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PROOF lyrics

Just Rhyme With Proof

Original and similar lyrics
Eminem Are we supposed to shut up or talk...I'll cut your butt up and walk... Around with my ass showing all over the fuckin town Proof Eminem ft. Proof ....Then You get done up in chalk Yo.... Eminem We ready...we ready .. we ready.. we ready ? Ready to hold it steady....Speakin of hold it steady.... You can hold my nuts steady and then.... I can stick my dick in you like a machette...If you're a girl... If you're a girl then you're my world...And I will kill anybody... That means... you, her or him It doesnt matter cuz I'm Eminem And I'm Slim...I'm also slim and your future's Whim Proof Ha ha....don't stop D-12 y'all...yea we bust it off the top We get in that ass Preparation-H style Knock more boots than that group H-Town (Booo!) Everybody tryina tell us to wait now You look dumb as fuck...Like Puffy in his video on that breakdown (hahaha) Tryin to dance around How the fuck it feel lock in hand set now Sever your style .. Divide and Parish Part ish...when my cart is bustin thru this... Wassup to Bizzare Kid Targets get hit and liftoff Here it is we bout to rip off Lick time...we gettin dick snot Emzy... Eminem Speakin of lift off.... I'm blastin off...your ass is I'm startin to jack off Cuz I'm so horny...and your lyrics are so corny That they bore me and I woke up too late this morning Or too early...wait a minute there goes Shirley... The girly I fucked last year when her hair was curly Couldnt remember it cuz I was Infinite And I met ken Kaniff in Connecticut He said his predicits and pronouns and wanted to throw down And he said I like you...and then he walked up and said let me snake bite you And I said hell no...kicked him with my shell toe... Gave him a elbow...Ayo Proof ...go.... Proof Yo it's the D to the 1 - 2 What you wanna get done to... Your chest plate...eradicate Get your flesh ate...easily done..Here it is... need to write shit...cuz when we write shit Y'all like to bite shit...that why street light up when we write stuff It's time to be the champions at's D-12 1-2 True crew...Slim Shady and Big proof Knockin over Igloos in Alaska when we blast ya A massacre creator, one time for data Darker than Vader...go anybody hot as the equator It's time to get down one time for those that dont know us Girls wanna blow us like Monica....Lewinsky Come against me... Eminem Go and see I'm an invincible Mc If you dont believe it then you wanna try to convince me That you're doper than me...which we'll hope You would hope to be....but hopefully I will rock globaly And nationwide...thats why my ass is wide (wide, wide) Thats why your ass just died on the passanger side... Like a fuckin ride...when it got shot up by a drive by When I drove by 5 times and gave it five tries And still missed it I got a fuckin mental illness a gentle stillness... Violence...complete silence is what I need in the room while I freestyle What I need is to do...what is need is smoke weed and brew And......smoke brew ? You don't smoke brew... If you do I'll choke you and then I garauntee I'll out smoke you You're crew's a joke too and i can stick my dick in a bitch and poke you.... Proof Stick it in there....rock with my cock on sky rock Knock ya eye out the sock...(sock) Get..(get) yeah we come to rock....(it) So don't get in the way cuz we gon drop....(shit) Now how you feel right now we bust yo..op....(tic)....(tock) We lunatics with mics and we dont stop we come to rock The dirty dozen is non-stop.. To the top from tree tops to ewoks that pop Reeboks And men with pre-ops Yo now there is 3-Pac's Master P....Thug Life and now it'

Song In Red And Grey

SUZANNE VEGA "Songs In Red And Gray"
The reproach in your daughter's most beautiful face made me wonder just how she could know of that something that happened between you and me so much more than a long time ago Her mother, I can see, lives within her still cause she looked at me with her eyes though I had only just met her right then I feel that she peeled back my guilty disguise Did i break the thread, or did you break the thread well at this point we could ask who cares as for the promises broken and frayed it's 19 years late for repairs The grey pewter vase held the deep red rose, one piece of coral shone white, by the brass candlestick near your red velvet coat, is everything I can recall of one night Will you please tell me why I remember these things after all of this time, I don't know i must have left all those feelings inside cause that year I had no courage to show Was i the name you could never pronounce or did i even figure at all all of this happened before she was born did i shadow her young pencil marks on the wall Still i am sure i was only but one of a number who darkened that door of your home and your hearth and your family and wife who'd been darkened so often before Oh, the red leaf looks to the hard gray stone to each other, they know what they mean somewhere, their future is still yet to come in ways that are yet as of now unforeseen


TWISTA "Mobstability"
(feat. The Speedknot Mobstaz) [Liffy Stokes] Nineteen-ninety-muthafuckin'-eight Mobsta elite's back up in this muthafuck 'em (Bitch) And we airin' out all you playa-hatin-lame-ass niggas And we on this laid-back track, something smooth Eh yo, Mayz, whatcha don' do, kick it [Mayz] And ride on, niggas get your high on While we pump this shit to vibe on The muthafuckin' mobsta elite'll leave you breathless When we hit you like this Early in the morning, hop into the Chevy Caprice I'm hurtin', so I'm thinkin of ways to gettin' paid Cheddar in a bundle, fifties and hundreds and G stacks If I could just hit that big lick I could relax And ease back off of thuggin' and stick to hustlin' Concentrate on paper and let the shorties do the bustin' While I motivate on power moves, you live be coward rules Singing the blues while I pack shit that'll knock you out your shoes 'Cause I'm a fool playing the game of the streets Claiming elites, making sure my family eats We roll and it flees, bunkin' niggas out of their seats While mobbin' on beats, soon niggas can't back down or retreat Preventing mine, just doing petty crimes, I'm not petty or nice Standin' in line, calmly waitin' on my time to shine 'Cause when I shine, I'ma glisten As all the heads come up missing I'ma slide in and assume the position My mom's stick thick, who the killas and convicts Bulletproof now, pistol holsters under the arm pits Ready to go out in the blaze of glory Standin' firm on the deck makin' the front-page story [Chorus] When your mobs' at your side and they're ready to ride, nigga (Nigga, that's mobstability) And when you go from movin' O's to keys for more cheese (Fool, that's mobstability) And when it's money over bitches 'cause you're stackin' your riches (Playa, that's mobstability) Gettin' your mind right for payin' for the year 2G (Gotsta be mobstability) [Liffy Stokes] I heard a raw beat, somebody told me the funk did it But if Trax didn't do it I can't fuck it 'Cause it's a family thang You know Chi-Town's the motherland of the wild The chain of mobsters and gangs But we're the elite few that just can't be contained Tippin' only the plane, determine it's about the game Like a playa stays the same, ain't tryin' to act strange to change 'Cause the more paper you got, the more you got to slang And there's more haters to bang 'cause they all want a piece You got to be slick as grease 'cause they want the playas deceased Restin' in peace But my motto's simply too tight for you to threaten my life With a knife, gun or mic You don't really wanna fight so just swallow your pride Before I come inside your crib and kidnap the shorty and bride Every nigga alive wish he had a psycho status Will your punks ready to ride so the bitches can come at us In the city of thugs, police, politicians and drugs If they ain't passin' the bubble, niggas carry a grudge, but no love So I don't give a muthafuck if you killin' me I'm pissin' out headshots, protestin' my mobstability [Chorus] [Twista] If I'm not into nothing, I don't feel right So I circle the block strapped Watching the workers while they circle muthafuckas at night They work to tippin' me 'cause dope fiends ain't wangers These wanches are skanches, this ain't just how the cracks and hiatus My crew react tamers than sweat hogs, to protect that () bomb But no teflon, your flesh was tearin', for the love of this heron I bare arms and I'm quick to snatch cards to those who react hard Don't judge these, got you robbed, I'ma get more cheddar for my black mob My legion is broke down into sections to run every regions Slugs and thugs, rifles for rifles 'cause we walk every season Having shootin' apartments, cars with hidden compartments for po-pos Zip polos holding pistolos and mobstas know those Sooner then booted, looted then zooted, () shoes so can I Automatics but semi, then I, watches your midnight 'Cause I be handlin' my function when the nine-milliter get to jumpin' Dumpin' on niggas who claimin' my muthafuckas ain't worth for nothin' I'm bustin', how's game I peep when I was a shorty Having big dreams on money, cars and bitches by the time I reach forty Nation affiliation, dummy paper-chase and willin' For pay probabilities only seen through mobtability, feelin' me [Chorus]


ICE-T "Power"
Emcee's no time out,it's time to rhyme out You've dug your own grave,now you must climb out Dig out,crawl out,hide from the fallout 'Cause when I get mad I go all out ICE cooler than the coldest cube,dude And when I'm micin',boy,I'm know to get rude Criminal background,it's time to get down I use a silencer,don't like the loud sound Off my mic blast,you better run fast The last punk that popped junk passed Spit on his grave,laughed,jumped in my stretch Signed his bitch an autograph Syndicate boy,I don't fool out You're full grown,school's out You try to diss..I think you better cool out 'Cause your butt is smoke,if we ever duel out This jam is directed,to all of those who expected For me to cold be rejected,but now I'm highly respected And now their ears are infected With dollar signs I've collected Jealous punks,I said it! Personal Take a personal Take it personal,punk,I'm talkin' to you And if they agree with you,then your crew too I never diss an emcee,I wish'em all good luck But if you diss me to my face,duck My style don't ramble,you shouldn't gamble With your grill,I got a fist like an anvil I write a record,lock it on the topic EVIL and IZ dog the track,then we drop it Record stores rock it,stock it,fans buy it People that never heard of ICE-T try it Then you try to diss You got gall I got gold on my neck and gold on my wall Gold in my fingers,gold in my ear When this jam's spinnin',gold's what you hear Toy,this ain't Christimas,no time to play I ain't no child,punk,you'll get sprayed Illin' on a mega-villan You must want a pine box to go chill in Buried deep,creep,no one will weep 'Cause the next night with your bitch I'll sleep Personal Take it personal I ain't East Coast,West Coast,new style,or old style You wanna know about me Check police files Get out my face or you might have a bruised one Brass knuckle prints Yes,I used some I ain't here to boast,I don't do that When I talk it's straight dope,pure facts I rock hard but still called a new jack But talk shit,you're sure to get heard cracked I don't drink or smoke or do dumb drugs But my posse's still labeled street thugs L.A.P.D's got all my boy's mugs Can't use my phone for the damn bugs I live in privacy,don't like suckers hawking me News reporters,some think they can talk for me Lies,misquotes,changin' all my words around But if I catch'em on the street they'll get beat down They get money for hype-type publicity They don't think twice,about dissin' me But that's a mistake,with tha SYNDICATE you shoudn't mess I hope those punk reporters wear vests! Personal Take that personal Now the words I speak to some may sound radical But I'll explain,it's simply mathematical You diss,I diss,this is creates an equal You reply to my diss,this is called a sequel I reply to your diss,this is called a battle Not intelligent,not very adult So I don't battle,I just put heads out A straight line is always the direct route I write lyrics clear,to leave no doubt Don't even have to say who I'm speakin' about You know who you are,you just jealous 'Cause you hear my records are million sellers Try to say I'm wack,out on the streets While your whole crew is jockin' my beats See me on T.V. and in the papers See me at a jam,and catch vapors! Personal

Heaven Thru The Backdoor

ANDRE NICKATINA "Bullets, Blunts In Ah Big Bankroll"
You can see it in my eyes god I'm on the way out Man What's the last words comin out my mouth I get you in my Clutches it's lunches tigas twistin dutches Lookin at my bank roll bunches Pitbull leavin to rush your room like a cartoon In to soon now we scrap like some racoons Ain't no secret about the candy yams I like the candy yams greens and candy yams Twirl the rope like tha lasso or let it pop yo And heres your vision of a pinzo Picasso The Cheetha Chicky nail that mix the nina with the reefa Smile like a Jackal, shoot you in the ankle Don't like spider web, you only get tangles And here I come running, trying to spit more ammo Ride out the shadows, Homey close the gap I hold hold money like a ball player hold a cramp, oh Tight with money and pain, over and over again And we can do it with cane, and we can do it the same At your ass like a Scorpio. Set to go Tiga let me know Ya dig? A new version of the four four I'm a hit heaven like I hit the club - baby through the back door A new version of the four four I'm a hit heaven like I hit the club - baby through the back door A magical conversation I cut your ass down Like a block nigga hit by a 4-pound-right-now I swing the sticky like a golf ball Ready itll pop ya'll Aimin at me gun And don't stop ya'll If I could turn back the hands of time Id sell coke in Miami say "the world is mine" Sometimes my job expectations or court accusations Hit the car with the weed and the navigation I keep a lolipop like Cojack I take a hoe nap UP in ya lap tell ya hold that Yea! The Fillmoe King of the ryme, it's like I'm feeling for time Man you can wait but I'm scheming for mine Cu cu cu gotta get the cabbage I'm living way mad and get the ke lup for the freak cause she speak spanish Man I ain't never been a copy cat I throw raps at any disc jockey back Tennessee- call me little Denny, cause I'm ryhme ready The big homies came and got me in a blue Chevy It's like this, yea I gotta rattle the cage, If you wonder what I do-bitch I party for days I keep it hot like a heat wave, rollin around Stand you up like some pins then I'm bowling you down Said it before, yea I'm rhyme ready And when the suns down- Jamacian drug posse see me sayin "come down" Drank a little bit, me and vacko Once again it's the pinzo Picasso


HAYSTAK "Car Fulla White Boys"
We gonna break this down and roll a blunt YEAH ( Verse 1 ) Since the seventh grade I was told I would never excel Hopeless, I would either be dead or in jail Destined to fail But I done came to far to turn back Just poor white trash from the wrong side of the tracks I learned to add and subtract And I never went back To that lil' school I had been sent to Find some shit I could get in to Been through more by the time I was eighteen Then most people go through before they thirty I'm from the motherfucking dirty ( dirtyyy ) Trouble-maker, hard-headed motherfucker In one ear and out the other I got a brother named bubba Different daddy same mother Remind me of when I was younger lil' bad motherfucker My told me son it's time to settle down Momma your baby's a player and I get around I be up all night gone on that Hennessey and weed The only thing that helped me deal with all this jealousy and greed ( Chorus ) If I had a dollar for all of y'all That wanna see me in my grave I could just pack up and move away And spend the rest of my days getting paid If I had a dime for every time Somebody tried to insult my game I'd be in the islands doing fine Counting money sipping some champaign ( Verse 2 ) Wooo, inhale the weed smoke, ease my tension I was a bad boy, in and out of juvenile detention I grew up making bargains to get back on the streets I concentrated on paper just to get back on my feet I'm money minded, saw my people progress Paranoid, I'm underneath a bullet proof vest Staying stressed, peeping out the curtains knowing death is certain I know them killers is lurking Ha, Ha, Smirking when I ride by they broke ass I aint stunting 'em, cause they aint making no cash I'm gonna let them royalty checks accumulate We so good with it there's nothing you can do but hate ( Chorus ) Repeat 1 ( Verse 3 ) Whooo I gotta be thinking I'm get my ass killed Filled with strap kneel Cause over the passed years it's bad here in Nashville This one's for the homies that lost they life up on the battle field Way before the record deals we pack steal, that's real Dropped a CD at every jackhead club Out to get me thinking I'm a million dollar motherfucker But at night I can't sleep, I toss and turn Visions of Benz's be bought and money being burned I might not hit the billboard but I'm keeping it crunk And I get much love in Beechwood and lil Will's trunk you know no eastcoast to westcoast may not see that I get big love where I be at, Bitch believe that So many setbacks I got to try to overcome I take another sip of liquor just to keep me numb I know these haters love to catch me straight buck me and laugh While that AK 47 shell cut me in half Yeah, then you woke up you hater Why don't you do something with your life Get money boy, get up off yo ass Stop hating on me and mine and get ya own That's what the hell you need to do Bring the hook back boy ( Chorus ) If I had a dollar for all of y'all That wanna see me in my grave I could just pack up and move away And spend the rest of my days getting paid If I had a dime for everytime One of y'all tried to insult my game I would just... ( Haystak ) First thing you know, Stak'll be a millionaire What couldn't I do if I had that ( ha, ha, ha, ha ha )

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