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QUE lyrics

Too Much

Original and similar lyrics
[Bridge - Que:] My main bitch and my side bitch mad at me I could give two fucks Bout to pour me up some Easter Pink I need two cups Roll up dope, say "I smoke too much" Hold up, ho you don't smoke enough Fall back ho you can't go with us Yeah you bad, but ho so what? [Hook - Que:] Too much Stackin' up dough, I got too much Too much, fuckin' up ho, do too much Too much, stuntin' on life, do too much Too much, they say a young nigga do too much [Verse 1 - Que:] They say a young nigga do way too much Roll dope, get high, and don't say too much Stackin' up dough they say I made too much Got a get money gut, like I ate too much I'm gone, roll one up and get blown Both of my bitches, they know what's really goin' on I guess that's why they both pissed at me They call theyselves tryna play tricks on me One bitch wanna post pics of me Man, the other one say I act differently Well, I can get too fucked All I need it two cups We go along with two sluts I don't really want too much [Bridge + Hook] [Verse 2 - Lizzle:] Took a bitch out the first night it took her two months Pockets lookin' fatter than a tumor Roll for Chris, Blue dolphin, you bitches be eatin' school lunch These G star jeans? They too much Shoes with the wings they too much My Versace frames they too much Any damn thing I do too much I be bumpin' so much I be drinkin' so much That don't mean shit, I still smack a bitch if I'm sober I just met the bitch but I crashed the bitch like I knew her I don't wet the club, unless they pay us to show up [Bridge + Hook] [Verse 3 - Trey Songz:] Probably bout to have a threesome, they say I do it too much It's probably bout be another hit Fuckin' up a nigga bitch, doin' too much And I don't even drink lean, but a nigga sippin' two cups Cause she just got 'em done, and her booty next Is she doin' too much? I came in with a thug, gave a stripper love Then I threw too much Say that she can hang, her and her girls Then the bitch threw up Man, I must've ate too much When I come up when I stayed too much All the girls that I love say I play too much Life full of sin, can never pray too much [Bridge + Hook]

The Omen

DMX "Flesh Of My Flesh, Blood Of My Blood"
[Barking] (You, right here shorty, told you, I got you Like the way I scooped you, when those fagget niggaz shot you I'ma hold you down, and I mean that, for real) But everytime you beef with a nigga, I end up havin' to kill (Ain't like that, and hey, forget about them 2 kids 'Bout to do a deal, somethin' nice as you is) Oh you think (Nah, I'm just playin', what's up I got some new bitches, I know you tryin' to fuck) Not really (What I ain't your man no more Because a nigga, don't need a hand no more You know how we do, if one goes sore You'll take the pussy and go up in the roar) It's like now Where you goin' I ain't trying to take it Fuckin' with a nigga like you, I won't make it (It'll be what it is) Yo, you in for the night I'm 'bout to take it to the crib (You get home alright) [Chorus - Marilyn Manson] The snake The rat The cat and the dog How you gonna live When you're in the fog [Dmx] Yo I ain't fuckin' with this nigga, no more Word to my mother Fuck 'em, so ya know 'em for sure Word to my brother It's like he's gotten worse than before Son of I wonder What type of dirt this nigga got in store for me to get under Then I get a call Yo! (X, Luis just killed your cousin, underneath the projects Don't get back, them niggaz will pay, then I got you, told you I got you Yo, I got you) I'm in a catch 22 But them niggaz gotta pay But I know he's gonna be askin' for a favor one day But fuck it I ain't got no choice in the matter Them faggets killed my peep And I wanna see him splatter (That's what I'm talkin' 'bout, we ain't on no bitch hit And use the same gun that you killed them 2 kids with Is that hard to live with) Nah (See, you still a playa) But what you want from me (Uh...I'll tell you later) [Chorus] Shit is all over the news Bomb goes off in central What the fuck have I gotten myself into My mental is like Get the fuck outta there I'm out (Hey, goin' somewhere) Nah (What the bag for) Fuck it, what you want (Can a nigga come inside for a minute, and puff a blunt) Here we go again (After what I just gave you, with you actin' like that when you asked for that favor) Yo, I ain't ask you for shit (Oh yes you did, when you really needed something, and you was out, you did You sold me your soul, when you didn't say no Just let a nigga go, and give me what you owe Fuck what you think, ain't shit for free And a mothafucker you know, can't defeat me) Forgive me father, for I have sinned And with your help I know, the devil won't win [Marilyn Manson] Here we are on our way to hell We're gonna do it, and we do it well This is Marilyn Manson, Dmx, Ruff Ryders [repeats and distorts til end]


WU-TANG CLAN "Wu-Tang Forever"
[*glasses/jewelry tinkling*] You my Daddy whore [2X] [*laughing*] [Cappa] Whoever she gonna do anyway But bust it, bust it though baby, bust it Who else, who else is gonna... [Verse One: Ol Dirty Bastard] This is dedicated to all you bitches Knew this bitch named Traj, she had a hella fine ass Candy-ass, blew my hole in the past Niggarette gave me gonorrhea Pussy dick to the tippy toe like ballerina Boy you shoulda seen her She had a babyface creamer Purinas Called up talkin Tina I put my dick in a broom She blew my head like a balloon I had her walkin on the moon [Verse Two: Cappadonna] Yo, I seen you at the five and dime wastin your time Oh you shine, I'm lookin at your ass from behind You walked by smellin like watermelon You might make me a felon, my eyeballs swellin My nuts start yellin, excuse my prick Wanna have a talk with you, I'm sick My medicine is can I walk with you, fantasy After that we can cheat, laid on the bed Handcuffed with hard meat, long stroke smackin Smack it then broke, nothin can't stop my continous poke, compound Porno flick music, Daddy came with it when I wrote it [Verse Three: Ol Dirty Bastard] Dirt Dog be bouncin on bitches like fog I pollute the air up like smog, bitch I'm up my jacuzzi, peepin this smoothie My bitch is a floozy, Dirt Dog ain't choosy Pussy move me, pretty black dick up in the booty I like it muddy or swampy By now you find your ass up shitty creeky Don't got no fuckin room me and my momma and my TV Blackberry squeeze Bitch who a tease, titties small, I got used to the squeaks Fuck that shit, I'm through with this bitch Old hen please can't get a bank of these welfare cheese, now to blow fifty G's overseas, I'm doin the breeze, in my 850 [Verse Four: RZA] Suicidal, she been in more hotels than bibles Idle worshippin bitch wasn't the type to make bridle Sprung, on how the bitch maneuvered her tongue >From the top of his dick, to the bottom of his ass split I told the God to jet quick this wicked bitch was a harlot but had him trapped up inside the Charlotte Web She wasn't choosy fucked for movie and a loose leaf cigarette, pussy stay wet and juicy like lemons Big ass in tight denim Had the most faithful niggaz sinnin against their women and enjoyed, to watch relationships get destroyed This unemployed welfare bitch was non-void and shameless, her attitude was blameless Even though she had a hundred dicks on her namelist Her obsession, caused niggaz to get, the ass cheek injection The bitched lied, said she had urinary tract infection I tried to warn em, and bomb em, but she conned em Wanted niggaz to fuck her raw dog without no condom [*woman moans*] oooooh, ahahhh, ohh [Wu-Tang movie samples] You people are all trying to acheive the impossible That's exactly what we've done But you'll fail, and you'll all die If we die, the next generation will fight them too And the one after them, for as long as they must And eventually we shall succeed

I Feel For You

AZ "Doe Or Die"
Guy- What's up AZ? AZ - Maintainin' G Guy- I'm sayin' tough titties somebody gotta suck it, I'm casin the joint what's up? AZ - I'm sayin' there mad dime bitches up in here though. Guy- Let me tell you though, it ain't time to subtract add on. Jackie- How you doin' AZ? AZ - Oooh you definitely thick no question. Jackie- Yeah, but it cost. Guy- Yo man give me change for a penny, I pay for that, I know who you is Hoe Happy Jackie. AZ: Whoever thought that, that sweet thing born model material That hated hot cereal, could grow to be a high silly hoe Really though it's a shame for this damn thing Cuz everything's brand name when will she get enough of these damn games? Struttin' wit her unbuttoned blouse like it ain't nuttin' Draggin' her wagon, knowin' fellas be flaggin' frontin' Hopin, by keepin' her gear, wear, hair dope Some really Big Willie nigga'll dig her and get open And give her what only a tenderoni would deserve She got some nerve thinkin' every nigga's a herb That goes around trickin' on every chicken that he's stickin' Male of female, whoever cats that need and ass kickin' Cuz if it's more than one fella tryin' to get wit her To hell wit the fly, she only sliddin' wit the highest bidder But if you aks me She's nothin' but a nasty, money hungry, unclass, Hoe Happy Jackie Guy- Yo, son word to mother, let's keep it real, that bitch ain't nuthin' but poison man, every nigga that bitch fuck wit somethin' happen to, she see a pinky ring shine she up in the nigga mug piece like he handlin'. AZ: Check it, this one Jamaican wasn't fakin' wit the bacon Cuz ever since him, she was on if I'm not mistaken But then again, this money gettin' Dominican Caught her when she was fallin' off, made her win again Now nothin' can stop it, once she in a nigga pocket She be seein' more profit, than those livest weed spots get Makin' her income then some Cuz even a weddin' band on her hand, won't stop a man who wanna spend some Diamonds, furs is all she want, that damned Glamour girl Lovin' it, out there clubbin' it, dancin' like one of Hammer girls Happy Jackie the jigga hoe Her job is to jack niggas doe, I call Jackie the jack a nigga pro And it's true, count all the fellas she flew through She even juiced Jack the Jew Jackie I'm scarred of you I remember that '87 September When she was slima, she was a hoe hoppin' beginna But now from acne, nappy hair, and gear that was tacky She's on (She's on, she's on, she's on) Jackie- Yo I got that sucka ass nigga. Girl - Ooh yes you do (I'm sayin' though what's his name?) That's AZ from the Eastside. Girl you better work dat ass. Jackie- Is he trickin' boo? Girl - He trickin' (Good), but he got a baby moms. Jackie- Yo fuck that I gotta eat his doe thang 95 I'm gettin' it all Girl - Yeah go ahead girl. AZ: So all the sugar dick, dirty devil dog, slick daddies Don't get out foxed, and slicked, and turn into a trick daddy Trickin' ya whore, hustlin' end for some skins Cuz next you be trickin' on all you family members friends She got a way to make ya feel like ya gotta stay in It's not a way she'll pay, it's bills that she gotta pay So married or single, watch out for Jackie when you jingle She might sting you, and ain't no tellin' what that stinga bring you You could fall off point get careless Lose all awareness, go hairless, why she wouldn't care if You go bankrupt Her lifestyle's corrupt So knowledge before your wisdom of understandin' is fucked Cuz if you ask me she's nothin' but a nasty money hungry, unclassy, Hoe Happy Jackie Jackie- Yo what up AZ? We out? AZ - I'm sayin' whatever baby. Dinner gonna lead to breakfast, if it's on you it's all good. Jackie- Yo I got you all the way. AZ - Better stop talkin' 'bout it be about it, word. Jackie- Yo my man whip outside, we can leave right now. AZ - You buggin' the fuck out? What's wrong wit you? Word up, what the fuck you talkin' about? Bitch, you tryin' to get a nigga killed or somethin'? Jackie- I'm sayin'..... AZ - Get the fuck outta here, word up. Jackie- I suck ya dick. AZ - Yo, you stupid get the f.... You Hoe Happy Jackie ass bitch. Yo get the f.... Ayo son, come and get her the fuck outta here, ayo get the Mo son we walkin' out the fuckin' club wit that shit right now, word up. Ayo kick that bitch to the back.


LIL' WAYNE "Lights Out"
[Lil Wayne] What! What!! Look- Okay, let's cut the crap I'm straight gangsta - forget the rap I only stick with that 'cause my ma don't wan' see me flip the crack And I'm quick to click and spit the gat I be dipped in black Sip the Coke mixed with Jack - Calico, clip to match Like: where them cats who trippin' at - Point niggas out 'cause right now I'm full of that spinach that'll knock Lennox out The Mack-10 is out, as well as the gauge and the pump You turn the page on the newspaper, see my face in the front I lock it down for all my niggas that still caged in the dump So if I come, nigga, just save me a blade and a pump I'm raised in the slum where the bad grow Unlike no other, I'm real () like bag 'Bauds I stash O's in the drawers of my trash hoes I flash dough at the laws when they pass slow I mash low in a stolen hot RAV-4 The Macks blow bullet holes for my cash flow Is that so [Hook] [Lil Wayne] I don't think you realize what's happenin', dog That lil' boy's 'bout to come 'round here blastin' at y'all If you don't get the hell when he swervin' by That's your issue - God bless ya - you deserve to die [Lil Wayne] Look, Which one of these niggas playin' with me I'ma strap up and slam his parent's street When I blast, bullets spit faster than MC Hammer beats I be damned if he get a chance to sleep I clamp the magazine in my gun and cut his family tree I flash the piece at your lil' woman and make her dance for me Then jam the freak with a broom - blood leak from her panty crease There has to be some explanation for this insanity Yeah, y'all niggas faker than that boy (fill in the blank) Now give me the dank Niggas claim they want war when I suggest you live in a tank What's your kid gonna think Come home and find your wig in the sink I dig in the bank, and pull out eighty, then cruise to Haiti For fifty G's I get ten ki's and straight out weight it I lock my area down - you can ask these boys They know Wheezy got more white than the Backstreet Boys Never catch me () without them plastic toys It get drastic, boy Niggas that's askin' for it Wheezy, nigga It's Wheezy, nigga Who Wheezy, nigga It's Wheezy, nigga [Hook] [Lil Wayne] I don't think you realize what's happenin', dog That lil' boy's 'bout to come 'round here blastin' at y'all And if you don't get the hell when he swervin' by That's your issue - God bless ya - you deserve to die [Lil Wayne] I hope y'all niggas understand that I ain't playin' or jokin' Bust shots, make you think the Grand Canyon open Leave a busta bandana smokin' from hot hollows Me and my niggas flip your coke, then cop hot hoes Two pistols, desperado gun busta Pump one under your chest and knock a lung from ya Hung under them killers and duck the pigs And all of our diamonds shine, and our trucks are big And, nigga, I don't really care if I don't sell a million quick 'cause right now I'll quit and go and sell a million bricks I sticks to what I love, and that's the street And stay away from what I hate, and that's police And I keep a trigga somewhere on me to start blowin' And leave a nigga somewhere lonely with his heart showin' When we all knowin' that Wheezy have never been fake The metal will spray and let the bullets tear up your face Who is Wheezy, nigga Who is Wheezy, nigga Wheezy, nigga Lil Wheezy, nigga [Hook-2x] [Lil Wayne] Say, I don't think you realize what's happenin', dog That lil' boy's 'bout to come 'round here blastin' at y'all [Lil Wayne (talking)] It's Wheezy, nigga - Lil Wheezy, nigga Don't tangle it, nigga It's time to step down, ya heards me

Midnight Hour

ESHAM "Bootleg: From the Lost Vault, Vol. 1"
12 in da morning woke up with tha shakes,Cereal killa mista Frosted Flakes, My hands were all bloody and I don't know why,I'm thinkin bout my bitch and why she had to die,Some niggas outa get me she was settin me up,They pulled out they pistols started wettin me up,I see my life pass before my eyes in a flash,I drew out my weapon and I started to blast,My bitch caught a slug in tha back of tha neck,I emptied out tha clip them niggas hit tha deck,I ran for tha Beamer is was sittin in front,I left my bitch body smokin like a Philly blunt//and it was In da Midnight hour,In da Midnight hour it all happened,In da Midnight hour,In da Midnight hour they start cappin//I'm bleedin like a mutha fucka grabbin my chest,my heartbeat racin like a EMS,I called my parter up on tha portible phone,I blew my bitch brains out wit tha chrome,My nigga said he'd meet me at tha Omni hotel court date was today and he just jumped bail,Police outa get'em he was under arrest,Bench warrent for my nigga wit tha mental stress,Met my nigga at tha spot and he had nothin to say,Metro airport to East LA,When we got to tha city it was drama again seen a nigga who we jacked in 89 for 10//and it was in da Midnight hour,In da Midnight hour it all happened,In da Midnight hour,In da Midnight hour they start cappin//Tha nigga started trippin he was wavin his gun,Pissed off since 89 cuz we murdered his son,Srtay bullets started flyin every way but in mine,Still bleedin like pig and I'm pressed for time,I looked up and my nigga caught a slug in his face,Now I'm mad then a mutha fucka tryin to embrace,My homie body turned cold,I felt him slippin away,He was just here alive now he's dead today,And tha nigga who had shot'em he was shot on tha floor,So I went to his body and I shot him some more,He looked me dead in tha face and said you goin to hell,I spit blood in his face as I started to tell//In da Midnight hour,In da Midnight hour it all happened,In da Midnight hour,In da Midnight hour they start cappin// MIDNIGHT HOUR written by:ESHAM

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