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MC HAMMER lyrics

Too Legit To Quit

Original and similar lyrics
Too legit... Too legit to quit (three times) Sweat running all over my chest (chest) i don't quit no! I just press harder (Yea!) than i ever did before going for The dreams that i have in store in my mind (mind) and i know That i'm makin it i gotta get mine and nobody's takin it away (No!) cause hammer don't play that you try to get mine boy you better step back freeze (freeze) cause You don't want none i hustle for my muscle and you look Weak son (real weak) yea!... i'm goin for all that i can get Kickin at the top cause i'm too legit to quit...sing!... Chorus Too legit... Too legit to quit (hey...hey...) Too legit...too legit... Too legit to quit...(hey...) Too legit... Too legit to quit (too legit...) too legit... too legit to quit... when i feel high post don't you play me close a dig 'em smack a get you back and i'll hit with a dose of oaktown power and charge you by the hour i'm shakin like a quake and funks get devoured i choose to abuse, misuse and confuse competitors who think they're makin up all the rules, fools in the game lame and insane it's a shame i gotta do this but i remain the same unchanged gettin better never known as a sweater kickin it at the top cause i got myself together so roll with a guy who's physical and fit knows the time and too legit to quit...sang! Repeat chorus x2 step to the rhythm of a sho-nuff winner (winner) i been here before (yo!) i ain't no beginner (word) but i been new tried and true survival of the fittest yo! brought me through my crew (talk) we're ready to strike trained for the mission so believe the hype and sweat it (sweat it) cause you're gonna regret it the day that you dissed us you'll wish you never met us you remind me of a real short story one hit record and you star to bore me get ready cause this is it your crew is through and we too legit to quit...sang!... chorus Too legit... Too legit to quit...Too legit... Too legit to quit Too legit... Too legit to quit...Too legit... Too legit to quit get buck...get buck...get buck...get buck...get buck...(many times) my people we don't know defeat we crush the strong and percolate the weak daily (everyday) we make our moves to improve our groove because we love to rule where we lay yo!..(Yo!) work and play we started at the bottom and now we're leading the way and yea!..(yea!) i'm havin a fit kickin it at the top because i'm too legit to quit...sang!... chorus hey...hey...hey...hey... too legit to quit.. too legit to quit.. we're rolling on...we're rolling on...we're rolling on...we're rolling on... he's on top...he's on top...he's on top...he's on top... goin to burn it up...goin to burn it up...goin to burn it up... goin to burn it up... too legit to quit...too legit to quit we're rollin on..hey..hey..hey...too legit. chorus to fade

What's Going On

Jungle Brothers "Straight Out The Jungle"
Verse 1: Mike G It's a cryin' shame, brothers takin' life as a game Growing up against the law, but no-one knows who's to blame Dealin' drugs on the corner, you don't have to, but you wanna A meal is hard to make, but you tell yourself you're gonna Dealing 12 to 12, day into evening I wonder how you continue to be grieving Your meal is made and it's time to chill You buy the black Mercedes Benz with the gold to the grill Cruisin' up the ave while your friends get jealous You find out, you quickly get restless You buy a gun, it doesn't help but hurt you Because your so-called friend rattled on you You're in the pen serving 10 to 20 Your boy snatched your girl and put use to your money You're out for teen, but what does it mean? You're just a wasted, young brother who lost it all on a dream Chorus: (sampled from What's Going On by Marvin Gaye) What's goin' on, I-I-I-I-I-I-I-I-I-I Yeah, what's goin' on, I-I-I-I-I-I-I-I-I-I Verse 2: Afrika, Mike G My blood brother is bleeding, it's a cryin' shame Out on the street tryin' to play the game Formally an in-mate straight from upstate Can't stop him now 'cause you see it's just too late He's on the run and he's got a gun Stay out his way unless you want some See, he's gettin' older, a bit more bolder Got his name written up in the 5-0 folder A big Christmas list of all the crime's he's committed He says he didn't do it, but we know he did it Summons his lawyers, fingerprints, bung shots Lookin' for my brother, yo, he's at the drug spots Livin' off that cheap Chinese food He says he only bumps the people when he's in the mood Runnin' 'round with his crews and his 2-2's I saw him last night in the prime time news Shot and killed by a His birth to the earth was a big mistake Now, history was not my favourite subject I used to flip through the pages and get upset Seein' little of black and too much of the other (They tried to brainwash you) Picture that, a jungle brother Read this, read that, answer question 3 But when I got to 3, it had nothin' to do with me Somethin' was wrong, and I knew it all along Now tell me (please) what's goin' on Repeat chorus Verse 3: Afrika, Mike G A: Now, I've been told all the do's and don't-do-not's My mother, hallelujah, she called the shots She said, Don't play with guns and play with knives And most of all, don't play with other people's wives When you're walkin' down the street, pay the pushers no mind 'Cause all they wanna do is put your mind on cloud nine Put your head up high and your feet on the ground You don't have to be like everybody else to be down Stay in school G: Don't be no fool A: Don't lose your temper G: And keep your cool A: Follow your heart G: And not your friends A: And some of your friends G: Could lead you into dead ends A: The other day my father said, Son, God bless your soul Our life is gettin' tougher and the world is cold I said, Daddy, Daddy, Daddy, what do you mean? He said, G: You ain't got nothin' 'less you got the green A: I realise to myself things are gonna be hard So each and every day I pray to God I say, Now I lay me down to sleep G: I give the Lord my soul to keep A: If I should die before I wake G: Take me to heaven 'cause I need a break A: But if you let me live to another morn G: I'd like to know what's goin' on Chorus 2: What's goin' on, I-I-I-I-I-I-I-I-I-I Tell me what's goin' on, I-I-I-I-I-I-I-I-I-I

World Be Free

Keith Murray "Enigma"
Intro: Announcer: Can I have your attention please? Keith: On my way to JFK Announcer: Final boarding for flight 655 at Gate 14 Keith: I don't want of ya I'm on my way to LaGaurdia I'm on my way home or away, JFK (2x) Hey yo, anywhere I go I definately reo for mine Cause I'm constantly in a Def Squad state of mind I went to New Orleans and kept it clean Spitting, splitting rappers at they seams for the cream By all means Although I seen the green wasn't enough I jumped in the Lexus, went to Texas, pulled a royal flush Feelin like Tony Atlas, up in Dallas Rhymacutin with them niggas who be shootin up in Houston And do remember I get in ya in Virginia Swept N.C. and S.C freeze the West Indies Oh and I'm going back to Indiana and Alabama Did the ink pad bounce through Atlanta I be rapidly runnin through chocolate cities Like Philly, D.C., Cincinnati, and M.D. And Jersey, Lord have mercy Can't nobody serve me cause my world be free CHORUS: Goin around the world, goin around the world All around the world, goin around the world Goin around the world cause my world be free Goin around the world (3x) Cause my world be free Then I was touching ground Uptown As my rings gleamed in Queens As I cooked it up in Brooklyn for all the friends Kentucky was lucky I had to much Hennessey When I was representing love love Tenessee Kansas City, Missouri can speak upon the glory St. Louis can even tell the story Of how I dropp shit thick and cold like the snow in Chicago A major up in Ohio, I was pack with cactus tactics Up in Phoenix, Arizona set shit on fire in Oklahoma Niggas had their ears pinned to the ground listening When I was stomping through Detroit, Michigan You hear me sounding crispy looking all scandalous Swervin in the streets of San Francisco and Los Angeles Don't even ask the question did I visit Africa Shit I warmed it up in Alaska, smashed Nebraska CHORUS (3x) From interstate to tri-state to international Mr. Keith Murray always keeps it classical They had me up in England, mic stranglin Jewels danglin while my single jingle jangling Number one in my field, never defeated Went to Sweden demonstrated malicious mic beatings I was with my right hand man, Redman When I did the Ichiban crane style in Japan I transform like Dr. Bruce Banner Stepped off the plane and blacked out up in Canada I'm a million dollar man like Lee Majors Fucked around and hit the jackpot up in Vegas Yeah handin out vapors like bad news Yo I be everywhere puttin down y'all It's Def Squad y'all know my plans

Him Her He She

John Reuben
Well I'm a John Reuben from the land or corn Columbus, Ohio that's where I was born in By mom Kathleen on January 14 1979 I entered the scene lookin' like Hello mother girl what's goin' on One moment I'll be here and then the next I'll be gone But while I'm chillin' out there's somethings I'd like to see Like some sanity, some family and some diversity Well look at me in a flash my time's passed and I've aged Adrenaline within me has got me up on the stage Lookin' for ways to amaze and light up the place it was me and nine other mc's called the showcase Ten immature young bucks run amuck, throwin' out whatever's clever and just hopin' it stuck What what what's goin' on there moving to the beat, I guess that's why we have no choice but to keep Chorus: x 2 We makin' fresh vibes bringin' fresh songs Man we keepin' it fresh hopin' that ya'll come along Goin' with him, her, he or she I'm sayin' him, her, he or she A John Reuben gotta lotta somethin' for everybody Step into the party tardy in fashion Up in here this year quite clear with a passion To make it happen and I'm loving life fact see God is good and I won't backtrack But move forward bendin' words in ways not thought possible See any beat is rockable this feelin' is unstoppable Because the mind is full of creative energy I'm not leavin' tonight until my brain is empty Thoughts pour out as I skillfully explore out Routes n' patterns in which to flex raps I'm gatherin' kids from all directions, multicomplexions You feelin' this then add a pound to the collection Another session yes I'm there move back bring in the boom sti cat to boom ta boom cat Like that we keep it simple n' fresh like yes ya'll yes Chorus: x 2 I got eight bars to fill in So it's time for me to start skillin' N' it's time for me to start illin' Party people in the back cold chillin' All people get live n' all people get live n' energize with me All people get live n' energize with me Chorus: x 2 We go with him, her, he or she Him, her, he or she ( x 5 ) Him, her, he

Like A Real Freak

INTRO: Yeah, you know. 2000, TP, c'mon,yeah,c'mon this how we do it. Mony, Cash, Cars, Clothes, C'mon(x2). Boys and Girls this is how w play(x2) C'mon. Verse 1: Im lovin the way you put that thing on me, yeah. Like Fantasy Island you fulfill my dreams. You're makin me wanna spend my cash on you,yeah. Cause cant nobody freak me like you do, you go Chorus: You go up,and down. To the left, and the right. You go in, out. And work it like a real freak should. You go up, down. To the left, and the right. You go in, out. And work it like a real freak should. Verse 2: 2000 6 drop top parked at my home(at my home). And i'll be hittin that piece the whole night long(all night long). Girl,Your sex so good I just cant get enough(I cant get enough). Even though your friends say im a thug, you still go Chorus Verse 3: Girl run to your Internet and download me ( Get my computer love right off your screen,yeah. See ya bodys cut just like my jewelry. We can pop some Cris in my jacuzzi. Chorus(x2) Bridge: Now the valet may be full, but a cat like me got pull. VIP'n it at the club, While you be goin up RAP: Sex with me,not hard to see. Roll with a G,roll a tree. Soak the sheets,strokin deep. Nah yall n***as cant f**k with me. Tryin to creep, blow the fleet. Workin O.T.,supposed to be. hit it from the back, spank the cheeks. Pulled her hair,pushed it deep. Pound the meat,sound asleep. Found a beach, grind and freak. Manage a trois, roll with R. Posed the part like a porno star. Doin sh*t never done before. get it all now, goin on tour. Major League cats, goin to war. Drop Top 6, Bentley Azure. Rock Land. Chorus

Me & You

(chorus) Me and you Let's get away from it all Me and you Havin' a ball You know We've been together a long time And you know what We can get a little old lightweight thang goin' If we really put our hearts to it You try and I try Girl, there's no tellin' how far we can go Remember those lovin' fools Romeo and Juliet They thought they had a thing goin' But they just didn't know, they couldn't visualize They had no idea how it would really be But we know (chorus) Oh...oh...oh...oh...oh... Oh, yeah Yes, Lord We know, don't we, darlin' We won't be wastin' our time fussin' and fightin' Like other people We're gonna be too busy bein' in love But love, this is the real thing We found a groove, heh We move each other We turn each other on This could last forever All we need to do is give some kinda sign Yes, Lord From then on, baby, it's easy Let's talk about me and you (chorus)

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