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Masta Destructa lyrics - masta Destructa

it's wot i'am

Original and similar lyrics
chourus it's wot i am ya'll cant really fuck wid me even though u got da gun i could still fuck u up jus run away verse1 i came wid a tune dat i'll make ppl bounce all i jus did is make tunes up wid fruity loopz den rapped to it ma sum said it were shit but still most said it was gangsta mc's i jus mash em up den i was chased by dem mutha fuckin cops i came wid a crimanal record sum bitch gave me 2 month's sentence i was pissed i missed ma famlay came out on september da 11th da same day wen dat fucker blowed up da twin towers and killed ma dad i swore dat shithead will get it and i fell srry for dem children hu lose dere dads on dere birthday so i layed low fo a couple of years den i jus let it all out chorus(x2) verse2 ppl hate me ppl luv me ppl support me it made me stong ma words werent wrong made mistakes i confess but i made a sucess in ma bussiness i'm da music wizard got music dat ppl i'll reconize realize da bullshit i been though i jus sittin here thinkin bout old dayz me were cluless didn't know hu did wot da boy standin here me da md u cant fuck wid me chorus(x2) verse3 it's me listen to lil jon wiley and dizzee tink dey great but u cant test me unless u practise longer den me fuck md well i say fuck u 2 u bitch i'm alwayz on hotmail chattin to ma top g'z in da east side of london wen im in west chourus(x2)

Who You Slidin' Wit'

BIG L "The Big Picture"
[Big L] Yo what's the deal miss I'm sayin tho', let me know somethin right now Y'know we been dancin all night I been buyin you drinks all night and shit You goin home with a nigga or what Tell me somethin! Uhh Chorus: Big L (repeat 2X) Whattup miss, who you hidin wit Who you slidin wit Who you ridin wit We can jump in the SL Rent a room at the best 'tel I make it last cause I sex well [Big L] Henn Rock and Alize I get drunk off Whattup miss Get wit a real man and cut that punk off E'rythang gon' be alright I been - watchin you watch me all night I asked honey her name and she told me Celeste She had big breasts, honey had me harder than a Spanish test We on the dancefloor, gettin our boogie on I see the haters watchin me with they hoodies on Tryin to peep the ice under the sleeve I'm like, It's time to breeze, told honey, Let's leave Took her to Ema G's(), got some eggs and cheese Grits fishcakes and orange juice, freshly squeezed When she finished her meal, I said, What's the deal for real - you goin home or you tryin to chill She got close, whispered somethin slow in my ear and it ain't hard to tell where we goin from here Yeah.. Chorus [Stan Spit] I ain't on that hatin stuff I was feelin shorty then the bitch told me she was datin Puff I'm a average nigga, then she said she was in the 6 my relationship, with that nigga called Jigga I'ma compete with that I'm a corner nigga sellin crack Guess I gotta be a ballplayin nigga to bone Da Brat One bitch, I ain't even wanna fuck She runnin around, all open off Kurupt The hoe I thought, was gon' be real easy told me she got a man and he's some beatmakin nigga named Stevie What's wrong with these hoes I'ma fly nigga I don't wanna go flip Mo' to Rah Digga or Miss Lopez, bitch no feds She used to be in the Bronx, rockin Pro Keds with some Dominican 'dro heads, ridin on top this on the back of mopeds, titties all out - what what Chorus [Big L] Is yo' game rusty Around yo' dame, never trust me Cause soon as you blink I'ma slide her off then bust three And I only lay pipe to dimes A lot of niggaz I know are takin care of kids that might be mines I love to go low, I'm freaky like that I never get caught creepin cause I'm sneaky like that, uhh It ain't my fault your girl be hoe-hoppin And matter of fact, the last time you gave her loot to go shoppin honey picked me up some dope shirts It's because of me why she's walkin crooked and her throat hurts I hate to wait, cause I'm not on the patient tip Just hit me off, we don't need a relationship And when you mention my name, it ring a bell Ask any female, nobody do it like L I met this chick Rhonda, who pushed the black Honda Took her to the crib and bombed her with this big brown anaconda Chorus 2X [Big L] Uhh.. Flamboyant Entertainment NFL.. one-three-nine, Lenox Ave Harlem shit, uhh That's how we do, yeah..

Get Out

SHYNE "Shyne"
Get Out feat. Slim (of 112) [Shyne] Yeah, yeah This ones for my Brooklyn playboys This ones for my L.A. playboys This ones for my Chi-town playboys ATL, down south NC, SC Where you be? Come on, just play it with me [Shyne] When it come to hoes, we don't love not one Fuckin a friend ain't no option It's a must, her friend assists like Stockton When we fuck, I gotta have two not one She know a freaky nigga like me Get her wet then I'm out like strike three No doubt, make her girlfriend eat her out After we fuck then the exit beat her out Believe me, we don't love them hoes Break out, after we dug them hoes You wanna stay bitch, what'cha talkin 'bout? Get your shoes on, and start walkin on Hook: Slimm + Shyne Get out, I don't wanna hug you Get out, bitch I don't love you Get out, what'cha talkin 'bout Get your shoes on and start walkin [Shyne] You know you hittin, you got me lickin the hole Before I'm stickin the hole up in my face In the place most niggas don't see love drug baby I'm about to O.D. cocaine pussy One stroke be a whole ki You're feminine, hood from heaven an' I'll do anything, orals to S and M Keep you satisfied, back ?certified? Come and take a ride, I'll be your great adventure Tell ya friends I bent'cha, who sent'cha? Must'a been God, my bedroom angel taken Lovin the curves as you purr while im stroking Grabbin ya hair, dont'cha dare shed a tear You a good girl, don't cry Shake that thang that I give Throw ya back as I dig Like a broke matress you had me sprung out But ain't nothin changed you got to get out Hook To all my niggas that know what I mean When you fuck a bitch good she don't wanna leave I go through this all the time Bitch act like she don't see the exit sign Start cryin, how much she love Shyne Thats the same thing she told my man Brian What the fuck, she think I'm stupid? Don't know my pimp blood is deeply rooted Inherited, that be my heritage That I dont give a fuck about bitch fetishes So when we fuck and its over Throw ya pocketbook on ya shoulder Put your shoes on and hit the road I'll kick ya last name once, bitch and roll Hook x2

Livin' It Up

JA RULE "Pain Is Love"
(feat. Case) [Ja Rule] Yeah, yeah, yeah We all my... Yeah C'mon, c'mon, uh To all my bitches that be givin' it up, uh To all my niggas that be livin' it up, we say... To all my bitches that be givin' it up, ah C'mon [Verse 1: Ja Rule] Baby, you're such a typical, everyday, one night thing It's a physical, I'ma fuck, you tonight thing Fuck, knowing your name, get your ass in the Range And rollover, gettin' blown while blowing the doja Bring head to a closure That's a good bitch Before it's all over, I'ma leave this bitch Probably treat this bitch, smoke better 'Cause if you ain't know, gangstas and hoes go together Poppin' my collar, partna Who in the spot Baby, Rule in the spot In the mug and the watch, love me Half the hoes hate me, half them love me The ones that hate me only hate me 'cause they ain't fucked me And they say I'm lucky Do you think I've got time to fuck all these hoes And do all these shows Or flight in the lama, Dodge and White Rolls Uh-oh, another episode [Hook: Case & Ja Rule] What, do I do To all my niggas that be livin' it up, we say... What, I do To all my bitches that be givin' it up, uhh What, you do To all my niggas that be livin' it up, we say... What, do I do To all my bitches that be givin' it up, uhh My love for you C'mon [Verse 2: Ja Rule] Bitches, just wanna hold the name exactly That's why they suck dick with more passion than apples And I ain't mad at'cha Never leave you alone 'Cause we fucks when I'm home Phone sex when I'm gone We both grown, both got minds of our own Bust our freaks off like old dog and Love Jones Been, in many zones, baby One hoe, two hoes Fuck prizzy bitches, the hoes that do bono But you know, the Rule be livin' it up And got all these hoes, givin' it up I like a little Rule baby, how cute are you With a body that rides all sexual I got a stick, I'll ride right next to you Do a doughnut, and cut, and I'll open it up On the freeway, dick in her mouth, foot on the clutch Rule bitch, not givin' a fuck [Hook] [Ja Rule] C'mon, we get high C'mon, we get ride C'mon, we get live Live yo' life [Verse 3: Ja Rule] Love you so sexy, I just want you next to me Your whole vibe, like you high on Extasy 'Caue ain't nuthin' but an 'E' thang baby I know that pussy wet like crazy I wanna feel your passion, come when you ask me Laugh when you cry, cry when you laughin' But ain't nothin' happenin' The bitch got a little too high Picked up my ride and started crackin' The radio blastin' +Between Me And You+ But you ain't on the low with that freak shit you do I thought you knew (What I do) Know I know (What you do) 'Cause it's been a good night, your head ain't right Like Teddy P, let's +Turn Off The Light+' And grind it out, takin' no times out 'Til the sun come out Bitch, when you find out [Hook 2x] [Ja Rule] C'mon, we get high C'mon, we get ride C'mon, we get live C'mon, it's my time [Ja Rule talking until end]

I Want You Ft. Blazin Squad

this is jamelia, i want you and this is the blazin squad. you need to make up your mind, if you love me or if you hate me, cant take this pain much longer, you make me feel just like i cant live without you even though i cant live with you boy your just like chocolate and im addicted to you baby. *chorus* i want you even though it aint right always argue and fight nothin ever goes right but i want you i want you even though it aint right try to tell you goodbye, get you out of my life but i want you. FLAVA is this just a thug affair im on it for real its the ill hits that breaks hearts and tears emotions to bits i just want things the way they were back in the day i heard you wouldnt say a word cuz you were to shy too speak and say how you feel if you were quick with me i will take you deeper than you ever been its my life that were livin its my time were fillin broken images of our lives at the minute its just us *chorus* i dont know if you love me coz you never show me affection you treat me like your play thing always take my love for granted wish i could leave you, you dont know how many times ive tried your no good for me but i cant get away from your love SPIKE-E ill let you know somethin' for real how do i feel when i see you across the street it looks like we could win just cuz its broken its still unique slow down take a seat and just listen cuz of all the tings that weve been missin' the tings in your eyes the kissin' reminiscin' no longer dissin' cuz we could be together whatever the weather the chance of me by your side and thats for life *chorus* KENZIE i love you from day but manz gettin' in the way had to keep them at bay shes not right for you thats what they used to say i used to take it all in think about when i lay in bed at my home people would moan groan just leave me alone let me do my own thing let me step into the zone were it got to the point i had to switch of my phone people ringin' me up askin me what is goin on but i wont. STRIDER i want you girl you know it even aint right we used to argue and fight at the end of the sun there was like your always shoutin screamin' windows smashin photos rippin' tell me why your trippin cuz its my mind that your flippin' listen im confused like you dont know what i should do i wanna stay aint gonna stop and start i just cant stop lovin you dont see you but feel you try to say goodbye but i cant i need you understand i want you *chorus* yeh yeh i want you yes i do i want you cant tell you goodbye cant tell you goodbye i want you i want you (fade)


MYSTIKAL "Ghetto Fabulous"
Da da da daah Da da da daah MC's! Da da da daah Da da da daah Yaah! [Chorus:] [X 8] Yaah! (Say what) [Verse 1] Break my joint, cut my tongue off if I ain't tight Put a bullet in my head take my life and let me die if I ain't fire Cut me up feed me to the roaches, let me rot if I don't rock Let me go to hell, burn, sizzle and simmer if I don't deliver Pull my hair out if I sell out Bury me on my stomach without no drawers on at all if I don't go off Or either lethal injection or straight electricity Let the garbage man pick me up and get rid of me if I lose creativity Let me get forced into sexual activity Let me get turned out by three skank freaks if I don't bust to the utmost of my ability Take my head if I say it and don't feel it Stop selling my record, give me the money back nigga if I don't sell at least a million Cut my dick off if I get down and don't get off Crush my spine and cave my chest in if I come (..) If I ain't bad for my age and kick ass for my size Close my fuckin eyes if you can stop me from sayin or keep me from playin [Chorus] [X 16] [Verse 2] Snap my pencil, dislocate my fingers and jam my thumb I ain't gon' write no more, tear my papers, strip clothes if it don't ship gold Take my blessed, Baptist Holy Ghost Christian soul If it take less than a year of playin my records and tapes before they can say my shit old If it don't bang, take me out the game, call me out my name Put me out my house, beat me out my change Let em read my poem and tell em to seal my doom When I'm dead read bitch ass nigga in the ground written across my tomb Let the breeze take my leaves if my trees don't bloom Put me in the sun and cut my air supply if I give these niggas breathin room If what I'm brewin ain't potent If what I'm doin ain't rollin Nigga, diss me, make a movie, talk about it on Oprah Erase my fuckin vocals, burn my fuckin notebooks Take my fuckin tank from me and give it back to Goldman I quit, my career's over Turn me upside down and hang me from my scrotum Da da da daah MC's! Da da da daah Da da da daah MC's! Da da da daah [Chorus] [X 8] [Verse 3] Give me my post office application if I ain't hear from rap Nothin if they ass ain't shake and they hands ain't clap Take my happiness if it just so happens I ain't happenin Let something happen to me if I ain't hardcore at it maximum Flip the dial change the channel if I can't handle Forget me if I leave this bitch before I put my fuckin Grammy on the mantle Let my next fifty concerts get cancelled If I'm scared in front the camera Then take my fuckin talent, take me from my family Sneak me, fuck over me if I don't represent Louisiana Jump my fence if I ain't the prince Bitch keep me back if I can't keep up with the presidents If I don't run circles around these other rap guys Let my momma Benz catch four flat tires [Chorus till fade] That's what the fuck I'm hearin in my head Yaah! That's what keep me going Yaah! That's what make me fuck over you Yaah! I can't stop that voice Yaah!

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