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P. DIDDY lyrics - The Saga Continues...

The Saga Continues

Original and similar lyrics
(feat. Black Rob, G. Dep, Loon) ['Sirius' by Alan Parsons Project plays in the background] [better known to some as 'Introducing your Chicago Bulls' music] [P. Diddy] Yeah can you hear me Yeah There's certain things in life that you can stop and there's certain things in life that can't be stopped Let's go.. 'And now.. for your.. Bad Bad Boys.. Starting at guard..' [P. Diddy] Y'all niggaz still talkin Oh you got a little name little fame little fortune What you have is a portion Bout the size of the hats in the back of my Porsche and So you better use caution, knowin I'm the boss and I'm sittin on pyramids, flossin I don't really gotta talk son I can get lost and sit back livin off endorsements I'm a pro, kid Why you actin like you don't really know, kid Any records I broke it Through the fame and the stardom, makin my mark on Harlem like Poe did I said, here's your eviction notice But you probably already know this I don't mean to be greedy, but turn on your TV or pick up your CD, P.D. [G. Dep] This is gruesome Niggaz always grab that mic and salt like they really gon' do some' What's wrong with you son Oh you got a new gun, do you know how to use one Then you livin an illusion, livin in a used one while I'm in the Limited, cruisin You ain't really got a crew son You givin them amusement, fuck what your Comic Views meant Youse a smokehead I've been doin this since this Pro-Ked Broke breads with the cokeheads Been down, still I get around like a nigga with broke legs on a moped I said; I'm a 'Top Gun' like Gossett Run and get your CD and cass-ette Gossip, lotta niggaz got lip But they ain't got hot yet 'til they got Dep [Loon] Why niggaz lie like that Know they ain't fly like that Niggaz get fried like that And you don't wanna die like that Have your momma cryin like that Besides all that, I'm in to get it fryin like that Still on the block and move pies like that Never my life dealt with guys that rap In fact, I leave a nigga with his eyes all sad Swoll up, y'all niggaz better hold up Any nigga that roll up, could get fold up Body get ripped up, and then sewed up Every nigga I fucked with, niggaz is growed up We don't play games, get on the stand, and say names All we do is cock back, and spray planes Give a fuck if nigga hustle or gangbang Nigga try to use they muscle and fang fang [Black Rob] Keep frontin, I'ma put a crease in your jaw Might catch me squeezin the four My nigga I go to war And if a nigga want the raw you still gotta come in the store Y'all never had a run-in before, with the likes of an outlaw Predicate assassin, smashin Open shit, rig scope, focus it Give niggaz what they 'posed to get (shit) Oppose the clique, I send five close to six Hoodfellaz, that'll come close your shit Niggaz stay with the frozen wrists Now the smoke colored big Benz with the top broke off Fix your face, we back on the paper chase Never left, so I ain't gotta take your place Fuck the fake bogus niggaz that ain't notice the breadwinner, three-six-five I stay focused nigga [P. Diddy] We'll never stop.. We'll never stop.. One of the greatest teams that ever lived.. It's like in our blood.. We gotta be born this way.. Bad Boy baby

Sun Duck Kim

Click... click [Chorus: in korean] Meh ho whame... who ho san se Guyow mo duk juck se mew mo huk ics Sun duck kim chang! Read u like a tv giude you can't hide Betta use your cellular I tapped your phone line It's the ginger bread man, hoe catch me if u can My kangol makes me look like MC Shan Rock tha atmosphere in my teflon gear Don't drink coffee but I love pam grier Let me give it to your ear drumin You hear somthin' Try to stop it but it just keeps commin Just keeps dumpin Just keeps bumpin Just keeps crumplin' Tiga, bitch, relentless like a heat Seaking missle then grissle Poppin like a 4-5 pistle with a pencil Blowin' kisses to my old bitches Good wishes, my red devil fish, Man I feeds em gold fishes Baby did you call I can hear ya whistle down the hall Sporting leather like an nba basketball Freeze frame, something like a homocide shot On the move and alert when the set gets hot It's like chess, concentrate before u take a step Because killings on the street is in full effect Smoke 2 joints to the dearly departed Bust nine rhymes and I'm just gettin started Emcees come in packs of seven And everytime I send em to the gates of heaven It's the ripper, creased like a fresh pair of dickies Most say andre, some say nicky, ricky, Pass me a towel cause I'm sweatin Dice game goin on and I'm side bettin Little joe back doo nigga flow or blow Hoe wutchu know about the black fo-fo Left for a sec but it's welcome back carter And just like a baller I came back a starter Fully loaded, tricks up the sleeve like a theif Fifth dipped daytons, zap code beat [Chorus] Microphone tec like straight kung-fu Nigga fuck me no nigga fuck you It's the nickatina beama masterpiece of rap So when you hear raps, you betta cock Yours back (click click) Deeper than a root canal, you know the style Starin at the judge in court with a smile My mazda rx-7's name is pitiful pete A one seater cause it beat in the passenger seat I came sober, my? vestiges? I came to get over I don't drink king cobra bitch I am the king cobra Like dracula in an acura, cocaine white spectacula [Chorus]

You Ain't Smart

Mase "Double Up"
[Intro] What, what What, what, what (H-World) What, what, what (All Out) What, what, what, what, what (Take it back to the streets, mutha fucka) What, what, what, what, what Yo, this for my niggas in the streets (What what what what) Foreign cars and the jeeps (What what what what) Make about a fuckin' million in a week (What what what what) When I can't forget that we all still street Yo, yo You know a nigga that's sniffin', that's always in the kitchen Bagin' shit up, there's always something missin' A nigga that's speeding, bound to have a collision Bound to be in prison, or bound to pop a mission So if you got dogs, nigga, let 'em go If a mob fuckin' truck right, let 'em know We got the same guns that you got, but better though And next time we in some shit nigga, you will know See I'm pushed to the point that I put something down And I stand over your head, like look at you now And the kids in the parks start lookin' around Like, 'Mommy come here, look, look, look what we found' Wit' me it's more intense, nigga So if you ain't goin' hard, stay on the bench, nigga And you know when I come, I leave no prints nigga And when you die, it won't be at my expense nigga Nigga, nigga [1] - Yo, you ain't as smart as you think And I know you ain't as smart as you think (Take it back to the streets) You talk crazy on the phone, bring niggas to your home Hey yo, you ain't as smart as you think (Take it back to the streets) Hey yo, you ain't as smart as you think And I know you ain't as smart as you think (Take it back to the streets) You leave a thug wit' a hoe and you think you on the low Hey yo, you ain't as smart as you think Yo, yo Not only do I know the rights, I know the wrongs Mo' money, mo' bitches, yeah, you know the song And if you claim you a nigga that know me long And you should know I'mma die with my Rolley on I ain't no punk, I ain't no chump, I ain't no whimp Ain't got no cane, ain't got no ming, ain't got no limp Money exempt, instead you niggas are blimp And every bitch in every state know Mase is the pimp See I'm unlike the ones who fail you, when I know where you Live, I'mma send my kid to take care of you I'll bring it to my man if he try to spare you I'd tie something up if I wanted to scare you Make it where your own shadow won't stand near you And they send the trauma unit to come repair you Now there you are nigga, in the fuckin' reservoir With your Bentley, we don't give a fuck about your car Who you are [Repeat 1] Yo, yo You can't never love a man so much you can't doubt him Let him know certain shit you gotta do without him And if ya got guns, don't leave home without it You gon' kill a man, there's ways to go about it See I never kill a man, and I do it vainly I won't ever let a mutha fucka know I'm angry Cuz when I get caught and they come arraign me It be a surprise witness that come to hang me I figure, if I'mma do it, I'mma do it my way Set 'em on Sunday, have 'em by Friday Then Sunday, I'mma meet 'em on the highway See where his exit is and keep it movin' Monday I'm off the exit All I wanna find out is where the complex is And by Tuesday I'm sittin' in the complexes All I wanna find out is where the address is And by Wednesday, it just so happen you get shot in the knee A nigga tried to run away and dropped the key Now you in the hospital, not critical Frontin', makin' a scene, bring the whole block wit' you Friday hit and you ain't got no clique wit' you Need somebody help you with your leg, got your bitch wit' chu Soon as you get home and put the key in the door Click, clack, now get on the floor, I told you nigga [Repeat 1 until fade]

Dec 31st

ACE HOOD "Starvation 2"
[Dj Khaled Talking intro for 1:21] Take a look into my eyes And just tell me what you see Tell me do you you see the beast They wanna let me off the leash Way too many of them niggas sleep I spit fire third degree Pussy niggas don't wanna believe On my momma they gon see Got the hottest flow, and I'm honest though Fuck witha nigga be modest for My concsious know I'm kinda dope Somebody let them bloggers know They don't wanna let this problem in Every year is my time again Underrated they contemplating I'm top 5 in they conversations They heard the people been hating on me Oh well nigga, whats new? Still riding in a maybach And they face mad when I came through These niggas hate that I made it Gotta make a way for my baby My momma crying in that other room And them tears were falling, I hate it Next day I made me some change Man up nigga no complaining Daddy left my younger stages Ain't no choice I had to make it Will not quit, and I will repent And I won't consent, with a nigga who snitch Coupe no top it don't make no sense Like a nigga who broke it don't make no cents Just stay friends in a whip no tint And that rolex glist oh boy they pissed Yall fuck boys do make me sick Your bitch blow me, C4, tick tick! And I got this shit, Khaled I got em He going to war, standing beside em You gon need army! You gon need navy! You gon need soliders! Maybe OBAMA! It's that W-E, T-H-E, B-E-S- carry the T None of you niggas don't matter to me Slaughter ya feature, just slaughter your beat Feed me rappers, bon appeite! Niggas be trippin, them choppers will speak Came for the war, no longer the peace Time for the blind and be able to see None of these niggas is ain't nothing like me 24 years ain't get no sleep 26 inches on my jeep, feeling like shackles on my feet Know the day that they let me free, Yall in trouble O-M-G! Please oh please nigga pray for me! Killing this shit boy, RIP! I'm back with a B and a mac on me In the back of the jeep yall looking for me! Capital A! Capital C! Capital E! H-double O, D Free my niggas till they all get free! Rep my city, gotta rep my team! Broward county President Thats that shit that I represent! Quarter mill for that whip I'm in Pussy boys I never mind they diss 80 thousand thats on my wrist Take your chick and I make that bitch Hit the dick, then take a flick Send that shit, you'll have a fit L-O-L I'm outta state Young nigga tryna get filthy rich I'm outchea, better bring your voucher Better call your counsler, shit get real Wanna think I'm coward? Oh I ain't bout it Now your family, is pushing flowers tears to your momma Heard it got em, never want that drama! Never want that drama ohhh Lord! I pray the world don't end in January December 31st I made obituaries! All you niggas sleeping, meet the cemetery All you niggas sleeping, meet the cemetery!! Starvation... Starvation... God Bless this proud Nation... Two [Outro] [Obama Speech] "If there is anyone out there that doubts its been a long time coming but tonight, tonight, is your answer!"


Shoulda never put me on this beat Okay, yeah, normal baller We back on tizzy, on top Jump Off, Dub B, Jersey Stand up GO! Jump off you rap guys is a joke I'm here to take the scoring title without the green light from my coach Man, don't make me have to smack your lineup I'm Michael Jordan y'all Harold Minor's that rap vagina All black ski mask, gloves, tuck the thing Drive slow, lights out like "I love this game" I live this y'all paint that pic And like Magic I'm starting to believe y'all dudes ain't that sick Might see ya boy scooping up a bird to get knowledge Number one draft pick and I skipped college Snakes in the trenches I peep those, get injured End up like Grant Hill on the bench in your street clothes Talk about he real, how he quick with a glock But like Kurt Thomas he ain't good for shit on the block See the gleam from the shoes Man, I don't mean to seem rude Gunshots do you like Vancouver make your team move (Let's Go!) [Chorus:] It's gone be the NBA never NBC (Yeah) Rookie of the year slash MVP (Rap suckas, we back) Never channel 4 We handle the 4 It's the number one draft pick (Yours truly) Let your gat spit, nigga [Repeat] Can't treat me like a sucka Gather up your five, man meet me at the Rucker Put the heat to you fuckers Half Man-Half Amazing with a clip in my boot My 4-5 will make you "Skip To My Lou", think about it Understand when I was younger I was all on my own So when I said 3-2 I wasn't calling a zone Nice truck, nice house and chain I car jacked you like Shaq shooting a three man get outta your Range This is regular hood shit I put Don Cheaney under the arm and show him how to make a good nick If you wack, you need to probably write Either that or quit it, throw in the chair like you Bobby Knight I work damn hard But don't think I can't rob Can't pitch, I still handle the rock like Shammgod Still hurt you cowards Still see me merking them Prowlers And know they still call me Dirk in Dallas I'm that nigga [Chorus] Man I kill lame queers It still ain't clear Never saving the tech like Bill Laimbeer I got tools for rilly With shells that make your temple hot and I ain't talking 'bout a school in Philly I ain't a selfish player Man, I help your weight up Cuz only Riders in this game now is myself and Isaiah Listen, you gettin dissed While I'm screwing these miss's I'm on cruise control you still moving your pivot But I'll show you how mean this crook be You and your dogs' like the Houston Comets, a team fulla pussy's Creep It ain't a game no more, it's a sport If you ain't got heart to play then stay off the court [Chorus] Game over!

Fatal Sting

WU-TANG CLAN "The Swarm"
[Verse 1:] In the battle fields mics collide like sword fights Get stabbed up by the swift technique of a Black Knight Who pierce strikes like vicious snakes, rhymes elevate Niggaz get sniped watch me annihilate The Gods got me eating off a fine dinner plates With this rap shit told me don't procrastinate West Coast lyricist, Killa Bee clique we swarm thick Spit the written like scripts No but fully loaded throw darts and make it hit, the target Pardon, me as I keep on starting, mo' shit Feel the wrath with these raw hits from Math You don't stand a chance, you can't top it we too advance [Verse 2:] Sharp shooter with the greatest accuracy Blast it rapidly, If those attacking me are after me You never capture me, it's sad to see niggaz testing me You meet your destiny can't get next to me The best of me you know the recipe The cut-throat making blood soak from the gun-smoke Have you gasping for oxygen Then pops you with the glocks again Drop 'em in with the street life, the street type We snipe, artificial niggaz under street lights Street fights transform into wars with firearms Bullets storm niggaz start to swarm like rise on Dying on the same blocks when they exchange rocks And hand cops flamed rocks Year after year up in the same spot Total madness synergy in city streets Battle many fleets as they walk by the gates of the darkside Black Knights Yo,yo, yo, yo, yo, yo, yo [Verse 3:] The microphone magnificent Burning hot like syphilis Hit your dish drink from distances Bombin' leave no witnesses The street division kid from the, Home of the wasteland Styles bionic, sounds blow holes through your basement Face it for the Black Knights there's no replacement You're basic, kid put this in your mouth so you can taste it These ancient rhymes are lethal When manifested bring wrath of bloody vengeance to suckers that second guessed it Confess it I got the type flows that'll make you stagger Came out my mother's womb with a blunt and bloody dagger From day one I knew that I'll be on some ol' lye shit Do or die shit, ready to ride slug slide shit [Verse 4:] The audity prodigy, The cosmos commodity, knowledge guides equality A whiff while I myth and a sniff off a E&J fifth and a spliff, the proton neutron, Sally with the crouton dipping in the Yucon, Supernova yoga, dosia, ambrosia crane and cobra The yolk for help and the stealth with the knowledge of self like no one else, the code of yoba From the noble none of my niggaz local

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