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Nate Sallie lyrics

Whatever It Takes

Original and similar lyrics
Who was i to try to live without you Thinking I could do things on my own Lord I know that I should never doubt you I get so lost and lonely when I stray Now it's time to Surrender to you 'Cause I'm just a man who believes And it's you that I need Whatever it takes That's what I'll do I'd give anything to get back to you I know I was wrong And I've made some mistakes But I'm gonna do whatever it takes Whatever it takes In a world of darkness and temptation Only you can give me eyes to see Father you're my strength and my salvation I trust you'll show me who I'm supposed to be I will follow Anywhere that you lead For it's your will not mine I'm gonna prove it this time Whatever it takes That's what I'll do I'd give anything to get back to you I know I was wrong And I've made some mistakes But I'm gonna do whatever it takes Whatever it takes I'm standin' here 'cause I've got nothing to lose I lost it all when I walked away from you I swear this time around I won't let you down


BLIND MELON "Blind Melon"
His feet are dirty And his face, his face is long And while he's peeking out Through his hair he hides the pain Till that Lennon song comes along He'll turn it off and say can you drive Jimmy, we need to borrow this for a minute Cause we need to escape Now there's so many things that He's gonna do in 5 lifetimes Hell I could do 'em all Yeah and while he's rolling his own smokes He says to me he's buying a new ride today A classic deal the boss will give He said the same thing two weeks ago You've seen that sweaty jet rag Feeling come over him, and I've Seen that boy nod into a dream a time or two And on his way out his glazed stare Will make you stop and wonder Hey William is that the last time I'm gonna look at you But the next day phone will ring And it will be him Can you drive Jimmy, what would you say what would you do Oh should I pray Or do you think that this blind mind would listen to me, anyway

3-way Phone Call

hello hey little brother hey sis how you doin'? fine; what's goin' on with you? oh nothing much got your message from earlier this afternoon and something just didn't sound right and so im calling you back to check on you how you holdin' up oh everything is fine you know i don't believe you what chu sayin' you think i'm lyin' im not saying that, but i know you how [do] you know me kuz you're my brother and therefore i can tell when something is troubling you ok, ok, i give you that, 'nothing's wrong' i take that back,there is something on my mind but sis, i don't wanna waste your time but I have told you time and time again whatever you're going through, you can come and talk to me and i will say a prayer with you but ive been prayin and prayin' night and day hm hm, and i still can't seem to find my way Rob,that ain't nothing but the devil telling you that you're washed up and you're through but big sisters here to let you know boy, you're gonna make it through sister do you really believe that i can rise again yes! and not only that, Rob, God will forgive all you for all your sins g, tell me what to do but first you gotta believe the truth sometimes it's hard to believe in Him that's O.K. because He believes in you. CHORUS the winds the waves the storms the weapons that are formed against us (i will survive) the trying times, the sleepless nights, just know that faith is with us through all of the hills and valleys low, that we must come to walk side by side, follow the light, and know we'll make it through s-so what you're saying is believe a little more yes! cause faith is the key that opens up the door what you're saying to me is hard to recieve especially when trouble follows me when we're keepin' it real, Robert sometimes trouble can follow where you lead yes sister i know sometimes but i- just wait let me make a phonecall to who this [family] friend of mine,she can help you tear down your walls i don't want nobody in my business she's a friend and besides you need this you know how church folk can be boy, im your sister, trust in me now hold on (dialling ringing) maybe she's gone, maybe we oughtta just try..- no hello hello is Kim there? yes i think she's around here somewhere hold on now you just let me do the talking hello hey girl how you doing hey Kem my li'l brothers on the line and needing advice from you ooh what can i do for you...hello? go ahead Rob she's talkin' to you oh, well i know you must be very busy so i i'm not gonna mess around just tellen my sister how my life is upside down n' i don't know if im going left or right half the time, sometimes think im gonna lose my mind (feel me) umm hmm, similar [to] what i used to go through yes sometimes i still do see it doesn't matter who you are or where you're from if you struggle, God will use you amen sista, what you're saying is so true Rob are you there yes i'm just listening to the both of you it's so easy to say but not so easy to do,yes but if you stand the truth it will free you just stand strong with your hand held high said it won't be long any time He will provice stay in the race and keep on running and don't til the end til your day is coming CHORUS he'll give you peace in the midst of your storm sometimes i feel like it's too late for me but He'll never leave you you just gotta hang on Robert stay in prayer keep your head [up] God will do just what He said finally i think i did it yes that's it, that's the spirit CHORUS / he'll give you strength to keep you strong, the Devil is a liar, you'll/we'll rise again and show the world yes He does save, if you really want it then fall to your knees and lift your hands and repeat after me.. and say God i love you i've sinned forgive me im sorry i love you please help me Lord, i need you to come into my life and save me, save me, save me, save me, save me, save me, save me, save me...whoa i'm gonna have to call y'all back


EVERCLEAR "Songs From An American Movie, Vol. 2: Good Time For A Bad Attitude"
It can come from out of nowhere, hit you when you're safe and warm. Take it easy, my star your time is gonna come, your time is gonna come. Yeah, you got those crazy blue eyes. You got those crazy blues. All those pretty smiles, I can see them laughing at you. Your time is gonna come, your time is gonna come. I don't wanna be your punching bag, your complacent little princess all tragic and sad. I'm not gonna let you overwhelm me anymore. Yeah, you say you got this bad thing, you say you've got it bad. You have broken every heart of every friend you've ever had. Yeah, the time is gonna come when all your friends just go away. I wonder why you stick around, sometimes I wish you would leave. You say you love me forever, then you spit on me. Your time is gonna come, I swear your time is gonna come. I don't want to be your whipping boy. Yes, your happy little loser, someone you can ignore. I'm not gonna let you overwhelm me anymore. I'm not gonna let you hurt me anymore. I'm not gonna let you hit me anymore. No, I will not let you kick me anymore. I will not let you overwhelm me anymore. It can come from out of nowhere. I don't want to be your simple saving grace, just another little victim with a happy face. Someday, someday soon, somebody's gonna come, I hope they do this to you. I'm not gonna let you overwhelm me. I will not let you hurt me anymore. No, I will not let you hit me anymore. I will not let you twist me anymore. No, I will not let you turn me inside out.

The Convo

DMX "It's Dark And Hell Is Hot"
You tell me that there's love here. But to me it's blatant. Nothin' but all the blood here. I'm dealin with Satan. Plus with all the hatin' it's hard to keep peace. (uh huh) Thou shall not steal, but I will to eat. I tried doin' good, but good's not too good for me. Misunderstood, why you chose the hood for me. Mean I'm aiight, I just had to work hard at it. Went to gran'ma for answers, she told me that god had it. So now here I am, confused and full of questions. Am I born to lose, or is this just a lesson. And who it's goin' choose when it gets turned around. And will it be layin' in my own blood and on the ground. My child, I've watched you grow up and I've been there. (uh huh) Even at those times you least suspected it I was there. And look at what I've given you a talent to rhyme. I may not come when you call, but I'm always on time. Somebody's knockin'. Should I let em in. Lord we're just startin, but where will it end. Somebody's knockin'. Should I let em in. Lord we're just startin, but where will it end. But when the funds are low the guns'll blow. Lookin' for that one that owe, make em run that dough. No! Put down the guns and write a new rhyme. You'll get it all in due time. You'll do fine. Just have faith cuz you mine. (uh huh) And when you shine it's goin' be a sight to behold. So don't fight to be old, or lose sight when it's cold. See that light down the road, it's goin' guide you there Two sets of footsteps, I was right beside you there. But what about them times I only saw one. Those were the times that I was under the gun, It was then I carried you my son. Led you to safety. It just wasn't your time to face me. (uh huh) Ayo a few of them times I thought you would erase me. But all you did was embrace me. Prepared me for the worst. Offered me eternal light, and scared me with the hearse. And the curse turned to grace. When the hurt turned to faith. No more runnin', (uh huh) and slidin' in the dirt cuz I'm safe. Somebody's knockin'. Should I let em in. Lord we're just startin, but where will it end. Somebody's knockin'. Should I let em in. So if I'm yo' man I'm in yo' hand. Wus yo' plan. Never had a friend cuz you couldn't trust your man. Learned to stand before I crawled. Things were twisted! And if you showed me anything at all then I missed it. Looked the wrong way. (uh huh) I've done some wrong things. (true) Kept a bad attitude, but that's what wrong brings. And now you mean to tell me that after all this time, it was you that kept the dog from goin' out of his mind. It was you that breathed life into my lungs when I was born. And it was you that let me know what was right, from what was wrong. And it was you that let me do what I knew what could be done. And it was you that gave me a good wife and a beautiful son. And It's been you speakin' to me inside my mind. And it's been you who has forgiven time after time. It was you who opened my eyes so I could see. And it was you who shined yo' light on me.


Joe Rockhead "Crazy"
Down in the zombie town people running all around Blind as bats can be the truth they cannot see Keep them blinders on raise the young ones big and strong And when the day is through not much we can do Its getting tricky just to see the light And it's tricky telling wrong from right Its getting trickier as time goes by Its getting tricky to carry the load And it's tricky not to explode It gets trickier as time goes by Rain is falling from the sky on this sunny sunny sunny night Brother can you tell me why right is wrong wrong is right tell me why Shouldn't be this way again will this problem never end Will this madness ever cease we need to learn to love Then they'll be peace Day in the sun And I have seen the monster men time and time and time again They look like me and you and this ain't nothing new You can't stop the sea they say the tide of change must have its way One day the tide will turn and maybe then we'll learn (chorus) Now brother tell me why The rain keep falling from the sky Oh tell me now will we ever see the sun There's got to be some way we can live as one

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