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MASSIVE ATTACK lyrics - Blue Lines

Blue Lines

Original and similar lyrics
[Tricky] Can't be with the one you love then love the one you're with Spliff in the ashtray, red stripe I pull the lid Her touch tickles, especially when she's gentle But I don't hear her words 'cause I slide the instrumental Keep the girl in the distance, moves are very hazy No sunshine in my life the way I deal is shady [3D] Skip hip data to get the anti-matter Blue lines are the reason why the temple had to shatter To the sound of silence surrounded by the mass Her face is on the paper not the strangers that I pass The ones that looking back to see if they are looking back at me [Daddy G] Are you predator or do you fear me [3D] Yeah while I'm doing this I know The place I really wanna go The one I love but never gets near me [Tricky] It's a beautiful day, well it seems as such Beautiful thoughts means I dream too much Even if I told you, you still would not know me Tricky never does, adrian mostly gets lonely How we live in this existence, just being English upbringing, background carribean [3D] It's the way that we bility Sharing a soliloquy We cut the broken thread from flexibility Mi chiamo 3D si sono Inglese No sunshine in my life 'cause the way I deal is hazy And everyday's a daisy 'cause I'm on my toes While contemporaries of mine remaining comatose [Tricky] There's a looking glass she's looking through She hated me, but then she loved me too I'd lie not try so I lost faith Then turn to her to keep the faith She told me take an occupation or you lose your mind And on a nine to five lemon, looking for the lime [3D] Box clever, watch your system come together Crazy weather at the end of my tether [Daddy G] Massive in the area, murderer Attack inna the area, murderer [3D] Some go softly softly round the habitat Ratchet in the right hand They got no one to stab it at Take a walk billy, don't be a hero Effort's on minimal though almost touch zero Excommunicated from the brotherhood of man To wander lonely as a puzzled anagram Car paint blue, green, primer and zinc Take it to extremities my purple and pink I feel the colours fill my room beneath the patter of the rain I can't stand the drops they're dripping down my windowpane They wash away my shadow and don't even leave a spark upon my soul They leave the rainbows in the dark [Tricky] Blues get big, massive are even larger Save nuff space into the tricky tardis We'd trawl what I saw from down in darren's hall People laying their claim In stormy weather it's rain [3D] But you're living on a see-saw [Tricky] I try to see more [3D] Somebody da-ditty, nobody Walking on sunshine, but still we're treading water The son of many reasons searching for the daughter Seeking knowledge, not acknowledging the jetset Silver papers of the sound within my budakon headset The solar system watches in wisdom The children dance as the moonlight kissed them [Tricky] To Massive attack Matt Black appear wearing beads Two hours traveling so I wrote this on repeat Always living fast, people getting jumpy Where on gruggy falls I do the walter crumpy Microphones held close, crouching far apart Take my piece of mind and sign my name across your heart

P.b.e. (Powerful Beautiful Excellent)

John Forte "Poly Sci"
featuring Jeni Fujita 20 Grand Pikasoe [Forte' Speaking] Political science... The study of politics mixed with science... Speak on it baby... [Jeni Fujita Singing Chorus] As I look in your eyes I see the sunrise I see the moonshine! [20 Grand Pikasoe 1st Verse] I'm from the days of the Colt 45's and gang bangers Cocaine slangers who sliced doors no time to cook up Them niggas like raw It's all about the dollar now, white powder now He owed us money so I watched my niggas tie him down The conflict is crucial, police is neutral in this battlefield Where the battles grill, like cattles grill for a platter mil I even watched little Darryl deal I love the ghetto, hate the ghetto Must've been a genius who helped make the ghetto So I sit back and taste the 'retto I got beef, how can you misplace my metal? It's a sob story, it's bad the way they robbed Tory Of course, must've been religious 'Cause they took a small tainin' across Wrong game to play, boss Every night's a bug out They shot up every corner where I hung out Some nights I cry to this Even though it's posi-flip (?) [Jeni Fujita - Singing chorus] It's like the sunrise Just like the moonshine! The rain stops, and your girl smiles...just for you (Yeah) For you don't know, the love I have for you! [Forte' - 2nd Verse] Mommy, I keep my name on your brain like Missy With The Rain, I'm from the school of stolen sneakers Speakers and heavy chains, no lie To the knowlie, why? God see I , learned the ways of the street, degrees in Poly Sci Many days under heat It pays for sticking him Watch him beast on the lean, routine curriculum Black vans, maybe a TransAm, exams get done Pop Quiz, figure out them niggas who hit son God give, God take away And it's easy to see Spell 'til, the lord kill indiscriminately We infinitely excel, keep the fans compelled The bigger picture, watch the ones who're wit' ya I clean the pie, and seen 'em die Travel life more than once Maybe, me and I...had been greeted by, so many conceded eyes That'd be wise, when I met too many girls around the world And delete the lies [Jeni Fujita - Singing Chorus] It's like my music, a new tune you never heard Hear, your heart beat The bass hits! And you feel it It's real it's not a sample! I saw you playing my piano! Unh-Huh! [Forte - 3rd Verse] Now I, rock jew-els now and then A little lights - n - platinum A little beef on the street, no harm in clappin' them Savage nations, ghetto life no ramifications Dead debating, keeping every crackhead basing My auntie steady saying that we wasting, money I like tasting, the finer things in life, like a mason Police, plague - hatin' Everything that the court own Brownsville would pry, classified as a warzone The Brook god, so trife Originale low-life To sport it, boost it, the ghetto can't afford it Trade it, sort it, stress, new port it No tags never ordered You broke it, you bought it A twenty five - to life, my little son-son caught it 'Til this day, we admit it, that we did it, he 'gon bid it Kept his mouth shut, and never shitted On who his murder flirted with death Like every team, aiight! You know the verdict! [Forte - Speaking] Want me to say it one more time Ma, is that what you want?... [Jeni Singing] Say one more time! [Forte - Continues] For every city blocker, glock rocker Cats who get they weight off, for every kid who had a parent laid off No healthcare, had us co-dependents out on welfare Speak amongst yourself, 'cause in the streets, no one else care The powers that be, I see you knelt there Them jealous cats who slang crack, I'm glad to send you back, 'cause you dealt there We all wanna shine for basis, 'til we easy LG for GP, only the realest niggas meet me Conversing through the wee-wee hours of the morning, sleepy Always stay alert, 'cause the pain hurt too deeply Ain't nothing changed, I'm stuck on myself 'Cause you mundane You wonder while you're just gold? You're stuck on one plain Now we must hold, very fueled make it through the threshold I'm blessed though, the head distincts before I let go A major death toll It's all about the babies, fuck the best coast I keep my family eating, 'til I'm done breathing [Jeni Fujita - Singing Chorus] Hear, your heart beat! (Forte' - You heard?! .....Nutzbaby] The bass hits, and you feel it It's real, it's not a sample! I saw you playing my piano! Unh- Huh! All you had to do, was make a record! Yeah All you had to do, was make a record! Say one more time! All I want to do, is hold you! Forever, Forever and ever, if you need to lean on me! Don't run, I'm here for you, Just like the sunrise! Just like the moonshine!


I've been racing for you, honey But you take your love From under my feet The very moment I arrive I hold the invitation in my hand You smile and I don't understand When you tell me the writing ain't yours You were the one thing I could count on Even if your apathy was what I expected Oh, darling, I waited and waited to feel your footsteps And to hear your breath But maybe I just wanted someone to wait for You were ever in my mind You were behind my soul each time I held it to the flame You were ever in my precious thoughts I'd leave a room of angels Just to be alone If only to say your name I never told you I needed you, darling Like a rose needs the rain How could you possibly know how much? So I reach for your love Like the moon and the stars Ever in my sight Ever out of touch There's a spotlight of a holy kind Think it comes from somewhere Up in the sky or from some far off, lovely place But this light never, ever, ever shone on me At least as far as I could see So I sat in the dark and I watched you Now I just cry to myself When there's no one around And I teach myself to walk backwards Out of any given situation Yes, I can be graceful and try Not to step on my train and You don't have to say goodbye But I'll be right here if you want to You were ever in my mind You were behind my soul each time I held it to the flame You were ever in my precious thoughts I'd leave a room of angels Just to be alone If only to say your name I never told you I needed you, darling Like a rose needs the rain How could you possibly know how much? So I reach for your love Like the moon and the stars Ever in my sight Ever out of touch Now, I could paint your portrait If I never saw you again When I am old someone may ask me If I ever loved And I will speak but they won't recognize My words, they'll say I'm telling lies And maybe I am Maybe I am All I know is You were ever in my mind You were behind my soul each time I held it to the flame You were ever in my precious thoughts I'd leave a room of angels Just to be alone If only to say your name I never told you I needed you, darling Like a rose needs the rain How could you possibly know how much? So I reach for your love Like the moon and the stars Ever in my sight Ever out of touch I never told you I needed you, darling Like a rose needs the rain How could you possibly know how much? So I reach for your love Like the moon and the stars Ever in my sight Ever out of touch


TWISTA "Adrenaline Rush"
(feat. Johnny P) [Johnny P] Let me play with your emotions [Verse One: Twista] Well a motherfucker could never control me, only squeeze me and hold me That's what the hoe came up and told me Now is she bold G But in my mouth is where the gold be Cause I be pimpin her like Goldie Gotta get paid in this age my fingers ain't made just to be choppin up confetti with, if it's already thick you better study nigga if you ain't with it you can get it cause I ain't even on that petty shit So who the fuck do I competi with The rhythm I kick, is like a rhythmly-wicked-arith-a-metic Pick em up quick and then give em the dick, thinkin I'm innocent They up in the mall shoppin for me pickin a fit I got them heffer's nose red and when we get in the bed, I be leavin em with rose legs Stuffin that made em wanna pose dead but you already got em until you get up in them hoes head I don't mean to sound bogus or nothin but it's the bomb when I be havin them cuties thinkin I'm in love with em, when I'm rubbin em Be gettin pub with em, in a club with em Smokin dub with em, huggin em, freakin in the tub with em After gettin paid from her she ain't trippin cause she know she got what she paid for She honor my name, I gotta tame, here it go Now we speakin with the game on ways to make mo' [Chorus: repeat 2X] [Johnny P in background:] let me playyyyy, with your emotions (Let me play with your) emotions hoe To the rhythm of a hi-hat, take a puff and lie back Let me stimulate your mind, body and soul, I know you want to try that Now motherfucker can you buy that... Tell me baby can you buy that I got you under my complete control, you know it's worth more than diamonds and gold, now don't be bogus and deny that [Verse Two: Twista] Now how the fuck you gon' act hoe, I saw you creepin out the back do' What you runnin from a mack fo' Lay you on your back slow cause you know I got you with my lasso Blow your mind like a afroCome and take a glimpse of the stairs it's the aroma of a pimp in the air, I betcha notice the smell It's like a lotus when I flow dis, cause my eyes be the lowest if you didn't notice then you bogus as hell I'm puttin women under my spell, like I'm up in their brain pumpin their vein with game for the anatomy that's feminine They're fillin em up with adrenaline, got em geekin we're speakin approachin up a pimp like a gentleman Submission is surrenderin, it ain't no endin if it's on with a blunt from the bomb side In the right place, with the right mind and the right line you can get a lifetime contract They be wise until they look into your eyes a shorty freaked when she spotted mine Took her over to my crib, lay low, hit her off from behind then she signed on the dotted-line, the hoe was like 'Oooohh Daddy... why you doin me like this I'd do anything to be with you, you got me gone in the head' Ya mind, I don't mean to make a disaster up like my Dad to master love But if a motherfucker breakin you for every penny you earn then how could you still show the bastard love I guess it's cause I'm cold, shit Thought you was gon' be spendin me I betcha think you sho' did but game recognize game, now you lame in the brain Stupid bitch that's what you get for tryin to gold dig, now [Chorus] Yeah, this be Hype, the Verbal Tantrum Kickin it with my man Twista If you should suck my soul I should make your funky emotions Nothin is good unless you play with it Play with me baby [Verse Three: Twista] I know you think it's blasphemy but won't you give up when she ask for me After he passed the beat Since you said I was your Magesty, I had to see and when you get paid, there is some cash for me, is it a tragedy that I can get her so gone, the hoe be trippin talkin up her love a lot But the only love I got, is when I'm grippin like I wanna hug the Glock or when I rub the twat, or pickin up a dub at spots Fuck the hoe thugs, the clubs, and the phony perpetrators with dimes The speed knots match voo-Do or Die, Psycho Drama, Crucial Conflict Be pimpin with em gators and dons, collect the papers and dolls Player haters remarks will get smoked to a blunt dust Sso keep walkin the next time you hear grown folks talkin motherfuckers betta shut the fuck up, cause we make the women suck up You insist to be trippin while we be gamin like Don Juan What up the filet minion, the grey poupon them hoes are staked to charm, because we make the bomb Now I don't mean no harm, but either come on in or get on gone and let me pull my pouch of snuff In between your thighs, come take a pull and vibe and let your tongue go coastin low, now [Chorus]

Got My Mind Made Up

2PAC "All Eyez On Me"
(feat. Daz, Kurupt, Method Man, Redman) [Verse One: Daz] You find an MC like me who's strong Leavin motherfucker's aborted, with no verbal support And when I command the microphone I gets deadly as Kahn though With a bear and a snake and a panda, I'm on those Who can withstand, the mo' power I gain and make it possible for me to drop a few to wreck ya brain Imagine and keep on wishin upon a star Finally realizing who the fuck we are When I penetrate, it's been withstandin, faded would it be the greatest MC of all time When I created rhyme for the simple fact When I attack I crush your pride My intention to ride, every time all night I'm faced with the scars beyond this one bar for me to put down my guard, I'm faced with it, I'm a ride breakin in gas with the six-eight all day In and out with my pay I'm soon to count the bodies... [Verse Two: Tupac] So mandatory my elevation my lyrics like orientation So you can be more familiar with tha nigga you facin We must be based on nothin better than communication Known to damage and highly flamable like gas stations Sorry I left that ass waitin No more procrastination give up to fate, and get that asss shakin I'm bustin and makin motherfuckers panic Don't take ya life for granted put that ass in the dirt You swear the bitch was planted My lyrics motivate the planet It's similar to Rhythm Nation but thugged out, forgive me Janet Who's in control I'm acvtivatin yo souls You know, the way the games get controlled Yo, two years ago, a friend of mine Told me Alize and Cristal blows your mind Bear witness to the dopest fuckin rhyme I wrote Takin off my coat, clearing my throat [Chorus: Method Man] I got my mind made up, come on... (come on) get in get in too [get on it] let it ride (get wit it) tonight's tha night I got my mind made up, come on... get in get in too let it ride... tonight's tha night [Verse Three: Kurupt] Well I comes through with two packs of the bomb prophalaks for protection So my fuckin sac won't collapse Cause nowaday's, shit's evading the x-rays Sending young motherfuckers to an early grave I wonder, if my terrifying tactics of torturing MC's shows my heart's as cold as the tundra Electryfing like thunder, I'm just too much Rough and raw with that motherfuckin poisonous touch I'm an MC with lyrics that's tha fuckin bom-bay Ya got dissed, that's before it's ingest like balmay My rhymes, I leave a mark on ya mind As the deadly vibes spread through ya head like sand pine There's no escape, nah I ain't blastin I use my mental to assassinate assassin's for those askin Opposed to laughin, raw maniacal villian Laughter enhances the chances of tha killin Why is that? Cuz smilin faces decieve You best believe, to MC's I'm the deadliest disease My thoughts rip ya throat and make it hard to breathe Ya whole camp's under seige, and I'm Jason Vorhees In the heat of the night is when I defeat and ignite mikes My verbal snipe, your vocab on site I'm out tha cut, uncut and raw with no clause for all So all my rhymes hit and split tha bricks on the wall Ya already have an idea about tha superior sphere The greater rhyme creator on both sides of tha equator I rock from here to there, to Philly and back To LA on the spot where I rock and bust like straps As your views get overshadowed when you come in contact Beware, set and prepare to enter verbal combat [Verse Four: Method Man] Fuck you losers, while you fake jacks I makes maneuvers like Hitler, stickin up [jews] wit german [lugers] The Mr. Meth-Tical from Staten Isle Will be back after this mess-age don't touch tha dial Rarely do you see an MC out for justice Got my gun powder and my musket -- blaooow!! Melons get swellings, I paint mental pictures like Magellen Half of my Clan's three deep felons Niggaz best protect they joints for Nine-Nickel Man I stay on point like icicles Now who wanna test Tical then touch Tical All up in your motherfuckin mouth Head banger boogie Catch me on tour with Al Doogie Method Man roll too tight, you can pull me Better take one and pass or that's that ass Your vital statistics are low and fallin fast Johnny Blaze out to get loot like Johnny Cash Play a game of Russian Roulette and have a blast [Verse Five: Redman] Aiyyo, lyrical gas spittin tha criminal tactics Non-believers get my dick and genitals backwards Let's face it, there's no replacement Taste this, mad underground basement, shit I'm laced with Avalanche on ya whole camp when I'm splifted Funk Doctor who? Spock bitch don't get it twisted I got connects like Federal Express to get the fresh package of bless, tha dogs can't fetch Got the clear spot from tha rear block to bust til every nigga here drop, men I fear not Hold ya nose and blow out til ya ears pop Since ya crew suit you to shift now you claim that you get's lot With, this underground cannabis I'm dangerous like John the bomb analyst Then proceeds like keys My degrees freeze consecutively like EPMD LP's Lick off a shot and hit ya fam by mistake So I erase the whole front row at the wake I planned my escape in case jake or a snake bust it I'm the one pushin the hearse in the first place Confidence for you shaky ass folks Pump for Rockafella for the day he got smoked choke, off this anecdote got you ope Get roast, by my lyrics Billy Dee .45 Coly And I'm out for nine nickel (INS tha rebels) West, list this, this, this...

Don't Say Nothin'

WILL SMITH "Big Willie Style"
yo when I released my first single back in like '86 people was like oh you know that's popcorn and you know they weak you know then I mess around I go world trade on them bangin' out them multi-plastic still got negativity to bring my thing is you can't say nothing nice don't say nothing take your place allow me to flex a taste as my accomplishments bring up my comp like mase face me the star of stage and TV my face be seen in almost every country grammy winner soon to be oscar nominee who he that's dressed jiggy straight from west Philly thought I was whack 'cause I wanted to act now every brother and his mother that rap be trying to do that the ill kid hundred million dollar bill kid the one you love to chill with come on keep it real kid don't try to act like this summer at the greek you won't be bumpin' the big Willie in your jeep I know y'all still feel me really don't act silly thought I feel off just becuase I left Philly took a break from the rap thing went on hiatus I picked up the art of acting and multiplied papers I chilled on silk sofas chatting with Operah she asked me if it's true that me and Jeff broke up while y'all kids busy playing drug pimp and playa I was at my crib in Barbados chillin' with Jada vertex is me the magnanamous god you sayin' damn I've always been a fan of his y'all know how it is oh wait hold up y'all don't look here y'all don't say nothing than I won't just don't say nothing man I love being me ready to rock the block with some more hot top notch ---- for you to cop no more mr. nice guy my whole life I've been smiling when I felt like whiling jealousy swinging on me made his attack (he soft he whack man that ain't real rap) you beleive that it hurt me at first but it's cool took the insults feed it to my ego for fuel now everywhere I turn a dead end hundred women coming at me waving pads and pens and they be screaming out (oh my lord) did you see it's that brother from (ID4) now can I please get (a picture and your signature) sure you can miss (oh my god my girlfriends they ain't gonna beleive this) worldwide wait nah hold up galactic hear my name don't nothing change but the accent Bangok to Madagascar they wanna see me prince epe in Spain Japan I'm cota eshe I like my steaks thick and my jets private and my son to ride in the cockpit I know he's only four taking lessons from the pilot while I'm on my cell with my broker getting stock tips find a magazine and I read the hottest gossip man who'd a thought my life would be such an interesting topic well y'all know how it is wait hold up y'all don't well look here y'all don't say nothing than I won't just don't say nothing just don't say nothing just don't say nothing just don't say nothing go ahead adjust the balance and the bass in your speakers make sure my voice sounding crisp in your tweeters I'm about to show you how a man like me works shorty get ice five carrots and nothing cheaper four five chromed out former two seater fifty inch sony to watch Siskel and Ebert cause I'm about to get two thumbs ten toes one knee and probobly a couple of elbows cause yo I'm the man and the whole world knows rock film fests to vos and rap shows all the critics jealous people and back-stabbers my so-called friends who been nothing but actors you're way of carachter but now who's the bomb it's Will from west Phil just slightly transformed y'all know what it is ah damn that's right y'all don't but look here y'all don't say nothing then trust me I won't just don't say nothing just don't say nothing just don't say nothing just don't say nothing

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