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NO AUTHORITY lyrics - Keep On

One More Time

Original and similar lyrics
It was a year ago early one summer day You wanted to see me before I left for a few days I thought that you would give me that long kiss good night But to my surprise you intended to say goodbye Now I'm missing you and I [Chorus:] Been around the world And I've seen your face one million times I just can't believe you're out of my life Tell me what am I to do Give me one more day with you Baby, I just need you in my life one more time Now I'm so far away but you are near in my mind I want you to be right by my side just one more time, stay with me girl I look around and all I see is your sweet face And I'm wondering if I can ever come back and take my place You're all I need in my life Oh girl, give our love one more try Baby can't you see Just what you do to me Please give me one more chance I'll show you love and romance [Chorus]

I'll Make It Up To You

JAE MILLZ "Property Of Potentness 2"
I'll make it up to you I'll make it up to you I'll make it up to you I'll make it up to you [Verse 1:] Dodging cops and police stations Never home paper chasing But baby girl I promise (I'll make it up to you) You put up with all my BS You deserve that double VS around your finger You see every king need a queen With you I'll shall share my dreams And I might not beat it up now (I'll make it up to you) God blessed me when God made you That's why I take chances and I make moves So a better life we can engrade too Going hard is our order But I'm barely seeing my daughters So this is what I said last time I saw her (I'll make it up to you) Ye, daddy's little girl always And daddy love his little girl all day Every day you don't ever play with my fam And these next few bars for my fans And know it's like I faded off the land But all my life (I'll make it up to you) Ye... (I'll make it up to you) [Verse 2:] All in no days off Lord knows I hope it all pays off I was made for the top like stake sauce Go hard like I already made soft Poke shit I create that Cream on my mind like an azak Bout mind don't mistake that My girl barber she straight bad My team bad, my team up My team good that's an A plus We smoke loud, we stunt loud But we don't say shit, make sense? Loyalty over royalty The foundation that's the sort of me Say don't bite the hand that feed you Say I respect who employed me That's the end of that story I tell my mom I gotta say I hate for us to miss holidays But (I'll make it up to you) Forever love you with my all Spring summer winter fall If I ain't there I'm just a call, a call away I call my dates I run the long scene in the go, just play (I'll make it up to you) Directed by the most high I'm so enwind to my so fly If I owe you one just know I (I'll make it up to you) (I'll make it up to you)

Fall For Your Type

Yeah, haze You are an oceans breeze, I am a title wave You every paragraph, I'm just the tittle page You have the heart I hold exactly where you desire it It's all so effortless, like what you did to acquire it Each time I find it harder just to keep my composure I'm tryina show you all of me like indecent exposure Look, I'll be the gun You be my holster I need your love, I need you closer Seems like forever when only an hour past We fallin' slower then grains of salt in an hour glass Emotions runnin' wild You are who tames them My only means for tranquility, you my sanctum And if I could I'd take your eyes and make them blend in with the stars So whenever we ain't together I'll see still them from afar But that's insane I'll do whatever just to feel you Even all of that don't come close to what I will do They say love hole the power to Fulfill you, heal you, kill you, hurt and abuse you Take away from what you use to I'm tryina paint a picture, like a canvas plain To try to put together words like a scrabble game I said I wouldn't stop until I said what I needed to right? alright let's go Look, I poured my heart out in an effort just to win you And I defy my actions solely so they won't offend you I mean I would wrestle time, even if it get re-winded Everything you lookin' for, in me is where you find it So you can stop your searchin' baby I know you hurtin' baby Your self-esteem so low sometimes that you feel worthless baby Okay, you hide it well But you know I can tell I see right threw that bullshit that you be tryina sell So let it drop, let it fall Let it blow with the wind I told you once, I told you twice and I'm a tell you once again That I'll be here, yeah said I'll be here And, if love is blind, then my mental clear And all we have is time And good intentions Fuck you brake, fuck your suspensions Put your foot up on that gas And drive 'till you don't see your past I said drive 'till your vision blurs And let my voice tell our story [Spoken words:] Fuck let them hate we where they never was And fuckin' Shakespeare couldn't of wrote a better love But people tell me that I'm trippin, I say you different And when they ask me how, I can't provide a description, you don't need one I would disconnect them all, like a broken joint Just to prove I only see you like a focal point I know that the distances, may cause complications But you make me feel good, fucked up, exonerated Still I wonder what you like beneath the shackles that you wearin' I've been longin' to release you from a load that's overbearin' Tell me, are you protected by your guard boo? Or could I blow and make it fall like cards do And I ain't interested 'till it involves you You got your doors locked and I just saw through You reached the height of loneliness, cause we all do But everything that goes up gotta fall to I always fall for your type, yeah, for your type Tell me why I always fall for your type, for your type I just can't explain this shit at all, fall for your type I just can't explain this shit at all, fall for your type I believe in people like you

Changed My Life

BABY BASH "Tha Smokin' Nephew"
[Chorus] I changed my life so I can be with you But you turned and walked away, Tell me what to do. I changed my life so I can be with you But you turned and walked away Tell me what to do Somehow I know you still believe Somehow I know you still believe [Verse 1] You interrupted my bliss Fuck this I sorry Used to be steak fish calamari But now all you do is drink and party Girl you ain't the greatest the greatest was Ali In the words of the late great Bob Marley No Woman, no cry, yes suh I do believe. I count my blessing every time I see my loved ones. Wondering why I be stressing of a silly woman. Boy get your head straight, boy get your head right. Keep on buzzin with your cousin Boy have a good time. Sometime I know it's right, sometimes I know it's wrong Sometimes I do it big, sometimes I'm all alone. [Chorus] [Verse 2] Up and down like a see-saw. Baby let me free fall. Me fall for that again Don't make me hee haw. Never will I get caught up again. I'm gonna put that on my momma and my next of kin They say money can't buy me happiness, But it will brighten my day. They say money can't buy me happiness, But it will brighten my day. Baby girl you don did it. Girl I ain't wit it. Only problem in my life was you, So good ridden. I'm out the door quick, feet first sideways. I'm checking out baby, And breathin some highway. [Chorus] Money won't buy you happiness But it will brighten your day. Money won't buy you happiness, But it will brighten your day.

Let Me Know

come on baby oh girl say the word and i will oh yeah Now I've had my mind on this girl The most beautifulest thing I've ever seen in the world Those caramel eyes had me melt every time And I think I got a crush on you cause damn you're so fine I don't just want a little slap and tickle I don't expect to find myself caught up in the middle Of a game of hide and seek Seems like every time we meet I get the feeling you know The words inside I'm trying to say chorus: If you feel the same way, baby You should let me know So that we can take up time and just chill for real Darling all you have to do is say the word And you know that I will If I had you for my girlfriend you'd be my queen And there's no way that no other girl could come in between of you and me You can't deny we're wasting time When you should be chilling with me, hey Girl should I just keep this flow or just go away Don't leave me out in the cold, baby There's been to many mixed messages and I Don't know if I can mess with this But I can resist and I don't wanna let these feelings go Chorus Girl, we've played this game for far too long Something so right just can't be wrong It's been hard to find the words to say But this feeling's just too strong Excuse me, miss, where you from? I smell the perfume of a beautiful woman Addicted to like pokémon, but please don't get me wrong I got a crush on you, that's what I'm saying with this song You need TLC, take it from me Even though you're an independent lady Career girl with your money, from what I can see Healthy attitude with a warm personality See you in cinemas, in different bars with your girlfriends Eating Häagen Dazs, driving fast cars But please don't be fooled by those little men Who be acting like gentlemen Cause I've seen with my own eyes the situation that they've been in so Hi, my name is “why blow'? I think I'll leave that one for those of you who already know And if you're interested is there somewhere that we can go Access all areas after my show so let me know, come on chorus


JAY-Z "The Blueprint"
[Intro: Jay-Z] Uh, its the boy Jay-Z, and the boy R. Kel The best of both worlds, please believe it Brookland, Chi-Town, to all the beautiful ladies in the world Dedicated to TT my niece, everybody in the world, talk to 'em Kel That's right, Tone this is mean and vicious man, so mean and vicious Rockland, Roc-a-Fella, the best of both worlds, come on [Verse 1: Jay-Z] Lord forgive me I'm ballin' out of control Got the spirit of a hustler pouring out of my soul Mami I love you but ain't no stopping my stroll If you wanna be down with me you gotta rooolll Like a roll and if my side of the bed gets cold You gotta know that I'm out chasin' doooough I'm ain't stunting these hoes Stunting my growth if I fuck 'em I'm fleeing them I need something to hold Then I'm home to you I might roam like a cellular phone But I never leave you alone I Solemnly swear, I was married to the block before I met you It's still a part of me there but I Solemnly swear, I try but it's in my blood Pumping yay since I was yay high I'm in love with the life So except me for the bastard that I am You're still in love with me right [Chorus: R. Kelly] Baby I can't figure it out Said you pussy tastes like honey But I can't stop huggin' the block All night tryna get this money Stuck between these two worlds What I'm gonna do with both these girls Two main squeezes in separate cities Both found out man, shit ain't pretty Stuck between these two worlds What I'm gonna do with both these girls Hard to choose between her and these streets Cuz the game keeps calling me [Verse 2: Jay-Z] Baby girl had me off my grind, off my clock I would often find I was off my block Couldn't keep her off my mind, my balls were shot They never thought that a pause or stop Was in my pores to push rock raw Take a lost rebound like Bo Outlaw, I'm so outlaw Got a hunger for this game, but keep that on the low Like a one against the grain Got the sun against my brain A girl in my ear I like her for her I'm a dig into this shit, I like it like I like her Sometimes I can't figure it out I'm in love with the life but she's sticking it out She know wanna hug kisses keep a nigga in the house Lock down while his niggas is out (out) [Chorus X2]

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