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RASCAL FLATTS lyrics - Feels Like Today

When The Sand Runs Out

Original and similar lyrics
I spent the morning at an old friends grave flowers and amazing grace he was a good man he spent his whole life spinning his wheels never knowing how the real thing feels he never took a chance or took the time to dance as I stood there thinking as I said good-bye today's the first day of the rest of my life Chorus: i'm gonna stop looking back and start moving on learn how to face my fears love with all of my heart make my mark I want to leave something here go out on ledge without any net that's what i'm gonna be about yea i want to be running when the sand runs out Cause people do it everyday promise themselves they're gonna change i've been there but i'm changing from the inside out that was then this is now i'm a new man yeah i'm a brand new man and when they carve my stone they'll write these words Here lives a man who lived life for all that it's worth Repeat chorus Bridge And as the cold wind blows across the graveyard i think i hear the voice of my old friend wisper in my ear Repeat Chorus I wanna be runnin when the sand runs out Ooo yes i do

Every Man Is A King

THE POGUES "Pogue Mahone"
(Terry Woods/Ron Kavanna) In search of a good life the Pilgrims set sail Then all through the new land they blazed their brave trails The iron horse speeding down freshly-laid rails Brought settlers determined to prosper From the far corners they made it their home The ities and germans, the paddies the poles Goin' down in the dirt comin' up with the gold Like Bill Fuller, the Kennedys and Corleones Life is so good in the US of A Live out you dreams in Amerikay If you've gut the guts and the bucks, it is said Every man is a king in the US of A Every man is a king in Amerikay The pilgrims these days they are called astronauts They seek new battlefields on the moon and beyond To wage their star wars in the sky by-and-by And to shit on us all from on high Then when it's all over and the world is no more When the White House and Kremlin have settled their score The stars and stripes flag will fly high, proud out there in space And that's why we all love the United States In the land of Republican automatons Uncle Sam's forces so gung-ho and bronzed Just waiting their orders from Washington To fight for your peace and your freedom Vietnam, Nicaragua, El Salvador How foolish of you not to open your doors To the Hersheys, Budweisers, McDonalds and more..... This wonderful life could be yours.

I Don't Care

Angela Via "Angela Via"
I Don't Care VERSE 1 That boy is working you Be careful what you do They say he's nothing But trouble with an attitude Well-meaning intervention My friends with good intentions Say if you don't walk away, Girl you must be crazy They don't see through these eyes They don't feel with this heart They don't know what it's like They're not kissin' your lips They're not touching like this I feel the passion and the fire ignite me CHORUS I don't care what they say, I don't care what they do They could lock me up forever, Try to stop me loving you They tried to keep Romeo and Juliet apart Baby, doesn't matter what they say I only listen to my heart I don't care what they do Nothin's gonna stop me lovin?you I don't care what they say I'm gonna love you anyway VERSE 2 Your body feels so right Laying by my side And if the world should end tonight Baby I'll be satisfied I know you're a better man Sorry they don't understand You make me feel like I, Like I've never felt before REPEAT CHORUS Nobody can tell me how to feel Nobody can show me what is real Words can't change what I know is true Nothing's gonna stop me lovin?you REPEAT CHORUS

True Confessions

BEE GEES "High Civilization"
I'm not the one in search of friction I'm not the one to look for fights When it gets down to me and you I think it over twice We sing the same song With it all subject to change There is another place in time, girl You and I will meet again I saw the signs I never knew Didn't have enough on you to follow through Call it innocent or guilty Inside you, it's still me (CHORUS) Oooh, whose word you gonna take Whose heart you gonna break Not mine If I believe your true confessions I'm never gonna make it You know you hurt me for the very last time I need you darlin', and it tears me apart And if someone comes between us It's the death of my heart I think about you and I paint a picture You wanna love above the law And you got a taste for adventure It's what you're livin' for We say the same lies Anyone to crucify We're the victims of the same sensations I can be as bad as you I step aside, you can understand I won't stand in the way but I will if I can Not to be your judge and jury It's still you inside me (CHORUS) My gun is loaded and I'm ready for war I come and get you and I kick down the door There's no way, I can't let you leave I'm not working for the enemy (CHORUS/FADE)

A Day In The Life

featuring Brand Nubian [Lord Jamar] Aw yeah back to basics kicking shit in Asics it's like this It's just a day in the life (of three black men) (Repeat 3x) Day one... I wake up to the sun in the morning after justice hour Refinement is in order so I bust this shower Get dressed but first my mind gets blessed Not words but best cess compressed in a philly Silly of me to think that I Could ever have a morning where the phone didn't ring, I am sir A sweet young thing, once a romancer I didn't really fancy her, so build equality I get a beep downstairs from Y.Z.O. Knowledge in his head, beats pump the red Geo Tracker, and in it, we get much blacker Ride around town running down crackers Last Sunday of the month so to Harlem we went Not clubbing, the parliaments of Harriet Tubman Peace to the Gods, peace to the earths Peace to the seeds, peace to the birth Of the nation of the 5% That's it, I tell the gent brothers to represent We left the rally now we're maxing uptown 8th Ave, 25th, 45th, and the Polo Grounds And when it's time to refuel Lord Jamar jump in the car, say Back to the Rule It's like that y'all, you know it's as sharp as a knife It's just a day in the life, it's just a day in the life [Diamond] It's just a day in the life (of three black men) (Repeat 3x) Day two, yo check this out Every day when I wake up, phone calls seem to take up My time, but I don't mind because it's fine I don't get heated even though I can't sleep Jump in the shower, then I brush the teeth Hit the stereo in an instant Then I twist up a bud, light an insync Call up a honey if I'm not feeling sunny Or call up my boys when I want to make noise The brother Lord Jamar, the brother Derek X Ahem, oh I forgot, I meant Sadat X and I flex when I'm writing a rhyme I got thousands in the bank but I never did a crime Afternoons I go shopping, but I don't lift Back in '84 I used to wear K-Swiss Catch me in Yonkers in the mall buying gear Take in a movie and sit in the rear I might be in the studio hard at work Making hype tracks that sell by the stacks When it gets dark, I chill with my cutie We almost broke up because she started acting snooty When I'm with the fellas, I hit the clubs The building, Red Zone, always see a head flown But I walk away from the bullshit And you don't stop, and you don't quit [Sadat X] It's just a day in the life (of three black men) (Repeat 3x) Day three... I wake up after 8, a shower, then I take a shower See a tip from last night still left in the tray Some stick of boom music cause I found a fat L Nine times out of ten I used to start this way Then I study jewels and gems instead of Christianity hymns Then walk past him to see my man Marco Polo who works in sports stuff Your two shirts that's tough, a baldie that's rough Call up the Gods, slide to three main places We know a lot of faces so the romp game came work Do you think that I'm a jerk because on my face there's a smirk? Used to party to party rock from body to body But my nightly smokes are spent on the cool down low Rolling up dough and doing mad shows Not dealing with hoes because AIDS is a bitch In the nightime I get rich because kids pump the tape Uptown Bronx from the porch to the fire escape, and you don't stop So to my prehistoric days and dinosaur phase I was completely energized using Islamic rays I'm the royal highness, so clear your sinus Put your trust in the plus and conceal the minus Your head's unravelling, my force is of a javelin Your tounge is in a knot and you're babbling on To the pre test is the God human? Come from the darkness to where I'm looming The hardest working man, ever I see a land I got the power to devour what MC's withstand


URIAH HEEP "Salisbury"
Somewhere in your eyes that very special glow Somthing's drawing me to where I do not know I never realy thought that I would lose myself But now I'm moving faster than anybody else You move without a sound and touch me with your hand Just like the rain that fondles every little grain of sand This thing we gonna do is just for you and me And I'm gonna make it good, good as it can be Your kiss is sweeter now your breath is getting warm And we must take our time to make it last 'till dawn I wonder will it be what,oh, I expected to There have been other girls but no one else like you I feel a power here I never felt before And I begin to see what drives to want more Oh girl of all my dreams, please tell me if I'm wrong Because I believe that we belong As time passed and all too fast I just knew it couldn't last And I guess that the end was near at last Though we tried our love inside It just whithered up and died What went wrong I will never, never understand You tell me why Alone again, how could you leave me Alone again, I don't wanna be alone again There's a line in a rhyme I was going to send to me It says all that is to be will surely be And so you wrote ,you had to go 'Cause you needed some one new Is there still a chance That you'll come back to me I want you back you see

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