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Mr. Lucci lyrics


Original and similar lyrics
(Mr.Lucci) *Echos* Ha, Them boys don't think we can freesyle up here huh? Put it in they face, and make them feel somethin These niggaz don't think these Dallas boys got somethin um-huh, just dont know (know)..Tell' em It's me that's creepin up ya' block without no tops, spark and glistenin with the number one niggaz, our side is D-TOWN is bringin these hits wit him Hmm, and is keepin a sliff wit him plus a fifth in him, wit some creased up denim Yu could catch me limpin, right cup sippin, well then I'm sho' nuff pimpin, playa Well i thought ya knew the truth when we drop Mr. Pook' up on you boyz,playa Haters claim the fool, so we let loose, Mr. Luc' wit ghetto noise, say what? Need to watch that Cuz ain't nothin' but platinum plaques comin up out Kevin A. cat I guarantee's that, and ya best believe that Hold on dawg where my sweet at?(Sew it mayne) Nigga pass the flame so I can heat that(Nigga gon' ahead shit) Let me gon' fire up the doskey do', oh, Kevin A. brang the beat back Ain't no stoppin this, soon as we don droppin this Man Ed and Kap down at the barn gon' be choppin it (Chh*Chh*Chh*) with screw versions cross the topand this And a monopoly in the indusrty, is what this gon' occur to me Better peep the crook, chain and the piece (chime.Bling) We some warriors from the North The D Doin it how it's suppose to be wit the crroked azz niggaz that's close to me (Chorus)-2x Mr. Lucci he be comin up the block, on slabs Breakin bitches off and it don't stop, no doubt Wettin up ya spot and leavin' it hoe on swoll, nigga How the hell you feel, we pimpin hoes in tight clothes (Mr.Lucci) Well i'm thankin bout bigger thangs(what?) Bigger chain dawg bigger rings Pimp wit a bigger grain off a side of a bigger frame down a bigger lane I'm a bigger mayne. nigga wit a bigger name spittin bigger game (what you is?) True pimp wit a bigger caine as I step through wit a bigger swang I smoke bigger mo's with bigger pros, and bigger hoes and I stack bigger dough, floss bigger fro's, ride bigger vouges and we pull bigger jacks wit bigger gats and bigger cats and we chief bigger sacs, ride bigger Lacs, hand bigger plaques and I cock bigger locks, break bigger glocks up off ya spot and we work bigger guts, and bigger skills dawg bigger nuts and I'm on a bigger chase wit a bigger lake on a bigger place Hmm, my team? Bigger taste, bigger beats wit bigger bass Wit some bigger thoughts, and some bigger bread and a bigger vault man wit come bigger shit- Hunn, like a bigger walk and a bigger talk (Chorus)-2x (Mr.Lucci) Un, nigga how you feel wit twinkie inches on ya Lac(What...?) Breaki bitches off wit fifth wheel on ya back nigga Choppin up ya game nigga or poppin up ya dane a dane a 100 percent southern raiser, mutherfucka on another page Let ya candy paint, drip and drop, and im off the lot wit ya trunk pop any ya front screens, flip and flop, down the block, and it dont stop Drop, 4 G's wit ease, down at 4 li's wit g's down at and soon as I leave, auto crank the car wit my keys And bet, anytime I see ya i got my seet up blaxin my weed up Nigga full of that G stuff, Hen' and Reefa wit sexier divas Justt call me the W-I-G-S-P, L-I-T-T-A Heeeeyyy chiefin mt life away Won't ever change and front my style, fuck that I'm try'na clown I'm talk talkin bout brangin you hits you can bang in ya shit 4 yaers from now I't s trill so huh? It's goin down hill Reclinin and stackin mills, while shinnin in 'Lac Seville's,Playa (Chorus)-2x


PUFF DADDY "Forever"
(feat. Busta Rhymes, Cee-Lo, G-Dep, Redman) [Puffy] I'll never stop I don't give a fuck If it's me against a million billion of ya'll mother fuckers I will never stop I bust six out the roof of my Bentley Coup Head shots so mother fuckers can't regroup, can't recoup I'll be damned if you get more points than me Sell more joints than me Steal your faith, take a puff, inhale my name Smoke on it, shit, choke on it Bitch nigga, I'mma make a hit nigga Hot mother fucker down to the skit nigga Game over playa, and nigga ya scored low Hit me later young, and I'm at the award show Bank account ten digits and it's all 'O's' I floss the most shit, fuck the most hoes Come on, you can even ask Don Juan It's official now, they all rock Sean John Might have to change my name to strong arm You came to get money man That shit been long gone, come on [Shyne] Have much to do with nigga since Nicolas Bond Poppin' and choppin' until the day that I'm gone Shyne poor, cuz your dream come from one bottle Prominent premier, premium bravo Watch him explain ain't nothin' but blood thug crime though Shots in the spinal, from my rivals Cross the t's and dot the i's and Pay the judge, drop the top we'll mess around Shit, it's the kid rapper's feelin' You cowards don't know I'd rather be racketeerin' somewhere Bustin' shots in the atmosphere and Not caring, fuckin' the proscecutor at my hearin' Money laundering, honies wondering Who me I reply casually Come what God would be if He was a straight G Tonight too tight out of a big ditch we ride [Redman] Yo yo yo, it's your hide Grab the rope and yell rawhide Front line is pussy, call off sides I'm focus but my hand is cross-eyed I left my gun home, here borrow mine Pop the nine like a judge 'All rise' This gun'll knock plants off tall guys We value-packs, y'all small fries (Yo, I'm from the projects) Yo, but on the floor tied Don't matter, we'll take up all size Truly yours doc, then PPP hide, my name is Since five, I talk jive In church dressed in cordoroy ties Now I'm grown up and been married four times Besides, I'm just a sight for soar eyes Brick city, known pop the door wide Stolen Bonneville in New York High [G-Dep] Reversin' the plot Last come, first one to rot, first in the glot If I miss, circlin' the block, servin' the pot And I be the person to watch If your girl missin' the rock, purse and a watch Hot as it gets, from Hell came outta you debts Buy the cassette, rewind it to death Alota y'all sweat it, you try to forget How I rock shit from N.Y. to Tibet You got it to bet That's just how you got into debt You lost when you nodded your neck Through the vest, through the chest that you tried to protect Take the voice that you try to project, check Darin' you to kid, cat shootin' sperm in you wiz I'm why you smell herb in the crib Man I'm out for doubtful, shit I spit a mouthful Indo out-do, intro to outro [Sauce Money] I'm the hottest thing spittin' so go warn your clique Them niggas y'all look up to is on my dick Sauce motherfuckin' born to hit I get so far up in your ass, think I was on some shit Look, you against me is really nothin' to see Who, when, where, what it's gon' be I don't give a fuck if it's he or she I'm the virgin of hip hop Nobody fuckin' with me I know your type, you a ride dick nigga Cry sick nigga, lied quick nigga Out of turn speakin', first one leakin' Always the Suzuki side kick nigga Bitches don't cast stones down, they throw bricks Why I come through and tell 'em to blow dick These nigga's the nicest No, go fish Sauce, you da best motherfucker, no shit [Cee-Lo] You're treated and competed, walk away from it undefeated Observe it from over there, ok Ain't It obvious we overheated You talkin' that slick shit But I jus' know that you meant me But evidently, you don't know I get your ass gone permanently It ain't complex I'll just bang holes or you're ablin' to ask who next Do a drive-by on your project, take the traps Come on and get some of our gun craps I'll straighten out the nigga now When I snap, make your chest cavity collapse When I glide the entire map With the frequent four alarm fire, rap straight up Put weight down, fuck around, you ate up And nigga when I eat, I mean I lick the whole plate up Look in my eyes, I'm not scared Sucka, you heard what I said If you don't wanna get dead No it ain't no cure, ice cold in the low, the go-rilla The mo' scrilla the more real-la, I live to rule [Busta] Don't hold me back, you bet How many nigga's think they fuckin' with mines A nigga God blessed with such an undeniable shine I hope you know there's nothin' fresher The manifester apply the pressure Tie you up and gag you in your mouth with a piece of polyester Now fix your fuckin' face up Empty the chest of drawers before I stretch your jaw Everybody hit the fuckin' floor Only the real mother fuckers belong I hope nigga's don't end the party before we finish the song (Bitch nigga) You be the last to come and harrass, reflect on the past When I used to pull spine outcho ass Live nigga's go stack money, continue to bill shit Long as I'm in this fucker I'm determined to kill shit Zap nigga's like cellular flips and swell up your lips Fuck with so much dick in their ass it's shrinkin' her hen house Hey yo, before you empty your clip and pull at your trigger Salute the legacy of these throroughly recognized niggas


TWISTA "Adrenaline Rush"
Shit, niggaz got me higher than a motherfucker off up in here, man Damn, the fuck y'all get this weed from Motherfucker overdose or some shit off this shit, god damn Check this shit out though.. [Twista] Now pussy player haters say that I'm too raw with it but y'all thinkin cause I be talkin shit them hoes say that nigga cold as hell Fuck what the punks are talkin bout I wanna get up with that big ballin bitch plus niggaz feelin what I'm on as well Blunts got my mind in the zone The one that's rocking fresh Pelle Pel's True to the shine on his bone Somebody beatin up the block on fresh rider rims If it's me hell, you can tell by the design on the chrome Crying on the phone Hoe thinkin I'm in love with her cause she took me shoppin and had me tryin on cologne So I left her on the line with the tone Got up with this other bitch Brought no weed cause she firin up her own So hurry with the Phillie bitch, I'm really sick off of some illy shit Here go a rusty razor blade, but still it split and fill it with the killer shit so I can really trip It's like the bud was tailor made for milli-clips and mac-10's, I lit the bead from the back end Straight to the chest and it got me sprung My lungs started collapsing - shit nigga what's happenin The sess got me trippin off the drums and guns, ready for action Duck and swang on either upper thang Try to be tougher, bang, scuff and hang Suffer pain, left deranged then youse a bogus m'uhfucker mayn System be struck a vein, I'm too strange for m'uhfuckers to compete with I'm on some infrared heat shit with a deep clique, what I eat sleep shit Well if it's a freak bitch, she can suck a sweet dick til she's seasick; blockin niggas out like an eclipse When smokin them devils put your hands together like you know the host Cause ain't no nigga that can resist the words from the Twist' Leavin niggas comatose from my overdose [Chorus: Twista] I done put the fuel on it, take a pull on it Me overdosin on weed and sendin all y'all off into a thang Kill off all enemies while makin G's, catch you off on your knees and snatchin fees now that I'm up in this game I done put the fuel on it, take a pull on it Me overdosin on weed and sendin all y'all off into a thang Kill off all enemies while makin G's, catch you off on your knees Niggas rollin me beads just so they can hang [Twista] Can you figure out the cause and effect Niggas comin on your set Thugs comin out they drawers with a tec Victim bleedin from the neck Shirts is getting wet, shorties yellin threats Lookin for the one who called for the deck Now they airin out the hall in the spot Hitting stomachs leavin niggas pinched up Bodies balled in a knot Bullet holes in the wall from a glock Searchin for the one who called in the shots Hypes crawlin for rocks Goin all in the socks of the recently deceased from what was released From the chrome beast to the dome piece Visions in my mind bein increased by inner beef with some grief, but when I chief on some strong leaf I'm snappin hard enough to make a nigga try to check his own chief Violate him but can't annihilate him Pickin up his own teeth and it's on with the microphone deep Stimulate him with pistols penetrate him Nerves still jumpin cause adrenaline pumpin is a m'uhfucker Hit him with the steel bloodsuckers Murdered the bud lovers makin sure every one of you hoe studs suck us And I bullshit you not if it was full clips, two glocks you would still die or you'll get too hot Cause when my fuel kick you'll drop Hypes is trickin on you Tell me where he at bitch and you'll get two rocks (Okay!) Cause when my tool click you'll pop Can't this hype nigga stop shit, I'm hazardous Makin musical miracles like I'm Jesus of Nazerath Yet disasterous, smokin on halves and hash, fuck if it's cancerous Bust ass to the beat cause I mastered this It's hard to breathe, I'm bustin like an A-bomb cause I'm in the zone, twenty-two a cold shit up my sleeve It's hard to stay calm thinkin about the bitches that I'm fin' to bone Hittin my enemies and competition up with lethal blows that's damagin, flows that's callous and we're leavin thick ladies frantic and people in the industry panickin I thought we got in this to get out of pistol handlin Now it's possible m'uhfuckers could start vanishin Fuck the Anacin I be toking plenty and stankin from stress and flowin over notes; them studs thinkin they can get close I know I got you trippin off the shit a nigga said off a overdose [Chorus] [Twista] C'mon and toke on a dub with me; I love cities with parties that's full of bitches where they let me rub titties Be able to pack a snub with me; in case we get in some static and gotta start leakin blood from stud skinnies So don't ask if it's the bud in me; because for some reason I smoke on some weed and get too wicked and raw It can't be nickel or soft the way it's chokin me potency'll have me rockin mics and givin your bitch dick in the jaw, I'm hookin the law You're lookin in awe, took what you saw Got the B's pen and pad out the bottom drawer Then got to bitin and formulatin some shit you called your own but take it to the rehab cause you got a flaw To put it simple you ain't cold enough Trippin out like you can't control the stuff Lackin rhythm like you known to bust In a different zone from us You niggas need to sit the fuck down get a swisher and roll this up If you think I'm speakin too bold, whassup I ain't even on no hoe shit; plus the mob is so thick I'm the type of nigga you should wanna get up close to and take a smoke with If there's static then check yo' clique; my mind is so sick I be tweakin with speakin releasin energy to show I know the ropes Cause when it comes to this rap shit niggas will choke til I'm ghost while I breath reefer smoke from my overdose Try to put me to the test, gimme some buddha bless I'll show you who the best Release the vocal trilogy.. [Traxter] Aight T god damn slow it up mayn! M'uhfuckers done felt you mayn! We can go to the next shit [Twista] God damn man you stoppin muh'fuckers and shit Man I'm tryin to get my zone on Let niggaz hear what the fuck I'm doin man [Traxter] I mean you done zoned man, let's go to the next cut baby [Twista] Man, fuck that shit

The Fire In Which You Burn

Company Flow "Funcrusher Plus"
[Brewin] Check, check it Fuckin with a nigga like myself your lyrics fail LaVerne's gear shows your record so unless the hoe's buttnaked youse a loser, decrepit, shoulda kept it to your lonesome But you like, 'Look everybody, I'm a silly microphone crumb' You oughta turn to me, I flaunt essential vocally First team all university while your squad is benchin locally Don't mention joke to me, aiyyo dem niggaz ain't atomic Ain't the comic niggaz gutsy, after the disembowelin Don't fuck around, I eat out with your shorty with the crew and she be late for head, she want a tape and dreads and thought of you, a little stinger My shit'll bring the epitome of bitterly jealous Forever living crazy minded trying to tell us how you do it on the power-U, it's simple shit'll get props Don't let me bring it God I swing it hard like little kid bops So front I keep the tone vexin, but to the heads stay pleasant to the ears just think of Lauryn Hill on phone sexin [J-Treds] Relentless poetic rhyme never ceases infinity Forever smokin the mic lyric contact I be open Naturally high and no need to pass the Dutchie I'm the living circle circle dot dot, nobody can touch me At my post, the most high exalted, mind blower When I rap it it's strictly 'I can't believe he just said that shit' Material crews, who can't think straight sober My flows over your head, I enjoy the aerial view Focus from the bird's eye, in my scenario, of dominance Filth eatin weaklings, we're bumRussian/rushin like dirty communists Raisin, my Iron Curtain revealin my words the gospel No apples or giant serpents, the enlightened apostle J-Treds, I lace heads like tennis players top seeded Not meanin to cause a racket, or front the menace My words speak for themselves, so feel me Cause on the mic I've got more presence than attendence in a class of schizophrenics, hear hear Drink to that pick up raps, intoxicating Got your craving my living proof, mixture of speech and wine To' up from just the flow but pass the liquor it's over Henny dead even when twisted I get open like Venetian blinds Company Flow, the fire in which you burn slow I remain Indelible J-Treds, Juggaknotz, to touch the flame you ought not I remain Indelible [El-P] Check check check check check check I the Don Digital, slash, piranha morph Alongside poor terrible surgeons, who blur comic perspectives and wonder how to get bent, that flaming Malatov shit Unstoppable object hits unmovable wall and space split This rogue cherub got his own twisted agenda, catch that Walkin on flatlines, you witness me grow WAY beyond corporate control Let them eat cake, cause I introduce myself as a mistake Slipped through the quills with a serrated barb stabbed, sharp in the gut Now we can all become Lord of the Flies when this industry sees it's demise Hold it up and try to destruct you get zapped with dead eyes The five factions giganti the fuck up and get touched The group hugs you received from your support group can't protect you from the bumrush I'm known to slip arsenic mickies in Talk Soup then reform With an unprecedented fierceness, display these powers of Storm I wasn't born in a manger but I still received three gifts Alphabetically listed they're Big Juss, Mr. Len, and I See the field creatures scurry, I the killer, caution Try to merk off of the pile but you choked on my motherfuckin portion Spade within my excrement bitch parody Your insanity is my clarity, not to mention convention is a great war weapon, disguised under the guise of institutionalism but still prison, the bad batch of jism Who stands, who falls, this is the one the DJ calls lick the ass crack On the wack I keep tabs like Timothy Leary and/or ASCAP The iron lung is non rustable, you're overrated As in smoking dust or sonic contracts that haven't been thoroughly debated Got my name up in your mouth like cock or gingivitis when every rhyme becomes the official new blueprint for wannabe writers Catch a smack to the face on principle Even when I say nothing it's a beautiful use of negative space Indelibles is invincible, El-P don't forget the fuckin name Come on Columbo I know you figured this shit out, nobody sounds the same [Bigg Jus] It gives me great pleasure when true elements get together and lace the track rough enough to withstand, any type of weather If you want it I got it, chemically hemming up the seams with a poly-epoxy type of a mixture that be, fatal if you sniff it These, stupid ones pop the microdots then lean into the sound's religion, watch these styles straight box you up Coming with clean concise thoughts, penetrating patterns Not beyond your comprehension but ejected wide beyond the barrel Yo, catch the rarest glimpses of the planet once known as Earth that gravitated, before inner violence heated it up, then it burnt It be these two style slide niggaz who will rock off any beat you push Cell Therapy Down South Goodie Mob and Special Ed's The Bush It's like this, for the niggaz who got caught sleepin and didn't know It be these four actors crazy kings, worlds to revolve around CoFlow Coming at you in a blazing orange hunting vest thirty yard night scope first day of deer hunting, you got scoped out like the foreign Juss Not the type of nigga to steal any scene too long son I might lace you, leave the EP evidence and then I'm gone

Rest In Piss

(*Verse 1*) Off the rossi twisted, I'm not yo average package, snatch it, too bad ya had to miss it, english keeps me lifted, we can take a, one good leg to kick it, my walkin til I'm cripled, talkin sick wit it, top of shiznit, til it get noted that I'm liquid, quick we bustin on all you rivals, all about survival, liabale, to burn up every bible, cuz ain't no fuckin wit my style, dial 1-800-fuck-it, cuz I'm zoned up out my mind, an based on the notion that it's kill a nigga nine times, sonic boom like Guile, Dr. Doom proper room wit space, cuz I'm off the wall like Michael, my ice cream like Dryers, I is, certified fifty, nifty, won't it be one hella've sight to try an get me, sticky as a ???, I be leavin crips wit shit g's, english go over to mickey's, incredible like bitch be tryin to pull sixty-six point sixty, victim full of fish, cook 'em shook 'em like yhatzee, I'm mo hated than a nazi, scorchin niggaz is my posse, try to stop me. (chorus) Brotha Lynch keeps me tremendous, talkin keeps me tremendous, X-Raided keeps me tremendous, an these be my brothaz an they keep me in this, Big Nation keeps me tremendous, Capone, an Silouette, keeps me tremendous, annihilation keeps me tremendous, now these is scorchin niggaz an they keep me in this (*Verse 2*) I got some shit to blow my mind, that I juss can't shake, juss give me yo microphone an funk-beta beat, watch me eat these niggaz up like Jason, chasin you through camp pistol lake like a wolf on crank hit the dank, the tank up, put on the make-up an come back to life like Brandon Lee, hit the corner, wit a four-four loner, on a one way trip off that water, run fo yo life, the mic rock hard, I'm fuckin wit no grease no love fo the police, watch for the boner, bend over, swig the ole-e, the microphone fling, the leather chrome green, ??? can't seen, like death on Halloween, like a hollow tip, smoke somethin mean, built the mic, an the drink one for you an one for me, an call me Superflex, cuz like that mic I'm breakin necks, run train tracks, like stand by me, lookin for any dead body, I'm grip like a pitbull, leave yo brain gone like Muhammad Ali, stun all these ridaz, creepin up by the minutes, sky's the limit, super-duper storm trooper, gotta watch my back like Martin Luther, see me comin wit my bright lights out, tremendous, that's what six is all about. (chorus) Black flags keeps me tremendous, Dickey saggin keeps me tremendous, Beleini Way keeps me tremendous, do or die double E, nigga deep up in this, Old English keeps me way twisted, tequilla lime keeps me way twisted, gets me in the mood to handle unfinished biz-ness, intoxication keeps a nigga in this. (*Verse 3*) I mix my gin wit my Ole E, tremendous, hit 'em all up, get 'em all up, out they suspendaz, wit my big bad automag, toat tag, for that meet 'em bottomless I betta be glad, I got 'em this, straight, heated glass, drag a ninja wit my pants saggin, gaggin, I'm sick music made, sicker than a pit in shit, I'm wit sick, tall Ken an Fig, dicks big, got you fiendin fo the sickness, Swartzenagger. Free weed gets me tremendous, juicy clits get me tremendous, loose lips gets me tremendous, Swartzenagger an you know I'm in this, My nigga six he got me in this, tall Ken, I told ya I'm in this, my nigga Fig, I'm glad you in this, I put that on my mama I'm a make my grip. Swartzen-nigga, all the way to represent ya know, it's the way we gonna do it, nine-seven, an forever, fiends is talkin, can't even knock our hustle cuz we're tremendous. An ya best believe that. Swartzen-nigga, that's right give it to ya here, Mr. Caine an I'm out.

Money Scheme

E-40 "The Element Of Surprise"
[Featuring Jayo Felony] [Jayo] W wh wha what wha what what? [E 40] BEOTCH! Mobster turn that shit up! [Jayo] Yeah uh huh uh huh UH [E 40] Sinister shit [Jayo] Uh huh uh huh WHAT? [E 40] Jayo Jayo smell me on this one [E 40] Jayo (Jayo) I hope I don't ever have to go back to slangin llello (llello) but if I do that's what I do (that's what I do) *repeat 2X* Verse One: E 40 Grindin out of my Aunties, backyard that's the chronic I been havin more candy than a pinata, more cake than Betty Crocker Get on the horn and hit me on my locker, cause I'm fake ID havin strikin and drivin on a suspended expired license comes in buy it from the nigga with the best quality and the lowest prices Spendin that capital that the big homey advanced me in front of me with the next nigga I love money plus I'm labelled rough rider Known for bringin bitch ass niggaz out of hidin Charlie Hustle, I hope I won't have to go back to sellin sherm sticks, but if I do that's what I do Charlie Hustle, I hope I won't have to go back to sellin loop loop, but if I do that's what I do Verse Two: Jayo Felony I stabs a nigga, and Kool-Aid came out cause his heart pumps Kool-Aid, so I mixed it with my Thunderchicken Barely livin, and smokin headache with a deuce-deuce Now I gotta put my snub nosed back to use I'm dangerous it gets crucial, cause I loves conflict Fuck a headache I'm jackin niggaz for pounds of bomb shit And now my fingers is sticky like Sticky Fingaz from the greenery You gon' retaliate, nigga what that mean to me? Bitch! When you shoot crooked it's Cartwright, on site I'm takin flight It's gon' rain on your head, I'm tearin the roof off this bitch tonight As you fall like God, for tryin to swipe my pie nigga DIE while your bitch give up the Beaumont Chorus: [Jayo] All my niggaz havin fancy dreams! (FANCY DREAMS!) Comin up cause we all on a money scheme! (A money scheme!) *repeat 2X* [Jayo] All my bitches havin fancy dreams! (FANCY DREAMS!) Comin up cause we all on a money scheme! (A money scheme!) *repeat 2X* Verse Three: E-40 KRRRRACK the freight, nigga FUCK the hype BEOTCH! You gotta pay me just to BREATHE on the mic High, higher than a dust cloud Hella disrespectful, all up in the party talkin loud! Systemized, a triple striker, when I was born my mom and daddy shoulda named me Isiah cause I'ma ride Sole survivor, Hillsider, 1400 block Magazine Street Narcotic ? bomb preparer heroin provider I'm vicious, mean mugged and mad doggin niggaz like the like the Grinch Who Stole Christmas I like to, like to, finger fuck bitches up in clubs Take her home and get rug burns on my nuts! Stuck! Gordon's Gin and Donald Duck NUT! All on her spine and on her butt FUCK! Major clientele (major clientele) Then I pass it to my nigga Mista Jayo Verse Four: Jayo Felony ? up the glass is shatterin, bitch it ain't matterin They scatterin, see me and forty start splatterin The cowards are heartless, so you burn like flames Niggaz that got snake eyes get broke up like dice games Fuck a bitch, why? Cause skeezers don't please us So I just go around sippin fine wine like Jesus And everytime I bust a spit it's a hip-hop quote Drinkin Moesha Brandy, head spinnin like hundred spokes Chorus Verse Five: Jayo Felony Still drinkin Krypton brothers is Snapple then I snap like a snapping turtle Nigga, shittin on the world keeps my land fertile I grow my own shit, Fruits, vegetables and tobacco It's third down and forty nigga You know you gon' get tackled Get your land while you can home-man Niggaz so dope they named me twice like Duran Duran Killa nigga put honey on em, and feed em to my hogs See I leave no evidence for the police dogs Now off the low stroll we go so let's flow Lil' bitch, we be sippin cause the people said so You can't tell a lettuce from a cabbage silly rabbits get these chips even if it means lettin these motherfuckers have it! Verse Six: E-40 Nigga got out of line, I had to ice him Reached into my drawers, and pulled out my strap Motherfucker got out of place, I had to chop him Reached into my d-da-da-das and pulled out my strap, check it out Nickle plated chrome planet Clint Eastwood special designed strictly for staplin and toe taggin Po-Po wrote me up a citation cause I was saggin and draggin my b-ah-bitch, by her w-uh-weave I had to, I had to make the bitch bleed! Last doo-doo bootch who tried to hit me with a fryin pan, my attitude wasn't carin Backslapped that hoe in front of her parents More ki's than a janitor It gets mannisher and mannisher and mannisher Smokin on a roach, loitering in a McDonald's parkin lot throwin up gang signs to ? as if he was some kind of first base coach I luh I like my egg poached, hard over easy!!! In the drive through, hollerin at her breezy!!! Chorus *talking to end*

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