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QUE lyrics

OG Bobby Johnson (Remix)

Original and similar lyrics
[Hook - Que:] Word on the street I'm a suspect Hangin' with the killers in the projects Potato on the barrel keep quiet Catch a nigga slippin' from behind O.G. Bobby Johnson! O.G. Bobby Johnson! O.G. Bobby Johnson! O.G. Bobby Johnson! [Verse 1 - Que:] I'm still hanging with them killers and them convicts Push start, no key, don't need a locksmith Pop shit, split your top lift Top stick, still knock a nigga right up out that rocksmith O.G. Bobby Johnson - catch a nigga slipping while he joggin' Tater on the end of the Ruger Bottom of the stick, hangin' out there, Mr. Cooper Word on the street I just signed here a thief Your partner got him stealing radios every week Told you once jealousy, that's a bitch nigga trait Better keep the grass cut, so you can watch out for the snakes [Hook] [Verse 2 - Snoop Dogg:] Jumped out of bed with a bitch Right hand on my heat, left hand on my dick Seasalt, he robbed than a motherfucker OG Bobby Johnson? Nah, nigga, never love him OG LB City is the town Run up, get gunned down Nigga, we don't fuck around Ask Ray-Ray, Jay-Jay and Kay-Kay Shot a nigga in the daytime with the AK Nigga ain't even on the run, get loose Turn stick, quick tip, bang mine with the deuce, what it do? All my niggas is realer But Bobby Johnson is a bonafide killer Mama was a ho, step-daddy was a dealer Yellow brick motherfucking bitch purse stealer Never, nigga, better raise up Dip my stick, nigga, when I blaze up A's up, K's up I'm from the dub where the homies say trey's up I am cripping with the niggas in the projects Goin' down where the homie sell the bomb at And don't get caught out of bounds We get touchdown, shut down, nigga get cut down Real game, kill game Bobby Johnson, that's my motherfucking real name, deuce [Hook] [Verse 3 - A$AP.Ferg:] Just got off a call with the homie Gino That's my manager, he be really boosting my ego (hello) Said "you crack, nigga, and every line is a kilo"' I said "stop playing, stop drinking the Clicquot" Stay out them bars, nigga But really I could kill them with these bars, nigga Really give them stars, nigga I chips on the tooth like Nas, nigga Make me spit cold verses too, all these odd niggas But 50 my favorite rapper, he got shot 8 bullets like Leroy and then he got hot I feel bad, I met 'Premo before he got knocked Cop 4 jackets right out of my pop spot That Ferg apparel, this life will lay down Cee-Lo with grown ups stacking a Burrough I can talk about my life, but that ain't the hour Rather Shabba Ranks with a skank and skeet in her mouth My daddy in heaven, I try to keep him smilin' And take his little brother out to eat Italian That's my big uncle T Ferg, used to be wildin' But now he getting rapper money, he should be proud of him I got a thing for dark skin and big booties Just got into model girls, some slim cuties I'll fuck ya industry bitches, say I did it Piece of pie, but industry bitches really with it Sha-Shabba Ranks, Sha-Sha-Shabba Ranks Trying to hop a model chick, probably Tyra Banks Put the potato on the hammer, let it bang Cause I'm OG Bobby Johnson, A$AP Mob be the gang [Hook] [Verse 4 - Pusha T:] OG like it's South Central Nigga had a brick in a rental Since I ain't dead or in jail from it Put my life in this instrumental (OG Bobby Johnson) like I'm straight out of Compton See my boys in the hood, we a menace, it's a problem Nigga only know about a kilogram Old school, I could just kill a man Kids running up to my old school Get a hundred dollars from the dealer man I ain't gotta lie in my music Give you game, teach you how to use it If he ain't trying to help you come up Leave his broke ass suck a new dick My numbers don't lie when the feds taking score Cellphone in my name, that's it, nothing more 458 in the driveway Niggas can't see me on the highway Got the house sitting on the water Pulling up looking like Somali's I heard one time from a rich nigga These niggas' hoes like a bitch nigga Like the last song on my album Stay the fuck away from a snitch nigga [Hook]

Classic Verses Medley: Drop It Heavy / Fantastic 4

BIG PUNISHER "Endangered Species"
(feat. DJ Clue) [Verse One -- from the Show & A.G. 'Full Scale EP'] [Verse Two -- from the DJ Clue CD 'The Professional'] [Verse One] Yo, my squad is honored like Elijah Muhammad But I'm God-retarded, ain't no righteousness in this heart of violence Hard as diamond but I'm in the ruff, listen up If you ever see me with the Feds you can bet it's in the cuffs Ain't no snitch in us, bitch in us Unofficial-ness, everything we outside you wish you was Official thugs in the drug profession Drug connections, drug addictions Still seein the judge for drug possession The four-D's, all these is more reas' to either get big, or leave and let live We the best there is T.S., ain't nobody else We probably Dove, cause we all way on top of the shelf I'm lockin your wealth with the master keys, freeze Don't try to breeze, or I'ma squeeze and blast the back of your knees Just pass the cheese, please don't test the toaster My tech'll roast ya body faster than Ferrari's Testarossa You're gettin closer to death, Reaper's got a hold on your breath You goin straight to hell as you sell your soul for your flesh You was posin a threat, now you froze in the bed Minute ago, you was poppin shit, holdin ya dick Now what's the problem, you ain't nuttin like you said on your album I thought you was wildin bustin your guns and runnin the island You was't violent, you was silent tryin to get college credits How pathetic, did it to get out of the calisthetics I'm +Dianetics+ combined with lyrics My matureness is my insurance Kill my appearance, I'm a shinin spirit You gotta fear it, cause every last gem is poison You gotta cheer it, you can't win you better join em I'm head-annointin niggas like the Holy Gospel I'm the only vato loco to smoke you with fire-blowin nostrils Watch for the toast, when you see it, you better draw yours Warlords, callin The Giant, it's all yours [Verse Two] Fuck all y'all non-believers; I roll with God, the Squad and T.S. Out with the B.S. we platinum, they even doubted Jesus Niggas is 85%, I'm 400 solid Brain-bolic with knowledge, cock-diesel scholars Holdin it down, walkin around with gold by the pound Frozen and drowned with diamond boulders all in the crown Talk of the town, soakin you down wit toast 'til you drown Ghost you and pound your corpse with a force that'll open the ground Save the jokes for the clowns, I'm on the serious tip You keep playin.. and I get furious quick And now I take you for a walk through the ghetto Either spark your metal or get outlined in chalk by the devil I rep the borough that mothered this rap shit, I used to clap shit Now I just lay back and mack on some mack shit I used to have to pack a mac in back of the Ac(ura) Now I relax and stack platinum plaques in my shack It's like that, but don't think I won't counter act My niggaz is strapped and quick to lay a bitch on his back I'm swift with the mac, quicker than Kung Fu with the reflexes of a cat, and the speed of a mongoose

Act A Fool

D12 "Devils Night"
[Proof] Niggas bite what they cant be The rich throw what they cant eat Niggas you aint sweet Coughin and gaggin Often I'm braggin Got a big dick to stop my pants from saggin Waggin your tail like a fag in the jail Keep _on the fucker like weed bags in the mail Empty you vein like a sword to flesh You niggas rap about nothing like Lord Finess (This is bugz) [Bugz] Let me know You niggas was shoot or start a scrap You think they wanna shoot Ill put a bullet through they starter cap This a about every niggas that i beat up Stomped unconscience Smacked with tha heater Fuck you Bugz dont give a fuck about your feelings I blow your shit out like I gun hustle Simmons So hide your knot when you walkin up my block Niggas smack you with the glock And take the money out ya sock [2x] Know to act a fool And wild out when we buzzin Always rumblin Roudy niggas dirty dozen Cold blooded but album hotter then a oven You want beef What niggas start sumtin [Proof] Its Proof the total package You total wackness The fact is You need a life time of practice Im active bouce in the coupe To the _ Found the foutain of youth Mudon is countin on Proof _ survival blaze _ Before armageddon snatched the prof Out the bible Kill a rival with the impact of a rifle And ring the blood out ya Before_ crypt and my disciple () Man lemme tell what type a nigga I am Im the type of mutha fuckin that write rhymes that kill niggas Im the type of nigga that niggas cant fuck with You know what im sayin That what type of nigga I am [Bugz] You the type write away gone write a million rhymes a day Come back around the way and sound the same ol entire way Bugz will grab a brew and drink a proof from Mary J And bust a freestyle that sounds better then yo tape You style is bitchy, I have a harder time with Missy Yo whole set up sucks like Monica Lewinsky I can cop a seed and read a dictonary first And kill you with a rap full of words I just learned! [Chorus]

Can I Ball

Mac "Shell Shocked"
[Mac] Say Slim, look. [Soulja Slim] What's happenin wootay. [Mac] We goin take this here all the way from the Magnolia across Clayborne. [Soulja Slim] Do it like that. [Mac] Ya heard me. [Soulja Slim] Do it. [Chorus] Can I ball yall or do they wanna see me crawl Man fuck all yall, if yall was waiting on my fall Can I ball niggas or do they wanna see me crawl Man fuck all yall, if yall was waiting on my fall [Mac--Verse 1] To make this million I'm bound to left uptown to go get it Once I get it, I'm a split it with those who I'm commited Like who, my nigga Wop, my girl Storm and the rest of my click Everybody else be on some oh you ballin now (you ballin now) Since you play me closer, I'm a get the toast, oh mark my word Fuck em, fuck em if they don't know what's happen my rap If a nigga know me, he don't know me no more Cause I don't hang in the same streets no more, I gotta condo I lay low, chill, stay away from shit that get niggas killed Call me fake then my niggas will say that's trill Check it, funny high hoes be calling me jiggy now Cause I gotta little jingle, mingle with the finest and sport diamonds When I was broke I was skinny and full of shit Now it ain't nothin for me to pull a bitch I scratch off and I hear them hoes say he did that Every bitch I fuck be saying I'm tryin to have your kid Mac I ain't with that [Chorus] Can I ball yall or do they wanna see me crawl Man fuck all yall, if yall was waiting on my fall Can I ball yall or do they wanna see me crawl Man fuck all yall, if yall was waiting on my fall [Soulja Slim] I'm a try my best not to let these niggas bring me out there They know you beefing with the ????, and them niggas don't care Who they kill, and tryin to be a millionare on the real But I can't a from with that foolishness so I'm a chill And just pass through the projects that I used to roam in Tote the black and the steel chrome and holler at trill niggas like Jim Stone and No more hangin, no more slangin pearls and crack pieces No more fucking dog bitches carryin deadly deseases They burn your dick off, givin you aids through the rubber I had to settle down with a boss bitch and now that's my lover She down for a nigga And when the situation gets heavy she lets loose rounds for a nigga And if I don't come home she'll come blood hound for a nigga That's the type of bitch I need, no drink, no smoke, no weed Hoes label me a hot boy cause I just come home and I don't get D'd But I'm a boss baby, I like to floss baby Can I ball yall, can I ball [Chorus] Now can I ball yall or do they wanna see me crawl Man fuck all yall, if yall was waiting on my fall Can I ball yall or do they wanna see me crawl Man fuck all yall, if yall was waiting on my fall [Mac--Verse 2] Now Soulja Slim, my nigga, my nerve, my partner, my wootay, my round My ace, my dog, I was down even when you was on that ground You camoflauged uptown that was some shit to see So when they locked you up I continue the legacy Now all these niggas claiming Soulja is you bout that ball Would you die for me if a nigga pull up in that tinted car I think you niggas sitting around waiting on my fall Let a nigga ball, nigga let a nigga ball [Chorus] Can I ball yall or do they wanna see me crawl Man fuck all yall, if yall was waiting on my fall Can I ball niggas or do they wanna see me crawl Man fuck yall niggas, if yall was waiting on my fall Ya heard me, woah [Soulja Slim] Now yall understand. Now you understand. Macadon and Soulja Slim. In the process of B-O-O-Cing, ballin out of control. [Mac] Bleeding out of control nigga. [Soulja Slim] Ya understand. [Mac] So uh look, I'm a tell these niggas like this here. We bout to go get these motherfuckin rolexes shined up nigga. And go get our chrome shined up. And we goin ball ya heard me. [Soulja Slim] They ain't goin like that. They don't wanna hear no shit like that. [Mac] They ain't goin like that. [Soulja Slim] But we ballin out of control though. [Mac] Bleeding out of control. We doin them niggas like that so fuck it.


J. COLE "Born Sinner"
[Intro:] It's way darker this time [Hook:] Sometimes I brag like Hov (Born sinner) Sometimes I brag like Hov (Born sinner) Sometimes I brag like Hov (Born sinner) Sometimes I brag like Hov (Now I'm in the limelight cause I rhyme tight Time to get paid, blow up like the World Trade) [Verse 1:] Sometimes I brag like Hov', sometimes I'm real like Pac Sometimes I focus on the flow to show the skills I got Sometimes I focus on the dough, look at these bills I got This is a message for some rappers tryna steal my spot You niggas famous on the internet, I'm real life hot Homie, get your weight up, fake niggas get sprayed up My verbal AK slay faggots and I don't mean no disrespect Whenever I say faggot, okay faggot? huh, don't be so sensitive If you want to get fucked in the ass That's between you and whoever else's dick it is, pause Maybe that line was too far Just a little joke to show how homophobic you are And who can blame ya? Boy Meets World I'm trying to find a new Topanga And bang her out, no hangin' out My pop's was club hopping back when Rick James was out And all I get is Trinidad James, wait a minute that's strange Sip a bit of champagne, say "fuck" If the hoes like it, I love it nigga nigga nigga Used to watch Rap City Big Tigga Tigga Rap nerd even copped Rah Digga Digga Pac had a nigga saying "Fuck Jigga, fuck Biggie" I was only like eleven so forgive me A decade later I be all up in the city Tryna get Hov to fuck with me With a burned CD full of jams that was up in my hand When he said he didn't want it, it was "Fuck him again" One day, he gon' regret playing me Little did I know, in a year he'd be fucking paying me What can you say to me, I beat the odds like Vegas I use to rap about haters before niggas was hating me Now they hate to see a young black man with a college degree Fucking all these little models for free, pardon me [Hook:] Sometimes I brag like Hov (Born sinner) Sometimes I brag like Hov (Born sinner) Sometimes I brag like Hov (Born sinner) Sometimes I brag like Hov Got game back I ain't ever letting go [Verse 2:] I'm prince of the city, I studied Machiavelli You niggas couldn't blow with C4 strapped to your belly I snuck up out the parks where niggas be living heartless And cannot tell the difference between Iraqi, Israeli So I'm on the really, what could you actually tell me? I'm tryna keep my homie from throwing crack in the skully So, back with this pen to give back for my sins Took a black president to tell the Japanese "Sorry" But who the fuck gon' tell my niggas "sorry"? Never seen his pops cause he's sorry Fuck the education, would ask for reparations But I'm probably just gonna buy Ferraris (Vroom) Please forgive him According to the preacher man he needs Jesus in him But the Devil run the TV so the demons in him, I'm in trouble Did a deal with the Devil but now I'm pleading with him Like give me my soul [Bridge:] My nigga I ain't ever letting you go again I ain't ever letting go I ain't ever letting you go again Please give me my soul I ain't ever letting go I ain't ever letting you go again Please give me my soul I ain't ever letting go But the Devil don't play fair I'm bout to go and join the Illuminati Fuck everybody I'm bout to go and join the Illuminati Fuck everybody I'm bout to go and join the Illuminati Fuck everybody I'm bout to go and join the Illuminati [Verse 3:] These next three bars is dedicated to the retards Keep on asking me about the Illuminati Is you stupid nigga? Young black millionaire Old white billionaires, I'm sure that they could do without me And I ain't really into sacrificing human bodies Couple more A's I would have been a summa cuma lade Beyonce told me that she want to cop the new Bugatti That shit is more than what I'm worth, I think she knew it probably Well this is awkward (awkward), Want to know what else is really awkward (awkward)? When niggas buy rings for bitches that have flings When I'm praying I don't see them at the Oscars Re-adjusted my target audience, cause it's obvious I've gone astray, losing my way Like Timberlake produced by Timberland On that goddamn Futuresex Lovesounds What's playing in my mind? Just the sound of my whole career Crashing burning, the thing that I mostly fear Was on track for the first two years Until I let the Devil steer, now what have we here? Now I got to mask my tears, but I [Bridge:] I ain't ever letting go I ain't ever letting you go again I ain't ever letting go I ain't ever letting you go again I ain't ever letting go I ain't ever letting you go again I ain't ever letting go I ain't ever letting you go again [Outro: x2] Allow me to re-introduce myself, my name is Cole My nigga (Born sinner) Sometimes I brag like Hov

6 Figure (Featuring Hot Boys)

B.G. "It's All On U Vol. 2"
It's me, the B.G., doin' my thang Lettin' 'em hang, I represent bangity-bang I gettin' off into shit you can not handle I'm settin' it off in this bitch, thinkin' of scandals 'Bout my paper, 5 figures and up with the red beam Dealers and thugs on my team with many 14's Hittin' your home up, hittin' at everything movin' Lookin' and losin', startin' chaos and confusion I'm bruisin' your whole family, dress 'em up in dark colors Then come to your funeral in two Hummers That's me, Baby Gangsta, spark in the day Come out the funeral home, you get hit at walkin' away I'm in to grow, legend with rights, I don't been enticed To greab the K and let it spray, put an end to a nigga life My nigga TD gettin' high wit' me Out that 13, straped up he ride or die wit' me I was in the 'Nolia, lookin' for that killa guerilla I know my nigga gangsta got it on wild willa Uptown consist of drug dealers, and thugs For the junkies got no love It's like this, play pussy you catch a slug Drug though the mud, once it's dead it's done Hand on my gun cause I don't give a muthafuck I'm a head buh-uh-busta, I never truh-uh-trust a bitch Make sure I gotta silent 4-5, if this nigga snitch Get me in the fix, and I can't snitch out the mix Just gimme tree lives, double them so I got six Ain't that some shit, wanna see me assed outta luck Bet I ain't trippin', cause I don't give a muthatfuck [Lil' Wayne] I be catchin' a nigga corner, rippin' through a nigga street Hot Boys they ride with me, like a preist, five deep Windows tinted, clips extened, drum lettin' Bustin' lead 'n, real 'n, Hot Boy$ don't forget it Leave every porch wet 'n, brains all over the step 'n Disrespectin' the whole neighborhood block wettin' Step in, the section, uh-of the Hot Boy$ Full of the 'dro, and ride and chop you whole spot boy Better watch boy, where you be at cause I'm a hit at, three flat You want beef, I'ma beef at, make it hot, I'ma crease that Camoflauge to the 'Boks, pop off clips in the glocks Make sure all choppers cocked, start a quake, shake the whole block Take the tip of the jo, kick down the front door Run from front to back bustin', Terius cut his wife throat I'ma play it how it go, hold a black connect sho' We went to school for this, we spend bins like a pro Go chill with the Joe, Say wodie let's get loaded Blow a pound with my round, 50 shot'll get me toted I'ma wet your bin, hit your house, unlock ten Boy you can't win I let chopper bullets spin [Turk] Don't fuck with bitch niggaz, 226 bout the real Them niggaz who paper chase, go in the dark and pack that steal You ain't hear about the young thugs, The Hot Boys, that's who the are Run that shit blow for blow, hoes be bout catchin' that nut Nigga don't think cause we young, we ain't ridin' or dyin' too Down with black connection to the finish, we bout killin' niggaz too Spend your bin quickly, make you suffer, die slowly You hit enough, I'm about to down, play the scenery Big ol' Expedition's, do some dirt in it tonight Five choppers for who lost, kill a nigga, we just might Bitch niggaz get left flat, like a flat rat in the street Abunch of young head spliters, like K.C. and B.G. Fuck the police, cause we spray them too Pop the cop or go down, cause we ain't down with that crew Get caught up in the crossfire, best believe It's All On U +Ohh, it ain't my fault+, I done what I had to do Give a fuck about no nigga, that nigga don't give a fuck about me Any chance he get he gon' take it, try to sweep me off my feet That's why I keep my eyes wide, nigga cross that line they gon' die Leave your families clueless, and questionin' why 4-4 bull dogs bark loud, chopper moves crowds Innocent bystanders watch out, them lil thugs act wild [B.G.] I'm a ride or die-er, smoke nothin' but that fire-ya Keep all my hoes cause I'm a liar Neighborhood uh-hotter that a toaster, ridin' MoMo's and I'll roast a deal what's on my old poster, if I pull it out my holster You sopposed'a, respect a nigga like me I'm gettin' closer and closer to the T-O-P I'm H-O-T, bitches say I'm a D-O-G I'm on surveilance all day be the S-P-D's In my heart I feel, fuck the police Cause in they hear they feel, fuck it, try to keep a nigga off the street Who? Not I, nigga, the trillest B.G. Lots'a money, and the best attourney speak for me And I speak and represent for the U.P.T. I creep, and get bent with VL Street I' slang heat, any day, noise I bring Feel I can't be bat any day, I'm a Hot Boy, I let 'em hang Far as they can, cause I'm a thug to the fullest Pistol in my hand, trigga I pull it 'til there's no more bullets I ain't the one to be repped on Who whole block get stepped on If they outside, when I'm ride, I'ma ride 'til there's no more gas I'ma ride 'til I put you on your muthafuckin' back I'm in all black, behind the skuh-uh-skimask It ain't no way that you could last I'm comin' like the task force, I blast with full force I'm sorry if your grandparents on the porch They All 'N [Juvenile] Even if I don't get no taller I'ma always be a CMB baller, smokin' blunts in the hallway I'm skinny yeah, weighin' 'bout 155 But believe I could tote a chopper, believe bitches could die Now play with the man, full of that dope with a K in his hand Don't want hear what'cha sayin' just don't be here when I sprayin' How you gon' do it, we could handle that no secret Boy, I'll put some change on you head take you off the street quick Look, I got a Mack-90 that won't quit I got clique foll of some njiggaz bout that funk shit So what you want, get you dome split You home hit, jeopardized Niggaz spendin' a bin in camoflauge I'ma top knot shot caller, from the clique CMB Ballers Fuckin' niggaz daughters, got my shit sittin' on Brawlers I'm mad boy, with this clique I'ma act a ass boy It's cash boy, I don't think you could last boy I'm bout to pull some out the hall type shit Some Steven Seagal type shit Some *cgghh* knife shit Don't think you niggaz feelin' that 226 Behind me the crucifix, chop or get chopped, split or get split Doogie, Lil Wayne, Lil Turk, Lil Terius, better tell 'em These niggaz are felons, HOT BOY be which we yellin' Right know you close to the devil, and your lip gon' get you hurt Picture this, three ways gon' tear up your turf

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