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Oh Yeah, It Feels So Good

Original and similar lyrics
This is for the hundred dollar fillers For my butter pican dicker And for my chocolate playboy bunnies Feels so bad Chorus: Oh yeah, it feels so bad To be back where we rat Oh yeah, it feels so good This is where we started from Everybody let's take a ride Everybody just come inside On a journey Let's go back in time I'll keep the feeling right Everybody it's time to play Come on everybody let yo discman sway Forget all the other sounds 'Cause New Edition is what's going down Now the time has come To return as one And it's never been better And now, I never thought this day would come And it feels so good to me To be back where we belong Chorus: Oh yeah, it feels so good To be back where we belong (back where we belong) Oh yeah, it feels so good This is where we started from (This is where we started from) Been too long it's time to get in the mood Something to make you move A li'l something that's in this groove It'll be alright Nobody's humpin' around tonight And baby your mama need not to get it Cause N.E. is damn sho nuff comin' with it Rap: Fancy cars 'n' everything Silk, slips and trips to Rio Playin' C-low with the gamblers Lear jets and different sets Placin' bets Big Willie Style I gots the frequent flier miles I'm goin' places Atlantic City to Vegas Leaving no traces Sippin' bubblie with farmiliar faces Me and my crew, long overdue Jimmy and Terry With the N to the E The money making recipe Chorus: (2X) Oh yeah, it feels so good To be back where we belong Oh yeah, it feels so good This is where we started from (repeat) Rap: We're comin' We're comin' back from a long hiatus It's the greatest The latest craze To hit the stages Be amazing Sold out nights Spot lights, and flights for tickets Dips with picket signs Standng in line For hours and days Gettin' week Fiendin' for my peak of the N E mystic Know what I mean As we play up on the scene Big money players coming with the green J.G. Bridge: Now the time is come And we have just begun We're comin' loud and clear N.E.'s is back and in your ear Ain't nothing gonna stop us now We've gotta stay together somehow We're back where we belong And it feels so..... And it feels so good Chorus: (2X and fade) Oh yeah, it feel so good To be back where we belong Oh yeah, it feels so good This is where we started from

Good Life

SALT 'N' PEPA "Brand New"
[Intro:] Ooh, yeah, SNP livin' the good life Can you pace platinum and gold Lexus, drop top, gold Big houses, crazy dough Mad lucci, crazy Gucci Knowin' Lawton Let's get it on I'm livin' a good life No more showin' inside, ooh I'm livin' a good life I'm livin' the good life A good life, a new life [Repeat] [Deidra 'Spinderella' Roper:] Crispy currency is my smell And the body's packed well Can't you tell, Spinderella got new clientele Well I'm livin' swell, or should I say swollen I eats gourmet, and it slides easy through my throat And when I'm rollin', cruisin' in whatever car that I be usin' Passin', knowin' who's Always winnin' and never losin' now (Who rocks the best) Yo, it doesn't matter, cuz I live a little phatter No concern about the chit-chatter Once I heard the pitter-patter, I had to blow so You know what happened, reach and grab for all the dough, yeah Livin' good like a Nubian Queen should Just put it on the bill cuz it's all good [Chorus:] Good life, whoa whoa (I'm livin' the life, oh yeah, yeah) I'm livin' the good life No more wastin' my time It's the good life, yeah, yeah (Yeah, yeah) I'm livin' the good life (I'm livin' the life) Yes, I made up my mind (Made up my mind, yeah, yeah) [Sandra 'Pepa' Denton:] Credit to the hills, pimpin', loungin' by the pool And I love the way it feel, of course, I keep it real Garcon, come here yo, I'm kinda parched I want a big Blue Hawaii and easy on the liquor part Plus an entree, forget about the buffet Don't feel like walking, these dogs are barking Spend all of day shopping and I stopping to relax My credit cards are maxxed and I wonder what's the tax On 60K, call my accountant cuz I want to know today But Lou that never played 'em in the black, baby Schedule bounce is a moonlight cream like Columbia to Texas [Chorus] [Cheryl 'Salt' James:] He runs smooth, ooh, I'm in a groove Movin' in my land cruise cuz my Lexus caught a flat So had to take it back Gold and platinum albums bought me gold and platinum credit cards I work hard, and now I'm livin' large, caviar, fast cars Living lavishly, this has to be a dream Then again I think not, I bust my ass to get the cream-team My royalties exceed, brought me on my knees, please Anything I want, anytime, anywhere I be I know my C's will keep a-reelin' if I feel like skippin' town No need to hang around another place we're pavin' out We're climbing stars, we're gettin' into cars And mixed drinks and live on bars Chauffeur, once around the lot, Rodeo Drive is where I shop [Chorus (2x)]

Out For Fame

* train whistle * Yo right here, right here It's right through the fence, right through the fence Jump! * feet landing * Yeah.. right there, right there That's the 2's and the 5's * bag rustling * Joe gimme that, the fat, the fat cap, fat cap Yeah.. * train rolls in * Aight * shaking can up * Aight, let's do it now, let's do it now * spray paint * Yeah.. yeah.. Nah gi-gimme the other cap, gimme the other one Yeah right there * more spray * Front .. Page .. Entertainment .. Group Yeah.. I'm writin my name, in graffiti on the wall (repeat 8X) * first time, minus I'm * Hah! Hahahaha All graffiti artists hold tight, hooo! All graffiti artists hold tight, word Check check check it out y'all Check check check check check it out y'all [KRS-One] I got twenty-five cans in my knapsack, crossin out the wick-wack Puttin up my name with a fat cap Suckers that want to be in my face I just slap that Big respect to Artifacts, Fat Joey Crack and Mack and, Bio, and Brim come again with B.G. 183, recognize me with the mad colors, I'm a fiend for spraypaint Laugh if you wanna, I really care if you ain't cause you don't me see, and I don't know you But I do know Cope2, he be gettin walls too It's the underground community of what we call writers Worldwide burners, gettin hotter gettin brighter Whattup Nicer, whattup Razor, whattup Chino Masta Ase in the place, you know we know my man Rican, my man Zorro, taught me how to draw in the yards of the 5 train and the 4 So when I'm on tour I represent the hardcore I'm taggin up your blackbook sure, I'm out for the fame I'm writin my name, in graffiti on the wall (repeat 4X) * first time, minus I'm * Yeah, check it out check it out check it out one time Hip-hop music in effect one time [KRS-One] When I was growin up, I had no butcher baker candlestick maker I had rubbing alcohol and carbon paper Yeah, carbon paper and a blackboard eraser got me chased in the bus yards, with Rican and Nazer Historically speakin, cause people be dissin The first graffiti artists in the world were the Egyptians Writing on the walls, mixing characters with letters to tell the graphic story about their life, however today we do the same thing, with how we rap and draw We call it hardcore, they call it breakin the law There used to be a time when rap music was illegal The cops would come and break up every party when they see you But now the rap music's making money for the corporate It's acceptable to flaunt it, now everybody's on it Graffiti isn't corporate so it gets no respect Hasn't made a billion dollars for some corporation yet, so in the name of Phase2, Stay High, Pre-streets Grab your cans and hit the streets, I'm out for fame I'm writin my name, in graffiti on the wall (repeat 6X) Yeah, hip-hop culture in the house one time All graffiti artists in the house one time Yeah.. Biggin up the other side things here y'all The visual, not your video (check it out) [KRS-One] I'm livin in the city, inner city not a farm Steady bombin til I get fatigue in my arm Watchin for the beast cause many artists they shot em And beat em in the yards, while doin a top to bottom So pass me a can, not of Old Gold but full blue, sky blue, watch me unfold with the cold burner, of names you mighta heard of like Fab 5 Freddy, Sam Sever Word to the wise, Futura 2000 recognize Nation of creation, G Man come alive Checkin out Revolt and Zephyr My man Easy, and Rembrandt, Mitch 77 Oh no with the paint we can never dilly-dally Big up and respect to Con Art in Cali The Soul Artists, The Rebels, The Rascals, 3YB United Artists, TAT and Dondi Yes the other side of hip-hop is representin the visual Toys we be DISSIN you, I'm out for fame I'm writin my name, in graffiti on the wall (repeat 10X) Hip-hop in the house one time Video graf in the house one time All graffiti artists in the house dig the rhyme Put up your nine, put up your nine, yeah! Fresh.. for nineteen-ninety-five You SUCKERS!!!!

Up And Down

Grand Puba "Understand This"
[Grand Puba] One one Two..two, one two Yeah.. [Verse 1] Right now, Grand Puba 'bout to blow this mic out Got'cha movin like roaches with the lights out Finger-lickin like chicken in a dyke's house Don't stop, get it poppin like Redenbacher Move more feet than Koreans in a nail shop Keep it ghetto like Bodega's after twelve o'clock Shorty shakin like a chick up in the booty spot That's what's up, can't you smell what the Pub-ah cookin Got a girl with a wife on his side and still lookin You know my style is +Always+ like Coca-Cola I flip out like Skytel-Motorola In two-thou, my new Benz is ridin solar And my seed got a V8 in the stroller You know the 4-1-1, see it's time to make the paper pile Ain't no need to act funny style [Hook] Ain't no need to stop (Uh) Puba 'bout to drop (Yeah) Get that ass (What) Out on that floor (Uh-huh) Know we keep it hot (Yeah) Give it all ya got (Uh) Move it up and down like a Chevy 6-4 (Yeah) You know how it's going down Grand Puba is back in town Baby ain't no time to climb Go up and down and up and down [Verse 2] Now you may ask yourself who the hell I be Some consider me, a legend emcee Who never wear platinum or wore less gold I been makin y'all move since I was nineteen years old Listen I've been ballin in this game a long time Been through more counties than the Greyhound line Grand Puba, Brand Nub' affiliate Twelfth birthday I got my first Big Willy pit Mad love for the game ever since I was a youth Used to set up my equipment on the project roof Two turntables, microphone, and some vinyls Now I bounce through town in a smoked out rider Let's get it crackin if ya know how it's goin down Don't stop, get it get it, shake ya body to the ground Grand Puba gettin all up in that skull Shine so hard I make ice look dull [Hook] [Verse 3] Grand Puba still settin new trends (Mm-hmm) Still runnin with the Nubians (Mm-hmm) Still in the Range when I'm not in the Benz (Mm-hmm) You don't know, ya better ask your friends (Mm-hmm) Who wants to be a millionaire Buy a mansion next door to the Beck's in Bel-Air and chip paper like he don't care Buy all the shit that you want and need In the Y2K I'm like the gameshow Greed [Hook] {music to fade}


JAKE MILLER "The Road Less Traveled"
Yeah, look Let me tell you about a kid named Steven He's slowly running out of things to believe in Every couple of months his mom leaves him, for no good reason his step-dad beats him Not too many friends, only ever had a few of them, but recently they don't want anything to do with him Always eating lunch in the bathroom stall, he just wants to feel normal and be cool again, yeah Always feeling like the outcast, he's been going crazy ever since his dad passed He needs guidance and advice but instead he only has breakdowns and flashbacks of the car crash uh It's been getting harder everyday, if he was still around everything would be OK 'Cause his dad was always the light at the end of the tunnel, but now that same damn tunnel is looking dark and grey He keeps quiet in the back of the class and when the bell rings Steven hurries home fast scared to death the other kids will kick his ass on the long walk home 'Cause its happened in the past so He's getting used to the black eyes and fat lips but all he's got is a fake smile and cut wrists Wishin' he could walk right up to them and show them the scars and say look you're the reason that I've done this Maybe they would finally understand and go back to how it was before it all began But he's just a little different so they taunt him and they beat him Yeah it's all just fun and games, they don't give a damn, yeah His older brother ain't around, in and out of jail, hanging with the wrong crowd He's been doing coke, smoking weed, getting drunk all his life he's a shame no, he's not too proud Now his habits are rubbing off on his little bro yeah, but guess what? Little did he know that every time he did a line, every time he lit a joint, every time he took a shot he would set the mode, So Steven's sitting in his room getting high now Doors locked, music up, with his lights out He just takes another toke til his room fills with smoke 5-6-7 hours til he knocks out Now he started stealing pills from his mom 8-9-10 at a time and now they're gone and maybe for a moment all his problems seem to fade, but the high fades too after not too long and that's when it really sinks in and that's when it hits him that these god damn drugs won't fix him Curled up on the floor, can't take it anymore Now he's talking to God 'cause he's the only one that gets him On his knees, looking up, can't stop crying "God I know we haven't talked in a long time but this time I really need you. Please God help me, say something just give me a sign, because now I'm falling apart and I don't think that I can do it. Please God, give me the strength to pull through it. Tell me, Should I give up? I could end it all right now. I just don't know if I'm brave enough to do it. 'Cause there's gotta be a better way than suicide. Try to wait it out, give it time, you'll be fine. But it's been so long and I still haven't been able to get rid of all the thoughts that I feel inside. So sick, so angry, so mad and to top it off no one even knows that" That's when he stood up, wiped his tears, walked over to his desk and got a pen and a notepad He just couldn't see it getting any better So on a cold dark night in December, Steven knew exactly what he had to do But first he sat down and wrote a couple letters One to his step-dad, one to his mother, couple to the kids at school, one to his brother Bringing them the pain that they once brought him tear drops on the paper one after another Yeah, I hope that you all feel guilty. 'Cause I'm broken now and you can't heal me And now you're all an accomplice in murder each and every one of you has chipped in to kill me So the reason that I'm writing you this evening, is to say goodbye and to tell you that I'm leaving But don't hold your breath 'cause I ain't never coming back Sincerely yours, Steven


URIAH HEEP "Salisbury"
Somewhere in your eyes that very special glow Somthing's drawing me to where I do not know I never realy thought that I would lose myself But now I'm moving faster than anybody else You move without a sound and touch me with your hand Just like the rain that fondles every little grain of sand This thing we gonna do is just for you and me And I'm gonna make it good, good as it can be Your kiss is sweeter now your breath is getting warm And we must take our time to make it last 'till dawn I wonder will it be what,oh, I expected to There have been other girls but no one else like you I feel a power here I never felt before And I begin to see what drives to want more Oh girl of all my dreams, please tell me if I'm wrong Because I believe that we belong As time passed and all too fast I just knew it couldn't last And I guess that the end was near at last Though we tried our love inside It just whithered up and died What went wrong I will never, never understand You tell me why Alone again, how could you leave me Alone again, I don't wanna be alone again There's a line in a rhyme I was going to send to me It says all that is to be will surely be And so you wrote ,you had to go 'Cause you needed some one new Is there still a chance That you'll come back to me I want you back you see

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