH And we´ve got the same size in shoes - YES we do!! Ref: ´til fade out

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