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Please Don't Mind

Original and similar lyrics
You could turn the mic down a lil' bit C'mon, with the hands, yeah see [both talking] [Boobonic] Excuse me bitch what's your name Couple dollars ain't it so what's your game Known fact cause I'm gettin' the cash Don't dance face to face, bitch gimme the ass I'll help you out if you had a long day Dick like, good advice, it could go a long way Front, cause I knocked cha'll down I could remodel homes, I knock walls down I'm wit all, that shit y'all Talk about, oh what I don't hit raw Naw, you could flow like a bank hold up Have I ever loved a chick lemme think, hold up No, I'm all about the dough He shouldn't give a fuck if it's not your hoe Oh, that hatin' shit you did, ain't done us Playas and we get more head then new hundreds [Chorus] Please don't mind, how I pursue Don't take it personal girl it's how thugs do Let's get fly, sit for a few And after that let's go I'm fucking you [Mr.] Yo, let me tell you how I pursue Spit game in they ear, and it's proper too Say we stayin' at the Fount with Blue I'ma ball every day, spend a grand or two (psyche) Hit the beach, forget the sheets Get it down right there, chick touch your feet Loc roll, that's so much game Y'all think y'all know my aim That's a joke like Marlon Wayans, lame And it ain't got no change Chick listen up, want dick or what Take that, that's the only thing I'm givin' up Only sent, it's the dream that your 'gone get Hit for free, then Boo 'gone hit No they not like M-O dot I hit, touch base, and ball like White Sox [Chorus - 2x] [Boobonic] Look around dawg, what you see nigga Whole lotta model bitches then me nigga Me and Don in a drop and this pearl Withchu so sick make niggas wanna hurl Do it look like I care that's your girl She diggin' me, and love that I'm all the way ferl You talkin' shit, don't concern her If I fuckin' go, hit more bitches than Ike Turner [Mr.] I send 'em home in the cab to tell I play 'em more high notes than Patti LaBelle (plus) You gel, heavywear at (and) Got ice and your bezie wear that Y'all doozers are strictly losers We 'gone blow bright like bulbs and fuses Tell your man he better slow his role Our guns'll make James Brown lose his soul [Chorus - 4x]


E-40 "The Element Of Surprise"
Oooh oooh Flashin' *belches* Oooh I'm goin off that Boyd Dawg through Purina Chow Chow Pow Pow hot lead on a nigga head Chest out never understood grew up in the hood Never knew right from wrong Get to dumpin on a nigga for nothin for no reason Mannish little knucklehead hardhead heathen Meanin give a fuck about life I seen my momma stab my daddy in the stomach with a knife when I was three years old, finally figured it out That's why a nigga sold coke, clientele and clout Without a motherfuckin doubt, take a nigga out for trying to go between my motherfuckin paper route Wet his ass up, that nigga see and go Fully automatic convertible I'm a wipeaway arsonist fire extingusher, if you ain't spittin heat then motherfucker you betta damn sure be workin for me or else you're fucked Either that, I get your jaw wired up, pathological liar Dope game got me like this, fertify high Smokin more bomb than Cheech and Chong, I'm SAYIN Hit up Denny's resteraunt and order a gang of food Run up out of that prejudiced fuck-ass motherfucker without even havin any n kind of intention on even payin Damn near flashin, that's what the fuck I'm doin and I'm blastin up in this motherfucker I got my motherfuckin heater out and I'm sayin fuck the world I'm pissin on everything, fuck it, nigga I'm flashin I'm actin bad I got all kind of marbles on the motherfuckin table and I'm tellin a motherfucker you touch my shit and I'm flashin Understand my shit, the situation is way damn real Motherfucker I'm drunk off the shit and I'm breakin bottles on the pavement, I'm flashin Nigga I'm out there bad I'm poppin in the air for nothin Nigga for no apparent reason I'm DUH DUH DUH DUH check it out At this, got it fired up, choppers in the back of the truck about to light the nigga crib up Bang bang shoot em up claim fame Got a little to my name, slick as sugar cane Three in the mornin it's hard labor chasin paper Nigga twerkin, go to several Russian car Click-ers come esouped with VCR's Microwave ovens and credit cards Pullin all kind of heavy metal straps Beatin nijjas down with bumper jacks LIP's bitches overseas shoot crap Try to have more paper than a factory Motherfuckers gettin to showin out when the yard flexes Liable, blow a whole on a psycho Vital, lookin out for the rival tribal dead on arrival Psycho, it's all about survival Quarter ounce zippers is on Run up in his home white sock or bone With the chrome pist-al, pistol whip a nigga with a zap force, seen this hammer, Arm and Hammer bakin soda, listening to the scanner, scared man can't win, especially when a nigga packin Fetti stackin, mashin, flashin I'm flashin, the Elroy's pulled me over and put the flashlight to my window and told me I was speedin and I got to, fa-lashin on they ass I got to actin like a demon the motherfuckers told me the other day I go to turn off my P-G-and-E Nigga and I got to actin bad and I got to flashin on a motherfucker, motherfucker come out there talkin crazy to me lookin at me crazy up in the motherfuckin sto' and I said, Bitch I'm F-ah-lashin! Don't let me get to flashin on yo' ass nigga Motherfucker up in the club, and a motherfucker step on my shoe and I got to fa-lashin! It's all bad, motherfucker used to be comrade Used to fuck the same hoes, wear Jeff clothes Closer than a bugger to a nose, choosin vogues Slammin Cadillac do's together, cookin crack Gettin eighteens if it's back, overkill put the whammy on the whoop, be on the lookout for the state troop, might shoot, durin the drug deal Flippin at the mouth Voluntarily raps your motherfuckin folkers out Tight about since Little League, Boy Scouts Paper route dropped a diamond get some day skunk I'm uh, I'm ooh cranky, booty like a old hag She gonna get hella stanky if youse get teared up but us niggas don't bring me back my motherfuckin duffle bag.. I squinges off the hinges Lean ballin, alcohol and weed A thousand dollars worth of chump change, chicken feed A criminal record a full of dirty deeds Givin niggaz black eyes and bloody lips Cauliflower ears and extra clips Gun clappin music slappin party crashin Brash and motherfucker flashin The holiday just came on the first second and third of the month Made my check late and I got to, flashin on motherfuckers Next door neighbor hollerin that shit about my beat too loud I walked up the motherfuckin steps and I got ta tellin that bitch I'm F-ah-LASHIN Send a rookie to the store to bring me back some Rossi Ron He brought me back Chablais, and I get to FLASHIN on that bitch ass motherfucker, silly nigga Yknahmsayin? A motherfucker up in this motherfucker FLASHIN Get to testin my testicles nigga and I'ma FLASH on yo' ass Bad word get back to me and I'm flashin Lost all my money up in the dice game and I FLASH Didn't let me up in the Club Cafe Echelon and go to FLASHIN Dopefiend ran off with a hundred count of my teeth and I'm FLASHED Big Willie cashed my hawkin money water so I took it to Scottie's to keep myself from flashin Bought $250 worth of liquor and they tried to charge me for some ice and I FLASHED Got jumped outside a house party fools left me for dead when I got home I seen them motherfuckers and they ass was in the red, I got to FLASHIN I tell ya, bitch these niggaz I tell ya Shit I tell ya, SHIT SHIT SHIT SHIT BITCH, shit!

Buddy Guy

Uhh, yeah Yeah, yeah Bronsolinio, yeah Aiyyo Stoned on the stoop, got the box pumpin' Billy Joel I'm Mickey Mantle while you motherfuckers semi-pro Neck to colon how a slice from the machete go Shoot your gun and throw confetti cause I'm ready ho! Look in my eyes, you can tell that I'm a stand-up Call me the teacher, wanna talk just put your hands up We eat the lamb, duck, goose, beef or chicken Two seater shiftin' with the smooth Cedar Strippin' My facial hair is light red just like a ball of fire Golden sound, blow the town, 'lo attire Brown haze leather swampy like the Everglades I'll switch a style so that I'm ready when the era change First pressed virgin oil from the Greek Border Spit the shit that have me laid up with the sheik's daughter Three quarter on the Bally jacket to the knee Lights flashin' when I'm rappin', tappin' tree That smoke lingers son it shine through the curtain Cracked pepper motherfucker I'm a grinder for certain So never in your life come with scared business here Fuck around never found bitch, disappear Time after time I'm a winner Seasoned in the barrel, harvest in the winter Far from a beginner, keep an extra cartridge in the denim Twisted off of Manischewitz, Harlem in a rental The hash candidate, kindly gorgeous 360 is the ways and the caesar's huggin' knotty flosses Never stop until we hoppin out of grimey Porsches One night shorty needin' over 9 abortions I'm the whole shit, one you wanna roll with When in canoe waving the ganja like a glow stick Number one, numero uno with the flow shit Your style is tired and limp just like an old dick Bitch Roman sculptures, all of my students hold a diploma Straight to the back, garage door, behold the Lotus Finest tuna right out the sea straight off the boat this Hurricane rap spit tap low, rock a toga Bronsonelli chef de cuisine I flex the two seam Inject the vein with marijuana I'm a true fiend Up-to-the-minute, all the weapons we invented That's hidden inside the rented, the window tinted ten the percentage Sacrificin' the lamb for the nutrition "Criminology 101" hard cover, newest edition Nuclear fission is heavy weighty top the division Lots of provisions collosal status stoppin' collisions Too beaucoup, fresher than a lake trout Barbecue the venison, pair it with a great stout Peace I'm out kid, a motherfucker pace out Every time I take that motherfuckin' weapon from my waist out

Big Chips

JAY-Z "Unfinished Business"
[Chorus (R. Kelly):] Big chips! (Woo!) We off in Vegas drinking and partying We got chicks in swimsuits modeling We in the twin stretch Maybachs dipping low The way the wrist shine it's so magical You know them boys got the clubs out of control (Ho!) Nigga what you heard it's Kells and Hov With the second coming of Best Of Both In the first week I predict a million sold, we talking... [Verse 1: Jay-Z (R. Kelly)] Big chips! Big trips to Vegas nigga Big cribs and the whips is spacious (Uh huh) Any day they could dig your grave Shit, so big is my inspiration, dig No reward that's the risk is taken In which case you niggas wouldn't wanna switch places I on the other hand relish the situation Thank the Lord for the gift, I'm gracious I went overboard, look at this big bracelet I overhauled it you wouldn't recognize it From the time that I bought it I just replaced it I risk cases for shit like this, nigga I pray for some shit like this Word to my Uncle Ray, who gave us life for some shit like this Ma you rolling I'm as real as it gets [Chorus] [Verse 2: R. Kelly] Big chips! I can't take this The way you move your ass slow like Matrix You make me wanna toss chips in Vegas Before I toss chips first, get naked I can't fake it, girl you got the club shut down when you freak it Superstar honey, so mean and vicious Got a lot and coming, I'm so mean and vicious Bark bark farmer, this chicken laying platinum ex-farmer (preach!) So go low mama, give it a go As I punch 170 on stretch roads, must turn up the radio! Girl you so good I'm swerving like whoa! whoa! Uh oh! Uh uh oh! From the club to the stretch Out the stretch to the Hotel, into the hotel suite! [Chorus] [Verse 3: Jay-Z] Big chips! I'm a boss I said Tilt my hat and I cross my legs Like old ladies at the park, I toss my bread And the pigeons start flocking, balling like Bishop Loughlin And stick Cochran on any DA, to try to stop him So any gunplay that is an option I been doing this since niggas was woppin Rocking Izods with the matching socks, and Slap boxing in the back park and when the girls start watching Try to get real, you had to drop 'em See I ain't never been a fronter Or fake it till I make it tight nigga ma I don't want you number Either you're coming or I one you Either you know what you want ma, I don't even want you You play pretty if you wanna [Chorus] [Bridge: R. Kelly] All around the world, stop where the sun sets Spending big chips you wanna go (uh oh, uh uh oh!) You wanna go (uh oh, uh uh oh!) Say we goin around the world, stop where the sun sets Spending big chips you wanna go (uh oh, uh uh oh!) Do you wanna go (uh oh, uh uh oh!) [Outro: R. Kelly] Uh, come on, Tone, I see you, Jigga, Kells, uh, yeah, Track Masters What's really good, we're in the islands chilling in the shade and shit you know Blue waters, yellow sand, uh Either I'm high or, I think I just saw a dolphin

Sinister Mob

E-40 "Loyalty And Betrayal"
[Nate Dogg] I don't know if you don't, but I know Whenever the wind blows I be chasin all of my cheese Think I'm lyin? Silly ne-gro please My niggaz is out to get rich Better watch out man, cause they sick Somebody better get this dick I'm about to get Sic'Wid dis shit Although them niggaz is tight as tight as me they never will be So what some niggaz is famous man some niggaz is out for they G's Some niggaz is lovin hookers man some niggaz send hoes to they knees Some niggaz will rescue a bitch some skanless niggaz'll let the hoe bleed [Chorus 2X: Nate Dogg] If you gon' ride nigga go'n ride (zzzzoom) If you gon' hide nigga go'n hide (witcho' bitch-ass) If you gon' shoot nigga go'n shoot (doo doo doo doo doo doo) If you gon' spook nigga go'n spook [E-40] The cherries, sirens, got me layin, po-po penelopes make noises, throughout the night, bring the yellow tape They so, lost, bodies bagged up Streets, blocked off, victims AIRlifted up Lieutenants, bosses, block monsters, kingpins Funkin, beefin, killin they best friends And to prevent bloodshed we used to try to reason But right now it's a drought, and ain't nobody eatin So therefo' (therefo') there the problem right there Ain't no jobs provided, so I'ma blame the mayor Sinister mob, throughout the town Y'all grew up on this shit, y'all love the sound Y'all threw up on the shit, all on the tar Got you twisted with the shit, dang near wreck yo' momma's car Dirty needles, welfare checks Poverty, despair, housin projects [Chorus] [E-40] Smeb with me, and Nate Dogg M.D. 20/20 see that them breathin alcohol Took a 40 to the head with me Eightball, let your anger out, throw it up against the wall {*glass breaks*} I dropped a C-note, didn't miss it A little skank from the other side picked it up and kisses it like {*smooch*} Good luck, you deserve it and you makin it Even though, my boyfriend n them be hatin it I'm a top hat, them cats is mouses I sport ice, cost mo' than niggaz houses I'm nothing close to bein fake I tried to tell them tricks a long time ago to get in this rap game but it's too late I'm on my way to my (where) studio session Switchin ears, tryin to get a better reception Changin gears, super size Poppin wheelies in my, brand new ride [Chorus] [E-40] Glow in the dark night vision, solar ray tinted glass Power heated side through mirrors, ?? back airbags Off the new with the stump My Cadillac DTS Deville 32 valve ain't no punk Get up outta here some ol' jacklin and square hollered adjitudes and ate the gravel I said I ain't no mark-ass any ol' rapper Potnah I was built for battlin And about all that ol' jaw-jackin you doin potnah I ain't playin You get your head put on flat, think it's a game I got choppers done fucked with jelly jaws Screwed a few, bitches in my car A temper problem, I can't hide Issues, violence, problems deep inside [Nate Dogg] Although them niggaz is tight as tight as me they never will be So what some niggaz is famous man some niggaz is out for they G's Some niggaz is lovin hookers man some niggaz send hoes to they knees Some niggaz will rescue a bitch some skanless niggaz'll let the hoe bleed [Chorus] - 1.5X

People Ever Ask You?

Mac Mall
featuring Confident One *(Khayree)* Check one two. (Uh) Check check one two. Hot shit. (Oh yea) (Uh) Young Black Brotha hot shit. (What?) Uh huh uh huh uh huh uh huh. Confident One (Representin!) (Wha what?) (Spit this shit for me than man) (This Mac Mall in here) (You feel me playa?) (Check this out) (I'm gon' let these niggas know what's really goin' on though) Chorus 2x *(Confident One)* Do people ever ask you why you smoke so much weed? Why yo pants saggin' while you sippin' Hennessy? Smashin a V-12 doin' one-sixty tryin to get this money so we in this bitch deep. Verse 1 *(Confident One)* Here's the reason why TC-1 don't give a fuck cuz niggas won't lend you a dime when you down on yo luck plus they buck when you up these hoolagan niggas 'll leave you stuck an if you as cold as starvin' nobody put a nickle in your cup reprehensible attitudes is what we dealin' wit an in this Millennieum we die from one stroke of our dick what a world when you ain't got nothin' they say He ain't bout shit. An when you ball to often these niggas they want you to quit (stop, stop!) We up against all odds as we sippin' Hennessy avoidin' shady niggas quick to blast at racist police an to you money hungry bitches I won't even waste my time I give a fuck how fine I won't spend a fuckin' dime I'm tired of you niggas an yo repitious talk how you's a killa that stalks a pimp wit that walk let me shake my ashes as this THC ignites Khayree turn the beat up an pass the weed to fix your sight beware of them niggas who won't look you in yo eye smilin' all the time but in they heart is dispise check the blueprints study the (sclumatics??) learn the lesson an as you roll four deep in your whip my niggas here's the question. *(Chorus)* Verse 2 *(Mac Mall)* I wrote this fo' them inquiring minds who need to worry bout they own an stay the fuck outta mine punk niggas always whinin' an lyin' all on my mutha fuckin nuts juss like them chickens in the beauty salon, choppin me up suckas get so emotional when you ridin they hoe or when you ballin an they out there broke but I'd a seen niggas wit loot hatin on me too cuz I done treated they boo juss like a prostitute let her slide on my dick an she gave me ya whole script how much mail you workin wit an where ya hide them kicks but I ain't trippin off you trick, I'd rather spark me a spliff the white widow wit the Afghan-hashish mix bitches get so passionate when a nigga fuck the pussy steal the heart an take the chips an then dip an when you tell all your friends they like, No he didn't! an in yo face they might tell ya that Mac Mall ain't shit but that was one big mistake that was made by this chick see she told 'em how I fucked now her cousins my new bitch real mackin' hear me go on an crack the Henny go on an spark the Philly we goin' straight to the land now if I dropped ya on the track hit the block in a Lac when I see you later you besta have me a grand call me more than a playa fool I'm more like the coach runnin plays on the bench Go deep young hoe!! *(Chorus)* Verse 3 *(Mac Mall)* I show the world no mercy shall let no nigga serve me shall let no bitch disturb me she juss ain't worthy born in the game, forced to get my hands dirty an life is like a house party an I'm strapped plus perkin' always off the Roper you always see me loaded I always stay paid punk an all you marks can quote it I spit that true game an you been fiendin fo' it like every line is heir-on coated hip-hop an you own it! *(Chorus)* *(Mac Mall)* Deep, deep, deep! Fa sho. Let 'em know about it. Let 'em know about it, Mac Mall in this bitch nigga. Fa all my mutha fuckin folks What's up to my niggas out in Oakland. What's up to my mutha fuckas in Frisco. Fa sho. Uh-huh. My niggas out there in South Central. Watts!! What's up!! (Keep it poppin man) Yeah mutha fucka. Always, always keep it poppin. (Mac Mall) (Get that money so we in this bitch) *(Khayree)* Vallejo. I ain't forget you baby. I ain't forget you. Yo, yo, yo, yo, yo, yo, yo. Uh. (Tryin' to get this money) We in here. Ferg! What's up baby! I'm comin' off a cold man. Hit these suckas wit some of this... super simple funk, one time ya know. Yeah sumpthin' for that trunk.

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