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NICKEL CREEK lyrics - This Side

Sabra Girl

Original and similar lyrics
lonely the life, that once, i led strange the paths, on which, we tread led me to you, unlikely but true sabra girl, clouding my view rainy the day, the first time we met deep was the talk, forever my debt it didnt seem wrong, to sing a sad song sabra girl, soon you'd be gone early the morning, and sad the goodbye with a wave of your hand and, a smile of your eye so lately did meet, no sooner depart sabra girl, homeward must start rosy the lines that you wrote with your hand reading between them to misunderstand i made the mistake you said not to make... yes reading your letters conviction did grow i thought it a chance, i knew i must go its hard to believe i could be so naive sabra girl, flattered but deceived now you just told me that friendship is all im forced to repair the breach in my wall illusions and dream as usual it seems sabra girl, they have been my downfall lonely the life, and dismal the view closed is the road, that leads to you since better cant be, as friends we'll agree sabra girl, time will cure me


ARCHIVE "Londinium"
Chorus : Face in my hands admiring view again Pictures tell me it's only my fear So I'll try, I'll try to hear what I like And I'll try to hide what I fear Ever moving over to the way I wanna be Attract an energy Past time stored in my memory As we are struggling to make sense of human nature Distraction like a fairground attraction Communication interacts like we So reason over remedy ready me infinitely But lately I admit hard times have hit But still I like knowing I'll break through it The fluid flows the seed grows and life goes on And the fight goes on in this the Babylon we carry on Surviving striving taking everyday wtaching time go by And I tangle with stress feel strain from stress Man made hell yes in a recess less I be mistaken I be taking all the ways life heralding the hark I embark like a light in the dark Define definition in my focus Living in a romm over the fear side view I am surrounded bu the border of disorder So I oughta be stable and able to lift my hand and take an Opportunity sinking down into quicksand time Another number never I endeavour like time is forever Expanding imaterila is the original principle Now the icon is God, Sad case in the rat race Erasing all the memory of something that they can't quite comprehend I end a line to the live wire with my entire trickle down lava flow blood fire I attack with my brain seeing eye vision Looking over my terrain day by day stay same In the land of chaos and disorder Living behind the light we're surrounded by a border In the dark room. ( Repeat Chorus )

Hey Pretty Girl

KIP MOORE "Up All Night"
Hey pretty girl, won't you look my way Love's in the air tonight You can bet you make this ol' boy's day Hey pretty girl, won't you look my way Hey pretty girl, can I have this dance And the next one after that Gonna make you mine there's a real good chance Hey pretty girl, can I have this dance Hey pretty girl, it feels so right Just like it's meant to be All wrapped up in my arms so tight Hey pretty girl, it feels so right Life's a long and winding ride Better have the right one by your side And happiness don't drag its feet Time moves faster than you think Hey pretty girl, wanna take you home My momma's gonna love you She'll make me sleep on the couch, I know Hey pretty girl, wanna take you home Hey pretty girl, let's build some dreams And a house on a piece of land We'll plant some roots and some apple trees Hey pretty girl, let's build some dreams Life's a long and winding ride Better have the right one by your side Happiness don't drag its feet And time moves faster than you think Hey pretty girl, you did so good Our baby's got your eyes And a fighter's heart like I knew she would Hey pretty girl, you did so good Hey pretty girl, when I see the light And it's my time to go I'm gonna thank the Lord for a real good life A pretty little girl and a beautiful wife

Mama's Just A Little Girl

2PAC "Better Dayz"
Young mothers That's right I feel ya (hey) I know how it is (MAMA's JUST A LIL' GIRL) Don't nobody understand I feel ya [Verse 1: Tupac] She was .. Born A heavy set girl with pig tails and curls A heart full of gold Still it won't change the world Though she could never understand why Some underhanded plans, witnessed a man die Was only 15 Should have been a beauty queen Still see here crying by the caskets when here parents got killed Little girl don't cry 'Coz even though they died You can best believe they watching over thee from the sky Never asked for this misery But look at what you gettin' It's a blessing in disguise When you find out your pregnant No money, no home And even though you all alone You'se got to do this on your own So baby go on I wish you luck And if you need me, call Just come to me and let me feed you all I can understand The way it feels when you fighting the world Facing all this drama When mama's just A little girl [Chorus] Mama Don't know why Mama's just a little girl Given that she's a Time ain't on her side Mama's just a little girl (Mama's just a little girl) She gotta hold her head up high [Verse 2: Tupac] At 16 what a beautiful thing The very essence of a jet black ebony queen And who could tell she would get pregnant at an early age She didn't listen, had sex Watch her belly raise (hey) Got violated by someone she dated If this is fate I hate to see the seed she created So we wait, though it takes time to build the body and the mind She reclines 9 months Then finally its time What do we find A little grown boy a mind with a tortured soul Addicted to a life of crime at no time of the growing stage He learned his values on the streets at an early age Watch for police Don't come home (why) 'Coz mammas acting crazy At the hospital 'Bout to have another baby Like the rose from concrete Grown within Blessed with twins How the hell can mamma raise 3 men So we began a closest family Such insanity A happy home For one act inhumanity Plus mammas said the seed was corrupted Used the rubber belly Begging us to breathe if she love us Now mamma sits quiet Sipping peppermint schnapps Turned the house into a spot and made her watch for cops (hey) How could mamma bring a thug like me into this world She ain't the cause of all the drama Cause mommas just a little girl [Chorus] Mama Don't know why Mama's just a little girl Liven if she is or not Time ain't on her side Cause ama's just a little girl (Mama's just a little girl) She gotta hold her head up high (How could she raise us) [Verse 3: Tupac] Now Would she remain in the same spot The gunshots rang, they came from the cane spot Now look here I see her clutching her son In her arms she hurt Her heart bleeding as she watched her seed die in the dirt Fulfill prophecy But who could stop the grief I walk around trying to hold the world up on top me Probably be an innocent man But still I'm the victim of a curse What could be worse Nothing but pain Since my birth, taught me functions at the pen Cause everybody's in paying back society I'm guilty of a life of sin I watched the drama occur My eyes blurred 'fore I jet it I wonder why we all have to die for we get it Though we shed tears So many peers I done buried Worried and scared Knowing I'ma see the cemetery Must be prepared in this cold world No-one cares No it ain't fair But we all there And do our share In this land of underhanded schemes and plans Vivid dreams of a nigga having g's in hand Mamma told me not to be a punk Fuck what you talking about coward What you niggas want (hey) They ain't a thing I wouldn't do for my mamma in this world Cause you know I ain't mad at cha You' just a little girl See mammas just a little girl (hey hey) [Chorus] [Repeat until fade] Mama don't know why Mama's just a little girl Given that she is or not time ain't on here side mama's just a little girl (mama's just a little girl) she gotta hold her head up high [Tupac Talking] They ask us why we mutilate each other like we do And wonder why we hold such little worth for human life Facing all this drama But to ask us why we to turn from bad to worse Is to ignore from which we came You see you wouldn't ask why the rose that grew from the concrete had damaged petals On the contrary We would all celebrate its tenacity We would all love its will to reach the sun Well We are the roses (echo) This is the concrete (echo) And these are my damaged petals (echo) Don't ask me why (echo) Thank god nigga (echo) Ask me how (echo) (hahaha) You see, mama's just a little girl

The Jazz Discharge Party Hats

FRANK ZAPPA "Man from Utopia"
Frank Zappa (guitar, vocals, drum machine) Steve Vai (guitar, acoustic guitar) Ray White (guitar, vocals) Roy Estrada (vocals) Bob Harris (boy soprano) Ike Willis (vocals) Bobby Martin (keyboards, saxophone, vocals) Tommy Mars (keyboards) Arthur Barrow (keyboards, bass, micro bass, rhythm guitar) Ed Mann (percussion) Scott Thunes (bass) Chad Wackerman (drums) Vinnie Colaiuta (drums) Craig Steward (harmonica) Dick Fegy (mandolin) Marty Krystall (saxophone) Once upon a time It was in Albuquerque, New Mexico There were these girls that worked at the college The were really cool... (They thought so anyway) The would be delighted to tell you how suave they where At the drop of a hat There was three of 'em: One of them thought she was a Beauty Queen... The other one was a Walking Blow-Job And then there was this skinny girl... Oh well... Some of the guys in the band got together With the girls from the college They were having a good time... (We were in Alburquerque for a couple of days) But these girls thought they were Hot Shit 'N wouldn't pooch the guys in the band On the first day, so... A couple of the guys in the band Who were desparate for THAT KIND OF ACTION Kept workin' on 'em for two days (Which is a waste of fuckin' time anyway...) So, anyway... But if that's your idea of a good time, what the hey? Send those pants up here! Here's some more! Okay, good-good! Traditional cotton...oh, how sweet! Umf...huh-huh-huh-huhhh... HERE! Work these! Anyway... We're in Albuquerque, New Mexico... A couple of the guys in the band, who shall go nameless Because their girlfriends might find out Decided they were gonna work the wall on these girls From the college So, one was the first night When they were still trying to 'get it in there' (Ya know what I mean? Huh-huh-huh-huh...) The skinny girl, she says to one of the guys in the band She says, well, to several of the guys in the band And one of the T-shirt guys too... HEY! LET'S GO SKINNY-DIPPING! At two o'clock in the morning at the pool at the hotel That's right, your heard right, Two o'clock in the morning, pool at the hotel... It was so fun... But the water was very, very cold! So they go out there and the girl who was really skinny 'N' probably totally insensitive to climatic changes Took all of her garments off and she jumped in the pool And she says, HEY GUYS! COME ON IN! Well, one of them did... The other one was too smart for that shit So him and the T-shirt guy say by the edge of the pool And when the girl who was really skinny (And insensitive to climatic changes) Took off her clothes and jumped in the pool She threw her pants over there by the little table Well, one of the guys in the band picked up het panties (He told me later the stuff in the bottom Was like punching an eclair...) Anyhow...there was nothing else to do... It was Alburquerque, New Mexico It's two o'clock in the morning... They're not going to get any nooky anyway... So this one guy and the T-shirt guy Started sniffing the girl's panties... They were sniffing the fudge and sniffing the glue... Sniffing every 'thing' that adhered to these Delightful little morsels (Some of you might think this is weird... No wonder. It's not exactly normal, but What the fuck?) So, they're snorting it... (Hey! It's the twentieth century... Whatever you can do to have a good time, let's get on with it, So long as it doesn't cause a murder...) So they're snorting the pants 'N' then they put them on their heads... They were having a good time... The girl was in the water...she didn't even see What was going on with her underpants... They were wearing the pants It looked just like a tiny little party hat... Their ears were sticking out the was so fun Later on they discovered, This would make a great way of life for them... They would go from town to town, looking for panties They would take the panties after they were hung up On the clothes line Later on they would take 'em back in the dressing room They would play with them... They would fetish the underpants... They would snort every little morsel attached To the underpants...and then...they would feel that They were FULFILLED And so you can see, That what we're doing here on stage Is part of a Great American Tradition The tradition of the JAZZ DISCHARGE PARTY HATS

Hey Girl

THE JACKA "The Jacka"
Hey girl, what's ya name Hey girl, what's ya name [Girl] Hey boy, what's ya name [Verse 1: Jacka] It's the jack Yeah I'm a dope dealer On top of that I'm a liar and a stealer You gotta remember I'm ya nigga homes Real big like king kong and godzilla in the same room I'm on the run from the boys havin fun But I know I'll feel tha pain soon Yo, look what I go threw I know you want me to stay all night But I gotta flight To the next state, cop me a zip So I can concentrate While I travel tryin to make my rhymes elivate And ya trunk raddle at the same time Feelin high, feelin fly man at the same time I'm in K.C. pushin kicks With my nigga freeway rich I smoked a zip And one day I'm feelin crazy Always hella loaded so the hoes think I'm lazy But really I'm rich [Chorus] [Jacka] Hey girl, what's ya name? [Kazi] Flossin in ya 4 dot with ya chain Posin in ya half top, tough and braids Lookin like you want dick, what's game [girl] Hey boy what's ya name? Lookin like a rapper, but you prolly push 'cain Rockin ya drop top pumpin game Frontin like you really that hard to tame [Verse 2: Uzi] Fresh out the plane Pants saggin with my dick in my hand Who am I? bitch, I'm U-Z-I yes I still push 'cain I ain't gone front main Feeliin it under pressure with my ninjas feelin pain I'm a ghetto star So don't approach sidewayz girl Might smack ya hard I'm still young It might be yo ho that I flip and smash on Run her over in my big wheel with no mask on From Africa to England And Back to the bay Oochies stay hatin Girl hey Oochies stay hatin [Verse 3: Kazi] Yo, yo Yo, yo Yo, I push the 4's the 5s It's not a game Night time livin life in the fast lane Quite live at the light I see the boys to the right It's a must i get out of they sight I...tucked the 2 E Dumb cop made a Ui (u-turn) To my left squatin off was a cutie Sparkin up, her car was tough It must've her man's truck Mommy actin like she can't talk Her look was ill If looks could kill I'm bout to be a dead man Trapped in the losts of the land It's not me, really I just wanna get to know ya If it's right spend the night Blow trees enormous You the thug type Sneak a gun up in the club type Heavy on the wrist ma you aint right Stop trippin girl quit ya games Kazi just wanna know ya name [Chorus x2]

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