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OZZY OSBOURNE lyrics - Diary Of A Madman

Diary Of A Madman

Original and similar lyrics
Screaming at the window Watch me die another day Hopeless situation Endless price I have to pay Sanity now it's beyond me There's no choice Diary of a madman Walk the line again today Entries of confusion Dear diary, I'm here to stay Manic depression befriends me Hear his voice Sanity now it's beyond me There's no choice A sickened mind and spirit The mirror tells me lies Could I mistake myself for someone Who lives behind my eyes Will he escape my soul Or will he live in me Is he trying to get out Or trying to enter me Voices in the darkness Scream away my mental health Can I ask a question To help me save me from myself Enemies fill up the pages Are they me Monday 'till Sunday in stages Set me free


JOSS STONE "Mind, Body & Soul"
A loss that would have thrown A hole through anybody's soul And you were human after all So hold back the tears, my dear Release them so your eyes can clear I know that you will rise again But you gotta let them fall I wish that i could snap my fingers Erase the past, but no You cannot rewind reality Once the tape's unrolled Chorus If your spirit's broken and you can't bear the pain I will help you put the pieces back A little more each day And if your heart is locked and you can't find the key Lay your head upon my shoulder I'll set you free I'll be your security A moment of despair That forces you say that life's unfair It makes you scared of what tomorrow may bring But don't go giving into fear Stop hiding all alone in there The show keeps going on and on But you'll miss the whole damn thing I wish i had crystal ball to see what the future holds But we don't how the story ends 'til it's all been told (Chorus) On any clock upon the wall The time is always now So, baby kiss the past goodbye Don't let the future blow your mind Just sit back and chill Take things as they come You can't be afraid To live for today I will be with you each step of the way (Chorus)


Run - fast from the wreckage of the past A shattered glass prison wall behind me Fight - past walking through the ashes A distant oasis before me Cry - desperate crawling on my knees Begging God to please stop the insanity Help me - I'm trying to believe Stop wallowing in my own self pity We've been waiting for you my friend The writing's been on the wall All it takes is a little faith You know you're the same as us all Help me - I can't break out this prison all alone Save me - I'm drowning and I'm hopeless on my own Heal me - I can't restore my sanity alone Enter the door Desperate Fighting no more Help me restore To my sanity At this temple of hope I need to learn Teach me how Sorrow to burn Help me return To humanity I'll be fearless and thorough To enter this temple of hope Believe Transcend the pain Living the life Humility Opened my eyes This new odyssey Of rigorous honesty Serenity I never knew Soundness of mind Helped me to find Courage to change All the things that I can We'll help you perform this miracle But you must set your past free You dug the hole, but you can't bury your sole Open your mind and you'll see Help me - I can't break out this prison all alone Save me - I'm drowning and I'm hopeless on my own Heal me - I can't restore my sanity alone

The Messenger

I'm the messenger, turning truth to lies Watch my precious act, to disorganize Turn around your will, leave you in good faith Take your heart and soul, shattering disgrace Never feel save as I lurk by your side Still I am seeking access to your mind I'm catching up, there's no way out I will not stop 'till I am satisfied Listen to me, won't you take my advice Hell is on earth, downwards you ride Try to escape, maybe you'll succeed You should have known I'm the king of deceit Crying for help, you're left alone Unbound are the ones who are lying in wait Unfold your power, build up your inner Strength to dispraise, start the fire Awareness will save you from death Reproducing the revolution


PENNYWISE "Pennywise"
look at all these people lying around look at all these people being scraped right off the ground because of too many broken homes too many cardboard boxes too many people who just can't survive hard losses well americans don't belong in tins let's learn to help ourselves before we help the foreign wounded decay shout out dismay can you hear their voices yelling out mayday why are we sending money over seas look out your window our nation's the one that needs because there's not enough income there's too much poverty why must we lose more lives before our eyes will see we'll leave it alone hope it goes away its hard to ignore life when you live it everyday I'd like to see I'd like to say I'd like to hear that help is on the way here today where tomorrow death in the shadows affects us all too many bodies lie in the street too many hungry mouths that have the right to feed

To The Bone

In darkness embraced so dead still so near come walk towards trhe voices you fear let the impact of reality fade of what you don't believe how could you be afraid Rape the minds of generations to come forgiving is living revenge to some living ghost behind a spirit killing face stillborn ways of a mindfucking race Shape the twisted into never sleeping mourners of god die screaming no more forever weeping through hostile eyes never closing let me inside to live the religious decomposing Warped, deranged to see dying walls inside a kingdom not to be entries of fanatic delusions lose their way in the wheels of confusion

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