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Patti Kelleher lyrics - The Message

A Story Of Our Love

Original and similar lyrics
Our love is a story to be told. Through time, all our hopes and dreams unfold. We met as friends, and then, unexpectedly, we grew to one – I to you, you to me. We hoped that our cherished day would come, and now it is more than just a dream. We have the gift of love from heaven on high, to fill our hearts until the day we die. For love has brought us together, and so we ask you to pray, That God will always be with us, and He will show us the way. Our love is a tale of soul-mates found, a song held deep within our hearts. In all the world, there is you at last, with loneliness a memory of the past. Yes, God has brought us together, and He will keep us this way. Our love is an ever-flowing stream, that stems our thirst and nurtures all our dreams. We are as one, and may it always be, our love will last throughout eternity

James Bond Theme (Live)

MOBY "Animal Rights"
(this changes from show to show, but it's usually along these lines) Now let it lift you, oh! one love will one love will one love can take you make you feel alive and whole why give it up why tear it up one love will my love will my love will make you feel alive enough to let go oh the death row once again you feel like the brothers know once again, back is the incredible the rhyme animal the unforgetable d public enemy number one five-oh said freeze and I got numb can't I tell 'em that I really never had a gun but the wax that the terminator x spun now so soft so alive my dear so good so close so real this love whoa love! wanna give it up lets turn it loose (sample) bond, james bond. ¡¡

Cubic Space Division

Jones Keziah
(Spoken intro) Class programme for the African Anarchist 14 carats he pleaded Yeah, just let me take the grain like a criminal should Burdens? As in work-horse? God works in mysterious ways but never as a coolie Never as a coolie in the sweat shop of a deranged mind Her chocolate stain is The envy of caucasia. On these empty pages Lies an ejaculatory speech Will his letter survive? Will the words ever reach? Tell me will his letter survive? Will the words ever reach their destination? Well I can hear the call of the Mosque And the ringing of the bells Yeah, everlasting peace on earth And the casting of spells I can see thin white strips of cotton And an ol' wide broom I can see their feelings all wrapped up and muffled In an emotional room Now, it's the 10th of January And a Taxi awaits to bring me to thee But I'm a son of April And, the only African container of religious sound. Hey! Yeah, the only African container of religious sound So they make love on the 11th, fuck on the 12th And on the 13th they depart Back to the world of school uniforms, Perfects with guns and jackboots with heart Would a true story of cultural splinters Ever shred you as a tear? They were making love on a bed of emotional Rizla To burn away the fear They were making love on a bed of emotional Rizla To burn away the fear

Why Now

WYNONNA JUDD "The Other Side"
Words and Music by Gary Burr and Mike Reid Love that's worth fighting for That's what this is And how, how could I want more Than the warmth of your kiss No matter how many mile and dreams Come between us now In each step I take, with each prayer I make This love will last somehow (chorus) Let the mountains rise I will climb them all When my body's weak, I will not fall Baby come what may I'll find a way to get through There's nothing that I won't do To be loved by you There will be lonely nights When you'll whisper my name Know on those lonely nights I'll be doing the same Should every star in the sky go out Just keep your faith alive We were meant to be, this is destiny It cannot be denied Even when we're worlds apart Just keep this in your heart

Or Whatever

Age Of Electric
In your love, I should have been more kind In your love, I could I be so blind? In your heart, Your wasted, In your mind Forever or whatever come what may Our love will live to see another day Sing your song, Sacred are your words I bend my knee, And you will be my church With an angels voice, You offer me no choice I close my eyes, And I sing away my hurt In your arms, Salvation, In your mind You'll never leave me, You'll never hurt me You didn't love me, Where are you now? Fell my bite, The thorn in my side

Let Love Lead The Way

What makes this world go round Will the answer let her down She is so sweet and young And her life has just begun What does her future hold That's a story left unknown Will she make it through her days Let our love lead the way CHORUS: Part of me laughs, part of me cries, Part of me wants to question why Why is there joy, why is there pain Why is there sunshine then the rain One day you're here, next you are gone No matter what, we must go on Just keep the faith and Let love lead the way Everything will work out fine If you let love Love lead the way Sitting there all alone In the window of her room Watching the world go by Brings tears to her eyes All she sees is hurt and pain And she wants to break the chains She'll keep pressing every day And she'll find her own sweet way CHORUS You can be all that And still can be who you are You've gotta know for sure That it isn't make-believe You may feel weak But you are strong Don't you give up, girl If you keep holding on, You'll never be wrong Just close your eyes 'Cause it lies deep in your heart Yeah CHORUS (2x) Everything will work out fine If you let love Love lead the way Love lead the way Love lead the way Love lead the way... (fade out)

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