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Cross The Border

Original and similar lyrics
[Boobonic] Yo, once the Mo start drippin Hoes start trippin Tell em my name Boo You know we all hittin But look mami I got 3 drinks in me stuck And I aint tryna talk, I'm tryna fuck If the pussy gets wetter Chicks, I never sweat her I'm gettin all the cheddar Bitch, read the letter I pattened the plan Get a dick suck wit a gat in my hand Bitch, it's thug passion Chicks drive by in their whips They be flashin Do you know Bonic and Lib They be askin If the bitch wanna ask me shit, I'ma hit Attitude just like Cancun, I'ma trip Now niggas pissed Know why Cause I'm the shit If you cop a 5, imagine what I'm gone get Lights out Most Wanted bring the bikes out Ball out Bitches on the back Ass all out I got hoes wit accents And I don't mean Hundai's My hands touched more bricks than Quamay's Ice'll blind you For real dog, believe me Only feel comfortable around Ray Charles and Stevie So I'ma take it easy [Chorus (Female voice)] So why don't you run across the border mama (I'll run cross the border papa) And what will you bring me back mama (You know what I'll bring you back papa) So don't forget (I won't forget) To bring me back (To bring you back) What I need (What you need) Tonight (Tonight) Will you run across the border mama (I'll go cross the border papa) [Mr.] (Mr. Mr.) I know the fuck you heard Give me head while I drive Bitch, I like to swerve I'll take you to the airport so you can cop them birds Now is you bout it mami Whoa, let me know Is it the dick, the car, the looks, or the dough She said, 'Mostly the dough, playa I don't lie.' I hit once, then hit her girlfriend Ask, 'When can we all get together again' And I never love hoes What you talkin about I party your wife, nigga You be eatin her out And I sat there and told you that I cum in her mouth And my connect the only reason she be runnin down south Bitches high for a ride dependin who key startin So fuck a Jaguar Cop a Aston Martin, pardon No talkin, Mr. say sparkin Niggas can't understand They still walkin [Chorus] [Boobonic] Hot ass whips is what they see Boo in We play down in C-A-C-U-N Uh, nice wit the O flex outta line Cut a bitch off like O.J. Yall aint ready That's why all yall niggas look hurt When yall see me More Franklin's than Kirk And I'm spendin em wit GP Thick tube socks I rock like I'm from DC Cash Money as in Juvenile like BG [Mr.] Top down on the Cadillac Allante' I get street stripes like Carlito Brigante Dog, I tax yall cause it costs to live And still show no love like foster kids I rent out homes in the hood and live across the bridge My car's hotter than Negril While y'all walk, I wheel Oh, your Roley go tick and tock It's not real And keep a piece around my neck I know worth ya deal, nigga [Chorus]


I lived my life in the gutter! And this gutter is who I am! Take me back home to my gutter and that's where I won't ever leave again! Hey! I'm comin' home home to the criminals and crooks Home to the gangbangers shootin' dirty looks. Home to the killer cops beatin' down my ass Home to my '72 Vallary prayin' it will last. Past all the rich bitches try'na play me out. Doggin' on my neighborhood don't know what it's about. So now I'm clockin' nuggets, never hangin' with the rich. I'd rather hang out with the crookeds at the party store, bitch! Gimme Coney, dawg, with a little smog, Cuz it tastes better than the poisonous fog. Seen it from the sewers in my slummy neighborhood. But the ghetto got love and the love is all good So I don't give a fuck about your mansion by the lake. You can suck my dingaling until your neck breaks. Cuz all I wanna do is hang with the zombies in the zone. Break out with the Faygo. I'm comin' home. (chorus): Home to the creatures, home to the crooks, Home to the fools readin' witchcraft books, Home to the monsters roamin' the land, I wanna come home but ya don't understand. Bitch, I'm comin home, and I'm not alone. Jokers and freaks and the dead body bones. Every single thing that ya never wanna see, Add it all together and ya got me! Ah, Nobody give a fuck about your punk ass rules. Keystone coppers and your hypocrite schools. I'd much rather lay around the streets and the gutter, And make dirty phone calls to your rich mother. Put up last midnight and I'm wakin' up the dead. And we playin' kickball with sombody's head. We go skinny-dippin' in the barrels of toxic waste, After that, I pour myself a little taste. So tell your mother that she's nothin' but a fat bitch, And all my homies don't care if the hoe's rich. Somebody out here, please let me know if there's a phone, I need to call my mother, and tell her I'm comin' home. (chorus) I'm comin' home. Chicken, chicken bone. Sugar plumb wishes and Ice cream cones. All these fake people sayin' hi to one another. Then they sit around and talk shit about each other. Watering the grass, diggin' in they ass, Try'na make sure they didn't lose any cash. Workin' hard all you life, and now you're finally rich. But look at you, you're just another whack bitch! heh. Call in the slum, that's where the bums, Murderers, and slaughterers. So that's what I become. Spare a little change, cuz I just ran outta gas, Reach for your quarter and I'll stick your fuckin' ass. Nobody wants to be around the ghetto breed. The ghetto got each other, and that's all we really need. So what the fuck I'm doin' down here? I got a land of my own, Hey, yo, dawg, fuck it, we goin' home. (chorus) (chorus) (chorus) (chorus) (chorus) (chorus) (group chorus) (group chorus) (group chorus w/ fade out) (group chorus w/ fade out)

A Lil' Bit Of Everything U.t.p

[Skip] Everytime I'm in the kitchen, you in the kitchen Let me finish this brick, 'fore you put that fish in Listen, I know we just came from fishin But I'm on a mission, you see, there's money that I'm missin I got 'em posted, so the move and I'm gonna murder y'all You and all the trouble goin through by servin y'all And only cause my man heard of y'all Other than that, shit, y'all won't get served at all [Tony Yayo] I went from oodles and noodles to lobster and shrimp I went from bare bubble coats, to brand new minks And yo my neck upgraded, my wrist's upgraded I stay C of F, I ain't got time for Jacob I'm still on the strip, tryin to get my grims off Nigga tryin to flip and its a Mexican stand off I put a hole in your grill, with the nine mil Dressed in all black, lookin for souls to steal [Chorus] - 2X Little bit of dust, little bit of cocaine Little bit of dro, little bit of heroine A little bit of ecstacy That's why your bitch want to be next to me We sell a little bit a everything [Young Buck] I put the two Mags, up to your doo rag And rockaby baby, I'm in the blue Jag with new tags, in case you wanna chase I never knew that, the impact, comin up out a Desert Eagle A make a nigga wob and wiggle screamin call my people We got these fiends pourin liters, and they shootin needles Need to be takin your connection, cause we got it cheaper Shit I ain't new to this, I met this air stewardess Who knows the ins and outs on how to get it in and out, nigga [Lloyd Banks] Ya if I put a dress code all black, nine hows and a laser And the party is an ink pen, bottle, or a razor Your hollerin for praise ya, catch me in the hood with a model named Taysha And the swallow game major These cowards ain't gangsta, they tellin you lies by sellin you dreams And they ain't fill ins, they fiends Plus they rat, and it's too hot to chill in the sun My pops 39 years old, and still on the run [Chorus] [Juvenile] Wodie what you want, you want dope, you want coke Wodie what you want, you want X, you want dro Shit you got beef, I got a tec and a fo' You feelin' hot and moist, I even get you a ho If you don't got no whip, I get you a car If you don't got no skills, I get your some more My nigga we don't cut it, we serve it raw Got anythin you want, play us awful hard [50 Cent] My 22's bling, so niggaz scheme 745i clean, this little shell nigga, fuck a triple beam Coffee pot to cook coke, Joe to smoke, I was born to loc Method cut the coke, 50 no joke I ain't 'Scarface', no women, no kids, I don't give a fuck Better teach that bitch, and that little nigga to duck With a P-90 Ruger, I put shots all through ya If you survive you gonna feel what talent do to ya [Chorus]


B.G. "Checkmate"
[B.G.] Uh-huh Ah, Ah, Woah, Woah I'm a guerilla, I'm a dog, I'm a beast, I'm a snake the type that will walk up and put 10 hollows to your face I'm a tiger, I'm a lion, I'm a bear, I'm a panther if you ballin' I'ma be the one that's gonna snatch ya I'm a fool, when I'm beefin I give niggaz the blues Don't think twice, first mind tell me do what I gotta do So I gather up my clique, load up the fucking iron gas up the creep mobile, jump in that bitch and ride When I catch ya I'ma do ya, I'ma smoke ya, I'ma kill ya I'ma spank ya, I'ma whack ya, Geezy gone deal witcha I don't play, I don't asshole B.G. don't lollygag I get these pussy niggaz ready for their body bag I'ma a clown but I ain't the type that play with ya child I'm the type that go chicka-blowe chicka blowe Ya heard me, watch out when that thang in my hand I'ma an untamed animal, straight a clean up man Chorus 2X: [Juvenile] I'ma animal in the jungle so you better beware it ain't nothing but guerillas, lion, tigers, and bears I'ma game red-nosed pit ready to scratch got you running like a bitch tryin to avoid the attack [B.G.] I ain't no rabbit, I ain't no rat I'ma a soldier that will give you hell I ain't cat, I ain't no turtle get in beef and hide in a shell I ain't no mutt, I ain't no monkie, far from being a duck believe me I can swim so come in that water, try your luck You gonna drown, guarantee you go under you won't come up I'm from Uptown and Uptown niggaz don't give a fuck My hood is a jungle full of niggaz live that wild life picture a untamed guerilla with a K(AK) he nothing nice so you know you get in his way, you lose your life so reverse that, get in front of me, you lose your life I'm like a alligator crocodile, quietly I lay Then slip, get comfortable, I'll strike and kill a prey take the life out em', stand there and watch him stop breathing watch him fade into the other world, but one day I'll see him but for now FUCK em', see ya when I see ya nigga I know at this moment I wouldn't wanna be ya nigga (Chorus) I'm a lil' creeper, quick like a cheetah, so better (?????) when I tell you freeze, when I was down for my heater people say I'm dangerous, I need a leash and a collar cuz I'm like a ROCK (rocwilder) but much more wilder if You got it, and I want it, I'll duct tape ya gotta a lock like a pit bull, get a hold of you and shake ya ain't now way You gone stomp at me, I feel you trying to play me I'm like Mike when I bite, I give ya bitch ass Rabies From tree to tree, block to block I be hanging Nuts swanging, thuggin, fuck it I'm looking mangy I gives a fuck, I live wild life like jungle animals catch Us gettin how we live on Discovery Channel You gotta be a snake that creep and know how to survive pussy cats got nine lives, dogs like me got one life so we gotta manage it We feel threatened by anything we gotta handle it We living scandalous (Chorus) [animal and jungle sounds at the end]

Boo Yow

C Bo "Til' My Casket Drops"
We like to murder in combat war on the streets .4 5 Glock 40's on sight to see Me and the homies run deep like a wild pack of wolves Attack like the Congo's when niggas talk bull Better step and get further before them hollow tips spit The Vulcan automatic with the Vulcan death grip Walk the strip and still tote see four in the tip and explode on Kryptonite chronic blunts when we dip Chorus: And I be hittin motherfuckers like boo yow! Whatchu motherfuckers wanna do now? I be hittin motherfuckers like boo yow! Take your whole motherfuckin crew out I be hittin motherfuckers like boo yow! Whatchu motherfuckers wanna do now? I be hittin motherfuckers like boo yow! Take your whole motherfuckin crew out Now step into my zone, we can get it on Roll a coupe, not a chrome, fuck a sack, I wanna zone Stay blown on the strip, all switches away from dips Next to the mack and the lil' homey talkin shit He quick to blast on that ass, blood puddles in the grass I thought Make sure he dead, come back and then we smash witta .4-5 automatic slug in his windpipe Ain't no love, for a thug livin one life We split wigs back like afro picks Flagged up, ain't your momma's style when we dip Young hogs creepin thru the fog Ready for combat, just me and my dogg Fuck y'all, other niggas all on my dick For the money and bitches ain't really down to do shit Another lyrical cap into your cranium We known to blow shit up like nuclear uranium Chorus I explode like a nuclear warhead, wit this lyrical gang that I slang like cocaine, makin the crowd bang As we kick up more dust than a pick-up Assaults, murders, and armoured truck stick-up Cos ain't too many niggas that can fuck with these Gz, pumpin and dumpin them ridahs on fo' D's Wit a fo'-fo', quote I give, busters are jokes and watch the concrete smack him in his face when he smokes Fo' sure, I'm known like the Boyz N' The Hood A Menace II Society knows it's tryin me, best to knock on some wood I bring it back to the good hooks, wish that they could fuck wit this lyrical microphone assassination hood spittin .45 hollow point chips at'cha chest The grinders penetrate a vest in the wild, wild West So break north, south or east, retreat and meet defeat It's West Coast, ready for combat, strapped wit heat Chorus

Miss Fordham Road (86 87 88)

[Verse 1: Action Bronson] Beauty Dior, Cherokee, Pinky Roxy Reynolds bouncing on the steps, slinky Give her something white and filled with cream -- twinkie Leave her blinded semen in her eyes -- blinky So it seems Can't even believe I used that flow I'm outta Queens Off the hooker strip boulevard of dreams Runways are getting trains stealing credit cards and schemes She was laying on the floor with honey mustard on her sleeves I said get up then she got up, get up in this whip bitch We bout to smoke this pot up plus I got some white You could be the first to taste the product, just a little dirty Had the body of a model, sent a message in a bottle Tell my man set the bed up, he built a wooden room quick Went to the tool shed, got on his hammer, nail, and screw shit Now we livin' lavish eaten salmon on a cruise ship Laying in a hammock getting hammered with a jew bitch [Hook: Ea$y Money] We want no drama, come here mama Dale y mamar (yo come here baby girl) Please don't get so wild, keep the chrome cal Te deja explotar (don't get bodied homie) Eso te mata, cool it papa Echate pa' tras (move back gimme space) I'm up in my zone, hoes pass tha ron Esto ta cabron (shit crazy) [Verse 2: Action Bronson] Yo just roll my dutches, prep my outfit for the party Spray my body with aromas, got the ladies actin naughty Fine fabric delegates my people far from celibate Hardly delicate highly skilled with much intelligence Walk in the place jacket hangin' past the calves Play the shorts in every season corner schemes get turned to math on some 5 in the mornin' shit, she looking flyer than anyone on that bitch Ocean high yeah I'm on that shit muthafucka [?] when I'm on that shit Pop pop tops of the Clicquot time to raise our glass up Right out the bottle, with a model, with amazing asses Wipe off the ashes, 16 flavors [?] butter Rose out the gutter, we stand around lenses shutter Ladies grindin' all up on my dickie Cause we gorgeous we forage the forest I'm destined for greatness we ballin regardless I'm heartless so baby tell me what you wanna do (I wanna suck it 'til my mouth's filled with cum from you) [Hook] [Verse 3: Action Bronson] 20 below the bitch seen walkin' the strip With that pink gloss on her lip And that big cross on her tits And she frontin' like she religious but stay stalkin' a dick Goin right at the head like some steamed crawfish n shit She know up in the club for years fuck for bagels Her face is weathered like the rain that fall in April And in her pants she got a loaf of bread You know the yeast she never go to bed She rather dope or head I just don't get it cause Mercedes was a honey All the ballers wanna fuck her buy her mink and give her money Her facials disappearin' and her nose is always runny Dentistry is twisted like the grill that's on a monkey Lower body skinny, upper body husky Call em linebackers she's a character a junkie Still, she pop it and the people throw the pennies Plus I'm here to watch her give the team a bunch of hennies cuz [Hook]

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