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Michael Kiske lyrics

Do I Remember A Life

Original and similar lyrics
(Kiske/Taraxes) I once was a blue eyed I once dreamed I was free I once dived in a life spending sea And heard the voice of the priest I once heard the angels Singing the song of the cross There was no fear, no doubts in our hearts No soul could ever get get lost I prayed to the heavens above I reached for the sky full of love Awaited the luminous sign To hear what´s heard by the pure-restless mind Now you can see me return I look for the priest to make me learn Will remember the past? Make me return to the best! Do I remember a life? In the dark age of time? I hear it call in my dreams Maybe I was not alone? Maybe I called friends my own? Together hearts full of love! I know my heart says the truth Maybe it was me and you? I got to return to the wind This world is never our home Somewhere I left friends alone Can someone show me the way? Do I remember a life? There once was the mystery That now sings in my heart The fire in my veins talks so loud about the past About the place where the love for our hearts starts We once moved through the cold fields Strong and save led by the gods The voices in the wind sang the children to sleep Free spirits looked clear through the dark I pray to the heavens above I reach for the sky full of love I wait for the sky full of love I wait for the luminous sign To hear what´s heard by the pure-restless mind I see the twelve around the ONE The mystery truth to carry on A fight against the strong earth-kings The sungod´s light we had to bring Do I remember a life? In the dark age of time? I hear it call in my dreams Maybe I was not alone? Maybe I called friends my own? Together hearts full of love! Oh, god! Help me to understand me Guide me through visions I see So far You carry my soul back in time The past shows the future to climb Oh, god! Did I once be there by your side? Will I once return to your light? So far - Away from this world leads your love My heart gets the wings of a dove and flies Oh, god! Help me to sing you this song I pray for your kingdom to come

The Dancer Under A Summer Sky

The Dancer And then, with a glistening beam of vivid light spring was gone and summer drew near, pervading our minds and our eyes were blinded with delight. For a short moment we joined in the dance of life and time disappeared, leaving us behind in our embrace... UNDER A SUMMER SKY The air - massive like lead Too sultry to give, to give a sigh Sheer unbearable she lies on me Your love to me feels so dry To beat - unable to move Every attempt just a rude glide The sweat runs on bare skin Comes and goes like your love shine Under a summer sky of love I see your soul above Under a summer sky of love Your name in my heart I'll carve No sleep - a total repose The warmness pervades my blood No wind that breathes life A existence without you would be like being blind You're gone - like the summer will leave One day it will... be over The time slings yet slowly Like your love from my shoulder

All I Ever Wanted

Mase "Double Up"
[Intro] Uh uh Get Money all over again Get Money all over again Get Money all over again Get Money all over again '99, Double Up, uh uh Yo, when you look in my eyes, what chu see? A sincere man or just a bunch of G Why second guess, the brotha would last They took a whole clique from the George and the Ave' The booties in Aruba, boats and hoover crafts So if Biggie could love the dough, Murda could love the cash Butter Benz, gave the Tahoe to my other half If she got the Benz then guess what mami have Why dread it, tell the waiter too much ice in the crib Blink's so drunk, he think we singing 'Nights Like This' He say when he grow up he want a life like this Sleep all day and plus you want ice like this? While girls throwin' head I ain't even touch dice I ain't trust Don King, how my trust Mike? I date bull daggers, ain't I don't trust Dykes Need a cleaner nina, cuz they don't bust right I ain't stingy, when everybody see the plush life Buy rims before the benz so I look just right Girls love me try to get the girls that love Mike All I need is cup of Kool-Aid, I got enough ice [1 - Cheri Dennis] All I ever wanted was you for me Cuz that nigga who I'm with don't give a fuck about me And all I ever wanted was to be there for you Cuz that girl who you with don't give a fuck about you You unhappy, and I can see it when you cry You look like your life has just been minimized I ain't your man, I'm your man on the side You just call me when you plan to slide And if you ever feel like you wanna creep All you gotta do is just give me a beep Only way I won't call you back less I'm asleep Gettin' my money or layin' it wit' a piece We hit the block, shop alot She see her man, but she don't wanna drop the top And you know that don't really mean a thing to me Can't no girl ever run game with me You know Mase, got alot of places to be Spots in Ohio, kick in NC And I be wit older dudes and know the rules So if a man pick up I know what code to use [Repeat 1] If you cheat on me, I'mma cheat on you If you don't speak of me, I won't speak of you I'll tell you now, we wait about a week or two Then I know what we could do We could just get our food and stay in Cuz people on the block is hatin' They know your man and know we datin' So we gotta do this just to stay friends (OK) Amen [Both] I lay back, I zone You say that it's on [Mase] Then the girl try to snatch the phone So I knew I was happier home [Repeat 1 until fade]

Una Furtiva Lagrima

MICHAEL BOLTON "My Secret Passion"
Una furtiva lagrima Negli occhi suoi spunto: Quelle festosee giovani Invidiar sembro. Che piu cercando io vo? M'ama, lo vedo. Un solo instante i palpiti Del suo bel cor sentir! I miei sospir, confondere Per poco a' suoi sospir! Cielo, si puo morir! Di piu non chiedo. SYNOPSES Nemorino is in love with a wealthy girl, but she says she isn't interested in poor boys like him. Desperate, he buys a Love potion that only turns out to be cheap red wine. And yet, Nemorino believes the Elixir will work. When he sees her cry, he knows she has fallen for him at last. ENGLISH TRANSLATION One tear that falls so furtively from her sweet eyes has just sprung, as if she envied all the youths who laughingly passed her right by. What could I want more than this? She loves me! I see it. One moment just to hear her heart, beating so close next to mine, to hear my sighs like they were hers, her sighings as if they were mine! Heavens, please take me now: All that I wanted is mine now! ¡¡

It's Yourz

WU-TANG CLAN "Wu-Tang Forever"
[Verse One: Raekwon the Chef] Machine gun rap for all my niggaz in the back Stadium packed, linebacker nigga flashback See through yellow lines Rock a fly jersey in the summertime God Magic marker rap, bleed Benatton Relaxed, wrote this, comin at cha crab ass cope and snatch ya ice off, chillin in the back, throw the lights off Waves, water blend, rhyme flow in slow motion Thick snare, I'm feelin like a snail in the ocean What's your wish Wanna Kringle like Kris Melodic single, dark snap a nigga just like fish You fucked up, some rich niggaz you done test yo Select the wrong apartment, and niggaz pulled up your dress Style molest that, canal chain nigga where ya vest at Flex'll make me wanna bless that, yo Saddam Hu-sane niggaz light the torch, we flamin niggaz Autograph that, flatten all the main niggaz [Chorus:] [All] It's Yourz! [RZA] The world in the palm of your hand [All] It's Yourz! [RZA] Twenty-three million of useful land [All] It's Yourz! [RZA] The seed and the black wo-man [All] It's Yourz! [RZA] Double LP from Wu-Tang Clan [All] It's Yourz! (2X) [Verse Two: U-God] Yo, super freak physique. like Raphael Saadiq Baby love the ganja leaf, everday of the week Super friends wake up, deluxe gourmet beats The night is right, I might find me a suite It's a quarter full moon, now I ride with my swoon Well groomed, dance hall packed, full room Lady move, peep my glide, peep my zoom Keep in stride, smoke the lah smoke the boom Feel the fumes, consume toxic tunes Hell bound, species forty ounce typhoon The ultra-violet scream machine move your body touch The totem pole wobble Ark builders God rush Beams of light, stop ya breathin -- it's huntin season Honey eye-ballin down for no reason Grab her close, play post, wind and wax floors Never mind the laws, cause tonight [All] It's Yourz [Verse Three: RZA] Stop the fader of the RAM, pass my watts through my pre-amp Them can't stress the beat vamp the shit'll get blam at full throttle, hot lead propels throughout my nozzle Crack your soul like bottles, leave you stiff as models You fag, you couldn't pull one drag -- off my blunt You couldn't punch your way out of a wet paper bag with scissors in your hands -- bitch, the RZA I stand close to walls, like number four the lizard Enchant a few solar panels, blast off like Roman Candles Rap vandals, stomp your ass like Randall McDaniel You cocker spaniel dogs, can't fuck with our catalog Put your lights out and leave your brain inside a fog [Verse Four: Inspectah Deck] It's only natural, actual facts are thrown at you The impact'll blow trees back and crack statues Million dollar rap crews fold, check the sick shit explicit, I crystalize the rhyme so you can sniff it We live this, fitted hats low conceal the Crooked I No surprise, verbal stick up -- put em high Rebel I, outlaw, split second on the draw Blow the door off this shit, like bricks of C-4 [Chorus] [Verse Five: Ghostface] Check out my beaver, baby blue glock in the safe Seems Darthy and the God and get ski roll weight We hold a belt Son, that's my word Spot a rapper run him down, throw him out in the third, yo check it I think like the man behind a register Evergreen smokin estates, rhyme and power made me treasurer With third down, six to go flash his strobe lights I'm open RZA hit me off lovely and I love him With root beer thoughts, here's a tennis court for your birthday, the babyface of rap politic with Sade Avenging eagle crooks rock the 'W' and 'Spiegel' books Annheiser Busch kings came through, and stopped your whole jooks Spitfire Kangols, watch Tony train a gang of hoes Painful like hearin the news, like when your man go Ends blow, windy at times watch the room sheisty girl Love to sit out this song, now watch your water break [Chorus: latter 1/2]

I Work For The Streetcleaner

I work for the streetcleaner When the work day is done I bring home some organs For some late night necrophiliac fun... I clean up the toll of the highway mishap Blood and twisted steel are dnine The gore in my hands will be smeared on my love And the cadaver I carry will be mine My lover and I are pathetic Fellating the bones of the dead Fornication with the remnants of the dismembered carcasses Sodomizing the worm eaten head... We bathe in the blood of the unlucky stiffs Keep their eyes, tongues and brains in glass cases Smear our naked writhing bodies in the grue and pus Lick the rotted sinews from their mangled beaten faces We are aroused and enticed, my lover and I, By the sanguine stench of the deaceased We writhe among piles of gelatinous dead flesh And suck the hepatic tissue of the diseased I'll procure the corpses 'til my storage shelves are full I remove the fluids from your skull... Jars of preservation fluids Inhale the nauseating fumes On the wall decaying purulent corpses Putrefying in my room... I feel the clots on my face and skin The carnage of the violently expelled Masturbate with the blood of mutilated stiff Explose with carnal joy among the entrails Writhing an dwiggling in a bed full of death My inhibitions existing no more French kissing the skulls, the foetid breath Making love to the cadaverous whore We are psychotic, my lover and I Only the sick couls share our delight We take turns mounting the detestable stiff Our moans continue through out the night... The jellified skin running through my hands The joy of arousal from the dead corpses touch The necrotic thirst for unconcenable love The love a corpse cannot give too much... I'll procure the corpses 'til my storage shelves are full I remove the fluids from your skull... I work for the streetcleaner And though it's never been said It's fun to be paid To dispose of the recently dead The insane lust of the necrophile A bizarre emotion that cannot be described The thrill of violence and its horrible result Creates an urge from which our sickness derives Tonight we will indulge in forbidden delight To quench our desires, it's what we must do Beware if you drive on the highway tonight The next cadaver we fuck might be you!!!

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